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					Transforming Public Services •

 Moving Forward

                                                                     SUMMER– 2010 – ISSUE 3
                                                                             article name
 Public Service Agreement
 2010 – 2014

 Minister of State Dara Calleary, T.D.
 The Croke Park Agreement

 Reports from the Sectors

 Transformation Seminars
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              2.   Editorial
  2                                         The Public Service Agreement 2010-2014 has recently been ratified by the ICTU Public
              3.   Setting the Pace         Services Committee. The Agreement, also known as the Croke Park Agreement, provides a
                                            platform for a faster pace of Public Service transformation and will involve radical change in
                                            the way we do our business. Implementation of the Agreement will be covered regularly in
              4.   Moving Forward
                                            OneGov in the coming months.

              5.   Perfecting Processes     The coming weeks will see the presentation of the Taoiseach’s Public Service Excellence
                                            Awards and the next OneGov will be a special edition celebrating the considerable
              5.   Better Procurement       achievements from across the Public Service. Since 2004, when the Awards were first
                                            presented, the number of applications has increased considerably. More importantly, the
              6.   Nifty Fifty              quality of those submissions seem to get better and better. The Awards are an important
– editorial

                                            opportunity to recognise the commitment and dedication of people working right across
              6.   Learning Points          the Public Service. Those qualities will be essential supports to the Public Service and to the
                                            citizen in the months and years ahead.
              6.   Not So Taxing
                                            Mr. Dara Calleary T.D., recently appointed Minister of State for Transforming Public
                                            Services, opens this edition (page 3) by setting the scene for the next phase of Public Service
              7.   Improving Health         transformation. A related article on page 4 addresses the Croke Park Agreement.

              7.   Stopping Violence        The citizen-centred TPS programme places firm empahasis on excellent service and value for
                                            money. Two recent seminars addressed different aspects of this commitment (page 5): one
              7.   Most Excellent           encouraged the careful examination and redesign of business processes to ensure excellence
                                            in administration and service delivery; the other focused on the efficient and effective
              8.   Operation Cooperation    procurement of goods and services.

              8.   Competition              As ever, OneGov reports on the achievements and activities of colleagues across all sectors
                                            of the Public Service. In this edition, we cover news on work to make improvements in
                                            the Health Sector; a Justice Sector strategy to combat domestic, sexual and gender-based
                                            violence; a customer-friendly means for Local Authorities to collect charges for second
                                            residential properties; and developments in the Education Sector.

                                            We also take a look at some of the joint initiatives with Departments and agencies in
                                            Northern Ireland.

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                                            As already mentioned, the next edition of OneGov will be devoted to celebrating the success
                                            of those twenty projects that have earned this year’s Taoiseach’s Public Service Excellence
                                            Awards. In the meantime, take care of yourselves.

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Setting the pace                                                                                                                                           3

The importance of engaging with Public Service transformation, by Dara Calleary, T.D.,
Minister of State for Public Service Transformation
THE TRANSFORMATION OF our Public                                                                     Managing and Leading Change
Service is a key challenge facing us in the                                                          This will mean a fresh approach to the
months and years ahead. It is our shared                                                             design and delivery of public programmes

                                                                                                                                                          article the pace
priority and will require the commitment                                                             and the management of the organisations

