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									                      GRENFELL NEWS
Grenfell’s footballers win
‘Street Rising’ Tournament
In a hard fought but generally
good natured battle for the 2010
‘Street Rising’ Cup at The Hub on
Thursday Grenfell’s football team
won a tense and thrilling final
after a sudden-death penalty
shoot out.
After a shaky start, losing their   The winning team: (standing left-right) Leon Kane,
first match and only managing a     Ismo Soumahoro, Ernest Boothe, Leon Delpratt, Leigh
                                    Andrews (front left-right) David Ongorok, Alphonso
draw in the second, Grenfell        ‘The Special One’ Anderson, Cedric Tehe, Chris
suddenly sprung into action and     Birchall
won their remaining group games
in convincing style.                Thankfully though the boys on the pitch
A comfortable win in the semi-      managed to keep their cool and after a
final against Battersea took the    great save from keeper Chris Birchall,
boys through to the final where     Ernest Boothe calmly stepped up to the
they were pitted against Wandle     spot and drilled his shot past Wandle’s
HA, the only team to have beaten    keeper to secure the win, much to the
Grenfell in the group stages.       delight of chief-cheerleaders Jo and
A frantic 12 minutes of high-       Elaine!
octane football followed, there     All the winning players received an
were chances on either side, but    individual trophy and a voucher for JJB
at the final whistle neither team   sports.
had managed to take the lead and    The Grenfell team also won the referees’
a sudden-death penalty shoot-out    award for fair play for which they each
followed.                           received an Argos voucher and a team
Grenfell, somewhat unusually,       trophy which will shortly be on display at
opted to shoot second. With         the Grenfell Office for everyone to
saves and misses on both sides      admire.
leaving the score level after 6     David Ongorok also deservedly won one of
penalties nerves amongst            three special awards for exceptional talent,
Grenfell’s supporters were at       his prize being an iPod shuffle.
fever-pitch.                        Manager Alphonso ‘The Special One’
                                    Anderson said “I’m really proud of the lads,
                                    they put in 100% effort to come back from
                                    a weak start and deserved to win both the
                                    tournament and the fair play award”

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                       GRENFELL NEWS
“MEET THE MANAGER” DROP-IN                               GRENFELL NEEDS…
Is there something that you would like to
discuss with one of Grenfell’s management
team?                                              We are always looking at what we
If so, why not come and see us at one of our       do and how we do it to see if we
informal drop-in sessions?                         can do it better.

28th July, 1pm – 4pm, Steve Boucher                For this to REALLY work we need
(Director of Operations)                           you to have your say!
9th August, 1pm – 4pm, Andrew Lorimer
(Housing Services Manager)                         Andrew, the Housing Service
                                                   Manager, would like to hear from
                                                   you if you would be willing to come
                                                   along to the Tenants’ Forum and
          HEALTH & SAFETY
                                                   help us to improve our service to
For your own safety, please do not tamper
with the smoke detectors and fire-fighting
equipment in your home – they could save
                                                   If you’d like to get involved contact
your life but only if they are working
                                                   Andrew at the office or talk to
                                                   your Housing Officer.
If you notice anything wrong with them
please tell your Housing Officer or Peter,
the Maintenance Coordinator, straight away.

                                                         “There is no
                                                         failure except in
                                                         no longer trying.”
                                                         Elbert Hubbard

How clean is your bed?
A story was published in lots of the national papers recently claiming that millions of
us only wash our bedding three times a year, with under-25s being the worst culprits
Health experts say the lack of cleanliness makes a bed a breeding ground for
bacteria and viruses and can cause asthma or make the symptoms worse.
Environmental health expert Dr Lisa Ackerley said: "To reduce levels of unwanted
organisms and mites, you need to wash your bed linen at least once a fortnight -
preferably once a week."

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