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Accommodation Animal Services _Pets_ Appliance Repair Art and


Beaverhill Motel                                         Automotive Sales, Parts & Service
        Accommodations 780-662-3396                      Beaverhill Automotive Center
        Fax 662-3910 e-mail                                      Automotive Repairs 780-662-3206
Buzzard Gulch Campground                                         Fax 780-662-9388
        Camping, Fishing, swimming, bird watching and    Coyote Auto Salvage
        custom bird houses 780-663-2376 Fax 780)-                Auto Salvage 780-662-2403
        663-2355                                         Engines by Randy
Berry Inn Bed & Breakfast                                        Auto Engine Repair 780-662-2112
        Accommodations 780-662-3313 e-mail               FXD Auto & Parts
Tofield Hotel                                                    Vehicle repair & maintenance 780-662-3988
        Accommodations, bar 780-662-3116                 Kal-Tire / Minute Muffler
                                                                 Muffler and Auto Tire Repairs 780-662-3334
Animal Services (Pets)                                   Marcel's Repair Services
Bark Avenue Dog Grooming                                         Gas & Diesel Engine Repairs 780-662-2997
        Dog grooming 780-662-3099                        NAPA Auto Parts
Beaverhill Veterinary Services Ltd.                              Auto Parts Dealer 780-662-3212
        Veterinary Services 780-662-3400                 Snags Truck Parts
Country Meadows Pet Cemetery                                     Truck Parts 780-662-3514
        780-662-2562                                             Fax: 780-662-2519 email
K-9 Kindness Pet Styling                                 Tofield Auto Body Ltd.
        Dog grooming 780-662-2814                                Auto Body Repairs 780-662-3432
Paws A While                                             Tofield Automotive
        Boarding Kennel 780-662-4878                             Automotive Repairs 780-662-3550
Prairie Rose Boarding and Grooming Kennels
        Dog kennel 780-662-3647 email
Purrfect Pet Sitting                                     Banks / Financial Services
        Pet Sitting Service 780-668-3114 email           ATB Financial
Tofield Creamery Business                                        Banking Services 780-662-3773
        Bottle depot / Pet food supply 780-662-3936      Bank of Montreal
                                                                 Banking Services 780-662-4097
Appliance Repair                                                 Fax 780-662-2420
Easy Save Appliance Ltd.                                 Connie Bigney
       Reconditioned appliances, parts, refrigeration,           Certified Management Accountant
       authorized warranty depot for all makes. 780-             780-662-2568; fax 780-662-6394 e-mail
       672-7199; Fax: 780-672-7192                       Brenda's Bookkeeping & Tax Services
                                                                 Bookkeeping and tax services
Art and Culture                                                  780-662-4395 e-mail
Hearthstone Art                                          J. Michael Drummond, Ph.D.
       Original art 780-662-3366 email                           Broker for all types of insurance & investments.
Beaverhill Lake Nature Centre and Museum                         780-922-3835 email
       Tourist Information Centre 780-662-3191 (off-     Excalibur Executive Planning Inc.
       season 780-662-3269) email                                Jason Desaulniers, CFP, CIM, Financial
Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village                              Planner; 780-983-0328 (bus);
       780-662-3640                                              780-662-9030 fax; e-mail
                                                         Financial Services Group
Auction Services                                                 General Insurance, RRSP’s, Mutuals
Beaverhill Auction Services Ltd.                                 780-662-4622 email
      Farm, livestock, equipment and general auction     Gillrie Financial Services
      services                                                   Investment Broker 780-485-6911 (res.);
      780-662-9384, Fax 780-662-3615 e-mail                      fax 780-466-6953 email
                                                         Tofield Bookkeeping & Tax Services
                                                                 Sandy Cox 780-662-4403
Bargain Stores                                             Lindbrook Star Gazer Campground
Busy B Bargains                                                  780-662-4439 email
       Second-hand clothing & furniture; Recycling
       projects 780-662-4325                               Cement / Concrete
                                                           Economy Concrete
R 'n' R Loonie Bin                                                 Concrete Supply 780-662-2600
        Dollar Store 780-662-2770                          Tofield Transit Mix Ltd.