                                                                                                                                                        – Setting name
and energy of all of us who work in the                                                              responsible for them. I believe that the
Public Service.                                                                                      Public Service has the capacity, commitment,
                                                                                                     and knowledge for such transformation
The goal is a Public Service which is leaner,                                                        and innovation.
more agile, affordable and effective, and more
focussed on the needs of citizens. The                                                               To strengthen this capacity, a number of
programme of change agreed by management                                                             senior appointments, including a Chief
and unions as part of the Public Service                                                             Information Officer, will be made to bring
Agreement sets out how this will be achieved                                                         greater expertise to the leadership of change
– and what it will mean for individual public                                                        in the critical areas of e-government, shared
servants. The Agreement provides us with an                                                          services and public procurement. In addition,
unprecedented opportunity to transform our                                                           the Government will re-constitute the Top
Public Service for the benefit of citizens and                                                       Level Appointments Committee with more
public servants alike.                                                                               outside members, and establish a new Senior
                                                                                                     Public Service which will initially involve the
There is plenty that is positive about the                                                           assignment and development of all
Public Service and, in transforming how we                                                           Secretaries General and Assistant Secretaries
do things, we must be careful to hold on to        I know the vast majority of public servants are   and equivalents in Government
those traditional positives, including fairness,   up for this.                                      Departments.
honesty and a real commitment to public
service. But there is also a need to change, to    New technology will be applied to boost the       A Public Service Advisory Board will be
modernise structures and processes. The            productivity and effectiveness of public          established shortly. Its role will be to provide
Government is committed, in partnership            servants. Information will be shared more         independent advice to the Government on
with key stakeholders, to overseeing a             widely across our systems and, in the process,    the ongoing transformation of the Public
comprehensive programme of transformation          this will reduce the burden on businesses and     Service, drawing on private sector and
in the Public Service. This transformation         citizens of providing information repeatedly.     international best practice.
means removing barriers between different
branches of the Public Service and different                                                         These initiatives will help maximise the
organisations. Individual public servants will
                                                   “The agreement provides us with                   potential of the Public Service to meet our
need to increase their flexibility and work        an unprecedented opportunity to                   current and future challenges. Now, more
together across sectoral, organisational and       transform our Public Service for                  than ever, we need to embrace change in our
professional boundaries. It means re-                                                                own organisations. My role is to strengthen
engineering the way we do business so that         the benefit of citizens and public                 the political leadership of the transformation
the various components of our services are         servants alike.”                                  process and, in doing so, I look forward to
delivered in the most efficient way possible.                                                        working with you in all sectors.

 On 23rd March, 2010, the Taoiseach, Mr. Brian Cowen, T.D., announced the
 appointment of Mr. Dara Calleary, T.D., as Minister of State at the Departments of
 the Taoiseach and Finance with special responsibility for Public Service
 Transformation (in addition to his existing responsibility for Labour Affairs).
                                    Moving forward
       4                            What the Croke Park Agreement means
– justice/education/civil service

                                    THE CROKE PARK AGREEMENT was                      work practices etc. Overall, the terms of the    The full text of the Public Service
                                    recently ratified by the Public Services          Agreement provide a basis for stability and      Agreement is available on the Transforming
                                    Committee of ICTU. It includes a                  progress to the benefit of public servants and   Public Services website – -
                                    programme of modernisation and change             citizens alike.                                  and future editions of OneGov will include
                                    in the Public Service, and a structure for                                                         updates on its implementation.
                                    how public service pay will be determined         The management / union Implementation
                                    over the period to 2014. It is an agreement       Body, which is provided for in the
                                    between Public Service management and             Agreement, will be established shortly. This
                                    unions, and will require both to work             Body will play an important role in driving
                                    together to deliver on its potential. It covers   the change process, and ensuring that any
                                    a range of important transformation issues        difficulties encountered are resolved in a
                                    across all of the main sectors of the Public      fair and speedy manner. In addition, the
                                    Service including Health, Education, Local        Body will independently verify the savings
                                    Government, Justice, Defence, the Civil           derived from the implementation of the
                                    Service and State Agencies.                       Agreement in the individual sectors of the
                                                                                      Public Service.
                                    The objective of this Agreement is to
                                    ensure that the Public Service continues          The Government has instructed senior             “The objective of this Agreement
                                    its contribution to the return to economic        management across the entire Public Service
                                    growth and prosperity, while at the same          to accord the highest possible priority to
                                                                                                                                       is to ensure that the Public Service
                                    time delivering excellence in its service to      implementing the change agenda set out           continues its contribution to the
                                    all citizens.                                     in the Agreement. To this end, substantial       return to economic growth and
                                                                                      preparatory work has already taken place
                                    Under the Agreement, Public Service               across the Public Service and progress on        prosperity, while at the same time
                                    management and unions have given a range          detailed implementation plans will be            delivering excellence in its service to
                                    of commitments in relation to issues such as      reviewed by the new Implementation Body
                                    pay and pensions, redeployment, changes to        in due course.
                                                                                                                                       all citizens.”
Perfecting processes
TPS Seminar on re-designing Business Processes                                                                                                           5
                                                                                                   Agriculture, Fisheries & Food), Leo Stronge
                                                                                                   (Health Service Executive), John O’Connor
                                                                                                   (Kerry County Council) and two speakers
                                                                                                   from the Refugee Appeals Tribunal, Niall
                                                                                                   Colgan and Chris O’Donohoe. All shared

