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Outreach Clerk


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									Los Rios Community College District                                                   Approved: April 2004

                                       OUTREACH CLERK


Under general supervision, performs responsible clerical and record keeping work for an outreach center;
and exercises good judgment in application of established procedures and policies.

                                            TYPICAL DUTIES

Serves as a contact and resource person for off-campus instructors, students, employers, staff, and the
community. Assists in interpreting the college educational outreach program to individuals and
community organizations; seeks information concerning the need for additional programs; and provides
information in response to inquiries regarding outreach classes. Provides support services to personnel
assigned to the center; and assists the instructors of the classes offered at the facility as needed. Assists in
conducting orientation sessions; and instructs users of the Outreach Center in college/District rules and
regulations. Performs general office duties such as answering phones, typing, filing, and record keeping;
maintains a library of materials and catalogs; assists in ordering supplies and educational materials;
coordinates arrangements for use of outreach facilities with appropriate personnel; and prepares payroll
records and maintains files. Assembles data and prepares reports; provides data for institutional research;
transmits data to the central District computer; accesses local and District computer files in order to
assemble data for research projects; assists in preparing surveys and other measuring tools to be used in
assessing the needs of the community; and assists with follow-up studies and activities relating to the
evaluation of services provided by the program. Prepares and duplicates letters, programs, directories,
mailing lists; prepares and distributes informational fliers on outreach classes and events; assists in the
preparation of course registration packets; and assists in the preparation of marketing and promotional
materials. Oversees student assistants assigned to the program. Registers individuals who enroll in
outreach classes; collects fees; maintains records of budget accounts for the outreach center; and makes
periodic reports on class enrollment and other activities. Assists in scheduling classes held in the
community; and assists in locating and securing off-campus classroom sites. Performs related duties as


                    Promotional                                                 General
                                               Outreach Clerk

Two years of varied secretarial/clerical/                           Three years of responsible clerical/
accounting experience in Los Rios CCD                               accounting experience.
including some responsibility for preparing
copy for publication, and maintaining
account records.

College course work in business and clerical education may be substituted for two years of the required
experience on a year-for-year basis.
Los Rios Community College District
Outreach Clerk
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Knowledge of organization and operation of outreach programs and the area served by the outreach
program; college community service activities; and college programs and student services. Knowledge of
interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy. Knowledge of procedures in the development of
survey materials, in the development and use of marketing materials, and in development of class
schedules; and class registration procedures. Knowledge of basic accounting procedures; record keeping
and report writing procedures; modern office methods and practices including filing systems and
telephone techniques; elements of correct English usage, spelling and vocabulary; and letter and report
writing. Knowledge of basic computer applications as required by the department.

Skill in listening to what other people are saying and asking questions as appropriate; understanding
written sentences and paragraphs in work related documents; and communicating effectively with others
orally and in writing as indicated by the needs of the audience. Skill in finding information and
identifying essential information; adjusting actions in relation to others' actions; and managing one's own
time and the time of others.

The ability to perform the basic functions of the position; sustain regular work attendance; work
cooperatively and effectively with the public, students, faculty and staff; exercise initiative and mature
judgment; work as a member of a team; and meet schedules and time lines. The ability to develop and
implement innovative programs within assigned guidelines; establish and maintain effective public
relations; and prepare news releases. The ability to analyze and solve problems; interpret rules and
regulations to the public; and maintain confidentiality of sensitive material. The ability to perform
responsible clerical work quickly and accurately; and perform complex clerical work requiring a thorough
knowledge of departmental policies and procedures. The ability to compile data and prepare reports;
maintain accurate and complete records; and operate a computer.

TYPICAL EQUIPMENT USED (May include, but not limited to)
Computer, printer, scanner, copier, fax, telephone, calculator, and typewriter.

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