                                                                   Ready Mix Concrete & Gravel Sales
Beaver County                                                      780-662-3330
Beaver County Administration (Ryley)
       780-663-3730                                        Computer Services
Beaver Regional Waste Management Commission                Canada Compufixonsite Inc.
       Phone: 780-663-2038                                        Sales, service and troubleshooting
                                                                  780-951-4868 e-mail
Bobcat / Backhoe & Trenching Services                      Pondside Digital Media Inc.
Beaver Bobcat Inc.                                                Promotion, marketing and business management
        All your bobcat services.                                 through web and internet solutions since 1995,
        780-690-3158 / 780-662-3070 email                         specializing in but not limited to the horse and
Craigbilt Industries                                              agricultural industry. 780-914-1281
        Bobcat service / Welding service - portable 780-   Wayne's Computer Services
        662-3799 (ph & fax)                                       Sales, repair, websites and tutoring
Gorniak & Sons                                                    Ph. 780-662-3043 780-293-3043 (cell) e-mail
        Bobcat services 780-662-3623
        cell 780-686-5353
H. Ray & Sons Construction                                 Construction -- Contractors
        Backhoe Services 780-662-2583                      Alberta Throne Homes
Jerry's Backhoe Service                                            Home construction specialists; 780-662-3596 or
        Backhoe Services 780-662-3408                              780-914-0172
K & C Services Ltd.                                        Allcats Equipment Repairs, Sales and Rentals Ltd
        Cat, Trenching and Pit Run 780-662-2732                    780-662-4545
Kevin's Bobcat Service                                     All-Tech Homes
        Black dirt, sand, gravel, fill, bobcat services            Home Construction & Renovations
        780-662-2029 / 913-5443                                    780-662-3720 (239-0609)
Next Generation                                            B-Line Builders
        Residential and Commercial Bobcat Services                 Exterior Renovations Specialists 780-991-9637
        780-619-7645                                               Fax 780-662-6394
Nick's Bobcat and Enterprises                              Beaver Renos
        Excavating, Post Holes 780-662-2784                        Tile, hardwood, laminate installations, painting,
R & S Mini Bobcat                                                  basements 780-910-8283
        Excavating, acreage landscaping, concrete          Chalmers Contracting
        removal 780-777-7596                                       Windows, siding, roofing, renovations
                                                                   780-298-7885 (cell)
Building Supplies                                          H. Cornelius & Sons Contractors Ltd.
Tofield Lumber                                                     Framing, Cement Work and Renovations 780-
        Building supplies 780-662-3342                             662-2884
                                                           Denis’ Camp Services
Bus Services                                                       Construction / Renovations 780-662-3629
                                                           HP Design + Project Management Drafting +
Greyhound Canada                                                   Contracting email
        Bus, Courier Info: 780-662-4014
                                                           Dwayne Kotyk Handyman
Tofield Bus and Handivan
                                                                   Home Repair, Renovations
                                                                   780-662-3075 / 913-8307
                                                           Hart Construction
Campgrounds                                                        Construction 780-662-2541email
Black Nugget Lake Campground
       Serviced campground, fishing 780-663-2421
SWAT TEAM Enterprises Inc.                                       Windows, Doors, Sealed Units, Vinyl Repair,
       Carpentry, framing, roofing, flooring, drywall,           Showers doors and more 780-904-3939 e-mail
       custom trim, decks. Residential and commercial     Shank's Painting & Decorating
       renovations. 780-203-4343 or 780-662-4761                 Wall coverings / Wood Finishing 780-662-4666
Tom's Construction
       General Contractor 780-662-3446 email              Tofield Electric Inc.
