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					                                                  Strengthening the bond between Pets+People


The Rat Pack
Why Rodents Make Great Pets… page 3

And the Winner Is...
Meet the Winners of Our Online Pet Photo Contest… page 8

Kitty Scratching & Doggie Digging
How to Redirect Your Pet’s Undesirable Behaviors… page 11
                                            Onward and Upward
                                                          Like many organizations,
                                                          we faced many financial
                                                          challenges last fiscal year.
                                                          To address these challeng-
                                                          es, we employed targeted,               Brief Paws is published quarterly
                                                          cost-saving measures in-                by Willamette Humane Society.
                                                                                                  Moving? Send us your change of
                                                          cluding reducing operating              address or email it to:
                                                          hours, trimming staff, and    
                                                          slashing day-to-day oper-
                                                                                                  Editor: Kara Kuh, Willamette
                                                          ating expenses— without                 Humane Society
                                                          having any negative im-
                                                          pact on our ability to care             Design: Denise Seith & Co.
                                                          for the animals.
                                                                                                  Printing: Western Oregon Web Press
                                                    We also worked hard to
                                                    develop some new strate-                      Willamette Humane Society
                                                    gies to generate revenue                      PO Box 13005 • 4246 Turner Road SE
                                                    and support, including                        Salem, OR 97309 • 503-585-5900
                                                    launching our first online          
       WHS Board President Tracy Crandall           pet photo contest (see the          
                                                                                                  Mon/Thurs/Fri • 12 pm—7 pm
                                                    winning photos and a recap                    Tues/Wed • Closed
                                                    on pages 8-9) and embark-                     Sat/Sun • 12 pm—6 pm
ing on new partnerships with local businesses such as Capitol Auto Group
(see page 5 for details). We’re also looking forward to the insights and ideas of
                                                                                                  WHS Thrift Store
Joan Towers, our new executive director, who joined the organization on May                       548 High St. NE • 503-362-6892
20. The search committee worked diligently to find the best person to lead the                    Mon—Sat • 10:30 am—6 pm
shelter into an exciting and sustainable future. Joan has more than 30 years of
experience in the local nonprofit community, including 20 years in leadership                     Helping Paws Thrift Store
roles. You will hear more from her and about her vision for our organization in                   3298 Lancaster Dr. NE • 503-480-0465
the next issue of Brief Paws.                                                                     Mon—Sat • 10:30 am—6 pm

Despite the changes we’ve made, this coming year will be a challenging one as                     Board of Directors
well. Did you know that Willamette Humane takes in more cats than any other                       Tracy Crandall, President
shelter in Oregon? Meeting the needs of the cats and the many other animals                       Meghan Laro, Vice President
that arrive at WHS requires trained, dedicated staff and volunteers, nutritious                   Jenny Hudson, Secretary
food, heat, medical treatment, and other supplies. Considering that the aver-                     Brent Petty, Treasurer
                                                                                                  Tom Halsey
age cost to care for one animal is approximately $22 per day and the average                      Terri Jackson, DVM
length of stay is 11.7 days, you can see how our expenses grow as we care for                     Brian Klein
more than 10,000 animals each year.                                                               Jay Mahlin
                                                                                                  Shannon Priem
Our priority has always been to provide a safe shelter environment that allows                    Richard Wasserman
homeless animals the opportunity to heal from abuse, neglect, or the emotion-
al distress of being surrendered. With your continued support, we will meet
the challenges the coming year brings and continue to provide quality care and
hope for our community’s homeless pets.


Tracy Crandall
WHS Board President
                                                                                                  The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence
                                                                                                  is awarded to the members of Independent
                                                                                                  Charities of America and Local Independent
                Strengthening the bond between Pets+People                                        Charities of America that have, upon rigorous
                                                                                                  independent review, been able to certify, docu-
Willamette Humane Society (WHS) has served the community since 1965 and is an independent,        ment, and demonstrate on an annual basis that
                                                                                                  they meet the highest standards of public ac-
private nonprofit that receives no tax dollars. We rely on donor support to promote the welfare   countability, program effectiveness, and cost
of animals through leadership, education and action. Tax ID#93-0577975.                           effectiveness.
Bigger Isn’t
Always Better
The Joys of Small Pet
by Jenna Wall, development &
communications assistant

Three months ago, rodents weren’t
much more than a blip on my radar. I
knew that some people kept them as
pets, but I had never really considered
adopting one of my own. Thanks to a
chance meeting with a big rat called
Tanuki, however, I now officially
consider myself a “rat person.”
Rodents make wonderful companions
for the right adopters, and can bring
joy, laughter, and a bond that many
people may not realize is possible.                  Jenna Wall with her rats Tanuki (on her shoulder), Markl (left) and Hagus.
                                                     Rats are relatively inexpensive to care for and enjoy the companionship of
                                                     both their human caretakers and other rats, making them ideal companions
When most people think about the                     for many adopters.
animals at Willamette Humane
Society (WHS), they probably think
of dogs and cats. But here at WHS,        names, to come when called, and can even        cedar and pine) should never be used as
we care for many rodents, too—            learn to do tricks! Contrary to what many       bedding, as their oils are toxic to small
including rats, mice, gerbils, and        believe, rats and other rodents are also        pets; instead consider hay, shredded
hamsters. Last year, 90 small rodents     extremely clean and quiet animals. Most         paper, or bedding such as Care Fresh.
were adopted from WHS, and 66             rodents will bathe themselves about six times   Most rodents also require attention,
have already been adopted this year.      per day, although they may benefit from an      affection, and play time outside their
                                          occasional dunk in the tub to stay smelling     cages to stay happy. Socialization is
I like to say that my rat, Tanuki,        fresh. Most rats enjoy being handled and        the key to having a friendly, happy,
chose me as his person. He came to        petted by their human companions and            well-balanced pet rodent.
the shelter with 14 of his siblings       generally like the company of other rats. At
and was being bullied by some of          Willamette Humane, we often recommend           Next time you’re visiting the shelter
his brothers. He was missing a patch      adopting rats and other rodents in same-sex     or thinking of adopting a new friend,
of hair on one side and was showing       pairs.                                          consider a rodent! They are relatively
obvious signs of distress. As I cradled                                                   easy to care for, inexpensive, and
him, he crawled up to my shoulder         Caring for Rodents                              with a little time and attention, can
and curled himself into the hood of       Like rats, mice, gerbils, and hamsters also     be wonderful companions with
my sweatshirt, where he slept for the     make lovely small pets. They generally          personalities much larger than their
rest of the day. I was immediately        live between two and four years. Rodents’       pint-sized bodies might indicate. I’m
smitten and decided to adopt him,         teeth grow constantly, and they MUST be         proud to call myself a “rat person”
thus beginning my love affair with        provided with adequate chew items (such as      and am thankful every day for the
pet rats.                                 wooden chew blocks or hard dog biscuits)        love and laughter these little friends
                                          to keep their teeth worn down. Wire cages       bring to my life.
Rodent Myths Debunked                     offer better ventilation than glass tanks
Since adopting Tanuki, I learned that     and are much harder to chew through than
rats (like dogs) can respond to their     plastic caging. Wood shavings (such as                  Joys of Small Pet Ownership/ 3
                                              News & Notes from WHS

