OASIS-EMA-OE-Minutes-20110105-FINAL by wuzhengqin


									     OASIS Emergency Management Adoption Outreach & Education SC
                                      Meeting Minutes:

Date: 05 Jan 2010
Time: 9:00 – 9:40 am ET

Tom Ferrentino
Patrick Gannon
Camille Osterloh


1. Review Minutes
Reviewed Minutes of 4 Aug 2010.
Reviewed Minutes of 13 Oct 2010.
Reviewed Minutes of 11 Nov 2010.
Minutes approved.

2. Review Education & Webinar Plans
   - McGarry agreed to prepare a more technical presentation and how the standards fit
   - Final slides will likely need to be approved by the EMA TC as Committee Note Draft,
      after review by the O&E SC.
   - There are also some editorial footnotes that are required on all slides. There were some
      questions as to what requirements apply for webinar slides. CO to contact OASIS staff
      for clarification.

3. Review NCOIC Outreach
   - R. Brooks not present.

4. Review Outreach to TEP
   - T. Grapes not present

5. Any other new business

6. Next Meeting on 19 Jan 2011
       - Status on TEP outreach – invite Tim Grapes
       - Status on NCOIC & TSO outreach

We will stay with using the DHS S&T PIN: +1-800-320-4330, PIN 340912#
Move to adjourn the meeting.

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