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How to Make a Car Donation to Your Favorite Charity

Thinking of making a car donation to your favorite charity, but don't know how to go about doing it?
This article will tell you the basics of the process so that you get a tax deduction while helping
others in need.

Most of the well-known charities have some sort of car donation program in place. However, if you
want to be sure you can get your tax deduction, you need to do a little research first. Qualified
organizations are defined in IRS Publication 526. Information about specific charities that qualify is
outlined in IRS Publication 78. You should check out these government publications if you have
any questions before you donate your vehicle.

Next, you will need to gather certain information before you begin the donation process such as
the year, make, model, approximate mileage, vehicle identification number (VIN) and overall
condition of your car. You also must have an original title to the vehicle and make sure that it is in
your name and clear from any liens on it. Armed with these basics, you are ready to donate your

Tax laws determine how much you are allowed to deduct for the donation. Simply put, if the charity
to which you donate the vehicle, sells the vehicle for more than $500, and uses the proceeds from
the sale to help their mission, you may deduct the sales amount for the vehicle. If, however, the
charity gives the vehicle to a recipient to use as its means of helping that individual, or the vehicle
sells for less than $500, you may deduct the fair market value of the vehicle.

Among the best known car donation programs run by the charities themselves are the following:

1. The National Kidney Foundation - Call 1-800-488-CARS

2. The Salvation Army - Call 1-877-SA3-AUTO and you can make arrangements for your vehicle
to be picked up at no charge to you, or to drop it off at a Salvation Army location near you.

3. The Breast Cancer Society - Call 1-866-923-7512

4. Easter Seals - Call 1-888-631-6833 or go to their website

accept vehicle donations, sell the cars, and then give a percentage of the proceeds to a charity. In
this kind of donation, you would be able to deduct the sales amount only.

One of the programs that gives a donated vehicle directly to a needy recipient is 1-800-Charity-
Cars. You can call them at 1-800-242-7489. If your vehicle meets their established criteria, it will
be given directly to an individual or non-profit organization. If not, it will be sold and the proceeds
will be used for their charitable missions.

Another option to donate your car is to contact the local charity of your choice directly and find out
if they accept vehicle donations and their process. Be sure to find out how they will use the
donation, and the process they use to provide you with the certification needed for your tax

Donating your car to charity is one way that you and the charity can both come out winners.

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