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					Phillip Do
DWRI 0093 4005
March 12, 2009
Descriptive essay
Final Draft
                                   A wonderful time at the lake

       Summer is the perfect time to have fun with family and discover the adventures of the

nature. Nothing can compare with the peacefulness and beauty that we receive the wilderness

surround the lake, the enjoyment to experience the nature. With a huge shore we planned to have

many activities so that everyone could enjoy the day wonderfully. We also had the campfire at

night for those who wanted to burn the mild night music and drinks. It was always a good time

because everyone gets to know each other better, and discovered what nature has to offer to the

world. It was amazing; the nature gave me a perfect feeling that I had never felt before. My

family decided to go out to the lake in Arkansas to enjoy the activities, spend time with family,

and we discovered the beauty of nature.

       When we were at the lake, there was an awful smell in the bushes. The hickory smell of

campfire smoke whiff lightly crossed my nose that I could recognize there were marshmallows

and hotdogs being roasted during the day. I had seen many fish bones, it lay on the sand seemed

like the dead bodies sank in the desert in the movies while my brother and I went for a run along

the shore to exercise during the day. My uncles seemed very professional about fishing, which

the fish they had caught, the soup was delicious and nourishing, especially the kids loved it. We

enjoyed the coconut smell of the tanning lotion that the ladies had put on themselves while they

laid down in the sun. The lake was always loud throughout the day. I heard the loud motors of
the boats and the waves of the water as the boat came crashing through, the waves seemed to

destroy the bank and carried us away like a hurricane. I heard the laughter and the excitement of

the kids as they chased each other around the lake like the ants had lost their homes. And also I

could hear the screaming of little kids when they heard the loud noise come from the lake.

Although the water is cold but I went to swimming with my little cousins for a while; the water

first was cold but after a few minutes I felt the relaxation that made me forgot all the stress I had


        While we were at the lake we had some fun activities. If someone was not able to relax;

they could discover the miracle of the nature that surrounded the lake. My uncles were always

busy with fishing because they like to touch the scales of the fish and the cold of water. The

scales with many colors that decorate the fished like a princess. My grandparents always sit in

the rooms, looking out at the kids playing in the shallows with the fishes. Surrounding the lake

was an old forest; I decided to rest on the big white rock near the camp. There was always a

different feeling when I sat down and listened to the birds that played on the top of the trees. It

seemed like the sweet flute sounds that my father always played on the family reunion day.

When we were playing volleyball near on the shore, I could feel a strong breeze on my face; the

noise of the leaves became louder and louder like a big rain is coming up. The waves hit the

large rocks with such force the water to have an explosion; the water turned to white all over

which sparkled in the sun and decorated on the shore.

        There was a feeling when I was looking out over the lake and listening to the nature that

life is always lively. The reflection from the sky was as smooth as glass, I can see myself through

the purely water in the lake. The fishes jumped up and immediately disappeared into the water

that reminded of happiness when I first saw the dolphins in the zoo. Far away, there were some
fishing boats that flowed quietly in the middle of the lake with the fishing pole. The whistle

sound of wind blew down in the depth parts where the lake rested in between two mountains; it

seemed to be a place to sit, relax and enjoy the mountain top for my grandparents. The fun and

love that were showed by my parents made it a very romantic time when they spent time walking

around the lake. I just stood quietly in the shade and stared at the beauty, nature has offer. I

started walking down to the lake because my uncle needed me to help him to release the small

fishes back into the lake. I felt the wet sand and moisture between my toes is better than any

massage in the shopping mall near my house. The fishes started jumping up and down when I

putted my hands into the bucket such the dolphins had trained for entertainment in the water


        After a long day everyone seemed tired but we woke up early the next morning, for

instance we were camping out in the rocky wilderness. We saw a beautiful, bright sunrise and

enjoyed the rest of the day on the shore until the evening. I am sure that everyone can catch the

loving and romantic sunset. After the sun has gone for the night, I lay in the sand and looked up

at the amazing stars to make a wish. Once again, I stared at the waves come up against the

shoreline strongly that bring me a vigorously life to my mind. It was amazing that we all had a

great feeling and experienced about the beauty and wonder around the lake in Arkansas. The

impression of the lake was amazing that I did not to go back home because I betted I could

discover more about the beauty of nature. We will never forget these time, and we will try to

come back soon to discover more.

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