                                                                                                                                                    – health/local government
                                                                                                   their unique experience of the benefits of the
                                                                                                   various aspect of business process redesign
                                                                                                   was shared.

                                                                                                   Feedback from the event was positive and the
                                                                                                   TPS Programme Office is looking forward
                                                                                                   to organising similar events in the future –
                                                                                                   good news, in particular, for those that had
                                                                                                   to be turned away from this seminar due to
                                                                                                   unprecedented demand!

                                                                                                   The CSTDC (Civil Service Training &
PUBLIC SERVANTS ACROSS all sectors                is important, in pragmatic terms, to identify    Development Service) operates a course on
attended a free seminar, hosted by the            where changes would be beneficial and            Business Process Improvement (BPI).
TPS Programme Office on 21st May. The             increase efficiency. In some cases, this might   Visit their website for more information on
Coach House, Dublin Castle was the packed         even mean breaking with certain “traditions”     the course:
venue for a half day event on Redesigning         and age-old practices.
Business Processes.
                                                                                                        FURTHER INFORMATION
                                                  The seminar, chaired by David Feeney of
The redesign of back-office business              the Department of the Taoiseach, included
processes can make huge differences to            contributions from high calibre speakers,              For more information on
the quality of the service enjoyed by             including Tim Duggan (Department of                     the seminar, and on the
the customer. The redesign process can            Finance), Tom O’Driscoll, (Stratigos),                Transformation programme
provide valuable opportunities to assess and      Niamh O’Donoghue (Department of Social               generally, visit
streamline existing processes and practices. It   Protection), Seán Keevey (Department of

Better procurement
TPS Seminar on Effective Public Procurement
ST. PATRICK’S HALL, Dublin Castle,                involved, Christine Comiskey and Elizabeth
on 6th May was the venue for the seminar,         Neary from the Office of the Chief State
Effective Public Procurement: Key                 Solicitor explored the implications of the
Challenges for 2010. The event, jointly           new EU “Remedies Directive” that governs
hosted by the Transforming Public Services        procurement matters.
(TPS) Programme Office and the National                                                            is, now more than ever, an important issue
Procurement Service (NPS), was offered to         Leo Stronge, Head of Procurement in the          for the Irish Public Service and, indeed, for
participants free of charge.                      Health Service Executive (HSE), gave the         taxpayers.
                                                  HSE perspective on the public procurement
Martin Bourke (NPS) chaired the busy event        challenge. The seminar was wrapped up                 FURTHER INFORMATION
which was opened by Philip Kelly, Assistant       by Patrick McGovern of Arthur Cox
Secretary at the Department of the Taoiseach.     Solicitors, with a presentation on the
He underlined the importance of effective         crucial need for openness and transparency in        Presentations from the seminar
public procurement to the TPS agenda. The         public procurement.                                      and related information
NPS Director, Vincent Campbell, described                                                                    can be downloaded
the detailed role of the National Procurement     This event stimulated a great number of                 at www.opw/en/seminar
Service. Covering the complex legal issues        questions from the floor, highlighting what
                  Nifty fifty                                         A happy milestone for the Quality Customer Service
                                                                      Officers’ Network.
                 The Quality Customer Service (QCS)               year) to discuss matters of common interest       areas in which the Network has made
   6             Officers’ Network reached a happy milestone      in relation to the delivery of excellent          important progress over the past 10 years
                 at its most recent meeting on 26th May: it       customer services. The Network provides an        include equality/diversity issues, the Official
                 was the group’s 50th meeting.                    important platform for members to discuss         Languages Act, customer consultation/
                                                                  new initiatives and share experience and best     surveys, the Taoiseach’s Public Service
                 The QCS Officers’ Network was set up             practice on all aspects of Customer Service.      Excellence Awards, customer feedback
                 in October, 2000. It comprises customer                                                            management and the use of emerging
                 service representatives drawn from all           While the Network has been instrumental in        technologies in service delivery.
                 Government Departments and Offices.              supporting and promoting all facets of the
                 Since its inception, the Network has been        QCS Initiative at local level, perhaps its most   OneGov congratulates the QCS Officers’
                 chaired by Bryan Andrews, Chief Executive        obvious achievement has been the successful       Network on its many achievements
– article name