                                                                  Playgroups Help Shelter Dogs Burn Off Energy
                                                                                and Build Skills
                                                             For many dogs, there’s nothing better than the chance to romp
                                                             and play with their fellow canines. Adoptable dogs at WHS now
                                                             enjoy the same opportunity. Twice a week, a group of dedicated
                                                             volunteers, led by WHS Behavior Specialist Annie Ingersoll and
                                                             Kennel Lead BJ Andersen, bring shelter dogs together for some
                                                             supervised play time. “Playgroups are a great outlet for the dogs’
                                                             physical energy, and they give them a chance to socialize with
                                                             each other,” says Annie. “After playgroups, the dogs are less
                                                             stressed, which makes them more receptive to training sessions
                                                             with volunteers.”
                                                           Another benefit of playgroups is the effect they have on
                                                           undersocialized or reactive dogs. “With close supervision and
coaching from the playgroup leaders, these dogs soon learn how to behave appropriately with other dogs, which enhances
their chances for success in their new homes,” adds Annie. The playgroups are based on a program created by Aimee Sadler,
the behavior & training program director at Longmont Humane Society in Colorado. In March, Aimee facilitated an intensive,
one-day workshop for WHS staff and volunteers on how to manage safe and successful playgroups for shelter dogs.

                                           Help WHS Build a “Wall of Wine”
  Make a difference for the animals this fall by donating a bottle or two of your favorite wine (valued at $25 or more) to
  Bowser’s Boo Bash, Willamette Humane Society’s signature fundraising event. WHS is hoping to collect at least 50 bottles
  to create a “Wall of Wine” at this year’s event. Bowser’s attendees will purchase a ticket that allows them to “draw” a
  bottle from the Wall. One lucky winner will actually receive a bottle valued at more than $100! If you’d like to help, bring
  your wine donation to WHS before September 30. Bowser’s Boo Bash is Willamette Humane Society’s annual dinner
  and auction benefitting the animals. This year’s event is slated for Saturday, October 16, at the Salem Conference Center.
  If you’re interested in donating to Bowser’s or becoming a sponsor, call (503) 585-5900, x324, or email development@ for more information.

      Founder of Hopes Haven Honored with Humaneitarian Award
                          at Spring Benefit
Marsha Chambers, founder of Hopes Haven rescue, was awarded this year’s
Humaneitarian Award at Willamette Humane’s annual Spring Benefit. About 120 people
attended this year’s Benefit, which raised more than $8,500 for shelter animals.
Marsha brought much of the audience to tears with her heartfelt words of thanks as
she accepted her award and recounted how her rescue efforts began with the adoption
of an abused Doberman named Hope. Willamette Humane Society took Hope in after
authorities found the emaciated dog chained inside a barn. When Marsha saw Hope’s
story in the news, she called and asked to adopt her. Shortly after Hope’s death, Marsha began taking
in more dogs from area shelters—many with special needs or those who exhibited extreme stress in a shelter environment. Since
founding Hopes Haven nearly 20 years ago, Marsha has facilitated more than 4,000 dog adoptions. Willamette Humane Society
appreciates the partnership with Hopes Haven and wishes to thank all of this year’s Humaneitarian nominees for their work on
behalf of animals in need.

4/ Petcetera
                                              More Petcetera
                 Pet Food Bank Helps Owners During Tough Times
On Saturday, May 1, Willamette Humane Society staff and volunteers distributed more than
500 pounds of food to pet owners in need through its revamped Pet Food Bank. The new Pet
Food Bank replaces Willamette Humane’s previous food assistance program where community
members could receive food once a quarter. Shifting to a regular monthly date streamlines the
distribution process and will likely help the shelter serve more people, notes WHS Development
& Community Relations Director Susan Carey. In 2008-09, WHS distributed nearly 14,000
pounds of food. “We hope to help more families keep their pets in their homes during difficult
economic times,” added Susan.
The first Saturday of each month, from 10 am – 12 pm, residents in need can pick up food
for their pets. Willamette Humane’s Pet Food Bank is made possible by generous donations
from individuals and retailers including Walmart, Petco, PetSmart, and Target. Donations of
dry dog and cat food are gladly accepted during regular shelter hours. To learn more, go to

                                      WHS and Capitol Auto Group Join Forces
 WHS is proud to announce an expanded partnership with Capitol Auto Group. The Salem dealership signed on as an annual
 sponsor in April and will provide year-round support for Willamette Humane’s many programs, including continued support as
 a presenting sponsor of the shelter’s signature fundraiser, Bowser’s Boo Bash. Capitol Auto Group sells and services Cadillac,
 Chevrolet, Honda, Scion, Toyota, and Subaru vehicles in the greater Salem area, including many pet-friendly models. The
 company recently placed third in the Medium Size Companies category in Oregon Business Magazine’s prestigious “100 Best
 Companies” list. Look for new Subaru vehicles from Capitol Auto on display at upcoming WHS events!

                                          A Happy Reunion for Young Woman and Her Favorite Shelter Dog
                                     When Gladys (pictured left) graduated from the Micah Life Skills program this spring,
                                     she asked for just one gift: to be reunited with Tracey, a friendly Labrador mix she
                                     came to know while volunteering at Willamette Humane. Gladys volunteered for more
                                      than two years as part of the Micah Life Skills community transition program which
                                      emphasizes work experience and independent living skills. During that time, she met
                                       Tracey, who was a shelter resident for about four months before being adopted by WHS
                                       employee Jessi Keller. “Tracey is such a sweet dog. There won’t ever be another dog
                                        like her,” said Gladys. “I’m so glad she got a great home.”

