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					Customs Modernization

      U.S. Customs Service
        October 4, 2002

 Modernization Oversight Umbrella
 Why a Governance Framework?
 Key governing bodies:
  –   Executive Steering Committee
  –   Joint Capital Investment Review Board
  –   Customs Modernization Board of Directors
  –   Integrated Management Team
  –   International Trade Data System Board of Directors

                       ACE Governance and Management
                       Oversight Umbrella
             Treasury                                                        Oversight Agencies
      Office of Inspector General
                                           Congress                       Government Accounting Office
                                                                         Office of Management and Budget
             Budget Office
                                    Formal Governance Framework
                                        Executive Steering Committee
                                        Integrated Management Team
                                          Integrated Product Teams            Trade Compliance
  Investment Management                                                   Modernization Board of Directors
Joint Capital Investment Review Board                                     Commercial Operations Advisory
    Technology Review Committee
  Information Technology Committee        U.S. Customs Service

       Cost Estimates                                                    Trade Requirements
    Management Consultants
                                                                             Trade Support Network
     Research Inc. (MCRI)
                                                                       Trade User Requirements Integrating
    Program Management                  e Customs Partnership
    Customs Modernization Office                                             Participating
          Robbins Gioia                                                   Government Agencies
                                                                         International Trade Data System
                                                                                Board of Directors

           Why a Governance Framework?
 Modernization Program is enterprise wide.

 Governance framework establishes:
   – Levels of governance authority.
   – Authority relationships.
   – Application of governance authority and organizational structure.
   – Authorized governance roles and responsibilities.
 There are three levels of governance authority:
   – Executive Level: strategic goals and activities, agency priorities,
     and program direction.
   – Program Level: daily management of business and technical
   – Project Level: executing tasks and implementing the program.
                                 Governance Framework
                                              Executive Steering Committee (ESC)
Executive Level                                               Commissioner                                        International Trade Data
 (Strategy and                                                   Chair                                            System (ITDS) Board of
   Direction)                                                                                                             Directors
                             AC            AC         Deputy       AC         AC         AC          Treasury
                       Strategic Trade   Finance   Commissioner/   OIT       OFO    Investigations    Reps.
                  Advisory to ESC
     • General Accounting Office (GAO) Rep.
     • Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Rep.                                                                 Joint Capital Investment
     • Investment Review Board (IRB) Rep.
                                                                                Customs                          Review Board (J-CIRB)
     • Trade Support Network (TSN) Rep.                                                                               (Investment
     • International Trade Data System (ITDS)                            Modernization Board
                                                                         of Directors (CMBoD)                    Management Process)
       Board of Directors Rep.
     • eCP Rep.

    Program Level
                                                        AC OIT and CIO
    Management)                             Integrated Management Team (IMT)


      Project Level
   (Program Solution                                                                   Product
   and Management)                                                                   Teams (IPT)
                Governance Streams

                         Congressional Appropriations Committees

                              Office of Management & Budget

                                Department of the Treasury
Investment Management         Requirements Management              Program Management

                              Executive Steering Committee

   Homeland Security IT                      Modernization Board of Directors
 Investment Review Group
                                    Business Executive             AC, OIT/Chief Information
  Joint Capital Investment                                                  Officer
        Review Board                           International
                                 Trade             Trade           Integrated Management
  Information Technology        Support           Systems                   Team
        Committee               Network             BoD
                                          Customs                    Modernization Office
    Technology Review                     Subject
        Committee                          Matter                    Enterprise Lifecycle
                                          Experts                       Management
                                  CMO Organizational Structure
                                                                          Deputy Commissioner, USCS                                Commissioner
                                                                            Modernization Executive
                                                                             Douglas M. Browning                                   Business

                                                                Office of Information Technology                                   Technology
                                                               AC, OIT & Chief Information Officer
                                                                            S. W. Hall Jr.
                                                                                                                                    Mission Support

                     Executive Support
                     Executive Support                                    Customs Modernization Office
                     Tammi Gibbons
                      Tammi Gibbons                                                                    Business Executive
                                                        Executive Director                            Lawrence Rosenzweig
                    Pam Gallahan                        Charles Armstrong
                   GS-9/13 Vacant
                    Donna Wisch
                  GS-8 Donna Wisch
                                                                                  Deputy Director
                                                                                   Sharon Mazur

