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Ny Pham
May 6, 2011
(Ten cua cai scholarship zo day ba ke)
                                     (cai title cua essay cua em)

       Every subject contains information necessary to become a functional member of our

society. Finance is no longer just a subject taken by the elite. Now it is popular in many

education institutes in the United States because of the demanding of the market economy.

However, I do not only choose this major for my college’s education and career because of its

necessary but it is also my favorite subject of all time.

       In the position of a person who is considering education importantly to challenge and

improve myself, I choose going to college for my next turning point after graduated from high

school. I realized that I am sensitive with numbers in solving math problems when I was still in

high school. In addition of my favorite in business, I received the advices from my cousin who

has experiences in financing company. I am taking the courses related to the finance major in

Penn State York, and I am trying my best to get the Bachelor degree after four years.

       Career goals are extremely important in my life as well. For the first year in the college

environment, I wanted to take my whole time to focus on studying because I knew the different

between high school and college. However, I considered that looking for a part time job related

to my major or business environment is necessary for my career in the future. I hope that I will

have a chance to apply the knowledge from school to gain the experience from business job for

the rest of my college times. Also, I desire to work at the bank as my career goal after graduating

from college. Therefore, I will continue my education to achieve the higher level of to improve

my knowledge and also support my job in higher position in the future.
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       After all, education is a special part most important in my life. I know that all my plans

are not easy to get it done completely, but I will try my best to finish my education goal to build

a strong foundation for my career plans. As always, I will be looking for my career job in finance

area after finishing my Bachelor degree in finance.

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