                            Get Ready for Pooch’s Play Day
Does your dog complain that you don’t do anything “just for the two of you” anymore? Then
bring your dog to Willamette Humane for Pooch’s Play Day— an afternoon of games and
activities for you and your canine best friend. Pooch’s Play Day will be held Saturday, June
19, from 1 pm to 3 pm. The event will feature fun activities including a doggie “wet t-shirt”
competition, a “pup” cake walk, a shedding contest, Simon Says, and more. Prizes will be
awarded to the top finishers in each contest. All well-behaved dogs are welcome. The entry
fee is $10 for the first dog and $5 for each additional dog. All human companions are free.
Proceeds benefit the animals at Willamette Humane. Registration begins at 12 pm the day of
the event. Go to for more information.
                                                       Happy Tails
 Send us your Happy Tails! If you adopted an animal from WHS and would like to share
 your story, email it to: Be sure to include a digital photo!

Just thought you’d      Penni
like to know that
Penni is enjoying
her new home
and has settled in
nicely. In fact, she
acts like she has
always been with
me. Both of us
are very happy.
Thanks for caring
for her. —Joan
                                                                                                       Huckle &

                                                                     Here is a picture of our cats, Huckle and Deuce. We adopted
                                                                     Deuce from Helping Paws Thrift Store. It was sooner than we’d
                                                                     planned, but Huckle was terribly lonely, and Deuce really won
                                                                     us over when we met him. He had been at the shelter for about 6
         Maggie                                                      months. We weren’t sure what to expect when we introduced them
Sydney &                                                             to each other, but they are now great buddies. They chase each
                                                                     other around the house, give each other baths, and sit side-by-
                                                                     side watching the birds in the back yard. Last night I found them
                                                                     sleeping on the chair together. Deuce is a great cat—he’s big, a
                                                                     little clumsy, but very sweet. He seems to be quite pleased with
                                                                     his new home and with his new buddy, Huckle.            —Holly

                                                                     We recently adopted Ginger, a beautiful Great Pyrenees/
                                                                     Anatolian Shepherd mix. She is wonderful with my 3-year-old
                                                                                                                   nephew. His
                                                                                                                   energy does not
Seven years ago, we adopted Maggie, a Siamese, from                                                                phase her at all!
Willamette Humane Society. My husband and I fell in love                                                           Our experience
with her immediately. She is now 10 years old and very athletic                                                    with everyone
and beautiful. Left to her own devices, she sits by the slider and                                                 at Willamette
bird watches. She enjoys a cat ladder, a cat perch, and other                                                      Humane Society
high places. Recently, a black mini Schnauzer at Willamette                                                        was wonderful.
Humane Society caught our eye. Sydney, a 7-year-old boy, now                                                       Ginger is already a
cuddles with Maggie, and oddly, she is beginning to cuddle back!                                                   very loved member
We are delighted that our wonderful cat and dog get along so                                                       of our family.
fantastically, and we love them so much. They enrich our lives.                                                    Thank you all so
Thank you to our friends at WHS!                        —Debra                                                     much. —Kari

6/ Happy Tails
                   Making a Difference
               Getting to Know Spay & Neuter Clinic
                     Veterinarian Dr. Staci Holt

It’s about 7 a.m. on a weekday and staff and volunteers in Willamette Humane
Society’s Spay & Neuter Clinic are preparing for another busy day. As patients
get checked in, Dr. Staci Holt gets ready to perform her first surgery of the day.
With the help of a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, she’ll complete as many
as 30 surgeries by the end of the day. We spoke with Dr. Holt about her job, why
she joined Willamette Humane Society, and what she envisions for the clinic in
the future.

Growing up, did you always want to become a veterinarian? Yes. I                          Clinic Veterinarian Dr. Staci Holt with
have wanted to be a vet for as long as I can remember. One of the stories my mom          her foster cat Lil’ Man. Dr. Holt earned a
                                                                                          degree in veterinary medicine from the
likes to share is how I bragged about being able to spell veterinarian when I was 5.      University of Georgia. Her pet family
                                                                                          includes 2 dogs and 4 cats.
What interested you most about the clinic position at Willamette
Humane Society (WHS)? When I learned that WHS was opening a spay &
neuter clinic for our community, I jumped at the chance to apply for the position. By focusing on low-cost sterilization, we’re
preventing numerous litters of animals from being abandoned or euthanized solely due to overpopulation. Here, we are truly
making a difference and also serving the needs of our community.

About how many surgeries are you able to perform in a day? We started out doing about 10 or 11 per day, and
we’re up to between 25 and 30 a day now. Thanks to an amazing team of staff and volunteers, we have established a good flow
for the day. I couldn’t do it without them.

What do you enjoy most about working in the clinic? I love being around the people who are so compassionate and
devoted to their work.

                                                                                  What’s the one thing you want people to
                                                                                  know about the Spay & Neuter Clinic?
                                                                                  I want people to understand that although we
                                                                                  are a low-cost, high-volume clinic, we practice
                                                                                  quality medicine. We have a skilled team of
                                                                                  staff, devoted volunteers, and a clean, state-of-
                                                                                  the art facility. Because our clinic is a non-profit
                                                                                  organization, we can offer low rates while still
                                                                                  providing the highest quality care.

                                                                                  What is your vision for the clinic in five
                                                                                  years? In five years, my goal would be to
                                                                                  double the number of surgeries we do a day
                                                                                  by adding another full-time veterinarian. I also
                                                                                  hope that more people will come to understand
                                                                                  the importance of spaying and neutering to
                                                                                  reduce pet overpopulation, and that everyone
                                                                                  will think of our clinic as the place to bring
                                                                                  their pets for this vital service.
WHS recently completed the 2,000th sterilization surgery in its low-cost, high-
quality spay & neuter clinic. Low-cost spay & neuter clinics offer the most
effective means of addressing the pet overpopulation problem and reducing
the euthanasia of adoptable pets in communities across the nation.                                           Spay & Neuter Clinic/ 7
              Meet the Winners of Our Pet Photo Contest
Thank you to everyone who participated in our first online pet photo
contest. We asked you to upload your favorite photo of your best pet
buddy and encourage your friends and family to vote your pet to the
top. We received a total of 123 entries, from the adorable to the outright
hilarious. Congratulations goes to Kramer and his owner Shannon Ross
for securing the most votes as our Grand Prize Winner. Their efforts
earned them a terrific prize package, which included a professional pet
photo shoot and a gift card to Davenport’s Den, the shelter’s onsite pet
supply store. Most importantly, the contest raised more than $3,500 for
the animals at WHS. Here’s a look at all of our winners:

