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									          Shriners International
                                                      East St. Louis, IL
Volume 87                            December 2011                          Number 10
                                                                 Larry Carril, Potentate

              Wise Men?

No, not really. Just the Ritualistic Cast waiting outside with forty new members to have
the 2011 Fall Ceremonial picture taken. Highlights pg. 5

                                                          Jingle All the Way
                         Seminar                           Christmas Party
                          Jan. 21                           December 10
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                        Potentate’s Message
                       Greetings Nobles,
                         What a beautiful Fall we have had with all the warm weather and
                          colorful trees. We have kept a busy schedule and met many
                           nobles this month. Some were new and some were old friends,
                            and we had a good time seeing them all. We went to Clark Co.
                             Shrine Club for the first time this year and the nobles up there
                             were extremely gracious to me and Maryann. I thanked them for
                             that. Maryann would like to thank the ladies who led us to a, far
                             out of the way, cemetery where we found Maryann’s Gr-Gr-Gr
                             Grandfather and family. We fell in love with the town of Casey
                            and all the friendly people we met there. I also made a trip to
                           Kim Shrine Club in Cairo with Doc Clubb and Mike Grafe. Again,
                          we were warmly received and I really appreciate that.

      Lar         ril Speaking of Fall, there was a large crowd of ghosts and goblins at
         ry J. Car the annual Ainad Halloween Party at the Temple on Oct. 29th. It was a
record crowd of 525 children and adults. The kids are getting more clever with their costumes
every year and all were excited about the trick or treating, games and contests that Kevin and
Kim planned for them. The unit rooms looked fantastic due to the hard work of our nobles.
Congratulations to the Arab Patrol for their first place room. Second was the Klown room and
third place went to the Drum Corps room under the leadership of the Williamson Co. Shrine
Club. The small dining room was transformed by the Hospital Unit and it was a fantastic
display. You all did a fabulous job ! Thank you all for bringing a joyful day to our own kids and
families. A special thanks goes to Kevin and Kim Fernandez for the outstanding job they did
in chairing this event. Thank you.

The Fall Ceremonial, named in honor of my best friend, Past Potentate Kenny Lake was
held on Nov. 5th. I believe that Kenny was there with us that day. We had a large turnout with
some of the units performing. I was afraid for a while that someone would call Immigration,
but everything worked out fine. Thank you Drum Corps. I believe I owe you one or was it that
you owed me one ? We took in 40 new nobles and it is my sincere hope that they will return
to the Temple and enjoy the Shrine life that is available to them. We also had two very special
guests with us to help remind us what we are about. Our first guest was Jackie Brewer who
became confined to a wheelchair as a result of an auto accident at a very young age. She
spoke not only about Shriner’s Hospital treating her injuries, but how they have taught her
different methods to reach her goals. She is a student today at SIU-E, lives independently,
goes deer hunting and loves driving her car. She is an amazing, courageous and lovely young
woman who is on her way to special things in her life. She is going to become a social worker
and we wish her all the best. Our second guest was 8th grader Macie Sanders and her family
of Centralia. Macie began collecting tabs for Shriner’s Hospital about four years ago after her
friend had treatment there. Four years is an incredible commitment for a young girl of Macie’s
age. We thank her and the children of Shriner’s Hospital thank her. If Macie can accomplish
something of this magnitude at her age, think about what all we can do for our hospitals. I
would also thank the clubs and units for their generous donations for the hospital. I’m sure
there will be pictures of all of the presentations. Thank you all for working so hard this year.
I would also like to thank the Aides and Ambassadors for the TV and DVD player. It is a
beautiful and very thoughtful gift. I am going to hook it up in an outside compartment on
my camper so I can watch the Cardinals from my lawn chair like the Big Boys do from
Williamson Co.

By the time you get this bulletin, Thanksgiving will be here and gone with Christmas right
around the corner. I hope you were able to count your blessings with your family at

We are looking forward to all of the Christmas parties this year and an end to my year as
Potentate. Bill and Jeanie Hill have a very exciting year planned for you next year with the
100th Anniversary of Ainad Shriners and I hope you are all able to participate.
Here’s lookin’ at you Amigo.

Keep Marching On, Larry Carril

  1                                                                       Ainad Shriners . . .
          Why Did You Become a Shriner?
Welcome Nobles,

Another Fall Ceremonial is behind us, but the fun is just starting. I want to take the time
to congratulate our new nobles from that ceremonial: Chad Barnes, Gary A Barnes,
James Bert, George E Berger, Duane Birks, Mark R Callender, Gilbert R Carrell, James
B Carroll II, Bennie R Cooper, Robert E Davis, Thomas G Devore, Joseph A Diliberto,
Donnie W Dill, Robert W Dirden, Jeffrey A Dove, Steven C Duke, Andrew E Duncan,
Christopher R Edwards, Howard Elmore, Henry A Haisch, Robin R Harris, Jeffrey D
Hendon, Chris Kent ,Richard L Koeneman, Christopher, Layson, Jeremy R Legereit,
Ricky R Lockhart, John C Maragni, Allen M Martin, Gary J McMeen, Gerald A Pol-
lard, Randy S Probst, David R Rensing, Michael J Salant, Ricardo R Sanchez, Scott A
Sheldon, Johnny F Thorton Jr, Blake J Weilmuenster, Giles A Whitson Sr, Terry L Wray
II, and John W Wright. Thank you for your commitment to our fraternity. I also want to
thank all the top-line signers who brought them in.

It is very important for you, new nobles, to join a club and/or a unit. Make sure your
wife or girlfriend knows about all the activities that they can attend throughout the
year—at your club, unit or at Ainad. If you’re single, just come on out and enjoy
the activities.

Membership is key for us at Ainad. It is not too late to bring in a new noble this year.
So if you have a candidate that is ready to join us, bring him in.

Next year is our 100-year anniversary celebration. There will be a number of activities
and events where you will be able to bring in new nobles. In your dues notice that went
out, you should have received a card with a key on it. Give that to a prospect. It is an
invitation to join at Ainad and have an opportunity to receive fun gifts. They include
a Shriners watch, a Shriners ring, a free dues card, and dozens of other items. Next
year, the key on the card is a new noble’s chance to win one of those gifts. The key
is to a lock on our Treasure Chest. The Treasure Chest will be at all Ainad functions
and in Ainad Shrine’s administrative office. If your key opens the lock on the Treasure
Chest, you can draw an envelope that will reveal your prize. If you win a prize, your
sponsor will also receive a prize. Each new noble will also receive a card to pass on to
a friend or relative. It is a must that we recruit new members for Ainad.

Nobles, we still have over 200 names of nobles that have not paid their dues. Please,
if you know of anyone that has not paid their dues, ask them to do so. If they do not,
they will be suspended at the end of December 2011.

In last month’s bulletin, I mentioned this, but I want to bring it up again. Let’s start
looking at our families for new Shriners. Fathers, have you asked your sons or
grandsons? Sons and grandsons, have you asked your father or grandfather. Don’t
forget other members of the family, sons-in-law, cousins, brothers or brothers-in-law.
By encouraging your relations to join us you can all get out and have fun together as
a family of Masons and Shriners.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas and a happy New Year.
Take Care; Be Safe and Think Membership.

Your Membership Chairperson,
Jim Pulley
Home: (618) 345-1550
Cell: (618) 550-8273
Recruitment Chairman              Retention Chairman          Restoration Chairman
Jim Onstott                       Brad Spelbring              David Tollison
Phone: 618-842-5741               Phone: 618-946-3989         Phone: 618-435-4445
bertageorgeo@yahoo.com            spelbringbb@yahoo.com       dave_tollison@yahoo.com
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Oriental Band
                                                                                  Art Smith
                 Happy Holiday greetings from the Oriental Band!

                 This year hasn’t been easy for the Band. Trying to get new members
                 hasn’t been an easy task. Great news! We have three new members
                 since the Fall Ceremonial.

We still need a driver for our parade van and the position of Secretary is open to
anyone who is interested. Also, If you would like to join us, please stop by the Orien-
tal Band Room or call Art Smith at (618) 236-6341. We still practice on Tuesdays at
7:00pm. Feel free to stop by the room.

Our scheduled, monthly stated meeting is the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 P.M.
We welcome one and all anytime.

