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					                                                                                      Phuoc Do

                             Vietnamese culture in America

I.    Introduction
      A. Gain attention of audience
          America is a perfect place where immigrants come from all over the world in
          search of new jobs, lives, and opportunities.
      B. Relate to audience
          I am sure that all of us come from a different cultural such as: Native American,
          Hispanic, African America, and Asian. Vietnamese immigration to the U.S.
          started after 1975, after the end of the Vietnam War. Forced to flee from their
          homeland and often thrust into poor urban neighborhoods, these newcomers have
          nevertheless managed to establish strong communities. Additional, these
          immigrants brought along the rules and food of Vietnamese to the new land.
      C. Statement of main purpose
          The main purpose of my speech is to inform you about Vietnamese culture in
          America since the immigrants came.
      D. Preview first main idea
          To begin, I will inform you what the rules of Vietnamese are are.
      E. Preview second main idea
          To finish, I will speak about the main food that Vietnamese eat every day.
II.   Body
      A. First main idea
          I am sure that Vietnamese culture is still a myth for most of foreign people. You
          thought the style of living is just simple as every culture but it is a huge difference
          when you discover.
          1. Support
          Family is the foundation of Vietnamese society. Many families have three
          generations living under one roof. It is traditional for a married couple to care for
          the man’s parents; subsequently, it is very important to have a son. If there is only
          one son, he and his wife must live with his parents. If there are no sons, one of the
          daughters may remain unmarried and care for her parents.
          2. Support
           Every house has an altar to worship their ancestor because they believe that the
          death people will come back to visit them. The value of Vietnamese people are
          the relationship with happiness because they influenced by the Buddhist belief
          from China. People go to the temple to worship the Buddhist Monk because they
          believe he will protect, give lucks and happiness to the family throughout the
          year. Of course you will see a plate of fruit next to the Buddhist Monk-- it is just
   for decoration. There is a small percentage of people who are Christian, Catholic,
   or different religions.

   3. Support
   Vietnamese wedding and other race wedding are also differing in ceremony.
   Besides the church ceremony, the traditional tea ceremony is also important to the
   Vietnamese. This tradition is often observed after the church ceremony in the
   main sitting room at the home of the groom's parents. The bride would "kowtow"
   to the groom's parents the groom greets the bride's parents. The bride then serves
   tea to the groom's father and mother. In return, the groom's parents give her a
   valuable gift, such as a piece of jewelry. It is a symbol of acceptance into the
   family. Then the bride will pour tea and bow to the groom's siblings, starting with
   the eldest brother and his spouse. Each of the groom siblings must drink the tea
   and offer a gift back to the bride.
   4. Support
    Lunar New Year is the most important holiday to the Vietnamese. The
   Vietnamese Lunar New Year has been a traditional celebration that brings the
   Vietnamese a sense of happiness, hope and peace. Americans celebrate birthdays
   by throwing parties and giving presents, while Vietnamese celebrate death days
   by providing a big meal.
   5. Support
   It is quite acceptable when two men or women in the street holding hands. A man
   and a woman cannot hold hands or touch in public because it is insulting to a
   woman. Vietnamese do not shake hands with opposite sex or old people, two
   women do not shake hand.
B. Second main idea
   Food is one of the main features of Vietnamese people in America since these
   immigrants kept the recipe went to a new land.
   1. Support
   A typical meal for the average Vietnamese family would include:
         Individual bowls of rice
         Grilled, boiled, steamed, stir fried with vegetables or stewed meat or fish
         Stir-fried, raw or steamed vegetable dish
         A clear broth with vegetables and often meat or seafood
         Prepared fish sauce and soy sauce for dipping
   All dishes apart from the individual bowls of rice are communal and to be shared.
   2. Support
   Beside rice is the main food in every meal, therefore many cuisines to change the
   taste. Vietnamese cuisine boasts a huge variety of noodle soups, each with distinct
          influences, origins and taste. A common characteristic of many of these soups is a
          rich broth. Pho is the traditional food of Vietnam.
          3. Support
          One the common food that you will see on Lunar New year is sticky rice. It
          wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed with mung bean paste, lean pork and black
          pepper, traditionally eaten during the Lunar New Year. It contains beef or pork
          and beans inside.
          4. Support
          Vietnamese specialty draft beer produced locally in small batches. Strong iced
          coffee, most often served with sweeten condensed milk at the bottom of the cup to
          be stirred in. the beverage is very popular among the Vietnamese.
III.   Conclusion
       A. Summary of main ideas
          I have explained the aspects of Vietnamese culture in America since the
          immigrants came. I had showed you how Vietnamese live their life among other
          culture in America.
       B. Closing remarks
          Understanding what is going on in Vietnamese culture that will help you to build
          a good relationship with Vietnamese people. Especially, America is a mix culture
          that we all need to understand each other in order to present the United States of
       C. Transition
          Now …………


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