Trevelle's Contracting Ltd.                                       Commercial, Residential, Electric Heating,
       Welding & bobcat services, oilfield & farm                 Garage & House Packages available. 24 hour
       repairs 780-662-4867 / 913-1839                            service. 780-662-4589 / 265-4413
Western General Contracting Ltd.                          Triple "C" Mechanical
       Residential, commercial, agricultural.                     Plumbing, heating, service and repairs
       excavating, skidsteer, septic systems.                     780-662-2823
       780-662-4300 Fax: 780-662-4336                     Universal Fence Ltd.
Worthington Contracting Ltd.                                      Residential, commercial and industrial.
       Interior renovations, finishing, doors, window,            Complete chain link fence/gate packages.
       siding 780-662-2547                                        Installations, repairs, replacements.
                                                                  780-919-0934 (cell)
Construction -- Trades
Art's Plumbing                                            Custom Graphics
        Plumbing Parts/Service 780-662-2750 email         Epp's Cedar Signs and Granite Monuments
B & M Plumbing and Heating                                       Handcrafted custom signage 780-662-3595
        Office: 780-662-2454;                                    e-mail
        After hours: 780-662-3370                         K-Built Industries
CMM Paint Ltd                                                    Signs, etc. 780-662-2788
        Residential painting 780-662-4774;                Northern Graphics
        780-278-4775                                             Signs, decals, banners 780-662-2440
D-2 Electrical Ltd.                                       Signs by Janet
        Contracting, residential, commercial, farm               Custom signs, decals, banners, etc.
        maintenance, fire alarms, inspections and more.          780-662-3599 e-mail
        780-672-8700 fax 780-672-7668
                                                          Equipment Rental
John Daoust Shingle Company
        Shingles, Shakes and Roof Repairs                 Allcats Equipment Repairs, Sales and Rentals Ltd
        780-662-4901                                              780-662-4545
Dean's Sandblasting Ltd.                                  Beaver Rentals Tools & Equipment Inc.
        780-662-2810                                              All your rental needs. 780-662-3070 email
G. Weder Electric
        No job too small! 780-722-5521
                                                          Family / Youth Services
ML Painting                                               Tofield Ryley Beaver Family and Community
        Residential, commercial & industrial painting &   Support Services (FCSS)
        sandblasting Phone/Fax: 780-662-4321 e-mail               Preventive family services e-mail
Oleksyn Drywall                                                   780-662-7067 or 780-663-2011 (village office)
        Drywalling 780-662-4005                           Tofield Child Care Society
Overall Solutions                                                 Daycare service 780-662-3808
        Millwright services 780-662-0311;                 Children's Services (Government of Alberta)
        cell 780-221-8162 e-mail                                  780-662-7035; 1-877-385-5437
Perfection Plus Painting
        Interior/Exterior painting. 780-662-3020,         Flowers / Gifts
        780-688-3824, 982-4133                            Beaverhill Lake Nature Centre and Museum
Red Dragon Drywall                                                Tourist Information Centre 780-662-3191
        780-662-3450                                              (off-season 780-662-3269) email
REDS Plumbing & Drain Cleaning                            Floral Expressions by Annette
        New Homes, Renovations and repairs.                       Fresh and artificial flowers, gift baskets, special
        780-662-7237 or 238-7429 (cell)                           event rentals; fruit, cookie, and candy
Residential Overhead Door Installation & Service                  arrangements; (5032 53 Ave) 780-868-3833
        780-974-3396 email                                Forget-Me-Not Flowers & Gifts
RJS Window and Door Service                                       Flowers & Gifts 780-662-4183
Food / Grocery                                                 Jason Desaulniers, CFP, CIM, Financial
I.G.A. Hare Foods                                              Planner; 780-983-0328 (bus); 780-662-9030 fax;
       Grocery Store 780-662-3718                              e-mail

Tofield Foodland                                       Financial Services Group
        Grocery Store 780-662-4073                            General Insurance, RRSP's, Mutuals 780-662-
                                                              4622 email
Funeral Services
                                                       Ravenhill Agencies
Weber Funeral Home (Tofield and Camrose)
                                                               Insurance 780-662-0330
      Funeral services 780-662-3959
                                                       Ritchie Agencies -- The Co-operators Insurance
                                                               Insurance Agents 780-662-3833
Gas Stations / Convenience Stores                              Fax 780-662-3831 e-mail
TAGS Food & Gas                                        Thor Agencies Ltd.