Now I need to get back to my Christmas List.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Nobels and their families.

       Brass Band
                                                                                Carl Buehler

The traditional marching season ended with the Edwardsville Veterans Day Parade.
Following the parade, we always play a patriotic concert at the Edwardsville Veterans
of Foreign Wars Hall. At the November meeting the following officers were elected:
Carl Buehler, President; Art Stirrat, Vice President; Craig Sewell, Secretary; Harry
Rutter, Treasurer; Keith Albrecht, Sergeant of Arms; Tom Boker, Manager; and Mike
Juenger, Director. Prez Carl has several goals he would like to see the Band continue
working towards in the coming year and will be seeking everyone’s help. Donations
were approved to the Shriners Hospitals for Children for a total of $1,500 and Burns
Travel Unit for $300.

By the time this is read the Christmas Party will likely be history and a good time had
by all. VP Art worked hard to make this a success. Our next performance is the
Christmas Concert at the Stated Meeting on December 15th. We will be rehearsing
the music at the rehearsal on December 9th.

Our door is always open to anyone interested in joining us or just curious about the
Band. We are not professional musicians, just Shriners who at one time might have
played an instrument (even junior high) and now enjoy the camaraderie of Shriners,
and marching so that children can walk.

May all of you have a blessed Christmas or Hanukkah season, and let’s all commit to a
great 2012 for our band.

Dec 9 (Fri)     AINAD Center      7:30 PM      Band Room            Rehearsal/Meeting
Dec 15 (Thru)   AINAD Center      6:30 PM      Auditorium           Christmas Concert
Dec 23 (Fri)    Temple Closed                                              No Practice
Jan 13(Fri)     AINAD Center      7:30 PM      Band Room            Rehearsal/Meeting
Jan 27(Fri)     AINAD Center      7:30 PM      Band Room                    Rehearsal

  3                                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
        Drum and Bugle Corps
                                                                                      Bruce Haas
             Wow, I’m not sure about whether the Americans taught the Mexicans to
             play music or whether it was the Mexicans teaching the Americans, but it
             sure was a great show and a fitting way for Pote Larry to finish off his last
             Ceremonial in office. We had fun and a drink or two along the way, even
             if it was a long way out of the ordinary for our, as Director Bill sometimes
             describes us, “Silly Little Drum Corps”. A great time was had by all and the
food and drink in the club room afterward hit the spot as always. Thanks Mike Strohm,
you did it again!

On Veterans Day, a goodly number of us spent the evening playing and partaking of
the hospitality always shown us by Laurie’s Place in Edwardsville. Laurie, as always,
made sure we were fed and watered well and even made a donation to us for our
Annual Golf Tournament in the Spring. Thank you Laurie, you have a special place in
the heart of our Corps.

Next up is our 2011 Christmas Party on December 3rd at the C.K. & L of I Country Club
in Swansea, IL. Doors and bar open at six, dinner is at seven and a short program
will later be followed by dancing to the tunes of the Jorrel’s. RSVP’s were due to Bob
Strohm by November 15th, but if you let him know very soon, you just might get in.
His phone is 618-632-2065.

Following the party on Monday night, December 5th, we’ll have our Steak Fry, Annual
Meeting and Election of Officers at Ainad. I believe dinner will be somewhere around
seven that night followed by the meeting. The bar is free that night too. So...................
if you are interested in becoming a part of the Corps Leadership Team, get yourself
nominated for the office of your choice and see what can happen.

Consensus has it I am told that we should rehearse through the Christmas and New
Years Season as usual on Monday evenings. Considering where we are going with
new tunes and the turn outs we’ve been able to have, that sounds like a very good
idea. Plan on coming around those nights unless you hear different beforehand. We’ll
be sure to let you know in plenty of time if that changes.

The first performance of the 2012 year will, as always, be another appearance at Lau-
rie’s Place in Edwardsville on New Years Day. Laurie told me that the doors will open at
noon and we can play to our hearts content starting somewhere between two and three
in the afternoon. Laurie also told me that she will have plenty of ham and beans for us
along with the usual doses of Camel’s Milk.

If you haven’t been around for a bit, stop and see us. You’ll be happy you did and we’ll
be just as happy to have seen you. On the other hand, if you haven’t been around for
a very long time, several of you haven’t, (and you know who you are). You could be in
line to be hearing from us asking that you return your equipment and uniform. We turn
no-one away, but we do ask that you be somewhat regular in attending and do your
best to try to play your assigned instrument. There are people within our ranks who are
genuinely talented and spend their personal time freely to make sure that we have the
very best in arrangements and instruction in performing them. To that end, I think that
we owe them the satisfaction of seeing us at a majority of our weekly rehearsals. Think
about it for a while and see what you can do.

Take a moment and thank a Veteran for making sure you are as free as you are!!!

That’s about all for this time around so as always, take care, be safe and may God
bless us each and every one during this Holiday Season.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
Fall Ceremonial

    Chad Barnes          Bennie R Cooper      Steven C Duke
    Gary A Barnes        Robert E Davis       Andrew E Duncan
    George E Berger      Thomas G Devore      Christopher R Edwards
    Duane Birks          Joseph A Diliberto   Howard Elmore
    Mark R Callender     Donnie W Dill        Henry A Haisch
    Gilbert R Carrell    Robert W Dirden      Robin R Harris
    James B Carroll II   Jeffrey A Dove       Jeffrey D Hendon
5                                                       Ainad Shriners . . .
      Chris Kent            Gary J Mcmeen       Johnny F Thorton Jr.
      Richard L Koeneman    Gerald A Pollard    Blake J Weilmuenster
      Christopher Layson    Randy S Probst      Giles A Whitson Sr.
      Jeremy R Legereit     David R Rensing     Terry L Wray II
      Ricky R Lockhart      Michael J Salant    John W Wright
      John C Maragni        Ricardo R Sanchez
      Allen M Martin        Scott A Sheldon

Having Fun & Helping Kids
    Another Spooktacular Year . . .
       at the Halloween Party

7                            Ainad Shriners . . .
                  What a Real Treat, Thanks
Wow, what a hallowed Halloween we had! We were blessed with glorious weather,
fantastic attendance, a plethora of help with set-up, workers for the event, and clean-
up. Kimberly and I greatly appreciate all of the efforts from everyone. We hope all in
attendance enjoyed themselves as much as we did. Ainad is pleased to be able to offer
events like this as a small way of saying thank you to all of our membership and their
families for all that you do to support Ainad. A large thanks to Tom Wade and the entire
kitchen crew for being able to adlib in order to get everyone fed (Over 525). Also to
Doc Clubb for bringing the beautiful Mums from Scharf Farms in Millstadt, Everett
Bohnenstiehl for the straw and delivering the pumpkins from Relleke Farms. I’m sure
the parents will adore the pictures of their little ghosts and gobblins for years to come
thanks to Paula Massey and Vicky Fitzpatrick. The pictures should look nice in the
frames created with the help and efforts of the Jobes Daughters. Thank you to Tammy
Yonke and all of the girls. The rooms were all fantastic! As per our judges, the Arab
Patrol was handed the room trophy the second year in a row with the Clowns coming
in second place (way to go Taz) and last but not least, Drum Corps third place (Thanks
for all you did Don). A special thanks to the costume judges for having the strength of
character to accept an inglorious job. And to my cohorts of the divan and their ladies we
are in your debt, thank you.

To all with much gratitude and appreciation, Kim & Kevin Fernandez

        Uniform Units
                                                                           Dave Casson Jr.
A talkative group of about 28 Nobles chatted during the social hour prior to a steak and
potato dinner provided by Tom Wade and Dave Haas, and served by volunteers of the
Uniformed Units.

After dinner President John Lowe opened the November meeting of the Uniformed
Units with the traditional formalities. It shall be noted that this was a special evening
with Past Presidents (5) of the UU, and Past Potentates (7) were our quest of honor.
We observed a moment of silence for several Nobles who had passed away since
our last meeting, including a former Noble who was a large part of many activities
that happened at Ainad, from Circus, kitchen, Director Staff, etc. We received a letter
of thanks from the Dyslexia Centers Walk for our support. Past President Mike
Goodman requested that the UU continue their support for his nieces’ traveling softball
team with matching funds from Ainad. Her squad has competed all over the area and
had proudly displayed Ainad as a supporter. It was also noted that President Lowe, and
gang, sold over $1800 worth of jewelry at the Fall Ceremonial, Great job!

