Brochure by xiagong0815


									 Fredericton is the          parks! You can go          citizens, who will
capital city of the          swimming, or go for a      surely be glad to see
maritime province,           hike through the trails    visitors to their city! In
New Brunswick. If you        that go throughout the     the night, why not
look around, you will        city! The Bucket Club      check out some of our
find many things to do.      offers a wide variety of                restaurants?
Every winter we have         things to do, such as                 The
the WinterFest, where        camping, waterslides,                 Diplomat,
we celebrate the snow        mini-golf, driving         Swiss Chalet, Pizza
and ice by having fun        ranges and ice cream!      Delight and El Burrito
in it! Slides, mazes and     The Kingswood              Loco are just a few of
hot                          entertainment centre       the many restaurants
chocolate                    will also keep you well    Fredericton has to
make for                     entertained, with          offer! And if you feel
a great                      bowling, hockey and        like shopping, check
afternoon with the           games to play all day!     out the Regent and
family. In the summer,       We also                    Brookside Malls, where
we have many bands           hope that                  you can find tons of
and groups perform at        while in                   stores and even a
the Officer’s Square! As     Fredericton,               movie theatre! Also,
well, the summer time        you will                   you can check out
offers you the abililty to   have the                   some of the night clubs
visit our parks, such as     chance to meet some of     downtown!
the Wilmot and O’Dell        the city’s friendly
In September, the
famous “Harvest Jazz
and Blues” festival
rolls into town! Come
watch, as hundreds of
Jazz and Blues artists
and groups come out
               play and
               their love
for the form of music
they love to play.
But no matter what
you do, see or hear in
our town, we know
that you will love our
city of Fredericton!

                            Alex Tracy-Gould Pd. 4   Feb. 25. 2010

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