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					                                     ACTIONAID BOOKING CONDITIONS

Please ensure that you have read the booking conditions outlined by ActionAid and Great Walks
of the World below, before registering for your challenge. Your registration implies acceptance
of these conditions.

1. To register for the Challenge we require a non-refundable registration fee, which should be enclosed with your
application form. This can be paid in two equal instalments, one upon registration, and the second within one month
of registering. Should you cancel your place on your expedition your deposit will be non-refundable and used to cover
all administration already undertaken and overseas deposits and flight deposits already made.
2. By registering for this Challenge you are pledging to raise the minimum sponsorship of £2,700 and understand that
it is the endeavour of this Challenge to raise as much above this amount as possible in aid of ActionAid. The
minimum sponsorship is in addition to the registration fee. You must not use your Worldwide Challenge for any
commercial gain, or use the Challenge to fundraise for any charity other than ActionAid.
3. Ten weeks before the departure date you are required to have sent to ActionAid at least 80% of the minimum
sponsorship required and four weeks before departure you are required to send the remainder. This overrides any
alternative fundraising information on the Tour Operator’s Booking Conditions.
4. If you cannot raise the minimum sponsorship your place will be forfeited unless you make up the balance yourself.
5. Should you have to withdraw, all sponsor forms and monies should be forwarded to ActionAid. See Cancellation
Guidelines for more information.
6. When fundraising and collecting money you should:
• Keep details of the names and addresses of and amounts donated or pledged by all donors and provide such
details to ActionAid no later than 4 weeks before the trip (sponsorship forms are provided by ActionAid).
• Take responsibility for the safe keeping of the money raised in ActionAid’s name, both during and after the
collections, until it is transferred to ActionAid.
• Ensure that donations of £20 or more are made by cheque from the donor payable to ActionAid and ensure that
these cheques are sent to ActionAid no later than 3 weeks after issue.
• Only use sponsorship forms issued by ActionAid and do not use any other type of sponsorship form (unless
otherwise agreed with ActionAid).
• Not carry out house to house or street collections.
• Not collect on private property (including the workplace, shops and pubs etc) without first obtaining the permission
of the owner.
• Ensure that if collecting cash, it is counted in the presence of at least one witness and that this amount is written,
signed by the witness/es and a cheque for this amount is sent to ActionAid.
7. You should contact ActionAid before conducting any raffle, lottery or public event, and comply with any guidance,
guidelines or insurance and legal requirements issued by ActionAid in connection with this kind of event.
8. You must not use the ActionAid logo without first obtaining permission. ActionAid will supply the logo and when
you use this you should also add Registered Charity Number 274467 to all materials.
9. When you use ActionAid’s name or logo to help with your promotions, you must allow ActionAid to sign off the
materials you produce whether printed or online.
10. Before you apply for ‘matched’ funding or donations from companies please contact ActionAid as there are some
industries that ActionAid is unable to accept funds from. Please call the Challenge Team to discuss. Sponsorship
from staff on an individual basis is always acceptable.
11. You must be at least 9 years old at the time of departure date of the event and accompanied by a parent or
guardian if you are aged 9-17. One parent can be responsible for more than one child.
12. ActionAid is acting as an agent for the Tour Operator organising your Challenge. Great Walks of the World are
unable to accept liability for any loss or damage on the event, or for cancellation of the event for any reasons outside
their control. ActionAid Worldwide Challenges are organised by registered Tour Operators using ground operators in
the destination country. The Tour Operators are responsible for all aspects of your Challenge.
13. Of monies raised, a maximum of 50% will be used to cover your trip costs (airfare, accommodation, food,
transfers, guides and backup team). All monies paid to the Tour Operator for your travel arrangements are protected
by their ATOL licence. ATOL protection extends to flights booked by the Tour Operator and departing from the UK.
By joining this expedition you are agreeing to be legally bound by the Tour Operators’ booking conditions.
14. In the unlikely event of any of ActionAid’s Tour Operators ceasing to trade or entering into receivership before the
end of your trip, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will by law pay to you the travel element of the monies raised by
you. Because such monies will have been raised in the name of ActionAid you will be required to forward such
monies to ActionAid. This is a condition of your participation in the ActionAid Worldwide Challenge.