       Convenience Store 780-662-4014                          General Insurance & Registries 780-662-3465
United Farmers of Alberta
       Petroleum Sales Agency 780-662-3233             Legal Services
Country Boyz Tempo
                                                       Nancy Buchko, Lawyer
       Gas Bar and Convenience Store 780-662-4050
                                                             780-662-3293 email
Government of Canada                                   Liquor Stores / Bars / Lounges
Canada Post Corporation                                Beer Wine & Spirits
      Postal services 780-662-3424                             5016 51 Avenue; 780 662 2986
                                                       Last Chance Saloon
Hardware                                                       780-662-4956
Macleods True Value                                    Parkstone Liquor (Parkstone Plaza)
      Hardware Store 780-662-4933 email                        Fine wines, spirits, and cold beer. Wine tasting
                                                               Friday evenings 780 662 3637
Health / Beauty / Fitness                              Tofield Hotel
Curves for Women                                               Accommodations, bar 780-662-3116
       30-minute fitness and weight loss center        Tofield Liquor Mart
       780-662-4252                                            780-662-4695
Family Hair Design                                     Tofield Spirits
       Hair Salon 780-662-3367                                 Beer & liquor store 780-662-4400
Make-up by Debbie
       780-662-2771                                    Livestock / Equine Services
Mickey's Hair Studio                                   El-Toro Electric Branders Manufacturing &
       Hair Salon 780-662-0130                         Wholesale Inc.
Ocean Massage Therapy                                          780-662-3339; Fax 780-662-3337
       Therapeutic Massage (Suedois) & Deep Tissue     Equine Wise Services
       Massage (Shiatsu) 780 499 1686                          780-662-3275
Primary Connections                                    G.W. Equine Services
       Registered massage therapist 780-662-4498               Horse training, breeding; Farrier 780-662-3013
Rachel's Aesthetics                                    James Built Saddlery, Tack, Harness & Gifts
       Manicure, beauty massages, skincare products            New & used saddles, tack and repairs
       780-662-4838                                            780- 662-4980
Road Cuts                                              Prairie Pride Meats
       Mobile Hair Stylist, serving Tofield and Area           Government inspected slaughter house.
       Loretta Burch 780-289-4532                              780-662-3661.
Weight Watchers                                        Stockyards Veterinary Services
       Phone: 1-800-651-6000                                   780-662-0085
                                                       Tofield Packers Ltd.
Insurance                                                      Custom slaughtering / Meat Packers
Canada Brokerlink Inc.                                         780-662-4842
       a.k.a. CBL Oxford Insurance 780-662-4150
Excalibur Executive Planning Inc.