Assistant Rabban, Mike Grafe introduced the Divan members in attendance and
reminded us of several dates and events that were coming up in the next month.
Read your bulletin for more information. PP Ray Rohr spoke on the lastest
developments concerning the Shriners Hospitals for Children®-St. Louis. John
Blondell, gave us an update on the 100 Year Anniversary events, encouraging each
member and Past Potentates to record some old thoughts and memories that could
be used for the celebration. A statement was made that when each club and unit votes
on disbursements of funds to possibly include contribution to the 100 Year Committee
(Contact Office or Potentate Carril for other options in need of funds).

Please keep in your time of reflection the needs of many of our Nobles and their
families that are under the weather and may have other personal concerns/needs.
In closing President Lowe wishes all the best during this Holiday Season
and reminded us that December meeting will be nomination and election of officers.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Hard Hat Crew
                                                                              Rich Colona, Sr.
We have been pretty busy fixing the big conference table and installing it on caster
wheels, fixing the dust to dawn lights outside the office, replacing drain pipes in the
men’s room on the wall mounted sinks, washers in faucets and scrapping and painting
the kitchen wall.

Our last work project is weatherizing around the doors and windows of the building.
We will be doing this until our last day of work on Dec. 14. Then we won’t return until
we return from Christmas on January 18.

We thank each and every Veteran from the past, present and future for the freedom we
have in this country. God bless each one of you.

The Hardhats, Charlie Jerden, Dick Staggs, Art Smith, Jeff Nichols and Rich Colona
wish each and everyone the Merriest Christmas and the Happiest New Year. And to
David Ekstrand, thanks from the Hardhats for the great job you do with the bulletin and
have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Remember if you would like to come and fellowship we will be back on January 18th
from 8:30 to 12:00 noon.

May the coming year be one of joy, of true harmony and inspiration. May we all
think and act wisely, in the spirit of loving kindness, of co-operation and Christian
understanding. May wise counsels guide us and may all our deliberations uphold
the high standard of this splendid order.

                                           Hillbilly Clan 39
                                           To inform all Nobles that the Hillbilly Clan #39
                                           is on the move. This is NEW INFORMATION
                                           for new members who want to join with
                                           the Hillbillies in raising money for the
                                           transportation fund and the Shriners
                                           Hospitals for Children® through Ainad.

                                           One Time Dues:
                                           Men $50.00, Women $45.00

Officers of clan are, james a. staffey, ph: 618-599-1096, po box 440, dowell, il. 62927-
0440, raban of clan. brad buckner, ph: 618-694-9502. guardian of the still. dean veg-
her, ph: 618-410-5974 keeper of the cob. chief rabban bill hill, is our assistant raban of
the clan. see all of ya’ll at the busnis meetin’.Included in your dues is one year news
subscription for the Hillbilly magazine.

 Great Christmas
2012 Limited Edition
Calendar Commemorating
100 years of Ainad Tradition.
  9                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
        Arab Patrol
                                                                            Michael Hayes
Happy Holidays everyone and welcome to another exciting installment of the Ainad
Patrol Bulletin Article. Yes it is that time of year again when moms and dads from all
over the world empty their checking accounts to buy their kids a whole bunch of stuff
that they just don’t need. Let us all keep in mind the spirit of the holiday season and
rejoice in the name of our father Jesus Christ.

Well, well what can we say? The Patrol has become the bar setter in the annual
Halloween decorating contest. Yes ladies and gentlemen the Patrol has won the
coveted trophy for the second year in a row with its version of the Exorcist. Can you
say awesome? Dave, Wayne, Jesse, Gary and all the guys that put this on this year
really out did their selves. And who thought they could out do the Swamp People
from last year? I sure didn’t. I hear rumblings of something truly unbelievable that
is in the works already for next year. OMG ladies and gentlemen you won’t be able to
comprehend the magnitude of this one. Can you say AWESOME!

I guess I should address the Patrol, Color Guard and Oriental Band joint Christmas
Party that will be held at the Fairview Heights Elks club once again this year on
Saturday, December 10. The cost for Patrol members will be $30.00 per couple.
Yes that would be $15.00 for people coming alone.

Also, it is time to get your calendars out as the Patrol has selected a date for our
annual Spaghetti Dinner and Dance. The date is set for Saturday, April 21 at
the Venice Social Club. We have once again booked the band American Originals.
The cost has remained the same at $30.00 per couple or $15.00 for individuals. We
are again asking our wonderful ladies to bring a desert. Please see one of the Patrol
members for tickets as we already have them printed and ready for sale.

At our November stated meeting the Patrol made nominations for our 2012 officers.
The lucky guys nominated this year were: Wayne Miles-President, Mike Hayes-Vice
President, Dave Morris-Secretary, Gary Apperson-Treasurer, Ed Seabaugh-Captain
and John Vasquez-Sgt. at Arms. Elections will be held at our stated meeting on
December 6. Come out and support the candidates.

From a good of the patrol standpoint, Charlie Harrison has had his surgery and seems
to be doing just fine; he was grumpy as ever at the last stated meeting. Please keep all
of our brothers and sisters in your prayers and let us know if anyone is sick or has been
taken by the black camel. Please also remember to pay your dues by Jan. 1.

Remember: we meet on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. We need more
attendance at both meetings, especially the meeting on the third Tuesday of the month
when we practice. If for some reason you can’t march come on down and play some
cards or just socialize with the rest of us.

  MJoyousry Yearhri
        er C
  and a   New      stmas
             If U Don’t Show, Then U Don’t Know
               Uniform Units..Keeping U Informed
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Shrine Rider’s Unit
                                                                                Brad Koehler
                 We finished out our Charity Run season on October 15 bring our total
                 funds raised to $8,668.90. We presented a $923.00 check to the
                 Potentate at the Spring Ceremonial. We presented a $2,242.00 check
                 to the Hospital on July 30th during our Pilgrimage Ride. We presented
                 a $5,403.80 check to the Potentate at the Fall Ceremonial. This brought
                 our total donations to the Hospital this year to $8,568.80 leaving a
                 balance of $100.10 in our treasury. Our Unit members are very proud
                 of what we have accomplished while still operating under dispensation.

On September 24th, the Ainad Shrine Riders attended the 3rd Annual Albert’s Ride out
of Clay City, IL in memory of Noble Albert Butler, and at the request of Albert’s daughter
Stephanie. This Ride donates the proceeds to the Shriners Hospital for Children in St.
Louis via the Clay County Shrine Club to the Potentate at the Fall Ceremonial. This
year over $2,000 was raised. The Shrine Riders were proud and honored to be asked
to be a part of and to lead this Ride, and we will do so in the future if requested.

We are looking forward to 2012 as we start our planning stages for the seven Charity
Runs to be held on April 21st, May 19th, June 16th, July 21st, August 18th, September
15th, and October 20th.

We would like to thank Past Potentate Ray Rohr for his belief in us and issuing our
Dispensation to form a new Unit, Potentate Larry Carril for his continued support
during our first year, webmaster Bill for his continued help and support of our website,
David Ekstrand for his efforts in publishing our newsletter, and last but not least our
membership and Ladies for making this a successful first season.

We are looking to build the membership in the Ainad Shrine Riders. I passed out many
ASR business cards at the Fall Ceremonial to Shriner bikers who could be potential
members, and I’m looking forward to hearing from them, as well as anyone else who
might be interested in joining us.

We held our final 2011 meeting on Sunday November 13th. We elected 2012 officers:
Brad “Tattoo” Koehler (West Liberty) President; Stan Miller (Ridgway) Vice President;
Warren “Skip” Hamilton (West Salem) Treasurer; and Jim Creech (Lawrenceville)
Secretary. Installation of officers will be held at the January 15 meeting.
Appointed officers will be named later.

Please check out our website www.ainadshriners.org/shrineriders for up to date
information on our Unit, and don’t hesitate to contact me at tattoo216pm@yahoo.com
or call me at (618) 843-8282.