                 of the Public Appointments Service. The          implementation of the Customer Charter            and wishes it continued success in its
                 Network meets regularly (4-5 times every         and Action Plan Initiative. Other important       ongoing work.

                 Learning points                                  providing services more effectively and
                                                                  efficiently to the benefit of the citizen.
                                                                  Working groups have been established to
                                                                                                                    • A high tech Geographical Information
                                                                                                                      System for planning school
                 Education Sector                                 progress the agenda – such as improved            • A “one-stop shop” website providing
                                                                  procurement of goods and services. Nine             information on student finance;
                 THE TPS AGENDA is progressing                    education agencies have come together             • An electronic primary school pupil census
                 in the education sector. Promotion,              to exploit the buying power of the group            return obviating the paper forms/mailing/
                 communication and facilitation of TPS are        for various services - including audit              copying and other administration work,
                 the key elements. Seminars, communications       services, superannuation advice and                 for the over 3,000 schools involved;
                 and presentations made at staff networks         recruitment services.                             • An electricity procurement initiative
                 all are aimed at promoting TPS activity in                                                           involving a group of third level colleges
                 the sector.                                      While some projects, such as larger ICT             with projected savings of 17%; and
                                                                  initiatives, may only be in the preliminary       • Bluebrick – a web portal for part-time
                 The various parts of the sector – VECs,          stages, there are many smaller concrete             learners allowing them to search, compare,
                 Universities, Institutes of Technology           examples of how the TPS approach is                 and apply on-line for courses in the
                 (IOTs), for example – are working on             delivering practical benefits. They include:        Institutes of Technology.

                 Not so taxing
                 SINCE THE INTRODUCTION of the
                                                                                                Local Government Sector

                                                                  to register their property. A high percentage
                 NPPR (Non Principal Private Residence)           of payments have taken place online with
                 charge, local authorities have successfully      each local authority also accepting personal
                 collected just over €100 million – a             payments to accommodate the digital divide.
                 combination of monies paid for 2009
                 and 2010.                                        In 2009 the deadline for payment of the
                                                                  charge was 30th September with penalty
                 The Local Government (Charges) Act of            charges of €20 accruing from 31 October.           This demonstrates the capacity of the
                 2009 requires owners of residences in Ireland,   The liability date for 2010 and subsequent         Local Government system to provide an
                 which are not their main home, to pay a          years is 31st March. Late payments of €20 per      efficient, effective, citizen-friendly shared
                 €200 charge to the local authority in which      month will accrue from 1st July.                   payment and information system within a
                 the residence is based. The onus is on the                                                          very tight timeframe. It is a real example of
                 individual to declare their liability to the     By the end of October 2009, over 199,000           TPS in action.
                 relevant local authority.                        properties had been registered on-line and
                                                                  over €39.8 million collected. This figure               FURTHER INFORMATION
                 From the outset, the County and City             continued to grow, surpassing stakeholder
                 Managers Association (CCMA) adopted a            expectations. Compliance in 2010 has been
                                                                                                                          Visit for more
                 national approach to collecting the charge.      strong but has not yet reached that of 2009.
                 The website,, was quickly            A sustained media campaign continues to                 information on the charge
                 developed to provide information, accept         inform the public of their requirements to           and/or to make online payments.
                 online payments and make it easy for people      maximise compliance.
Improving health                                                                                     Health Sector