GRAND PRIZE WINNER (306 Votes): Kramer
Nickname: Bubba Breed: Boston Terrier Age: 10
Owner: Shannon Ross
Your buddy’s favorite activity or funniest habit: He loves car rides! It’s his favorite activity. All you have to say is “wanna
go?” and he stops what he is doing and peels out on the hardwood floor in search of his leash! When he finds it, you better stay
true to your words ‘cause he will wait patiently, staring you down until you walk to the door. His cutest/funniest habit has to be
how he climbs on top of the couch and kneads pillows and moves blankets until he is absolutely comfortable. Then he closes
his eyes and lets out a few snores.

      FIRST RUNNER UP (300 Votes): Roscoe P. Coltrane
      Nickname: Roscoe Breed: Pit Bull/ Hound Mix Age: 2
      Owner: Laurel Dickenson
      Your buddy’s favorite activity or funniest habit: Talking
      back. If you say something he doesn’t like, he will make the
      typical hound baying— it is never at an opportune time,
      but it will cause everyone to laugh at him.

                                                        SECOND RUNNER UP (286 Votes): Gracie
                                                        Nickname: Bug Breed: Labrador Age: 4 Owner: Beth Smith
                                                        Your buddy’s favorite activity or funniest habit: Favorite activity:
                                                        eating. Funniest habit: Going through a fantastic repertoire of tricks and
                                                        talents and woofs and wags to get food.

                                                                                                           continued next page

8/ Pet Photo Contest
                              BEST IN SHOW/JUDGES’ CHOICE: Tilly
                              Nickname: None Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Calico Age: 2 Owner: Meredith
                              Your buddy’s favorite activity or funniest habit: Tilly enjoys playing fetch with
                              balls of paper.

                                                                                  HONORABLE MENTION: Harry
                                                                                  Nickname: Harry Barry
                                                                                   Breed: Terrier Mix Age: 4
                                                                                   Owners: Randy, Angie, Ryan &
                                                                                   Riley Forrette
                                                                                    Your buddy’s favorite activity or
                                                                                    funniest habit: Harry is always
                                                                                    happy to see his humans. He loves
                                                                                     long walks. He especially loves
                                                                                     going to the park. You can catch
                                                                                      him sliding on the slide or chasing
                                                                                      the squirrels. His favorite snacks
                                                                                are milk bones and carrots. We adopted
                                                                       Harry from WHS almost a year ago. From the day
                                                                       we brought him home, he has warmed our hearts.

                                                      HONORABLE MENTION: Charlie
                                                      Nickname: Chuckles Breed: Black Lab Age: 1 1/2 years
                                                      Owner: Leslie Weisenhaus
                                                      Your buddy’s favorite activity or funniest habit: Eating toys,
                                                      chasing tennis balls, cuddling, and sleeping on mom’s bed.

Nickname: Little Sergeant
Breed: McNab Age: 2
Owner: Martha Allen
Your buddy’s favorite activity or
funniest habit: Scout plays flyball
with the Muddy Paws flyball club in
Salem and takes agility lessons. She                                             HONORABLE MENTION: Sparrow
enjoys trying to control the cats—                                               Nickname: Kitty
hence her nickname— and also likes                                               Breed: Domestic Short Hair Age: 1
to bark at squirrels, airplanes and                                              Owner: Lucy Hewitt
birds. She likes to play with her                                                Your buddy’s favorite activity or
friends Sheba, Wrigley, and Trip at                                              funniest habit: Playing fetch with a
Keizer Rapids Park and LOVES to                                                  wadded up piece of paper.
fetch the tennis ball and catch the
                                                                                                      Pet Photo Contest / 9
                                             Round of Apaws
                                           Thank you Arielle Hogervorst — dog
                                           walker, presenter for CCTV’s Adoptable
                                           Pets show, and Spay & Neuter Clinic
                                           volunteer — for earning a $250 award
                                           for WHS. Arielle received the Violet
                                           Richardson Soroptomist Award which is
                                           presented to young women between the
                                           ages of 14 and 17 who make the world a
                                           better place through volunteer efforts.
                                           Congrats, Arielle!

                                           15-year-old Alexis McVey deserves a great
                                           big Round of Apaws for donating 20% of
                                           the proceeds from the sale of her handmade
                                           earrings to WHS for the past three years!
Cattery Volunteer Sen Usolteff             Her entrepreneurial endeavor has raised
deserves a big thank you for putting       nearly $150 for the animals. Her earrings      Congrats goes to Connie Blackburn
together a pet food drive for her senior   are on display at her parents’ Affordable      for being selected by her peers to
project at Silverton High School. She      Framing stores.                                receive this quarter’s Volunteer
collected 640 pounds of food for                                                          Spotlight Award. A volunteer since
the animals! A big Round of Apaws          A big Round of Apaws goes to Thomas            December 2009, Connie is known
also goes to the 6th Grade Class           Earle of Earle Antiques for pricing spec-      around the shelter for her upbeat
at Blanchet Catholic School, who           ialty items, donating goods, and helping to    attitude, ready smile, and willingness
collected an additional 75 pounds of       develop a marketing strategy for our Helping   to help wherever she is needed.
food for WHS when they heard about         Paws Thrift Store on NE Lancaster Dr.          Connie has been a most welcome
Sen’s project. The food will be used                                                      addition to Willamette Humane
to help homebound seniors and their        David’s Grooming deserves a big Round          Society’s new Spay & Neuter Clinic.
pets through the Animeals program          of Apaws for donating grooming services        “Connie constantly steps up and fills
and as part of our community Pet           to help adoptable dogs put their best paw      in shifts. She does everything she is
Food Bank.                                 forward.                                       asked and more…we love her!” say
                                                                                          Clinic staff. In addition to helping
                                                                                          out in the Clinic, Connie is also a
                                                                                          wonderful advocate and volunteer
                                                                                          for our adoptable rabbits. Each week,
                                                                                          she socializes the bunnies and helps
                                                                                          educates the public about responsible
                                                                                          rabbit ownership. Connie also takes
                                                                                          WHS bunnies and small pets out
                                                                                          into the community through outreach
                                                                                          events. Connie said that she started
                                                                                          volunteering, “for the animals. I just
                                                                                          love animals.” Well, Connie, for all
                                                                                          you do for them, we’re pretty sure the
                                                                                          animals love you, too!