Until next time . . . ride safe, and ride sober! ~ Brad “Tattoo” Koehler

 The picture is of Stephanie Butler-Sessions,
 daughter of the late Albert Butler, present-
 ing a check to Roger Parrish, President of the
 Clay County Shrine Club, for over $2,000 to be
 donated to the Shriners Hospital for Children-
 St. Louis. Seated to the left is Brad Koehler,
 President of the Ainad Shrine Riders, who led
 the 3rd Annual Albert’s Ride in memory of Albert
 Butler on September 24th. Roger Parrish made
 the presentation of the check to Potentate Larry
 Carril at the Fall Ceremonial.

 11                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
            Ainad Election of Officers 2012
Ainad Temple’s election of officers for 2012 will be held at the regular stated / annual
meeting at 7:30 P.M. on December 15th at the Ainad Auditorium. The Official Divan is
to be elected in addition to the four representatives for Imperial and GLSA. Selected
pertinent information relative to the Imperial Code regarding the election regulations
are listed below.

NOTICE: Canceled Meeting: If inclement weather conditions should cause the
December 15th meeting to be cancelled it will be rescheduled to Wednesday,
December 21 at 7:30.

325.2 Election and Qualifications
(a) Election Order: The first seven (7) officers (Potentate, Chief Rabban, Assistant
Rabban, High Priest and Prophet, Oriental Guide, Treasurer and Recorder) shall be
elected annually, in the order in which they appear in 325.1(a), by ballot and constitute
the official divan. Candidates for elective office in a Temple must be members in good
standing at the Temple.

(b) Term Limit: A Noble may not serve as Potentate of any Temple for more than two
(2) years.

(c) Qualification: A Noble may not serve as Potentate of any Temple unless he
shall have first served at least one term as either Chief Rabban or Assistant Rabban
of a Temple.

325.5 Ballot
(a) Separate Ballot: Election of officers shall be by separate written ballot and by a
majority vote of those present and voting. A blanket ballot is prohibited.

325.8 Nomination
Candidates for office and Representatives must be placed in
nomination from the floor.

325.11 Election Regulations
(a) Electioneering. A candidate for an elected office in a Shrine temple may print,
publish and circulate during the year he is seeking the elected office, a resume consist-
ing of his educational background, his vocational history, and his Masonic and Shrine
record. Except as provided in the prior sentence, the printing, publication, circulating or
distribution of resolutions, letters, telegrams, tickets, e-mail or other devices, by a unit,
club, Noble, or group of Nobles, suggesting, recommending, opposing, or containing
the names of proposed candidates for the office in the temple is prohibited.

(b) Expenditures Prohibited: The expenditure of money for gifts, favors, or entertain-
ment on behalf of a candidate for elected office is prohibited.

(c) Violation: For any violation of: (a) or (b) the Imperial Potentate may suspend any
offending Noble, and he may declare the election of officer’s void and order a
new election.

(d) Notice: At least one (1) week prior to the annual meeting or any election the
temple Recorder shall mail to each member a notice thereof containing this section.

Steven F. Kibler P.P, Recorder
November 30, 2011

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Legion of Honor
                                                                               John Costello

In this issue of the Bulletin the Legion of Honor is combining September and October.

In September we held our annual Picnic. As usual we had a good attendance and
the food was great. A special thanks to Alan Schnur for cooking the pork steaks and
bratwurst. To Rich Ervin for planning and hosting the Picnic (and his Lady Linda who
made sure Rich did a good job) we had an official visit by Ken Morey and his chief of
Staff Vern Macgregor. This was Ken’s first official visit as the newly elected Commander
of the Great Lakes Shrine Association Legion of Honor.

The bus we were promoting to the Wreath laying in Arlington, VA was dropped because
of the lack of interest by our group and from other LOH Units.

Jim Pulley, 4th International Commander of the Legion of Honor, gave as an update on
his visits to other LOH units. Jim is responsible for the LOH Hospitality Room for the
Wreath Laying in Arlington. He request any left over supplies we had from our convention
in Canada be transferred to him for the Hospitality Room in Arlington.

At our regular Stated Meeting, we received a letter from Tracy Coughlin who was a
member of our unit until his job moved him to Florida. Now his company has assigned
him to Afghanistan for the next six months.

In other business, we put the final touches to our upcoming Golf Tournament and
accepted Bill Thiel as our newest Life Member.

We recognized Past Commanders; Wayne Forcade, Alan Schnur, Jim Pulley, Bob Brann,
and John Costello also Past Potentates; Ron Williams, Jack Taylor, Doc Clubb, and Asst.
Rabban Mike Grafe.

October was busy as we had our Golf Tournament, Ladies Night, and our Election of
Officers for the year 2012. The golf tournament was our best yet. We had 33 teams and
the weather was just great. A special thanks to Commander Kimbrell and 1st Lt. Cmdr
Rich Ervin for cooking the Bratwurst and Clete Schwaegel for his planning and promotion
of the tournament. Clete has made out tournament a success year after year.

Jim Lear was the host for Ladies Night that was held in the small dinning room. Jim had
the event catered, the food was great and the Ladies had an enjoyable evening.

At Ladies Night were Past Commanders; Jim Pulley, Bob Brann, Larry Hull, John
Costello, Past Potentates; Ron Williams Doc Clubb, Ed Scott, Asst. Rabban Mike Grafe,
Capt. Of the Guard Denver Tolbert, and 2nd Ceremonial Master Bill Underwood (and lest
I forget their Ladies were also present).

After dinner Commander Kimbrell had all the members retire to the large dinning room
for the election of officers. The Officers elected for 2012 are; Commander Rich Ervin, 1st
Lt. Cmdr. Jim Lear, Adjutant John Costello, Finance Officer Dave Wade. We had to table
the election of the 2nd Lt. Cmdr and 3rd Lt. Cmdr because both were not able to attend.
At our next Stated Meeting we will complete the election of officer for 2012. Commander
Kimbrell thanked all for their support thought out the year.

Mike Grafe gave a brief presentation on the importance of the 27 October Stated Meeting
at Ainad. He requested that the LOH be sure to check for current dues cards while tiling
the doors.

After our meeting in the large dinning we returned to our ladies and Commander Kimbrell
adjourned the meeting.

 13                                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
    Ainad Partner Program Sponsors
        We have several Ainad Partner Program levels to choose from starting at
       $1,000. The donations help to support our programs at Ainad Shrine Temple.
             If interested, please contact the temple office at 888-567-1870.

     A Special Thank You to Our Sponsors
                    AAA Facility Maintenance Services
                    Alexander & Gubser Funeral Home
                       Ashland Consumer Markets
                           Bank of Edwardsville
                            Bank of Springfield
                          Beelman Trucking Co.
                         Belleville Recycling, Inc.
                               Casino Queen
                          Citizens Bank of Albion
                               Cooper B-LIne
                        Davis & Sons Oil Company
                       Dignity Memorial Providers
                          Fairfield National Bank
                               Gateway Volvo
                          Gilster Mary-Lee Corp
                        Glover Oilfield Service, Inc
                                Helmets First
                            Jim’s Formal Wear
                         Joe Hunt and Associates
                         Johnston City Sportwear
                           Kurrus Funeral Home
                         N & W Horizontal Boring
                            Patchett Law Office
                          Peoples National Bank
                             Pepsi MidAmerica
                          Salem Tourism Bureau
                     Schneidewind Insurance Agency
                               Shay Roofing
                     Steve Schmidt Auto Group, Inc.
                           Troy Grain and Feed
                             “In beloved memory of Kenny Lake”

                            Twin Lake Trucking
                            Wayne County Press
Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Jefferson County Shrine Club
                                                                               Bud Tate
The Club met for their November meeting at the Shrine Park on Tuesday, the 8th.
The motions were made and seconded to accept all officers reports given.
The Nobles met on Saturday and power washed the building and cleaned the grounds
of leaves, etc. Thanks to all who helped.

Jim Williams reported we had a good crowd at Centralia Halloween parade.
Thanks to the Klowns.

Klowns will be serving their annual ham & bean dinner on Saturday, November 12th
at the Masonic lodge in Mt. Vernon. Tickets are $ 5.00 and can be bought at the door.
Ham, beans, corn bread, onions, slaw dessert and drink.

The Club is sending $ 9,500.00 to Ainad that was collected for the Paper Crusade.
We were glad to have Chief Rabban Bill Hill with us.

