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									Thomas Do


English 1302-4014

Dr. Ramos

                                          Shame On Me.

       Being a child of an Asian immigrant family tend to be a little bit difficult when it comes

to communicate among us and between our family and society. We, an Asian immigrant, just

came to United Stated five years ago, it has been an exciting ride for me (as the child), and

however it is not so much for my parent. It has been a tough journey for them to live in this

country without knowing the language. It has been awhile for us living in this country, but when

I look back, I am embarrassed of myself because what I reacted to my parent.

       Four years ago, my family finally saved enough money to move out from my uncle’s

house to get our own house. Getting new place means there would be so many things to buy for

the new house such as furniture, television, beds… when it comes to shopping- especially

shopping for electronics and furniture- it could become a disaster for the immigrant parents with

their broken English and their translators (would be their children most of the time). As always, I

am the one has to go with my parent when we need to buy some major products for my family. I

don’t really mind to go shopping with them; however the negotiation part is always the time that

I got embarrassed by my parent.

       That was the time when we were looking for the new couch for our family room. After

spending hour and hour to pick out what furniture’s store to go to, finally the list has come down

to one store: Rooms To Go. After thirty minutes of looking around, my parent had made the

decision about the new couch. Then, it was time for negotiating the price which was always the
worst part of going shopping with them. As a customer, everyone wants to have the best deal as

they can when it comes to the huge purchase. So do my parents. The price of the couch they

choose was 1400 dollars which seems fair deal to me, because it was made out of real leather and

had designs on it. However, my parent wanted to get the best deal as they can get out of the

couch. After couple minutes negotiate with the salesman, the conversation between my parent

(through me) and the salesman start heating up because both sides didn’t agree to the price that

each side brought out. I was trying my best to translate the conversation between them. It was

not only word by word, but also I have to translate the emotions in every sentence and express

the demanding of both sides. Nevertheless, my parent seemed not trusting my translation to the

salesman, because it had been thirty minutes and the salesman didn’t go with their deal. They

wanted to talk directly to the salesman which most of the time would turn out the embarrassment

for me. This is a part of conversation from my parent “You cheat me, same couch Lee’s

Furniture shorter money, I talk you manager, you cheat me”. I didn’t know how much the

salesman understand that conversation, but their conversation became louder and louder. People

were in the store at the time start staring at us with the uncomfortable eyes. I tried to sneak out

that conversation and those staring eyes with the thought in my head “just walk away, no one is

looking at you, you don’t know them, you don’t understand what they are talking about”. I just

so shame of my parent English and reaction in that situation, I ran out of the store and sitting in

the car, waiting for my parent to come out.

       It has been four years since that happened, but when I think back, I feel so embarrassed

of myself in what I did. First, even though my parent doesn’t know the language, and not fitting

in with the new culture, they are still my parent. They have been raising me for twenty years with

all the hard work and so much money and I had denied them. That is shame on me. Second, my
parent is old generation which is really hard to adopt the new culture since the other culture has

stayed with them for almost fifty years. I should be the one help them to fit in this new society,

but I didn’t. That is shame on me.

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