Thank you to all the students in Mrs. Rinehart’s Art Classes at Walker Middle School, who raised
more than $2,000 in 2009 for the animals at WHS. The money is used to sponsor three pet ads each
month in the Statesman Journal. (Don’t forget to look for the ad each Friday in the Life section).
  Ask the Experts—Answers to Common Pet Problems

        As the weather gets warmer, I’d like to let my dog
        out in our yard, but she digs in my flower beds and
        garden! How can I stop this?­­—Doggone Frustrated
                                                                        Q       We adopted a kitten recently, but we are struggling
                                                                                to keep him from scratching our furniture! Please
                                                                                help.                    —Scratching Our Heads

A                                                                       A
       Dogs­ consider­ digging­ to­ be­ a­ perfectly­ normal­                 Scratching­is­part­of­a­cat’s­self-maintenance­program­
       doggy­activity.­Try­the­following­tips­to­prevent­your­                to­keep­their­claws­sharp­for­climbing,­balancing,­and­
       dog­from­digging­in­inappropriate­areas­and­redirect­                  defending­themselves.­Yelling­at­your­cat­or­getting­
her­digging-desire­to­a­more­suitable­spot:­                            mad­ at­ him­ only­ confuses­ him­ because­ he­ is­ doing­ what­
• Exercise your dog before turning her out into your                    and­your­sanity:
A­ well-exercised,­ tired­ dog­ is­ more­ likely­ to­ relax­ in­ the­   • Trim your cat’s claws.­ Trimming­ his­ claws­ won’t­
yard,­instead­of­digging­it­up­to­burn­off­energy.­­                    discourage­ him­ from­ scratching,­ but­ it­ will­ lessen­ the­
• Teach recreational diggers to become recreational chewers.­           damage­to­your­furniture.­
If­your­dog­is­busy­with­a­chew­toy,­she­has­little­time­to­dig.­       • Always provide a scratching post.­Your­cat­should­have­
Rubber­chewtoys­(such­as­Kongs)­stuffed­with­peanut­butter­             at­least­one­post­that’s­tall­enough­for­a­full­vertical­scratch­
and­kibble­can­be­a­healthy­distraction­from­digging.­                  and­ covered­ in­ good­ “scratchable”­ material­ like­ carpet­ or­
• Redirect digging to a designated pit.­Choose­a­location­to­           sisal­rope.­Place­the­post­in­an­area­your­kitty­enjoys.­Try­
your­liking,­and­teach­your­dog­to­dig­there.­Build­a­doggie­           putting­a­little­catnip­on­it­to­make­it­more­appealing.­
your­dog’s­favorite­chew­toys­in­the­pit­every­day.­Your­dog­           • Use deterrents.­Apply­wide,­double-sided­tape­–­known­
will­discover­that­the­pit­is­a­virtual­treasure­trove­of­toys­         as­Sticky­Paws®­-­­on­furniture­and­areas­you­don’t­want­
and­treats,­and­she­will­learn­to­focus­her­energy­there.­              kitty­ to­ scratch.­ Cats­ dislike­ the­ sticky­ feeling­ and­ will­
• Protect other parts of your yard.­Consider­laying­down­               with­citrus-scented­spray­or­another­deterrent.­
chicken wire or chain-link fencing over your flower beds,
add­ more­ topsoil,­ and­ reseed.­You­ can­ also­ use­ boundary­        • Apply nail caps.­Soft­Claws®­are­plastic­caps­that­can­be­
fences­ to­ partition­ your­ yard­ into­ doggy­ and­ non-doggy­         applied­to­your­cat’s­nails­to­reduce­the­damage­done­by­their­
zones.­Encourage­and­and­praise­your­dog­for­lying­down­in­             clawing.­Soft­Claws®­come­in­a­variety­of­colors­and­can­be­
dog­zones;­discourage­her­from­entering­non-doggy­zones.                purchased­ at­ pet­ supply­ stores,­ including­ Davenport’s­ Den­
  WHS provides tip sheets, classes, private consultations,              • Reward good behavior.­Praise­your­cat­profusely­and­give­
  and a free Behavior Helpline to help owners address                   him­treats­when­he­uses­his­scratching­post,­or­cooperates­
  behavior problems and keep their pets in their home.                  with­Soft­Claw®­application.­He’ll­learn­to­associate­praise­
  Tips are reprinted with permission from Ian Dunbar’s                  and­treats­with­good­behavior.­
  Behavior Blueprints. Go to
  behavior for more information, or call the Helpline at
  (503) 585-5900, ext. 203.
                                                                                                                      Ask the Experts/ 11
                                    Summer Calendar of Events
              JUNE                                                 JULY                                      JULY continued
    Adopt a Shelter Cat Month                  2&3                                                24
                                               Independence Day Sales                             “Tail Tales” Children’s Story Hour
                                               10:30 am – 6 pm                                    12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
7                                              Many items half off at Helping Paws
Understanding Your Dog 1 pm – 2 pm             and the WHS Thrift Store.                          25
A fun, informative seminar. Addresses                                                             Dog 101 10:30 am – 11:30 am
common behavior issues and more.               3                                                  (this session runs July 25-Sept 12)
Drop-ins welcome. No registration              Pet Food Bank 10 am – 12 pm
required                                       Food assistance for area pet owners                26
                                               experiencing temporary financial hardship.         Dog 101 6 pm – 7 pm
Dog 101                                        Offered the first Saturday of each month.          (this session runs July 26-Aug 30)
10:30 am – 11:30 am & 1 pm – 2 pm
Dogs learn basic obedience skills and          3, 10, 17, 24 & 31                                 26 – 29
manners (this session runs June 7 -            Dog 101                                            Camp Paw Paw
July 12).                                                                                         9:30 am – 12 pm Grades 1-2
Tricks & Games 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm               4 Shelter and stores closed.                       1 pm – 5 pm Grades 5-8
                                                                                                  (registration closed)
Teach your dog fun tricks and games,           5, 12, 19 & 26
while improving basic skills.                  Understanding Your Dog 5:30 pm – 7 pm.
14, 21 & 28                                                                                                  AUGUST
Understanding Your Dog                         5 & 15
5:30 pm – 7 pm Drop-ins welcome.               Volunteer Orientation 5:30 pm – 7 pm
No registration required.                      5– 9                                               2 & 19
                                                                                                  Volunteer Orientation 5:30 pm – 7 pm
17                                             Jr. Dog Trainers Camp
Volunteer Orientation 5:30 pm – 7 pm           10 am – 3 pm: Grades 7- 8                          2, 9, 16, 23 & 30
Interested in volunteering? The                (registration closed)                              Understanding Your Dog
first step is to attend an orientation.                                                           5:30 pm – 7 pm Drop-ins welcome.
No registration required; drop-ins             12 – 15                                            No registration required.
welcome.                                       Camp Paw Paw 1 pm – 5pm
                                               Grades 3-4 (registration closed)                   Dog 101 6 pm – 7 pm
19                                             16 & 17
Pooch’s Play Day 1 pm – 3 pm                   Art Sales 10:30 am - 6 pm                          2–5
Fun contests and games for dogs and            Find great deals on framed art, pottery, and       Camp Paw Paw
owners. $10 for the first dog; $5 for          more at Helping Paws & the WHS Thrift              10 am – 12 pm Ages 4-5
add’l dog. Humans are free.                    Store.                                             1 pm – 5 pm Grades 3-4
19, 26                                         17                                                 7
Puppy Kindergarten                             Dog 101 9 am – 10 am                               Pet Food Bank 10 am – 12 pm
For puppies (6 months or younger).             (this session runs July 17 – Sept 4)
Focus is on socialization and                                                                     7 & 28
confidence building. Sign up anytime           17, 24 & 31                                        Puppy Kindergarten 10:30 am – 11:30 am
for this open enrollment class.                Puppy Kindergarten 10:30 am – 11:30 am             Understanding Your Dog 1 pm – 2 pm
21 – 24                                        Understanding Your Dog 1 pm – 2 pm
Camp Paw Paw                                   Drop-ins welcome. No registration required.        9 – 13
9:30 am – 12 pm Grades 1-2                                                                        Jr. Dog Trainers Camp
1 pm – 5 pm Grades 3-4                         Dog 201 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm                          10 am – 3 pm Grades 5-6
Our popular summer day camp for kids           Strengthen your dog’s basic skills, using          (registration closed)
who love animals (registration closed).        real-world situations and off-site visits.
                                               (this session runs July 17 – Sept 4)               16 – 20
25 Take Your Dog to Work Day                                                                      Jr. Dog Trainers Camp
                                               18                                                 10 am – 3 pm Grades 7-8
26                                             Dog 101 1 pm – 2 pm                                (registration closed)
“Tail Tales” Children’s Story Hour             (this session runs July 18 – Sept 5)
12:30 pm – 1:30 pm                                                                                27
Kids and parents are invited to listen to      19 – 22                                            Behind-the-Scenes Tour 11 am – 12 pm
animal-themed stories and meet a pet.          Camp Paw Paw 1 pm – 5 pm                           Take a tour of the shelter and learn
Free.                                          Grades 5-8 (registration closed)                   what goes on behind-the-scenes. Free.
                                                                                                  Drop-ins welcome.
28 – July 2                                    23
Jr. Dog Trainers’ Camp                         Behind-the-Scenes Tour 11 am – 12 pm               28
10 am – 3 pm Grades 5-6                                                                           “Tail Tales” Children’s Story Hour
                                               Take a tour of the shelter and learn               12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Kids learn valuable dog training skills        what goes on behind-the-scenes. Free.
while helping shelter dogs improve             Drop-ins welcome.
manners (registration closed).