Our meeting in December will be our Ladies night and Christmas party.
Gerald Armstrong and crew will be cooking that evening.

Congratulations Jeff!
Jeff Nichols with Potentate Larry Carril was
awarded for Gold Page recognition for his
support and contributions to Ainad at the
October meeting.

 15                                                               Ainad Shriners . . .
        Williamson County Shrine Club
                                                                            Ray Dickens

W.C.S.C meets the first Thursday of every Month all Shriners and their wives are
welcome. Social hour 6, dinner 6:30, meeting at 7.

The November meeting had a good turnout and an excellent Chili Mac dinner prepared
by the Divine Ladies.

Final Numbers are in on the Paper Crusade $6417.03. Great job Dave McGee, Earl
Whitson and Nobles of the Williamson County Shrine Club.

The Veteran’s Day Fish Fry went very well. We had great participation by the W.C.S. C.
and 300 + people enjoyed an excellent dinner!

The Divine Ladies Christmas Bazar had a huge attendance. It was a fun afternoon.

The Road Runner’s will probably set a record. They have currently made 96 trips to
the Shriners Hospitals for Children. WOW !

Nomination of Officers: Danny McGee President, Tom Whittle 1st VP, Bob Bundren
2nd VP Bob will also continue as Treasurer until a replacement can be found. Pat
Samples will continue as Secretary. Paul LaGrant 1st Trustee, Deon Bundren 2nd,
Joe McPherson 3rd and Brad Buckner 4th.

A Special Tip of the Fez to Tom Reese. Tom Has served on the board for 7 years and
has been extremely active in every project we have had, to include; lead man at the
Harkins food prep and service. As well as on occasion donning his scuba gear &
repairing our boat dock. Knowing Tom I’m sure he will continue to give 100% that’s
the kind of man he is. Tom, Thank You!

UP Coming Events:

December 1st stated meeting & election of officers.

December 9th The Williamson County Shrine Club Christmas Dinner.
A great dinner, entertainment & a wonderful evening for $30.00 a couple.
Contact Jim Lare 618-534-5705.

December 18th Operation Shriner Claus. This is the Christmas Party for needy
children. Dale McGee will coordinate the event.

Merry Christmas & happy New Year to everyone from the Williamson County
Shrine Club!
                                 Remember . . .
                                  The Reason for the Season

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Collinsville Shrine Club
                                                                                  Mike LaZella
Relleke’s Pumpkin Farms was another successful venture. Even though it tied up our
weekends during the entire month of October, it helped raise a lot of money. It was a
close second to the Italian Festival in terms of money making. After all our expenses
were deducted, our balance sheet came out really good. Final totals for the entire
year will be submitted in our financial report next month. We want to thank all our club
members who dedicated their time and effort with all our events this year. We couldn’t
have done it without your help, dedication and fulfillment of your Shriner’s obligation to
the children.

Several motions were made during the meeting, discussed and were passed. These
motions included: 1. to install indoor & outdoor carpet, instead of cardboard, on the
floor of the trailer. We’ll get some samples and test them for durability, stain resistance,
and ease of cleaning. 2. Preventive maintenance on the Trailer. We will contact a
company to maintain our stoves & set up a check list to ensure the trailer is ready for
next season. 3. Donate our old trailer to the Ainad Temple for their circus events. The
money for the Church donations will be drawn at our December meeting.

The rest of the meeting was left to nominations and election of next year’s Officers. The
new Officers for 2012 are: President: Ken Sweitzer; Vice-President: Robbie Clayton;
Treasurer: Chip Darling; Secretary: Mike LaZella.

Jeannine and Paul Miller, Chip Darling’s grandparents, are doing better. Jeannine had
triple bi-pass surgery this past week, with a few complications, but is doing much better
now. Paul hurt his foot & is doing better as well. They are moving into their new home
at Merridan Village, in Maryville. Everett & Pam Bohnenstiehl are both recovering from
illnesses. Marty Riley’s mother in law is doing better after some complications. We
hope everyone stays well & recovers soon. Our prayers go out to all.

    Having Trouble?                                                     !
    Ainad is wanting to have a Q & A session
    on Computer Basics
    This would cover:
    • Basis operation of the computer
    • Working with email sending attachments
    • Using word processing software like Word, Works or Open Office
    • transfering digital photos from your camera to your computer

    If you are interested in such a course, contact David Casson (618) 670-9725 or

                     Year End Donations Requested
December 15th Election / Meeting night in the small dinning room at 6:30.

Photos with the Potentate Larry Carril for your contributions.
Please remember to support: Ainad Building Fund, Hospital Transportation Fund,
Groom Scholarship Fund, and the 100th Anniversary Fund along with the Hospitals

 17                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
     of Ainad
                              By Maryann Carril

Dear Nobles and Ladies,
         When I began this article featuring couples here at Ainad, I had two goals. One
was to thank our husband and wife teams who work behind the scenes making sure
the Temple, clubs and units functions run smoothly. The second goal was to show our
new Shriners coming in that there is opportunity for their wives to become involved. I
hope I have been able to accomplish at least one of those goals. What better way to
do that than show off our best examples?

                            Bill and Nettie Underwood are truly one of our finest jewels
                            here at Ainad. Bill joined Ainad in 1968 and brought a very dy-
                            namic lady with him. When you read their story I am sure that
                            you will agree that they have found a wonderful way to spend
                            time together doing what they love and we have all benefitted
                            greatly from that.

                       Bill was born in Belleville and Nettie was born in Clay Co. IL.
                       They married on Nov 10th 1956. They have been married 55
                       years. They have two daughters; Sharon Bachert who lives in
      Bill & Nettie    Chino, CA and Karon Hippard living in Belleville. They have
      Underwood        a total of four grand children consisting of one grandson and
three grand daughters. One granddaughter lives in Jackson, Mo. and two live in Chino.
Their grandson, Christopher became a Shriner at the age of 18, carrying on their
family tradition.

Bill joined Masonic Lodge 24, Scottish Rite and Ainad all in 1968. Both he and Nettie
joined the Order of the Eastern Star in 1968. Nettie served as Worthy Matron in 1972
and they were both quite involved with their daughters in Job’s Daughters.

Bill spent seventeen years in the Drum Corps, marching at least two, sometimes three
parades a weekend during the summer. He became a member of ROJ Court 86 in

Bill and Nettie are excellent at time management. Bill still works part-time at Belleville
Recycling and Nettie retired in 2000 from Regions Bank. Bill belongs to the Director’s
Staff, Belleville Shrine Club, Past President. He has also been Liaison Officer to many
clubs over the years and presently is Liaison Officer to Salem Shrine Club. Bill has
served on the Divan line as 2nd Ceremonial Master since 2000. His is a permanent
position that takes unbelievable commitment and Nettie is there with him at all outside
functions. They both work at all the Ainad functions. Nettie is an active member of the
Daughters of the Nile, working every Tuesday on projects for the kids at Shriners
Hospitals for Children®-St. Louis. Bill and Nettie both work all of the circuses, serving
as supervisors for the hucksters. That takes a lot of patience and time. Whew! I think
I’m tired! The next time you see Nettie and Bill, give them a big Thank You for all they
do for Ainad Shriners. They are one of our finest examples and we hope that they are
with us for many more years.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
   Lookin’ for a Good Time?
                  Officer’s EducationalSeminar
                        Saturday, Jan. 21
Sign in 11:00 - 11:45
Seminar 12:00 - 4:00
New and exciting format
Circus food and drinks Provided
Bring your ideas to help other Clubs and Units
Don’t forget Aides and Ambassadors we hope to see you there.
Come learn, meet other nobles, and have a great time!
More information in next month’s Bulletin.
                  Are you interested in meeting other Shriner widows?
                        Are you interested in having a good time?
                             Are you interested in good food?
                   Join the Ainad Belles by getting on our mailing list.
                 You will be informed of the meeting place each month.
                Meetings are always held on the 4th Monday of each month.
                              11:00 a.m. to approx. 1:30 p.m.
                                   Dues are only $5.00
                 Call Pat Frieman at 466-3792 or Mary Vogt at 624-5299

       Franklin County Shrine Club
                                                                              Carroll Kelly
Franklin County Shrine Club met on October 15 at T Street Restaurant in Christopher.
President Dave Tollison called the meeting to order and introduced several attendees
who enjoy dual membership in Franklin and Williamson County Shrine Clubs
including: Roger Ellis and his Lady Jan, Jim Onstott and his Lady Verda, Jerry Brown
and his Lady Carolyn, Brandon Henry and his Lady, Earl Whitson and his Lady Nancy.

