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									      Kingdom Animalia

      Types of Cnidarians

• Jellies (Jellyfish – NOT FISH!!)
• Sea anemones
• Corals
• Hydroids
             Jellyfish Parts
• Outermost “skin” is
  called the epidermis
• Lining of the gut is
  the gastrodermis
• Stomach is the
  gastric cavity
    Jellyfish Parts (Continued)

• Jellylike stuff between skin and gut
  is the mesoglea
• Tentacles surround the mouth and
  the whole adult is called a medusa
           Jellyfish Feeding
• Coiled nematocyst “shoots” out of the
  cnidoblast and paralyzes the prey
• Tentacle drags prey to mouth where it is
  taken in.
• Waste is expelled through the mouth
           Jelly Life Cycle
• Egg and sperm meet in “stomach” of female
• Planula larva forms and floats away
• Young, asexual polyp forms
• Polyp matures
• Clones flake off the pancakes off a stack
• Young medusa forms and does the whole
  thing over again
Jelly Life Cycle

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