15. Accommodation on the Challenge will be shared, with a varying number of beds, and conditions may be basic.
We will do our best to accommodate families.
16. All flights, flight timings, itinerary and arrangements are subject to change with little or no notice. You will be
notified of such changes if and when ActionAid has been notified. All transfers to and from a UK airport are at your
own expense.
17. If you are refused passage and/or entry/exit to or from any Worldwide Challenge destinations, any additional
costs incurred are your own responsibility.
18. If you wish to extend your stay after the Worldwide Challenge has ended, you can apply to do so directly with the
Tour Operator / flight agent. The appropriate forms will be sent to you once flights have been confirmed. Flight
extensions are often only available for up to 10% of the group and are subject to availability. If you do extend your
stay, you will be solely responsible for your own accommodation, food, insurance and travel arrangements. ActionAid
will not be able to support you once you leave the Challenge.
19. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date you return to the UK and you must obtain a visa
to enter Kenya.
20. You will be responsible for providing your own personal equipment, and a kit list will be provided.
21. All UK residents should take out travel insurance with our Tour Operator as indicated on the registration form.
Your insurance certificate will be sent to you upon receipt of your insurance fee. Non-UK residents will be provided
with insurance information upon registration.
22. You participate at your own risk. Our Worldwide Challenges take place in remote parts of the world and involve
an element of risk. The ground operators will provide advice, instructions and warnings to minimise this, and you will
be required to comply with them.
23. If for any reason you decide not to take up your place on the expedition and would like to nominate someone to
take your place, you can do so at any time up until 8 weeks before departure. A small fee may be charged by the
Tour Operator for this service. After this date any name change could be subject to an administrative charge by the
24. You must complete and return the Medical Questionnaire, signed off by your doctor where necessary.
25. ActionAid reserves the right to cancel the event if there are fewer than the minimum required number of
participants, or if the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against travel (see Cancellation Guidelines).
26. You grant ActionAid permission to use your photograph. You hereby give your irrevocable consent to ActionAid to
publish, republish, display or otherwise transmit the images of yourself in any medium for
all purposes throughout the world. You understand that the images may be altered or modified. You further release
ActionAid from any claims for remuneration associated with any form of damage, foreseen or unforeseen, associated
with the use of the images. You agree that the law of England and Wales will apply to this release. You certify that
you are at least 18 years of age and have the full legal capacity to execute this authorisation. If you are under 18
please ensure your parent or guardian signs the form.
27. Any images that you submit to ActionAid in any format, are done so on the understanding that you grant us a
non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free worldwide license to publish, republish and otherwise use the images in any
way that we see fit and in any media without limitation. We will credit you for any images we do use.
28. ActionAid may, at their sole discretion, withdraw places on this Challenge if it is believed to be in its best interest
to do so.

If ActionAid cancels:
1. If ActionAid has to cancel an event due to there being fewer than the minimum required number of participants,
ActionAid will offer you a place on another Worldwide Challenge of a similar nature and duration. Should you wish to
cancel as a result, ActionAid will refund your registration fee. Any sponsor money collected must be forwarded to
ActionAid and this will be treated as a donation*. Where sponsors have ticked the “X Column” on the sponsor form,
refunds will be paid direct to them.
2. If ActionAid cancels an event due to a negative advisory from the Foreign or Commonwealth Office, or if ActionAid
or the Tour Operator feels it would be unsafe to continue, ActionAid will endeavour to offer an alternative route /
destination, of similar value, on similar dates, or will postpone the event for another time when it is considered safe to
travel. If you do not wish to take part in the alternative/postponed event, you may transfer onto a Worldwide
Challenge at a later date. Please note you can only transfer once. If you do not want to take part in either the
alternative/postponed event or a later Worldwide Challenge, we will refund your registration fee. Any sponsor money
collected must be forwarded to ActionAid and this will be treated as a donation*. Where sponsors have ticked the “X
Column” on the sponsor form, refunds will be paid direct to them. ActionAid is unable to return anonymous donations,
any income raised through fundraising events, or any donations where the sponsor has not requested this by ticking
the ‘X Column’ on the sponsor form. It is ONLY in the above circumstances your registration fee will be refunded. In
all other circumstances, your registration fee is non-refundable.