Under new business, President Tollison thanked everyone for their help with the Paper
Crusade which brought in $1010.00. Under old business, President Tollison thanked
everyone for all their help with the Bass Tournament. Even though it rained from 3AM
on, the fish were biting and the tournament was successful. Proceeds look to be good--
hopefully as good as the catch!

In the absence of the Captain of the Guard Denver Tolbert, President Tollison an-
nounced the following upcoming events:

12/19--Regular meeting at T Street in Christopher

12/9--Williamson County Shrine Club meeting

12/10--Franklin County Shrine Club Christmas party and gift exchange.

The meeting was adjourned. Noble Jim Broshears said grace and we all enjoyed a
good meal.

 19                                                                 Ainad Shriners . . .
        El Kazam Shrine Club
                                                                                     Ron Thomason
Happy Holidays from El Kazam Shrine Club. We are right in the midst of the Holiday Season and
the members and ladies of El Kazam are busy with many activities and preparations.

Our November meeting was at Three Margaritas in Brighton. We had a great evening of good
food and fellowship. We were honored to have as our guest Assistant Rabban Mike Grafe. We
also had the drawing for our Shotgun Raffle and John Bonn was the lucky winner. Thank you to
all that participated in this Club fund raiser.

El Kazam has the 2012 Ainad Calendars available for you to purchase. This is a great fund raiser
for Ainad and El Kazam. If you are interested in purchasing a calendar, contact any Club officer
and we will see that you get one.

December is our Installation of Officers and Holiday Dinner and will be held on Friday, December
9th at 6:00 p.m. at Fieldon Masonic Lodge. The dinner will be catered by The Brass Door. If you
have not already made your reservations and want to attend, contact Ron Thomason at 314-
378-5544. Our Officers-elect to be installed are Larry Alexander, President; Dan Sherwin, Vice-
President; Ron Thomason, Secretary; Mike Hillman, Treasurer, the Chaplain and Sgt. at Arms
to be appointed.

We will be delivering the toys that we have collected for Shriners Hospitals for Children-St. Louis
on Saturday, December 10th. We will meet at the hospital at 10:30 a.m., deliver the toys and then
go out for lunch. This has become a Holiday Tradition for El Kazam, so come out and join us.
What better way to spend a Saturday morning in December.

We want to welcome one of our new Ainad Shriner’s to El Kazam Shrine Club. Gary Allen Barnes
became a Shriner at the November 5th Ceremonial. We look forward to seeing Allen and his lady
at our many activities.

Our January 2012 meeting will be a potluck dinner at Fieldon Masonic Lodge. The Club will
provide the main dish. You should bring a side dish and/or dessert.

Keep our servicemen and women in your thoughts and prayers, along with Bert and Alma Schaaf,
Alberta Gallay and Al Pace.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

                   Help Our Membership Grow
      Check out this brand new site!

      Learn what Shriners do.

      A private Web Community for Shriners.
      For more info go to: www.shrinersvillage.com/Membership/VirtualMentor.aspx

Having Fun & Helping Kids
       Nile Notes
                                                                             PQ Tonya Young
         What a great time the Ladies of the Household had in November as we
         hosted Supreme Queen Laura Richardson during her Official Visit to Ainad,
         surrounding Temples and our area in general. A large number of our Ladies
         accompanied SQ Laura on her visit to Shriners Hospitals for Children®-St.
Louis and even presented the hospital with two beautiful quilts, handmade by our
talented quilters. It was great to see all the wonderful work done for the children at
the hospital, and there were lots of smiles on the faces of the children as SQ Laura
passed out books and gifts to each child she visited.

Queen Carol and her officers did an outstanding job with the ceremonial during the
Official Visit on Thursday November 10th, and we took in three new Ladies of the
Household. Besides having our SQ Laura, we also had visiting, PSQ Alyce Thomas,
Luana Venegas, PQ, Supreme Pr Zulieka from Tampa FL, Kathleen Maxfield, PQ,
Supreme Pr Musician from Reno NV, as well as several other Supreme Appointees
from Temples in Reno NV, Florida, Tennessee, Missouri and Illinois. We also had
visiting Pr. Royals, Pr. Trizahs and Pr Badouras, as well as several reigning
Queens. It was really special to have so many visitors that had journeyed so far.

It was so nice that PSQ Alyce come to visit this time, for when Queen Carol was on
the throne in 2006, during her official visit, a major ice storm came through in the night,
causing the cancellation of our Temple’s OV. So during her second time around Queen
Carol was able to introduce and share the throne with PSQ Alyce, making the Queen’s
day even more special!

Many friendships, bonding and good times were had by all in attendance, all coming
together for a singular purpose to work for the Children to improve their lives. Thanks
to each of the Ladies of the Household who help to make that happen.

The end of 2011 is quickly approaching, and the holiday celebrations will soon begin.
Pr Angela Langford will be hosting our December luncheon which will be help on
Tuesday December 13 starting at 11:30 a.m. Pr. Angela wants everyone to know
that the luncheon will be POTLUCK! Yummy, there is so many great cooks in our
Temple, you will not go away hungry. So bring your favorite covered dish. Mark your
calendars and join us on this date for great food, fellowship and our regular session
which will begin at 1:00 p.m

Please keep in your prayers and thoughts those members who are in sickness and
distress. If you have not been to session in while, why not plan on joining us in
December? Need a ride? Call a member in your area, they would love to you carpool
with them. Join us in helping make miracles happen everyday at Shriners Hospitals for

 21                                                                   Ainad Shriners . . .
        Dania Shrine Club
                                                                           Ron Williams, PP
The Dania Shrine Club met at the O’Fallon K of C on November 1. A large number of
members were in attendance for the regular meeting.
President Bruce Malear went through the usual opening routine and the minutes from
the previous meeting and the Treasurers report were properly accepted.

A communication was read from the Learning Center, thanking the club for their support
of the 2011 Walk. It was reported that the walk was very successful.
Ray Rohr PP, as Chairman of the nominating committee presented the nominations for
Dania officers for 2011. For President, Scott Miller, for Vice-President, Jim Carroll, for
Secretary, Gene Harris, for Treasurer, Ronald Williams PP, and for 3 year Board
Member, Carl Hall. There being no additional nominations, a motion to elect all
nominations was properly made and all were elected.

Reports were made on the health of Ray Witham and Ed Dressel, Our prayers are with
those Nobles.

Past Presidents were introduced. High Priest and Prophet Rick Sieben introduced the
three Past Potentates present, and the current Divan. He informed all present on the
Ainad calendar for the next couple of months. Ray Rohr PP, was asked to bring the
club up to date on the happenings at the Shriners Hospitals for Children-St Louis. Ray
gave a very good report on the recent bequest from A. B. Hudson Estate. It was the
largest ever received and to properly recognize the gift, the hospital building will be
named the A. B. Hudson Building.

A special thank you to HP&P Rick Sieben for a wonderful snack after the meeting.

The next meeting will be on December 6, at the K of C. It will be the usual December
meeting with the Ladies and invited guests. A holiday menu is planned by incoming
president Scott Miller. Hope to see you there.

                              “The Empty Chair”
                            By Ben Steen November 23, 2003

    As we gather to celebrate, on this Christmas day,
    With all of our families, let’s all stop and pray.

    Cause all across America, in homes everywhere,
    Families will be gathered, at a table with an empty chair.

    One of their loved ones, is not at home to celebrate,
    Some are in foreign lands, and some have met their fate.

    Let’s thank these men and women, who keeps our country strong,
    Let’s stand and salute our flag, and sing our nations songs.

    It’s family time at Christmas, let’s remember them in prayer,
    There are families that are hurting, at a table with an empty chair.

Having Fun & Helping Kids
Big Success at the 5th Annual Timmerz Memorial Run

On August 20, the 5th Annual Timmerz Memorial Run was held in Chester with 380
hands participating. This motorcycle run is held annually in memory of Tim Hartman
who was killed in a motorcycle accident.
The funds raised during this activity are
donated to various projects and the
Shriners Hospitals for Children has been
a recipient since the Run’s beginning.