                               Director of Technical                                                        Director
    Director of                     Integration          Director of              Director of          ACE Requirements            Director of
 Program Control                                       ACE Increment 1          ACE Increment 2           Development          Workforce Transition
                                 Luke McCormack
 Debbie Flickinger                                                                                    Mike Denning (Acting)     Vicki Hodziewich
                                                       Rod MacDonald               John Hill

    Team Lead                       Team Lead            Team Lead                 Team Lead                                        Team Lead
                                                                                                               Team Lead
 ACE Task Order 1               System Engineering     ACE Increment 1           ACE Increment 2                               Organizational Change
                                                                                                         ITDS Requirements
   Susan Hutzel                   & Infrastructure      Infrastructure            Infrastructure                               Management, Training
                                                                                                           Allison Suliveras
                                     Tom Queen          Frank Bozek               David Morrell                                   & NTEU Liaison

                                                                                                            Team Lead           Training Specialist
     Team Lead                      Team Lead
                                                           Team Lead               Team Lead             ACE Requirements
Subject Matter Expert,               Enterprise
                                                        ACE Increment 1          ACE Increment 2           Joe Cichocki
      & Security                    Architecture
                                                            Software                Software
    Management                      Tom Mersch                                                                                    Team Lead
                                                         James Gleason            Kevin Parsons
 (Selection Pending)                                                                                                           Communication Mgmt
                                                                                                                                  Ruth Welch
                                  Strategic Planning
                                     Frank Proietti
                                                                                                                                 Comm Specialist

Commitment Continuity Compliance
           Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

 Established to:
   – Advise Commissioner on Modernization strategy and plans.
 Mission:
  – Oversee business systems modernization.
  – Review and approve major systems projects.
  – Review and approve funding.
 Chair: Commissioner
 Interplay: The senior Modernization governing body. Works in
  conjunction with other boards and committees to provide oversight and
  guidance for Modernization.

 Meeting Frequency: Monthly
 Membership: Designated AC’s, Treasury, OMB, GAO, Trade
  Support Network, and ITDS (15 total)

             Joint Capital Investment Review Board
 Established to:
   – Comply with congressional mandate to have ACE expenditures approved
     by both Treasury and Customs Investment Review Boards

 Mission:
  – Review ACE expenditure plans
  – Ensure regular monitoring (results vs. plan for cost, schedule and
     performance) and proper management of investments
 Chair: Deputy Commissioner and Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for
  Management/Chief Financial Officer

 Interplay: Senior decision body in the Investment Management Process
  for ACE-related funding plans and issues. Key forum for resolving issues
  between the Department of the Treasury and Customs

 Meeting Frequency: Monthly
 Membership: Six representatives each from Customs and Department of
  the Treasury (12 total)
              Customs Modernization Board of Directors
 Established to:
   – Replace the Trade Compliance Board of Directors and adopt a broader
     oversight of Modernization initiatives.
   – Formulate recommendations for consideration by the Commissioner and
     drive implementation of Modernization initiatives.
 Mission:
  – Establish the mission, vision, strategies, policies, and determine resource
     allocation for all Customs modernization efforts within Customs core
     processes and administrative systems.
 Chair: Deputy Commissioner
 Interplay: Oversees trade security operations, commercial trade,
  passenger operations, law enforcement and mission support functions; as well
  as development and implementation of Customs Strategic Plan.
 Meeting Frequency: Monthly
 Membership: Designated ACs; CMO Executive Director; Business
  Executive; one SAC from OI; and two additional OFO representatives,
  including one DFO (11 total)
           Integrated Management Team (IMT)
 Established to:
   – Ensure cross agency involvement from both business/operation and
     IT representatives.

 Mission:
  – Ensure an integrated approach to Modernization to achieve
     enterprise-wide goals.
 Chair: Executive Director, CMO
 Interplay: Manages the day- to-day activities of the ACE project
  through the CMO and its executive director.

 Meeting Frequency: Weekly
 Membership: OIT Directors and representatives from OI, OFO, OF,
  OST, MITRE and eCP (total 17).

           International Trade Data System (ITDS)
           Board of Directors
 Established to:
   – Ensure coordination and collaboration among federal agencies on
     trade interface policy, procedure, and issues.

 Mission:
  – Provide oversight and serve as a forum for harmonization of
     requirements and dispute resolution among federal agencies
     involved with trade compliance.

 Chair: Gene Rosengarden, International Trade Commission
 Interplay: Ensures that ITDS goals and functionality are integrated
  with the needs of the public, federal agencies and Customs

 Meeting Frequency: Monthly
 Membership: Principle members representing nine participating
  government agencies.