Pover point for Enlgish literature by nguyencao0111


									B. Persepolis as a portrait of culture
 with focus on social practices and

   Phuoc Do
   Nguyen Nguyen
   World Literature II Fall 2010
1.What does the book suggest about the role of religion in Iranian
culture, especially in the lives of people like Marjane’s family?

•   Limited the freedom
•   Changed the lives of people in Iranian culture
•   Caused confusing to society
•   Marjane’s family hardly accepted the change of the religion.
•   Marjane didn’t like the veil
2. What does the book suggest about social class in Iranian
society, especially, for example, in the story of the courtship
between the family’s maid and their neighbor (34-37) or the
distribution of keys to paradise to boys drafted into the army
• Everyone was identified by their name,
  ethic, and religion. Mehir had to stop the
  relationship with a boy next door because
  she didn’t belong to the same social class
  as he is.

• The government use every possible way
  including sparing people’s life for their own
  self-interest. The government trick the
  young boys with the key to paradise.
3. What role does the educational system play in the post-
revolutionary Iran?

• To force the young generation into the power-seeking attitude
  of the former regime
• Power of persuasion
4. According to Satrapi, what are some of the consequences on
Iranian society of long years of warfare and violence?

• Destruction

• Death

• Many people escaped Iran
5. What are the roles for women in Iranian society as depicted in the
book? How do Marjane and her mother grandmother both play into
and resist those roles?

• Household in the family

• The mother of the kids

• A great companionship for the almighty masculine men.

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