For more information about any of the events listed, or to register for Camp Paw Paw or Dog Training Classes, go to
12/ Calendar of Events
                                              Service Directory
                        A Service Directory of Local Animal-Related Businesses

                   Carpet Cleaning
               Estate Planning for Pets                                               Pet Sitting & Boarding
The Carpet Drycleaning Co – CDC                                    Animal House Pet Sitting, LLC • Kristin Santose
(503) 399-2803 •                    503-581-6313 •
Specializing in PET and CHILD “assaults” on carpets, rugs          Animal House is the leader in professional home pet care
and upholstery since 1990. We are the GREEN MACHINE                since 1990. I care for all types of animals and birds. Cats and
that does it all: drycleaning, stain removal and deodorizing.      dogs are my specialty. Your pet stays home and care is provid-
Call us for immediate relief with healthy and safe results for     ed by home visits. I also offer a dog walking service. Bonded,
the culprits and the family! Free estimates.                       licensed and insured.
                                                                   CATOPIA—A Unique Boarding Experience
               Estate Planning for Pets
               Estate Planning for Pets                            503-LUV-CATS (588-2287) • Salem, Oregon
Law Office of Eden Rose Brown                                      Spacious, private suites accommodate your whole cat fam-
Salem, Bend, Portland • 503-581-1800                               ily. “Camp Catawanda,” Salem’s only fully-enclosed out-
Providing peace of mind through compassionate, compre-             door lounging environment, engages all of your cat’s senses.
hensive estate planning strategies for you and your pets. A        Loving, personalized care provides peace of mind. Special-
national leader in pet planning counsel and design, we help        needs kitties welcome. The next BEST place to home.
you prepare for your pet’s future without you. “It’s Not About     Appointments only, please.
What You Own, It’s About What You Value.”
                                                                   Shih-Tzu Inn • (503) 851-4353
                                                                   6803 Rippling Br. Dr. SE, Salem, OR 97317
                    Pet Containment                      
                                                                   We have a wonderful place for your doggies to stay and play.
Oregon Dog Fence • (800) 565-9879
                                                                   Our location has the feel of country on 1¼ acres that is well-
                                                                   groomed, well-supervised and very secure. We are open 24/7;
                                                                   we have excellent references and affordable prices. We also
Give your pets the freedom to run, jump and play while keep-
                                                                   do pick-up and delivery.
ing them out of harm’s way. Form pet-free zones inside and
outside your home. Enjoy total peace of mind knowing they          Wagging Tails Pet Sitting • 503-559-4459
are safe, happy, and secure 24/7 with a Pet Stop® Pet Fence.       Karren King
The Best Fence You’ll Never See!                                   Hard to say Goodbye? Your pets deserve the best! Whatever
                                                                   your needs, I offer professional pet services that ensure the
                        Pet Massage                                loving care they deserve while you are away. All types of ani-
                                                                   mals cared for. Besides home visits, I offer open environment
Peaceful Paws Dog Massage • (503) 581-3375                         overnight stays for your dogs in my home.
Massage isn’t just for people anymore. Massage provides                                   Pet Supply Stores
many benefits for your dog, including maintaining or increas-
ing flexibility, range of motion, and comfort in dogs with joint   Davenport’s Den (located inside WHS)
pain; rehabilitation from injury or surgery; and relaxation. I     4246 Turner Rd. SE, Salem • 503-585-5900
consult with your veterinarian to provide the best possible        Located in and benefiting the animals at WHS. Science Diet
care for your dog.                                                 pet food, toys, supplies, and more.