THE HSE NATIONAL SERVICE PLAN,                    hours childcare, as well as disability, mental    • the percentage of primary care teams that         7
approved by Minister for Health & Children        health and addiction services. A minimum of         are implementing structured diabetes
Mary Harney, T.D., in February outlines how       €17m will fund innovation in service delivery.      care and structured asthma prevention
the HSE plans to deliver health and personal                                                          and care;
social services. Within its budget of over        Service level improvements                        • waiting times for assessment following a
€14 billion and staff of around 109,000, the      The further development of cancer services          referral of child abuse or neglect;
projected service activity levels for 2010 are    nationally – including urgent referrals for       • elder abuse measures;
broadly in line with 2009 levels.                 cancer control – will also be supported.          • waiting times from GP referral to
                                                  The implementation of the Ryan Report               attendance at outpatient departments and
From cost savings being made, the                 recommendations is also catered for.                from outpatient departments to admission;

                                                                                                                                                     – article name
Government can now make additional                                                                  • waiting times for lung, prostate and rectal
resources available to assist the HSE to          Key targets for Acute Hospitals and                 cancer treatment.
respond to priority needs and to support          Emergency Departments have been set.
ongoing reform.                                   Similar attention is being given in the areas
                                                  of Primary Care, Children and Families,
These measures will allow for an important        Older People, Disability Services and
range of financial supports across the health     Mental Health Services.
services. Home Care packages, the growth in
the number of people qualifying for Fair          New performance measures
Deal, medical card cover and GP visit cards       • The Plan also commits to the
will all benefit.                                   development and reporting
                                                    of additional performance
New service needs will be supported in the          measures in 2010 including:
areas of haemodialysis, transplants, paediatric   • a range of measures in the
transport, adult critical care, paediatric          quality and clinical care
neurosurgery/critical care, neonatal hearing,       area, including antibiotic
childcare and fostering, immunology, out-of-        consumption rates;

Stopping violence                                                                                    Justice Sector

Cosc – an Irish word meaning ‘stop’ or            launched last March by the Minister for           and, on the other, to respond effectively to
‘prevent’ – is the name given to the office       Justice and Law Reform.                           such violence. Ultimately the impact of the
established by Government in June 2007 to                                                           strategy will be fewer victims of domestic
ensure co-ordinated and effective whole-of-       The strategy is a clear statement of the          and sexual violence, better services for those
government action on domestic, sexual and         Government’s priority actions to address          who are victims and increased accountability
gender-based violence against women, men          domestic, sexual and gender-based violence        by perpetrators.
and older people in Irish society.                in Ireland in the five-year period from 2010
                                                  to the end of 2014.                               The strategy will provide a clear focus
The National Strategy on Domestic, Sexual                                                           and common direction for the many
and Gender-based Violence, developed by           The main focus of the strategy is, on the         organisations working in the area over the
Cosc following public consultation, was           one hand, to prevent the violence concerned       next 5 years.

