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					About the Personal Development Plan:

Use this plan to set down your objectives, review your progress to date and to help you to identify any skills gaps or areas that you need to
develop further.

When you meet with your Tutor, have your plan ready in advance to show him or her, and be prepared to discuss it and to receive feedback.

Setting your Objectives

Decide the period for which you want to set objectives – a term? A year? Longer term? Make objectives realistic: they should be things that
you can see yourself accomplishing. Always set a deadline to work to.

Accomplishing an objective will require skills which you may or may not already have. Try the skills audit if you need a prompt to identify your
Try reflecting on your experiences to see what skills you might have developed that you don’t currently recognise! The STAR or SWOT
exercises can help you with this.

Reviewing Your Plan

Once you have filled in your PD Plan, set aside a time to take stock and review it. Did you achieve your objectives? What went wrong—and
what went well? How often you choose to review your Plan will depend on the time period you set for your objectives (if your plan covers a
year, it would be useful to review it every Term; if it covers a week, you’ll probably only review it once).

Don’t worry if you don’t make all the deadlines – you may have been expecting too much! Reschedule and think about why you missed the
Personal Development Plan

Name            Tripos Subject

My objectives    What small steps can I       What skills do I       When will I have      Did I make   If not, what went       Can I prevent
                 break this down into?        need to accomplish     accomplished it?      the          wrong                   this from
                                              this?                                        deadline?                            happening
                                                                                                                                next time?

Learn to use     See if there is a course I   Researching a          Beginning of Easter   No           I had to spend too      Be more
PowerPoint       can go on – ask my           project                Term                               long on my              realistic about
                 friends or look on the                                                                 dissertation and I      work demands.
                                              Finding information
                 web.                                                                                   didn’t have any spare
                                              Time management                                           time to go on the
                 Find the time to do the
                 course – plan ahead          Preparing a case for
                                              a grant
                 Does it cost anything?
                 Where will I get the         Application of
                 money?                       knowledge
                 Make sure I practice         Increase of IT
                 using it – find a project    expertise
                 that I can use it in

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