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					                           BENEFIT RIDE

                                APRIL 30, 2011
                                All Bikes Welcome
   Registration will begin at 8:30 at Heart of Dixie Harley Davidson in

                        Cost is $20 plus $10 for a passenger

               We will leave at 9:30 ending at Moody City Hall
     Enjoy bar-b-que, fun, and prizes while helping a good cause. Life South
  Community Blood Bank will be taking blood donations for anyone that would
  like to donated for Clay or one of the other 2 kids currently being treated for
                     Aplastic Anemia at Children's Hospital.

 Background Story from Clay's mom Bridget
Clay Gilley is my 7 year old precious son who always has a smile on his face no matter the
situation. He loves GOD with all his heart and is friends with everyone.
On January 18th, he was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia. This is a life threatening disease that
effects the bone marrow. He is at risk of catching infections since his WBCs are low. He is also
at risk for bleeding since his platelets that clot your blood are low.
He has to be homebound (no school) due to the risk of infections. He also is limited to what he
can do since his platelets are low. Try keeping an active 7 year old inside and not hurting himself
is a challenge. Clay is staying strong but bruises very easy. They are watching his counts to make
sure they don't fall to danger levels.
The treatment for this disease is a Bone Marrow Transplant. My daughter was tested but she was
not a match. Clay has gone through ATG treatments but it can take up to 3 months to see if it
works. We are praying for divine healing of Clay but if we have to go to a transplant we pray
that a suitable match can be found. Keep Clay in your prayers and our family as we go through
this storm.
For more on Clay visit and put in claygilley for the web site.

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