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									                               Leavenworth High School
                               Football Booster Meeting
                                    June 21, 2011
                                       6:00 p.m.

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 p.m.

Members present: Coach Kopecky, Brian Ramey, John Schatzel, Cathy Dabeck, Sherrie
Hodges, Carrie Hopkins, Kelly Butler, Jeff Butler, Fran Keppler, Jeanette Taylor,
Michelle Grier, Bill and Liisa Waugh

Minutes were read: Kelly Butler made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Jeff
Butler seconded the minutes. All voted in favor. The motion carried.

Treasurers Report:
Dennis Edwards, Treasurer, was unable to attend but Liisa reported that there was $4000
in the account and that $500 more had been given to Dennis that day for a total of $4500..

Coach Kopecky:

        HUDL Program has been ordered and is up and running. Parents and students
can access it with password that Coach K. will supply. The program will be used to
create highlight films, watch game films, etc …
        7 on 7 At this point the Pioneers are 8 wins and 1 loss. Great job!
               Coach K. thanked the parents for the food and drinks provided for the
games at LHS. There are plenty of drinks left over for the remainder of the season.
                Insurance for the 7 on 7 participation was paid for with Golf Tournament
        Golf Tournament: numbers were low
                             Jeff Butler mentioned that the date was difficult with the
Graduation of the CGSC Students the day prior. A better date would be the middle of
May. The group will look into the golf tournament for next year to see if this is a good
fund raising idea.
        There is an outstanding bill for $2300 for the Golf Tournament. The tournament
grossed $3000. Coach K. used $2200 for uniforms for 7 on 7. There is a remainder of
$800. Coach K. requested $1500 to pay the bill at Trails West. Cathy Dabeck made a
motion to pay $1500 for the Trails West Bill, Sherrie Hodges seconded the motion.
There was much discussion. All voted in favor and the motion carried.
        Loyalty Cards: after much discussion, it was decided that the Loyalty Cards will
be managed by the Booster Club. Local businesses were divided by the Parents to seek
their support: John Schatzel agreed to work with the printers regarding the production of
the cards.

Coach K. introduced Brian Ramey – President of the Youth Football Club. He is
involved in 2 football leagues: North Spur Football League and YKAA. Brian offered
suggestions regarding raising money for the Booster Club.
               50/50 Raffle at each home game.
               Year round fund raising
               Need to get 7th and 8th grade parents involved
               Need to get 7th and 8th grade coaches involved
               Call meeting with parents during Jr. High Camp

Old Business:

        Kelly Butler: Planning stages for swim party at Wolman Pool – Dates were
discussed and Thursday, August 11th was decided on. The pool party will be held from 8
– 10 p.m.
                        Kelly also discussed the need to open a Facebook Page as that is
the best means of communicating with the Players. She will look into it.
        Jeanette and Sherrie: They are planning on setting up a table at HS
Registrations Aug. 3-5. for the Booster Club. The forms have been done, Cinch bags are
ordered and in, working on T-shirts.
        Liisa: Still waiting to receive permission to hold Pre Game Tailgate dinners,
reserve parking spaces for Booster Club Members, and free tickets. With the change in
administration it is difficult to get approval on items. Will continue to work these issues.
She has contacted Kathy Minor regarding taking pictures for the Booster Club, but has
not heard back. Will contact her another time.

       Requests from Coach Capps:
       Done: one sled – materials donated need to pay Welder. Cost is $400 per sled..
Coach Capps would like 3 more, $1200 requested for purchasing of sleds. Kelly Butler
Made a motion to spend $1200 on sleds, Carrie Hopkins seconded the motion. All
approved, motion carried.
               Tractor Tires: Donated from Tire Town. Bill Waugh will organize pickup
and delivery.
       Ordering: sledge hammers/ 2 each 10 lbs. $35.99
                                            12 lbs $40.99
                                             16 lbs $52.00
                    Jeff Butler made a motion to spend up to $250 to purchase sledge
hammers, Bill Waugh seconded the motion. All approved, the motion carried.
       Still need: Battling Ropes – Coach Capps will look into this.
                   Duffle Bags – Sherrie Hodges will take this. Bill Waugh made a
motion to spend up to $100 for purchase of Duffel Bags, Cathy Dabeck seconded the
motion. All approved, the motion carried.

Snacks for Football Camp:
      Coach Kopecky would like snacks for the last day of football camp (July 15th)
The moms will take this on.
New Business:

Home Opener: 2 September with Olathe NW

Pre Game Meals: Liisa is arranging these and they will be organized like last years
meals . We will try to get volunteers at the Sign ups.

Launching Booster Club Program 3 August at HS Registration

First Downs for Down Syndrome will be run again – Liisa and Bill Waugh are the area

Car Washes scheduled for July 30th and August 13th.

Fall Sports Meeting: Date has not been determined yet.

No further business mentioned the meeting was closed at 7:55. Next meeting will be
held on August 9th , 6 p.m. in the Film Room of the Locker room

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