                                                                   Helping Paws
                                     Our shelter                   3298 Lancaster Dr. NE Salem • 503-480-0465
                                       proudly                     Featuring quality used items, Science Diet pet food, large
                                      feeds and                    selection of pet supplies, and cat adoptions.
                                    Science Diet
                                   brand pet food.                        If you’re interested in advertising in Brief Paws
                                                                      or on our website, email,
                                                                                   or call (503) 585-5900, ext. 308.

       Preferred                                                   The above businesses have paid a fee to appear here. WHS does not endorse
      dealership of                                                any listed vendor or guarantee any product or service. Ask for references as
       Willamette                                                  appropriate.
        Society                                                                                                         Service Directory/ 13
                               Gifts from Friends of the Animals
        WHS gratefully acknowledges these financial gifts received in honor or memory
                of special animals and people (January 16 — April 15, 2010).

Honorariums                        In Memory of People            FRANK GERSPACHER
                                                                  Jean & Ralph Dieker
	                                                                 Marvin & Janice Janzen
ANGEL GIRL & QT                    ALVIN SITTON                   FRANK GERSPACHER
Tim Woodden                        Paula Sitton                   Joseph & Pamela Kloft

DAVID & CHARLEEN                   AUNT JEAN                      GARNETT & EVERETT FEAR
ENGBERG’S BIRTHDAY                 Bonnie & Chuck Peter           Craig & Joyce Fear
Kirsten Edwards
                                   BARBARA NIX                    GENE BENDER
DIANA HOLT                         Lynn & David Jones             Linda & Doug Wilson
Bernitta Noeske
                                   JOANNE MULVIHILL               GEORGE DUNNING
DOTTIE BAUGHMAN                    Katherine & Michael Dinsmore   Fred & Romaine Jensen
Sandra Woodward
                                   BLAIN CHURCH                   GLENDA SMITH                 NAOMI COZZA
FRANCES HOWE                       City View Funeral Home         Patrikei & Taisia Alagoz     Wanda Whelchel
Patricia Kasper                    Joan Church                    Janna Alford
                                   Audra & Chuck Hamilton         Marjorie & John Davis        NED BAKER
HER PETS                           Jackie & William Pierce        William & Dianna Fedorko     AAA Cleaning Service Metro, Inc.
Francis Adams                                                     John & Janet Lebold
                                   CHRISTIE MAY                   SAIF Coworkers               NORMA JEAN NELSON
MS. JACI BURNETT                   Jane & James Armpriest                                      Ethel Webster; Old Ladies Fund
Betsy Burnett & Daryl Snyder                                      HARVEY D. PETTY SR.
                                   CRAIG CLINE’S                  Norma Petty                  PAMELA HUFF
JEN WARNOCK                        GRANDMOTHER & FATHER                                        Michael & Lorene Vollmar
Burke Mayer                        Barry & Carol Hoffos           JAMES BILDERBECK
                                                                  Mary Hobson                  PATRICIA DICK
JENNY HUDSON                       DALE MANION                    Michael & Lois Sullivan      Evelyn Drees
Shannon & Mike Mathews             Myra Frisch
                                                                  JEAN A. BOWEN                RACHEL FIELDING
LISA SILBERNAGEL                   DAVID COPELAND                 Patricia Beard               Glen Fielding
Mariah Martinez & Thomas Dooley;   Mary Carter
Catholic Campus Ministry Club                                     JOHN ZWART                   RAYMOND FAST
                                   DELORES N. PARKER              Carmella Donato              Patricia Strahan-McIntosh
MIA                                William & Wendy Parker
James Norlie                                                      JUSTIN SAUNDERS              ROBERT JACOBS
                                   DENNIS ELDRED                  Larry & Mary Shellenbarger   Janet & Edward Salchenberg
PAULA LIEN’S BIRTHDAY              Lucinda Boatwright
Sarah Jane Williams                                               KATHRYN JUNE SANDAHL         ROY E. KIMBALL
                                   DICK HAUS                      Duane & Darlean Duchateau    Patricia Beard
PETE                               Linda & Theophile Sedlock      Kathy Kleen
James & M. Pollard                                                                             SALLY BENZ
                                   DOLORES PROUGH                 KATHY GOOKIN                 Debbie & Donald Cole
RICHARD ESPEY                      CAPS Co-Workers                Jesse Morgan-Young
Marti & Mike Chaney                                               Allen & Sandra Ritchey       SALLY JACOBER
                                   DONNA WILLIAMS                 Diane & Carl Shepherd        Connie Anderton
ROCKY & SPARKY                     Linda & Gary Rice                                           City View Funeral Home
Donna Boman                                                       KENNETH ADAMS                Leah & Ray Garcia
                                   DOROTHY MORITZ                 Linda Phillips               Ray & Jean Ingram
ROSCO                              Vernon Casterline                                           Rona & Robert King
Susan & Alan Forkner               Timothy & Mary Daley           KRISI LYNN WARD              Edna Pruitt
                                   Luetta Hanchett                Mary Brillhart               Donald & Sheila Upjohn
SASHA                              Sharon & Frank Hoevet                                       Barbara Wilson
Kimberlee & Raymond Ayers          Norma Kuenzli                  LAURA SWEARINGER
John Gall                          Arlene Trowbridge              Richard & Judith Rankin      SALLY JACOBSEN
Jill Sherwood                      Lloyd & Sharon Walker                                       Cindy Fagundes
Marvin & Patricia Straughan        Cherry City Electric           LORETTA BATES
                                                                  Bill & Nancy Weisenhaus      SANDRA SANDERSON
STUBBY                             EDMOND & ANDREA ROSEN                                       William & Irene Rohr
Melvin & Anna Feitelson            Bonnie Kovach                  LYNDA WILLIAMS
                                                                  Emil & Caroline Brandaw      SARAH WOLFE
TIGGER & HOBBES                    ELVA KANGAS                    Ray Graning                  Margaret Ann Coburn
Virginia & Edward Long             Lee & Jan Davis                William Labhart
                                                                  Virginia Shepherd            TYLER GRAHAM
VADES CROCKETT                     ERNEST CARLSON                                              Kathleen Elvin
Diana Crockett                     Marjorie Humphreys             MANNY LOWERY                 Janelle Graham
                                                                  Mary & Bob Peacock           Willie Jane Nordal
Fred & Patricia Riedle             Eric Simpson                   MARGIE CLARK                 WILEY SIMON RUDE
                                                                  Mary Kay Callaghan           Paul McClellan
Beverly Otjen                      John & Susan Mills             MARY CHAPMAN                 WILMA SMITH
                                                                  Kendrick & Patricia Simila   Dennis & Kathie Leffler
                                   FRANCES NELSON
                                   Gerald & Henrietta Wimer       MILDRED KRAJNIK              WILMER VAN VLEET
                                   Valley Motor                   Ronald & R. Eileen Daniels   Kim Vincent; Boatwright Engineering
                                                                                                                    continued next page...
14/	Gifts	from	Friends
                           More Gifts from Friends of the Animals
In Memory of Pets                 JC & JITTERBUG
                                  Beverly Otjen
                                                                     MERRY JAYNE
                                                                     Donna Covalt
                                                                                                      Robert & Peggy Hershey