Medical Services
Beaver Ambulance Society
       Emergency Response: Call 911 e-mail              REMAX Realty
Dr. Richard Hackett Professional Corp.                      Ed Lammerts 717-3493
       Physician 780-662-2080                               e-mail or alternate e-mail
Home Care
       Home Care 780-662-3984                           Recreation / Leisure
                                                        Beaverhill Sporting Clays
Parsons Family Chiropractic                                   Clay shooting 780-886-3454
        Family Chiropractic Clinic - Walk-Ins Welcome   Dick Laurin's Hay and Sleigh Rides
        780-662-6388                                          Hay and Sleigh Rides 780-464-0234
Dr. R.H. Schacker
        Dentist 780-662-3553                            Ministik Fly Tying
Spexx by Visual Optical                                         FlyTying, Fly Fishing Lessons, Basic
        Optometrist and Optician Services                       Entomolgy 780-662-3665
        780-662-0051 e-mail                             Miquelon Hills Golf Course
Toliver Clinic                                                  18 holes par three 780-662-2499
        780-662-3242                                            Fax: 780-662-2339
Tofield Denture Clinic                                  Tofield Golf Course
        780-662-3942 Emergency: 780-662-4146                    Golf Course 780-662-3457 e-mail
Tofield Health Centre                                   Tofield Community Hall
        Acute care, extended care, nursing home                 Phone: 780-662-2919
        services 780-662-3263                           Tofield Curling Rink
Tofield Medical Clinic                                          Phone: 780-662-4011
        Dr. M. Sapozhnikov, M.D. Family Physician
        780-662-3319; Dr. Lemieux, Chiropractor 780-    Restaurants / Coffee shops
        662-4311; Five Element Acupuncture, Dr. Linda   Burger Baron
        Darroch 780-662-4500                                     Pizza, Chicken, Eat In, Take Out 780-662-3131
                                                        Diamond Cafe Restaurant
Newspapers / Printing Services                                   Dine in / Take out 780-662-3316
The Beaver Hills Outlook                                Footloose Caboose Lodge
        Graphic design, DTP, pre-press layout                    Caboose dining car 780-662-2372
        780-662-6397 e-mail                             Subway Restaurant (Parkstone Plaza)
Tofield Mercury                                                  780 662 0307
        newspaper/printing/laminating                   Tilly's Family Dining & Pizza
        780-662-4046 Fax (780) 662-3735 e-mail                   Dine in / Take out 780-662-3727
                                                        The Garage Pub & Grill
Pharmacy                                                         5018 – 51 Ave. 780-662-4774 e-mail
IDA Pharmacy                                            He-Brews Coffee House
      Pharmacy 780-662-3520 e-mail                               (at “The House” church) 780-662-3415
Guardian Pharmacy                                       Ministik Service Coffee Shop & Grocery
      Pharmacy 780-662-3108 e-mail                               Grocery and Coffee Shop 780-662-2358
                                                        Uncle Roger's Family Dining
Real Estate                                                      Dine in / Take out 780-662-4441
Century 21 Realty                                       Mom's Ice Cream Corral (seasonal)
       Gwyn Perkins 780-662-3318, 439-3300,                      Ice Cream Shop 780-662-4822
       cell 780-914-1437 e-mail
Home-Time Realty                                        Specialty
       Real Estate Kevin Smook 780-662-4622             AC DJ Services
       Fax: 780-662-4623 e-mail                                Dance Music for all occasions 780 977 5258
Lafond Investments Inc.                                 Alberta Choppers Inc.
       Apartment rentals 780-662-3349 e-mail                   Enviro-sensitive shredding & mulching; radio &
Realty Executives (Greg Litwin)                                GPS-equipped machines; seismic ready; fire
       Real Estate Agent 780-918-9300 e-mail                   breaks; fence lines; quad trails; land clearing;
Realty Executives (Shannon Cunningham)                         forest fuel management 780-977-0033
       Real Estate Agent 780-907-6128 e-mail
Alberta Field & Stream Professional Taxidermists                Seniors' residence 780-662-3477
Inc.                                                     Verry Berry Honey
        Sporting goods, hunting, fishing & camping              Retail sales, tours of the industry 780-662 3577
        equipment; all species taxidermy. 780-662-0077   Video Guard
        Fax 662-0093 email                                      Surveillance cameras, home security
Alberta Trout Growers                                           780-662-4443
        Trout Supplier 780-662-3474
BlueSky Quilting                                         Tourism / Travel
        Custom Long-Arm Machine Quilting                 Beaverhill Lake Nature Centre and Museum
        780-662-4276                                           Tourist Information Centre 780-662-3191
Bushwhacker Mulching Inc.                                      (off-season 780-662-3269) email
        Fence line, pipeline right-of-way, power lines
        and yard sites 780-603-1074                      Trucking / Transport
Carla Lehman Photography                                 Bolton Hill Transport
        Weddings, children, families, sports, etc.               Livestock hauling 780-662-2651; 780-662-4409
        780-918-6241                                     Brown's Tofield Transport
County9Talk                                                      Freight / Transport 780-662-3342
        Online community forums                          Tofield Towing
D & D Septic Service                                             Towing Services (AMA) 780-662-4332
Debbie Does...                                           Utilities
        Personal shopper. 780-974-0745
                                                         ATCO Gas Ltd.
