; Notice to Unsecured Creditors _Celebrity_
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Notice to Unsecured Creditors _Celebrity_


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									                                  UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT
                                     MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA
                                          ORLANDO DIVISION

In re:                                                     CHAPTER 11

CELEBRITY RESORTS, LLC, et al.,                            Case No. 6:10-bk-03550-ABB

     Debtor.                                               Jointly Administered with Cases
____________________________________/                      6:10-bk-03551-ABB to 6:10-bk-03585-ABB

                        (Approved at Court Hearing on September 23, 2010)

       PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on September 3, 2010 the United States Trustee
for the Middle District of Florida, appointed the Official Committee of Unsecured
Creditors (the “Committee”) for Celebrity Resorts, LLC, et al. (the “Debtors”). Creditors
holding unsecured claims against the Debtor are entitled to receive from the Committee
information about the Debtor’s case and to provide comments to the Committee.

       Broad and Cassel has been retained by the Committee as of September 3, 2010.
The purpose of the Committee is to represent the general interests of all unsecured
creditors in the case. You have been mailed with this notice because you are recorded
in the case as one of these unsecured creditors. As proposed counsel to the
Committee, Broad and Cassel is prohibited from providing any individual creditor with
legal advice in this case. If you have individual questions regarding your claim or rights,
please consult with your own legal counsel.

             The following unsecured creditors were appointed to serve on the Committee:

                          McDonnell Corp. d/b/a Resort Pool Services
                          Carpe Diem Sales & Marketing
                          Systems Products International

       Please be aware that the Commitee members are Creditors like you, but have
offered to volunteer their own time to advocate the general interest of all unsecured
creditors. Please utilize their time judicially.

09999/8888                                            1
                                 CASE INFORMATION

        In order to provide you with updates on the case in the most cost-efficient
manner, Broad and Cassel will post official information on its own web site
www.broadandcassel.com. You will find the Celebrity link hosted under “Case Updates”
in the right-hand side of the home page. Official Committee updates will be posted on a
periodic basis as events in the case warrant them.

       Any request for information or to share information about the case with the
Committee should be made via e-mail directed to a Committee member who has
additionally   volunteered     for    this   task:    Gordon      McClendon      at

        The aim of the above process is to provide a communication channel for
receiving Frequently Asked Questions from creditors, answer to which will be posted on
the web site as the standard method of response. No further direct mailings are
intended, and it is up to each of you as creditors to periodically check this web site for
notifications regarding the case. In fairness to the entire creditor body, any creditor who
requests such information to be proactively sent to them from Committee Counsel,
outside of this normal communications process, may be required to pay Committee
counsel the costs and expenses associated with providing that information to the
creditor, including costs of copying and postage.

                                  PROOFS OF CLAIM

General Information

       The deadline to file a Proof of Claim with the Clerk’s office at the United States
Bankruptcy Court, 135 W. Central Blvd., Suite 950, Orlando, FL 32801, was July 6,
2010. A Proof of Claim form (Form B10) was mailed to all creditors listed by the
Debtors by the Bankruptcy Court. A Proof of Claim is a signed statement describing the
creditor’s claim. Note that without a creditor submitting such a proof of claim, the
recorded amount of the creditor’s debt presented to the court may default to the value
submitted to the court by the Debtor.

       Neither the Committee nor Broad and Cassel will file creditor’s claims with the
Court, execute claims, nor can they confirm that you have filed your Proof of Claim.

       If you have already filed a claim, please do not file another claim unless you are
amending the amount you believe is owed to you or correcting your claim (in which case
you should check the “Previously Filed claim” box in the top right of the form). Please
do not use a Proof of Claim form to change your address. Instead, any address change
should be mailed to the Clerk of the Court under separate notice. Your Proof of Claim
must have been filed by July 6, 2010, or you might not be paid any money on your
claim against the Debtor in the bankruptcy case.

09999/8888                                  2
       If you have questions concerning the calculation of your Proof of Claim or other
personal legal issues, please consult with your own attorney. Broad and Cassel, the
Bankruptcy Clerk’s Office, the U.S. Trustee, and the Judge’s chambers are prohibited
from giving advice concerning your Proof of Claim.

                              PROVIDING INFORMATION TO COMMITTEE

        If you would like to provide Committee Counsel with any information in this case,
in lieu of the aforementioned Committee Member, please e-mail it to counsel for the
Committee at lvanderweide@broadandcassel.com. If you do not have internet access
you may mail the information to: Broad and Cassel, Attn: Lisa Vander Weide,
Bankruptcy Paralegal, Broad and Cassel, P.O. Box 4961, Orlando, FL 32802-4961.
Please only provide the Committee with factual information. Rumors will not help the
Committee. Committee members will also not be prepared to provide this advice.

        The information contained herein presents general information about Broad and
Cassel and the Celebrity Resorts bankruptcy and is not intended to constitute legal
advice. Again, before acting on any materials presented here, or by the Committee, you
should counsel and with your own legal counsel. The Committee will make best efforts
to maximize the benefits received by unsecured creditors, whether through prorata
distribution or other means.

                                            BROAD AND CASSEL
                                            Attorneys for the Official
                                             Unsecured Creditors Committee
                                            Suite 1400
                                            390 North Orange Avenue
                                            Orlando, Florida 32801
                                            PO Box 4961 (32802-4961)
                                            Phone: (407) 839-4200

                                            By:     /s/ Roy S. Kobert
                                                  Roy S. Kobert, P.A.
                                                  Florida Bar #: 777153

09999/8888                                  3

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