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Your key to the roaming world
International roaming and interworking are          Bearing this in mind, and in order to be in a
key factors of GSM success. International           position to offer worldwide roaming coverage,     One roaming agreement
roaming not only offers worldwide coverage          Comfone has developed and launched
for subscribers, it also acts as a crucial          its unique roaming service, Comfone               for multiple destinations
contribution to operators’ revenue.                 Key2roam®, in accordance with GSMA
                                                    standards and guidelines.
However, with more than 600 operators in                                                              to outsource labour intensive and expensive
about 200 countries, bilateral roaming has          The Comfone Key2roam® concept is based            processes, without losing any know-how.
become a very complex, labour intensive and         on the well known hub and spoke model.
expensive task.                                     The service allows access to multiple             All Comfone Key2roam® processes are
                                                    destinations and networks with only one           fully compliant with the appropriate GSMA
                                                    single roaming relation.                          standards.

                                                    The avowed goal of Comfone Key2roam®
Increase your roaming                               is to reduce complexity and costs without

coverage and cut your                               losing roaming coverage or connectivity.

costs                                               Comfone Key2roam® allows operators to
                                                    focus on their core competencies as well as

                       PMN B                                            PMN A                                      PMN C

                                         One agreement

                                                               Comfone Key2roam®

                                                             Clearing          Signalling

                     Reduced complexity                                                             Increased availability

                                 PMN                               PMN

                                              PMN                              PMN           PMN           PMN

Figure 1 The hub solution

Comfone Key2roam Service                                                                                                                            1

The hub solution

                                                                                                        Access via 3rd party
                               Roaming    Comfone Key2roam®            Roaming

                                               VPMN‘     HPMN‘
                                                                                          VPMN          signalling and clearing
                                                                                                        agents supported

                                                                            coordination                GSMA and
                    Signalling                   Signalling                  Signalling                 industry standards
                      Clearing                    Clearing                     Clearing
                     (DC / FC)                    (DC / FC)                   (DC / FC)                 Comfone Key2roam® is fully compliant with
                                                                                                        GSMA standards. All elements such as
                     SMS-IW                       SMS-IW                      SMS-IW
                                                   Hub                                                  interconnection, account transfer proce-
                                                                                                        dures, error handling and fraud processes
                      Voice                                                       Voice                 are aligned to the actual permanent reference
                                                                                                        documents (PRDs). A service agreement for
                      GPRS                                                        GPRS                  Comfone Key2roam® is a bilateral roaming
                                                                                                        agreement based on the established PRDs
                     MMS-IW                                                   MMS-IW                    AA.13, AA.14, IR.21, AA.19, AA.40, their
                                                                                                        appendices and deviations.
                        3G                                                         3G
                                                                                                        Alignment to these well known standards
                                                                                                        guarantees easy implementation of internal
                                                                                                        and external processes at no additional
Figure 2 Service scenarios in a roaming environment                                                     costs.

Financial                                               A flexible and
assurance                                               fair partnership
Comfone Key2roam® is your bilateral and                 The operator can decide whether he wants
fully responsible partner to all Key2roam®              to set up a roaming relation via Key2roam®
networks. Comfone Key2roam®, in its                     or bilaterally. Changing between bilateral or
role as a roaming provider, takes over full             Key2roam® connections is possible anytime.
financial liability as a debtor/creditor for            This guarantees absolute autonomy and
the Key2roam® networks. With only one                   flexibility for the operator.
financial transaction, all credits or debits of all
Key2roam® networks will be settled, putting             Assured quality, maximum availability and a
an end to complex settlement procedures                 choice of network optimises an operator’s
with different currencies and different                 revenue.
payment dates. The monthly settlement
report still displays all usage and transaction
information based on the CDRs.

Comfone Key2roam Service                                                                                                                             2
                                           Comfone Key2roam®                    PMN B

           PMN A
Every new Key2roam® network is fully                                            PMN C            All further networks will be tested fully
tested with Comfone’s test network (Orange
                                                    Automated testing for                        automatically with the Key2roam® test
                                                                                                 equipment. A written opening letter will be
All tests are performed with the appropriate        each new roaming                             distributed.
IREG and TADIG test procedures according
to GSMA standards.                                  destination PMN D                            The operator is not required to perform
                                                                                                 any additional IREG and TADIG tests.
The relation between an operator and                                                             This guarantees fast implementation and
the test network is treated like a standard         and activated with the “commercial letter”   an enormous reduction of an operator’s
bilateral connection with a “TAP-CC”               according to the GSMA standard.
                                                  Cards                                          expenditure.

                                           Comfone Key2roam®                    PMN B
                                                                                                 Quality assurance
                                                                                                 The Comfone Key2roam® test equipment
                                                                                                 performs fully automated IREG cross testing.
           PMN A                                                                                 The set up of the test infrastructure supports
                           TADIG testing                                                         regular and proactive testing of the networks.
                                                                                PMN C
                                                                                                 All tests are compliant with GSMA IR.24,
                            IREG testing      platform                                           IR.35, etc. and can be modified or intensi-
                                                                                                 fied if required. This allows proactive quality
                                                                                                 control of the roaming connections and fast
                                                                                PMN D            correction of errors with reduced expenditure
                                                                                                 for operators.

                                                                                                 The test SIM cards required for test purposes
                                                                                                 of all networks are centrally stored in a highly
                                                                                                 secured environment in Switzerland. This
                                                                                                 prevents any misuse and potential fraud.
Figure 3 Initial testing
                                                                                                 Guaranteed quality and maximised availability
                                                                                                 of networks assure optimal revenue.
                                           Comfone Key2roam®                    PMN B

           PMN A                                                                                 implementation
                                                                                PMN C
                                                                                                 Alignment to GSMA- and industry standards
                                                                                                 allows operators to retain their existing infra-
                                                                                                 structure. No further investment or adjust-
                                                                                                 ments to existing processes are required.
                                                                                                 The implementation of Comfone Key2roam®
                                                                                PMN D
                                                                                                 is simply one more roaming connection.

                                                                                                 No organisational adjustments or changes to
                                                  SIM-                                           internal processes are necessary, therefore
                                                                                                 minimising costs.

Figure 4 Remote tests

                                           Comfone Key2roam®                    PMN B
Comfone Key2roam Service                                                                                                                            3

Our value proposition
 ■ One roaming relation for        ■ One single monthly settlement                ■ No service charge
    multiple destinations:
    Less complexity                ■ Automated testing for setting up             ■ No traffic – no costs
    Less relationship management      roaming destinations:
    Less testing                      Tests are performed automatically           ■ Enhanced efficiency
    Faster time to market             through Key2roam®‘s Test Unit for every
    One agreement                     new Key2roam® destination

 ■ Financial assurance:            ■ Easy installation:
    No debtor loss                   Standard processes
    One currency                     No investment
    One settlement
    Less risk                      ■ Industry compatibility:
                                     No changes in processes
 ■ Quality assurance:                GSMA standard
    Proactive testing                Access via 3rd party signalling
    Increased availability           and/or clearing agents supported
    Increased turnover
    Less troubleshooting

                                                                                Comfone AG
                                                                                Nussbaumstrasse 25
                                                                                P.O. Box
                                                                                CH-3000 Bern 22

                                                                                Main Switchboard:
                                                                                Tel: +41 31 341 10 10
                                                                                Fax: +41 31 341 10 11

                                                                                Sales & Sales Support Teams:
                                                                                Tel: +41 31 341 11 72
                                                                                Fax: +41 31 341 10 11

                                                                                For more details:
                                                                                                               July 2008

Essential elements for roaming                                                                                 4

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