Donations this year included $5,500.00
to SHC, $1,000.00 the family of David
Straight who was killed in a motorcycle
accident this year, and a $500.00
scholarship to be awarded to a high
school senior. The Shriners appreciate
the efforts of this group of riders for
their generosity.

Accepting the award this year were Chaplain Carl Hall and Ambassador Roland
Wagner of the Randolph County Shrine Club.

         Hey, It’s Time to pay up!

            2012 Dues                                          ES
                            Jan. 1                          DUARD

               Newest Ainad Member at the November
                     Meeting Night Cold Sands

      Michael J Gorsish of Fairview Heights, IL with Potentate Larry Carril.

 23                                                                  Ainad Shriners . . .
        Tri-City Shrine Club
                                                                          Nathan C. Branding
             Season’s Greetings! As we enter the month of December, we are rapidly
             approaching the end of the year 2011 and gearing up for 2012. We look
             forward to spending this wonderful time of year with our many family
             members and friends. I hope that this newsletter finds you and your
family doing well.

On behalf of the TCSC, I would like to congratulate and welcome the newly installed
Nobles that entered into Shrinedom at the fall ceremonial held on November 5th.
Please be sure to introduce yourself and welcome these fine gentlemen into our
grand philanthropy. We would also like to invite and encourage the “New Nobles” to
visit our shrine club, which our doors are always open to you. Great job to all of those
that participated!

Our shrine club was well represented in the Granite City-Santa’s Holiday parade on
November 19th, which our parade float was proudly displayed in honorable style.
Don’t forget that we will have our annual Christmas party on December 16th starting at
6:30 PM. The TCSC will be providing ham, turkey, and sweet potatoes for the dinner
(please bring a side dish). We also appreciate everyone’s generosity by donating gifts
for the children, which we need your support again this year.

Looking ahead into the month of January, we will have our 2012-Installation of Officer’s
Dinner on January 13th at the TCSC (1855 Poplar, Granite City, IL 62040). Doors will
open at 6:00 PM for social hour, dinner begins at 7:00 PM, and the installation will be
conducted at 8:00 PM. Please Note: Everyone must RSVP by January 6th to Ralph
Baker (1605 Wellington, Granite City, IL. 62040 618-931-3359) due to the capacity and/
or availability of seating. The cost is $13.00 per person or $25.00 per couple, which
payment should be completed in advance and accompany your reservation. Plan
on a fun filled night with all your friends! We are looking forward to the many events
scheduled ahead, so be sure to check out your bulletins and mark your calendar.

Sickness and Distress: Herman Harris, Bob Voss, Linda Wense, Charlie Harrison. Jim
Turnbull, Rich Cottrell, Hilda Cottrell, Marion Favier, Dan Evans, Jr. Day, Van Stuart,
James Graham, Ed Werner, Richard and June Branding, James Buford, (and others we
may have inadvertently omitted or were not aware of). We want to remember our ailing
members and families in our thoughts and prayers and wish them a speedy recovery.
Please contact: Nathan C. Branding (618-931-6768 or e-mail addresses of nbranding@
terminalrailroad.com & Brandings2@sbcglobal.net) concerning information for the
sickness & distress column.

I am saddened to report that Earl Benoit, Charles Chapman (charter member) and
Robert Cowan were summoned by the black camel. All were fine members of our
Shrine Club and will be deeply missed. We send our sincerest and heartfelt sympathy
to the Benoit, Chapman and Cowan families.

Let us continue to remember the members of our armed forces who are serving our
country in various points across the world. We want to remember them in our thoughts
and prayers and wish them a safe return home.

Everyone is welcome to visit our website through the following link: http://ainadshriners.
org/tcsc and keep up to date on our activities.
Guests are always welcome to visit the TCSC on the 3rd Thursday of each month at
7:00 PM (except in the months of November and December). The board meetings are
at 6:30 P.M. on the night of stated business meetings. In closing, your membership is
important, so be sure to come down and see us.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
Temple Talk
We have over 200 unpaid members, please pay your dues.

If you have not all ready, Pay for your Circus Tickets!
Cash Calendar – Great gift for the holidays, only $25.00

Shrine items wanted!
Old Shrine photographs, recorded movies, records, nic nac items
anything showing the past 100 years of Ainad wanted. Also, need
display cases to borrow. Contact Mark in the office if you have
any items to donate, put on loan for display. The 100th
Anniversary Committee needs your help.

Dues are Due January 1 Don’t be late.

Ainad Life membership –
$880 until the end of December goes up Jan1 to $1100, save $220.

                   New Members from
                   August Cold Sands

   The names where incorrect from last month’s Bulletin. These are the correct
   names standing with Potentate Larry Carril is Clarence Brackney Jr., Briten R
   Clark, Randal L Patton and Keith E Rogers. Gentlemen welcome to Ainad.

                         Build Character . . .
                         One Step at a Time
 25                                                               Ainad Shriners . . .
        Hospital Unit
                                                                                    Don Kopp
The Hospital Unit nomination committee composed of Allen Schwartz, Ron Meyer and
Mike Hickey, offered the following names for the slate of officers for the year 2012 at
our regular October meeting: Jason Edwards, president, Craig Frey, vice president,
Bob Cook, secretary, and Gary Fisher, treasurer. This slate of officers was accepted,
unanimously, at our November meeting and will be duly sworn in at our December 10th
Installation/Christmas Dinner. I’m certain each and every one of the members of the
Ainad Hospital Unit will offer all our support and backing for this fine slate of officers.

After discussion by the unit and study and discussion by the executive committee, the
recommendation was to approve the donation of $1,000.00 to the Scottish Rite
Learning Center for Dyslexic Children.

In recognition of all the hard work and dedication it must take to be elected to the Divan
and to rise through the ranks and become Potentate, the Hospital Unit granted
Honorary Life Memberships to Past Potentates Ray Rohr, Bill Parker (currently an
emeritus member), Ed Scott and Lou Holcman. These nobles are and have been
members of our unit and continue to serve when possible in the affair of the unit.
Congratulations and thank you for your service to our organization.

           Laurie’s Big New Year’s Bash to Help
        Shriners Hospitals for Children® - St. Louis

                                  Laurie’s Place
                                 Edwardsville, IL
                                 New Year’s Day
                                 12:00 to 6:00pm
  Entertainment:                                    All proceeds from the items as well
  Ainad Drum and Bugle Corps                      as all tips and other donations will be
                                                            given directly to the hospital.
  Raffless, Auction Items & 50/50’s

Shriners Hospitals for Children® is a health care system of 22 hospitals dedicated to
improving the lives of children by providing pediatric specialty care, innovative research
and outstanding teaching programs for medical professionals. Children up to age
18 with orthopedic conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries and cleft lip and palate are
eligible for care and receive all services in a family-centered environment, regardless of
the patient’s ability to pay.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
               Ainad 2011 Calendar Fundraiser
                   October Cash Winners
 $25.00 Winners                                521     Malcolm Zwick
 Cal # Name                                    687     Mac Rohr
 787    Ray Rohr                               1,029   Dean Roberson
 500    Bryon Grafe                            1,012   Terry Brown
 682    Marilyn Mcginnis                       1,451   Lady Fetterer
 534    Gary Kelly                             1,418   Carol Frey
 426    David Wade                             401     Robert Mitchell
 803    Justin Mahaffey                        1,062   Chuck Mettler
 947    Terry Conrad                           805     Walter Litchfield
 1,602 Doc Clubb                               1,056   Jim Kimbro
 161    Georgia Moritz                         1,601   Doc Clubb
 1,533 Sid Kibler                              20      Donald Mueller
 344    Wilbur Miller
 1,376 Paul Buskirk                            $50.00 Winners
 1,384 Gary Schmburg                           182    James Snyder
 1,569 Patti Stokich                           1,436 John Driemeyer
 1,498 Ross Schulte                            144    Carl Mayer
 1,442 Tony Tebbe                              1,332 Jill Foppe
 710    Brad Williams
 136    Roger Laird                            $100.00 Winner
 1,344 Ken Snyder                              22     Les Mehrtens

          2012 Divan Installation &
     Presentation Dinner at Ainad Shrine
                        Cocktails 5:00-6:00 p.m.
                            Dinner 6:00 p.m.
                          Installation 7:30 p.m.
                         Social time afterwards

                           Attire will be business casual

             Complete the lower portion and return by January 12

          Installation dinner is$20.00 per person or $40.00 a couple.

