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					                                  MADOC TOWNSHIP COUNCIL
Regular Meeting                           12:00 Noon                        August 2, 2011

Present – Reeve R. Sager, Deputy Reeve M. Sniderhan, Councillors L. Blackburn, C. Robinson,
          R. Rowe

Also attending – Road Superintendent, L. Wood, Treasurer C. Mitchell
               - Charles Brownson
Media – Megan Abraham (Community Press), Gail Paquette (EMC)

Reeve Sager called the meeting to order at 12:01 p.m.

Robinson-Rowe – that the minutes of the July meeting be approved as circulated. Carried.

There was no disclosure of pecuniary interest from any member of Council.

Treasurer C. Mitchell attended Council to present the payment voucher for the month of July.
It was also brought to the attention of Council that nuisance beaver control was now being
done by more than Mr. Robinson. Although Council had discussed whether this was suitable, it
was brought to their attention that they should each be treated as individual contractors with
the required insurance and compensation in order to relieve the municipality from any
potential liability exposure which may arise as a result of them acting on behalf of the

Blackburn-Sniderhan – to confirm that Charles Robinson is the main point of contact for
removal of nuisance beaver and that Denis Wood, Dale Wood and Dave Ascott are all licensed
and are authorized to act on behalf of the municipality for the removal of nuisance beaver
providing they have filed the necessary documents at the municipal office. Carried.

Blackburn-Robinson – that the voucher for the month of July be paid in the total amount of
$206,481.39 as presented. Carried.

Road Superintendent Larry Wood attended Council to review progress to date. He was asked
about a section of recently “chipped” road on Woodridge Drive and why it was irregular with
tar showing. He advised that the recycling truck skidding to a stop and thereby ripping up the
finished surface was the reason for that particular flaw. Council questioned Mr. Wood over the
validity of the claim by Mr. Stafford of Mackenzie Street as to the loss of his fence due to a tree
falling upon it from the municipal roadway. The Road Superintendent explained to Council that
he had removed a tree for the landowner from that location previously. It had been marked
with a large red ‘X’ so there was no difficulty in identifying which tree was to be removed.

Blackburn-Sniderhan – that the Road Superintendent investigate the location of the survey
stakes at Mr. Staffords’ residence in an effort to clarify the situation. Carried.
                                  MADOC TOWNSHIP COUNCIL
Regular Meeting                            Pg. 2                             August 2, 2011

Council asked whether there had been any action taken on the damages to the recently
gravelled roads by four wheelers performing “doughnuts” and other “feats” particularly in the
area of Cedar School Road and Remington Road. The Road Superintendent advised that the
O.P.P. had been contacted in this regard and they have a “pretty good idea” who is responsible.

Reeve Sager took the opportunity to commend the Road Superintendent and his staff on the
current condition of the municipal roads.

Rowe-Sniderhan – that the report of the Animal Control Officer be approved as presented.

Robinson-Rowe – that the report of the Chief Building Official be adopted as circulated.

Blackburn-Robinson – that the report of the By-law Enforcement Officer be approved as
circulated. Carried.

Blackburn-Robinson – that the report of the Fire Chief be received and filed. Carried.

The Fire Chief has indicated that a local resident would be willing to donate a 48’ van storage
trailer for use of the Fire Department. Naturally, Council would have to approve locating the
trailer at the municipal yard.

Blackburn-Sniderhan – Council will accept the offer (providing the trailer is functional) with staff
advising on the placement of the trailer. Carried.

The Clerk presented a revised site plan from IKO industries. He indicated that the new site plan
has removed the actual plant and crushers from the ‘licenced area’. The Ministry of Natural
Resources has also approved a new license allowing them to remove a maximum of 2 million
tonnes per year.

Blackburn-Rowe – that the Township of Madoc respond to the challenge of the Town of
Meaford to donate $100.00 to the Town of Slave Lake, Alberta, recently levelled by fire.

Sniderhan-Rowe – that October 2011 be designated as Lupus Awareness month when lupus
organizations around the world call for increases in public and private sector funding for
medical research on lupus, targeted education programmes for health professional, patients
and the public, and worldwide recognition of lupus as a significant public health issue.
                                 MADOC TOWNSHIP COUNCIL
Regular Meeting                          Pg. 3                    August 2, 2011

Blackburn-Sniderhan – that the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Madoc support
the Resolution of the Municipality of Marmora and Lake to appeal to the Minister of
Transportation to provide municipalities with the authority to determine whether 4 wheel side-
by-side UTV vehicles as well as “2-ups” would be allowed to operate on municipal roads with
the same restrictions as currently provided for “4-wheelers”. Carried.

Robinson-Blackburn – that the minutes of the Tri Area Medical Centre Board be received.

Blackburn-Robinson – that the report of the Livestock Valuer be approved for payment.

Sniderhan-Robinson – that Council proceed with the contract with Evergreen Power Ltd and the
proposal that includes the on-line monitoring system at a cost of $800.00. Carried.

Blackburn-Rowe – that Consent applications B46/11 and B47/11 be approved as circulated and
that no Development Charge is applicable as they are Commercial properties. Carried.

Council reviewed Consent applications B45/11, B60/11 and B61/11 circulated for property in
the Municipality of Centre Hastings adjacent to the Township of Madoc.

Sniderhan-Blackburn – that the Clerk write Tim Trustham of Quinte Conservation to obtain the
rationale for not requiring an Environmental Assessment of the lands on the north-east
quadrant at the intersection of Highways 7 and 62 which are scheduled for development in light
of the proposed installation of water and sewer servicing and the requirement for a bridge to
cross Deer Creek to provide access. Carried.

Blackburn-Robinson – that the application received from Strashko for rezoning Part of Lot 19,
Concession 6 be denied. The use of firearms in an abandoned quarry between a Provincial
Highway and the Hastings Heritage Trail does not appear to Council to be a reasonable use of
the lands. Carried.

Sniderhan-Rowe – that go into by-laws. Carried.

1287-2011 – 3 readings and passed – authorize contract with Evergreen Power Ltd.
1288-2011 – 2 readings – rezone Pt. Lot 20, Con. 3 – RU to RR
1289-2011 – 3 readings and passed – amend procedural by-law to change times and dates of
            meetings of Council to 2nd Monday of each month at 7 p.m.

Rowe-Sniderhan – that Council resume. Carried.
                                 MADOC TOWNSHIP COUNCIL

Regular Meeting                             Pg. 4                August 2, 2011

Council briefly discussed a number of issues while awaiting the arrival of Doug Bingham from
Evergreen Power Ltd. to execute the Agreement.

Council adjourned at 1:40 p.m.

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Reeve                                                                              Clerk

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