ABBIE                             JAKE                               MILO                             ROSIE
Jean Rover                        Katherine Hager                    Trish & Aaron Campbell           Evie & Warren Lucas
                                                                     Debbie Graney
ALEX                              JIMMY                              Shanna Langley                   RUBY KITTY
Kathleen Harrison                 Fran Neavoll                                                        Tracy & Jeff Crandall
ALI CAT                           JOE & GEORGE                       Kathie Stamper                   RUDY
Milford & Dana Biddington         Walter & Joan Scherf                                                John Griffith
AMPERSAND                         JOHNNY CAT                         William Labhart                  RUDY
Brenda Russell                    Sarah Jane Williams                                                 Linda & Gary Rice
BAILEY & RED                      JOSH, GHOST, NORMAN, &             David & Robin Large              RUSTY
Cindy & Marvin Champ              SYLVESTER                                                           Joan & Cecil Dailey Jr.
                                  Christine & Charles Peterson       MOLLY
BEAR                                                                 Rosemarie Younker                SAM
Sandra McKibben                   JOSIE                                                               Michael & Linda Martini
                                  Daniel Osborne                     NELLIE-BELLE
BELLA                                                                Tracy & Jeff Crandall            SAMMY
Joanne & Doug Kowitz              KATIE                                                               Lucia & Paul Norris
                                  Frances Phillips                   NOIR & SPUNKY
BELLA                                                                Gretchen & Dale Hoppe            SCOOTER
Dwight & Barbara Quisenberry      KATY                                                                Dwight & Judy Courtney
                                  Kathleen & Louise Munro            PANTHER
BENJI                                                                Robert & Phyllis Mix             SHELBY & CLOOTIE
Lynn & David Jones                KENZIE                                                              Chuck & Jacki Falkenroth
                                  Dorothy & Harry Kuhns              PATCHES
BIG BOY TOBY                                                         Virginia Willoughby              SPITZEY
May Peters                        KOCHKA                                                              Beverly Freer
                                  Thelma Baker                       PENNY
BILL                                                                 Melvin & Anna Feitelson          TASHA
Gary & Carolyne Filsinger         LADY GIRL                                                           Leora Berger
Lois Seigal                       Michael & Suzanne Allegre          PHOEBE
                                                                     Lori Gillespie                   TIGER
BO                                LEO                                                                 Bonnie Nimz
George Fuller                     Lois Evans & Jan Groner            QUINCY
                                                                     Lisa & Craig Snively             TUTELLA
BOCEPHUS SANTORO                  LILA                                                                Diana & Joe Couey
Creshea & Clinton Hilton          Shirley Lincicum & Kyle Banerjee   RAGS KRAFT
                                                                     Petra Geiling & Theodore Coran   ZEUS
BOW TI                            MERLIN                                                              Carl & Roxanne Deinhardt
Joan & Paul Allen                 Beverly & Gretchen Clark

Jack & Jan Prebilsky

Greg & Kernie Jones

Les Olson
                                      Is Your Heart Golden?
Bonnie & Chuck Peter             Become a Golden Hearts Club member and contribute
DEJA                             a stable source of support for the animals throughout
Susan & Alan Forkner             the year.
Allison Loeb                     It’s Easy.
Molly Doeneka                    Giving monthly through our Golden Hearts Club
                                 allows you to make a greater impact on the welfare
Susan MacGlashan &               of animals. Automatic, recurring donations can be
Larry Niswender                  made from a checking account, debit or credit
GABY                             card. With a minimum $10 per month donation,
Jennifer & Christopher Hatch     you can give a gift of life all year round.
Michael & Cindy Martindale       Sign up using our secure online donation form at
ISABELLA               , or check the box on the
Donna Espinosa
Phillip Mossholder
                                 return envelope and mail in your information.
Jean Kent

                                                                                                            Gifts from Friends/ 15
                                                             U.S. Postage
                   PO Box 13005
                                                            Permit No. 138
                   Salem OR 97309-1005
                                                            Salem, Oregon

 Come Party with the Pets!
     Kids (Pre-K through 3rd grade) are invited
        to celebrate their birthdays at WHS!

Each two-hour party includes:
• Welcome sign and pet banner
• Party host to oversee craft projects and activities
• A “party animal” autograph dog for the birthday child
  on group photo
• Tour of the shelter with a mini pet safety lesson
• Opportunity to meet shelter animals (bunny bits and
  dog treats provided)
• Play time in the Learning Center
• Gift bags for all young party guests

         Cost: $125 for up to 15 guests; adults are free.
     To learn more, visit
                 or call (503) 585-5900 x310

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