27                                                               Ainad Shriners . . .
                               Screening Clinics
        Thank you to everone for helping with the clinics this year.
        No clinics are scheduled for the renainder of 2011.
        Start planning your clinics for 2012
        As of now, please use only the new Application for Treatment Form
        1036 Rev 5/11/10.

        After selection a date for a clinic: Authorization must be requested from
        the potentate. Please contact Carl Hall.

           Shriners Hospitals for Children-St. Louis number for applications only:
                                                              Voice: 800-850-2960
                                                                Fax: 314-692-6402

                     Ainad Applications to Shriners Hospitals
                                                                             Submitted by
                                                                              Carl E. Hall

    County     October          YTD           County        October        YTD
    Alexander                    1            Lawrence             2         4
    Bond                         4            Macoupin             1         1
    Calhoun                      2            Madison             14        83
    Clark                        0            Marion               2        29
    Clay                         3            Massac                         1
    Clinton        4             7            Monroe               2         2
    Coles                        0            Montgomery                     1
    Crawford       1             7            Perry                1         8
    Cumberland                   0            Pope                           0
    Edwards        1             1            Pulaski                        0
    Effingham      2             7            Randolph             1        11
    Fayette        1            15            Richland                       5
    Franklin                    18            Saline               1        11
    Gallatin                     1            St. Clair            5        62
    Greene         1             1            Union                          2
    Hamilton                     0            Wabash                         1
    Hardin                       1            Washington                     4
    Jackson        1             6            Wayne                2         9
    Jasper                       6            White                2         3
    Jefferson      1            15            Williamson                    17
    Jersey                      10            Out of Jurisdiction            2
    Johnson                      1            Totals              45       362
Having Fun & Helping Kids
      James Bracy           James Radden           Robert Witherspoon
      Herrin, IL            Belleville , IL        Herrin, IL
      October 20            October 30             August 19

      Ronald Cobb           George Rayburn         Roy Wolfmeier
      Cahokia , IL          Owasso, OK             Millstadt, IL
      November 3            August 9               October 27

      Charles Chapman       William Rendleman
      Granite City , IL     Anna, IL
      November 1            November 3

      Robert Cowan          James Renshaw
      Granite City , IL     Carmi, IL
      November 1            October 26

      Billie Koeneman       Richard Richardson
      Chester, IL,          O’Fallon, IL
      November, 16          March 25

      Jerome Pragacz        Raymond Wilson
      Granite City , IL     Fairview Heights, IL
      September 1           February 9

                                  So. . .
                              do you have
                               your 2011
                             DUES CARD?
                               Payment is Overdue

     October               November
     Membership           Membership
     4,682                     4,723
     Creations                  41
     Affiliations                0
     Restorations                0
     Reversals                   0
     Associates                  1
     Demits                     -3
     Suspensions                 0
     Deaths                    -14
     Associates Dropped          0
     Resigned                    0
     Net                        24

29                                                      Ainad Shriners . . .
                                      Ainad Office
609 St. Louis Ave., East St. Louis, IL 62201
Phone: 618 874-1870 Toll Free: (888) 567-1870 Fax: (618) 874-6920
Imperial Web Site: shrinershq.org or shrinersinternational.org
Ainad Web Site: ainadshriners.org
Ainad E-Mail: admin@ainadshriners.org
Ainad Editor: David Ekstrand email: peanut1221@sbcglobal.net
EMERGENCY BURNS Phone Contact Mark Maxwell (618) 616-6843
Potentate - Larry J. Carril (Maryann), 625 W. Division St., Marine, IL 62061
Chief Rabban - Bill Hill (Jeanie), 1407 Benton Ave., Johnston City, IL 62951
Assistant Rabban - Michael H. Grafe (Ginny), 16 Granvue Dr., Belleville, IL 62223
High Priest & Prophet - Richard “Rick” Sieben (Dianne), 3201 Sugar Lake Drive., Freeburg, IL 62234
Oriental Guide - Bill Reidelberger (Beth), 1042 Shadow Ridge Crossing, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Treasurer - Ray Rohr, P.P. (Teri), 121 Longmeade, O’Fallon, IL 62269
Recorder - Steven F. Kibler, P.P. (Diane), 310 Prairie Drive, P.O. Box 12, Dieterich, IL 62424
First Ceremonial Master - Kevin T. Fernandez (Kimberly), 711 Abend, Belleville, IL 62220
Captain of the Guard - Denver L. Tolbert (Johanna), 5268 Park St. Mulkeytown, IL 62865
Outer Guard - Edward D. Allan, 125 Aaron Dr. Belleville, IL 62220

Second Ceremonial Master - William Underwood, Jr. (Nettie), 108 Alex Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Director - James P. Herndon (Karen), 104 LouRosa Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234
Assistant Director - Mike Koeneman (Karen), 212 Adam Drive, Swansea, IL 62226
Marshal - Steve Kraus (Joan), 3925 Upper Saxtown Rd. Millstadt, IL 62223
Chaplain - Richard Colona (Sandra), 2 Price Drive, Troy, IL 62294
Chaplain - Carl Hall, 222 Shoreline Dr #3 O’Fallon 62269
Chaplain - C. Russell Helton (Delene), 1104 Organ St., Eldorado, IL 62930
Administrator - Mark Maxwell 609 St. Louis, Ave. E. St. Louis, IL 62201

                  Imperial Council Representatives
                          Larry Carril • Bill Hill • Mike Grafe • Rick Sieben
                       Jack P. Taylor P.P., Ron Williams, P. P., Colorado Emeritus

     Ainad Members of the St. Louis Hospital Board of Governors
               Ray Rohr, PP • Steve Kibler, PP • Henry Siekmann • Harvey L. Mirly MD
               Adrian Croissant III • Carl E. Hall, Associate • Ron Williams, PP, Emeritus
          C. A. Jack Dempsey, PP, Emeritus Chairman • E. Gene Ross, Emeritus Chairman
          Irvin C. Slate, Jr., PP, Emeritus Chairman • L. Ray Radliff, PP, Emeritus Chairman

                                   Temple Unit Schedule
  Following are the scheduled meeting nights of the various AINAD Uniformed Units who hold their
                             meetings at the AINAD SHRINE CENTER:
        DRUM & BUGLE CORPS - Each Monday Night • ARAB PATROL - 1st and 3rd Tuesday
                 HIGHLANDERS-Monday Night • COLOR GUARD - 4th Monday Night
      BRASS BAND - 2nd Friday and 4th Friday Night • DIRECTOR’S STAFF - 2nd Monday Night
          UNIFORMED UNITS - 2nd Thursday Night • AINAD HOSPITAL UNIT - 3rd Tuesday
                 LEGION OF HONOR - 3rd Tuesday • KRAZY KLOWNS - 4th Monday
              ORIENTAL BAND - 1st Tuesday Night • PROVOST GUARD - 4th Thursday

The Ainad Bulletin is published 11 months a year except for July by the Ainad Shriners,
located at 609 St Louis Ave, East St Louis, IL 62201-2927.
Having Fun & Helping Kids
     PERMIT NO. 1371
      U.S. POSTAGE

      ST. LOUIS, MO

Volume 87 December 2011 • No. 10
     East St. Louis, IL 62201
      609 St. Louis Avenue
         Ainad Shriners

                                                   Calendar of Events
                December                                      February
                10                 Breakfast with Santa       4       Circus/Chili Cook-off
                15                 *Meeting/Elections         23      *Stated Meeting
                26                 Ainad Closed

                12                 *Stated Meeting
                21                 Officers Seminar/Install
                                   Presentation Dinner
                21                 East/West Shrine Game

                * Indicates Ainad Function
                Do not schedule Club or Unit Activities on these dates. Encourage your
                members to attend Ainad Activities.

                Next Stated Meeting December 15 Stated Meeting
                Dinner Starting at 6:00 P.M. Meeting at 7:30 P.M.

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