JADA Solutions (HSE) Inc.
                                                               Natural Gas Services 780-662-4640
        Health, Safety & Environmental Services
                                                         CU Water Ltd
        780-932-7449 (cell); 780-640-8837;
                                                               Serving Tofield and area. 780-420-3791
        Fax: 780-640-8857 e-mail
Kinsa's Retreat Ent.
                                                               Wireless broadband internet
        Rubber Stamp and scrapbooking
        780-662-3660 email
                                                         Town of Tofield
Lady K DJ Services
                                                               Water, sewer, waste collection 780-662-3269
Lions Garden
        Retail and wholesale Tree nursery, evergreens,
                                                         Veggie & Berry Farms
        deciduous trees, Fruit trees and shrubs, cast    Cindy's Veggie Patch
        stone and granite ornaments.(780) 662 0414             Naturally grown chemical-free carrots,
         e-mail                                                cucumbers, potatoes, beans, beets, dill etc.
Perras Taxidermy Plus                                          780-662-4495 52108 RR190
Prince Upholstery                                        Video Rentals
        Furniture & vehicle upholstery & repair          Video Mill
        780-662-2260                                            Video Rentals 780-662-2001
R. G. Stewart Antiques
        Collectibles, curios & vintage wares             Water Services
                                                         Crystal Clear Water Warehouse Inc.
Rural Crime Watch                                               R.O bottled water, water filtration equipment
        Phone: 780-662-4577                                     sales & service, water cooler & accessories sales
Sears Canada                                                    780-662-0477 fax: 780-662-0405 e-mail
        Catalogue Store (at IDA Pharmacy)
                                                         Dueck Water Services
        780-662-3520                                            Specializing in Water Purification
Snow Goose Quilting                                             780-662-2500 email
        Quilting and needlework supplies; Page the
                                                         Northern Lights Water Services Inc.
        Cleaner 780-662-2022 e-mail                             Fresh water hauling, Government inspected,
Sunshine Playground Equipment                                   metered water; Office 780-662-0427; Arden
        Adventure playgrounds, construction and                 780-995-3470; Travis 780-271-3470
        installation 780-662-2716 e-mail
Tofield Senior Citizens' Lodge
Welding / Metal
Craigbilt Industries
       Bobcat service / Welding service - portable
       780-662-3799 (ph & fax)
Eskimo Welding
       Welding Supply / Service 780-662-4272
Explorer Welding Ltd.
       Portable Rig Welding Supply / Service
       780-662-2047 / 499-9295
Hritzuk Welding Ltd
       Welding Supply / Service 780-662-4664
Hryhirchuk Welding
       Welding Supply / Service 780-662-3684

Yard / Garden Maintenance
Big Foot Lawn Maintenance
       Lawn Maintenance 780-662-4362
Hastings Lake Gardens
       Greenhouse: perennials, annuals 780-662-2494
Licketysplit Landscape and Maintenance
       Landscape design, lawn maintenance, fencing,
       snow removal. 780-297-3007
Maple Park Farm
       Greenhouse and Garden Centre, Wedding
       Flowers 662-3820

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