*Any Worldwide Challenge tour costs incurred at the time of cancellation will be taken from the sponsor
money. If you cancel:
Where you are unable to take part in your Worldwide Challenge for any reason including injury and changed personal
circumstances, the following policy applies:
• You can transfer, once only, onto another ActionAid Worldwide Challenge
• If you do not wish to transfer to another Worldwide Challenge you forfeit your registration fee and ActionAid will
retain any funds received as sponsorship.
• Any sponsor money collected must be forwarded to ActionAid and this will be treated as a donation*. Where
sponsors have ticked the ‘X column’ on the sponsor form, refunds will be paid direct to them.
ActionAid is unable to return anonymous donations, any income raised through fundraising events, or any donations
where the sponsor has not requested this by ticking the ‘X column’.
• It is your responsibility to contact your sponsors, telling them you are no longer participating in the Worldwide
Challenge, and what will happen to their sponsor money.
*Any Worldwide Challenge tour costs incurred at the time of cancellation will be taken from the sponsor
money. If you are insured at this point you may be covered for your registration fee. Where the insurer
refunds ActionAid direct for any payments made on your behalf, ActionAid can only make refunds to donors
who have requested this by ticking the ‘X column’ on the sponsorship form.
In all other circumstances any money received by ActionAid is treated as a donation and is non-refundable
this includes payments towards the cost of the trip.


1. Your contract with Great Walks of the World – If you are selected to take part in the fundraising event, we will
be advised of your details by the charity. Your contract for travel, accommodation and other services (“Your travel
arrangements”) will be with us, Casterbridge Tours Limited trading as Great Walks of the World of Salcombe House,
Long Street, Sherborne, DT9 3BU. If you are selected than we will confirm our contractual commitment to you by
sending to you a confirmation invoice, together with the details of your travel arrangements and the itinerary that we
have agreed to provide. It is only then that these terms and conditions will apply and a contract will exist between us,
which is governed by English laws and the exclusive jurisdiction of English Courts. Travel arrangements made by us
which include flight and accommodation are fully protected under the company’s ATOL Licence Number 5151
arranged with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Payment for your travel arrangements will be made to us by the
charity from the sponsorship it has received in accordance with the charity’s terms for participating in the fundraising
2. The Price of your Tour
(i) The cost of your participation in the fundraising events forms a part of the overall value of the sponsorship raised
by you and received by the charity. From those sums received by the charity, the charity will pay us the cost of your
travel arrangements that we agreed to provide.
(ii) If the cost of your challenge does increase we will let you know about this and give you the opportunity to
contribute to this. This will include any increases in the price for your travel arrangements to allow for variations in
transportation cost (including the cost of fuel); dues, taxes or fees chargeable for services such as landing taxes and
fees at airports and the exchange rate applicable to your travel arrangements. You will be responsible for paying any
locally payable airport taxes and any visas that may be required. No price increase for travel arrangements will be
made within 30 days of the departure date and in any event, Great Walks of the World would absorb any increase
which equals 2% or less of the cost of your travel arrangements.
3. Health, Safety & Fitness of your Insurance Cover - The charitable event in which you will be participating is
challenging and will require a good level of fitness, strength and endurance and it is your responsibility to ensure that
you have the appropriate level. It is not recommended for those of any disability, illness or infirmity. You should check
with your doctor to check that you are sufficiently fit and healthy to participate in the event. You should take into
account that medical and other facilities at your destination are likely to be inferior to those in the United Kingdom and
accordingly it is compulsory term of travel that you take out travel insurance to cover any health or injury problems
that arise and , if necessary, to arrange your repatriation to the United Kingdom.
