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					Union Policy UP0601
Motion to Council to award Social Colours to Daniel

Proposer:       Zoë Davies, French Affiliate
Passed:         Union Council, 21 May 2007
Lapses:         Spring 2009

This Union notes:

1.     Social Colours are awarded to individuals in recognition of outstanding
       contributions to the student community of UCL.
2.     Contribution is recognised as a conscious and marked improvement in the lives
       of UCL students, through efforts in Union societies, voluntary work or otherwise.
3.     Social Colours are awarded for outstanding commitment to the UCL student
4.     Only individuals who can demonstrate commitment over and above any
       specified job description will be considered for social colours.
5.     Examples of considerable dedication to the student community of UCL must be
       shown for the Social Colours Award.

This Union believes:

1.     Daniel Monsell held the position of President of the Live Music Society 2006-07
       and generated a large society and a expanded on the Live Music Night in the
2.     Daniel Monsell went above and beyond his job role to set-up and organise Live
       Music Events at the FlyBar.
3.     Daniel Monsell has successfully started a profit generating and reputation
       building event for the Live Music Society. This event is to be a monthly event
       next academic year.
4.     The event gives UCL live music community a professional stage on which to
       perform and has allowed the UCL live music community to expand and widen
       its horizons.

This Union resolves:

1.     To award Social Colours to Daniel Monsell in recognition of his considerable
       dedication to the student community UCL.