  Most excellent                                  were received) and shows quite clearly
                                                  that a huge amount of work is going on
                                                                                                   which the Awards-winning projects
                                                                                                   will be featured. The successful projects
  Thursday, 8th July, will see the                in the Public Service to improve services,       are drawn from all sectors of the Public
  presentation of the Taoiseach’s Public          processes and administration. We have            Service.
  Service Excellence Awards 2010. A total of      all experienced the somewhat negative
  208 applications received from right across     perceptions, so it’s good to be able to          Details of the winning projects will
  the Public Service, has been whittled down      identify and recognise the good work that’s      feature in a special issue of OneGov
  to just 20 recipients.                          taking place in the Public Service.              Newsletter that will be dedicated to
                                                                                                   the Awards.
  The 208 entries represent an increase of        The Awards ceremony in Dublin Castle
  12.6 % from 2008 (when 183 applications         will be preceded by a special conference, at     Publication is expected in mid-July.
                                                                                                                                 1st prize: iPod Touch
                                                                                                                             2nd and 3rd prizes: iPod Nano

      8                                                                                                       Answer the following:
                                                                                                              1. Where was the May seminar on Business Process Improvement
  good cooperation/competition

                                                                                                              2. Who is the Minister of State for Public Service Transformation?

                                                                                                              3. What is the name of the office established to ensure a
                                                                                                                 coordinated response to domestic and sexual violence against
– article name

                                                                                                                 women and men?

                                                                                                              4. What do the initials NPPR stand for?

                                 Operation                                                                    5. When was the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly restored
                                                                                                              (month and year)?

                                 Cooperation                                                                  6. How many meetings have the QCS Officers’ Network had to date?

                                 IN THE CURRENT challenging economic circumstances, agreeing
                                 joint initiatives with Departments and agencies in Northern Ireland –        How to enter: Send your answers to Send
                                 and saving money together by eliminating duplication in the provision        your hard-copy entries to ONEGOV Newsletter, TPS Programme Office,
                                 of services – is likely to achieve higher priority than ever before.         Department of the Taoiseach, Dublin 2. The closing date for the receipt of
                                                                                                              entries is Friday, 13th August 2010.
                                 The period since the restoration of the Northern Ireland Executive
                                 and Assembly in May 2007 – and the famous day when Ian Paisley               Name:
                                 and Martin McGuinness came together on the steps of Stormont –               Address:
                                 has been an unprecedented one in terms of cross-border cooperation
                                 between Departments North and South. Officials in the Department
                                 of Transport have worked closely with the Department of Regional
                                 Development in Northern Ireland to oversee support for the soon-
                                 to-be upgraded A5 road to Derry and Letterkenny and for the City
                                 of Derry Airport. The Department of Communications, Energy &                 Email:
                                 Natural Resources has worked closely with its counterpart in Northern
                                 Ireland and the various regulatory authorities to deliver a Single           OneGov Issue 2 winners
                                 Electricity Market for the island and, with EU support, to improve           1st Prize: Teresa Walsh, Department of Finance, Dublin
                                 broadband connectivity for the North-West through Project Kelvin.            2nd Prize: Carol O’Dwyer, Department of the Taoiseach, Dublin
                                 These exciting developments have been replicated in important areas          3rd Prize: Jacqueline Gallagher, Property
                                 like health and education, with patients in certain border areas now         Registration Authority, Roscommon
                                 able to access GP and radiotherapy services in the other jurisdiction and
                                 strategic cooperation deepening in higher education, including between
                                 Letterkenny IT and the University of Ulster.

                                 These initiatives complement the activities of North/South Bodies

                                                                                                             WI N!
                                 like Tourism Ireland, InterTradeIreland and Waterways Ireland in
                                 showcasing the island, ensuring it fulfils its economic potential, and
                                 helping it return to a path of sustainable growth. This important
                                 work is being delivered through the North/South Ministerial Council
                                 and through a range of other contacts between key decision-makers
                                 North and South. Cross-border relations on the island have never been
                                                                                                                                                                                           of Apple

                                 better and the determination will be to ensure that this momentum
                                 is maintained – and that officials explore new opportunities for

                                 cooperation as they arise – over the months and years to come.

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