4. Cancellation
(a) If you cancel your travel arrangements, then there will no refund payable to you as your sponsorship was raised
for charitable purposes. Any balance of the sum paid to us by the charity for your travel arrangements, after
deduction of cancellation charges, which have been agreed with the charity, will be repaid to the charity.
(b) Similarly, if we cancel your travel arrangements any refunds or compensation will be paid to the charity.
(c) If cancellation occurs in the circumstances where recovery of cancellation charges is indemnified under the travel
insurance, you hereby agree that you will co-operate in the recovery of these charges from the insurers and any
sums recovered under the policy will again be paid over to the charity
(d) If cancellation occurs due to unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, such as national
emergency, natural disaster, fire, bad weather, flight delays or other such events (act of force majeure), then we will
advise you as soon as it is reasonable to do so.
5. Destination Safety and Force Majeure - Your personal safety during the charitable event is of fundamental
importance to us and whilst we carefully monitor the safety of your destination, the Foreign Office and
Commonwealth Office do offer a travellers advice line, the details of which are 020 7238 4503. You should ensure
that you are kept informed of the latest FCO advice.
6. Alterations by Great Walks of the World - Great Walks of the World and its supplier of flight accommodation and
land arrangements shall be entitled to change the details of your travel arrangements and itinerary. If a change is
significant you will be advised as soon as possible and you will be entitled to:-
(i) Cancel your participation in the event, in which case you agree that the cost of your travel arrangements will be
repaid by us to the charity and you will have no entitlement to such sums; or
(ii) Agree to proceed with the revised arrangements of the Event
7. Standard and Quality of Accommodation and Services - You should not have unreasonable expectations of
the facilities that will be provided which in some remote areas and some destinations may be below what you might
expect at home. The level of the standard and quality of your travel arrangements will be in line with the itinerary and
any literature you receive from us.
8. Liability
(i) We accept responsibility for ensuring that your travel arrangements will be described in literature produced by us,
or on behalf, in our Confirmation Invoice and with the itinerary and that the services we are contractually obliged to
provide are to a reasonable standard. If in the reasonable opinion of the charity any part of your travel arrangements
is not provided as promised we will pay appropriate compensation if this has affected the quality or structure of your
travel arrangements. We accept responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents and suppliers
(except for claims of death, injury or illness – see below).
(ii) Great Walks of the World accepts responsibility for death, injury or illness caused by negligent acts and/or
omissions of us, our employees, agents, suppliers and subcontractors whilst acting with the scope of, or in the course
of their employment in the provision of any part of the travel arrangements in the itinerary that we are contractually
obliged to provide. We will, accordingly, pay to an affected participant such damages as might have been awarded
under English law. However, damages are not payable where any failure to perform the contract is due neither to any
fault on our part or a supplier of any part of your travel arrangements or is attributable to you or unforeseen or
unavoidable actions of a third party unconnected with the provision of your travel arrangements or unusual and
unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control or an event which could not have been foreseen even if all due care
had been exercised.
(iii) In respect of carriage by air, sea and rail and the provision of accommodation, the amount of compensation Great
Walks of the World may be obliged to pay will be limited in the manner provided by the relevant International
Convention. Carriage by air is subject to the carriers condition of carriage. In particular drunkenness or rowdy
behaviour may lead to the airline refusing carriage when alternative flights may have to be arranged at your own cost.
9. Flights
(a) Delays - Most flights will be arranged with the scheduled airlines who will usually provide refreshments, meals or
accommodation where there is any substantial flight delay and when this is possible to arrange. Great Walks of the
World will not arrange these facilities if there is a delay at the outward or homeward points of departure if not offered
by the airline.
(b) Flight changes - Airlines may have to change aircraft without advanced warning. You are asked to check carefully
departure and check in times on your documentation when received to ensure that you arrive at the airport in
sufficient time.
10. Passports and Visas and Health - You will be advised separately of any passports or visa requirements and
any compulsory health requirements to enable you to participate in your travel arrangements. Please note that you
will require a full British passport with at least 6 months unexpired at the date of return of travel. For EC and other
passports please contact Great Walks of the World for special requirements.
11. This contract is governed by English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

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