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									Green Energy Opportunities
for Ontario’s Cottagers

Kristopher Stevens
Executive Director

FOCA Fall Seminar
October 24, 2009
About OSEA
     What is OSEA?
      A province-wide, member-based non-profit
      association founded in 1999 that represents and
      serves Ontario’s Community Power sector
      through policy advocacy and capacity building
     Who is OSEA?
      120+ Community Power organizations and
      sustainable energy enterprises including
      households, First Nations, co-ops, farmers,
      private businesses, municipalities and other local
                                 Short history of OSEA





Photo by PostCarbonCities.net – Toronto, Canada          3
Founders of the Green Energy Act

Formed June 2008 – after RESOP hiatus
                 Challenges to keep us on our toes


Photo by M. Brigham, 2008 – Toronto, Canada
                              Opportunity is knocking!

Photo by K. Stevens, 2009 – Exhibition Place, Toronto    6
              A Province of Green Entrepreneurs!

Photo by M. Brigham, 2008 – Toronto, Canada
                               Good in so many ways!

Photo by EnergyAdvocate.ca, 2009 - St. Jean de Brébeuf CHS, Toronto
Jobs, jobs and more jobs!
                  A Triple Word Score and Beyond

Photo by K. Stevens, 2008 – Prescott-Russel, Canada
                                     Not just electricity!

Photo by R. Garcia, 2009 – Hearst, Canada
                                                  Middelgrunden (Copenhagen)
                                       The tipping point
                                                  Community Wind Farm

Photo by K. Stevens, 2009 – Freiburg, Germany
                         Which path will we choose?

Photo by E. Burtynsky - Tailings 33, Sudbury, Canada
                             We were 100% renewable!

Beck 1 and II Niagara Falls, Ontario
                          Is it time for a renaissance?

Photo by Roberto Garcia, 2009 - Sturgeon Falls, Ontario

Photo by BrucePower.com, Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, Canada   16
                                            More Power!

Photo by OPG.com - Nanticoke Generating Station, Canada   17
                                               Our backyard

Photo by ILoveMountains.org – Rawl, Tennessee, USA            18
                                      Our responsibility!

Photo by ILoveMountains.org – Wharton, West Virginia        19
                              Window of Opportunity



Photo by M. Brigham, 2008 – Moon River Bay            20
                              Why YOU are important



Photo by M. Brigham, 2008 – Moon River Bay
“Be the Change to a Culture
of Conservation”
      -Peter Love, Ontario’s Past Chief Conservation Officer
                           Will you open the door?

Photo: ILoveMountains.org Bay
Photo by M. Brigham, 2008 – Moon River– Wharton,   West Virginia   23
                                   We are here to help!

           •  Policy Advocacy

           •  Community Power workshops

           •  Monthly webinars

           •  Project development guidebooks

           •  Web resources @ www.Ontario-SEA.org

           •  Consultation services

           •  Community Power Fund grants

           •  Network of local Sustainable Energy Hubs

           •  Referrals

Photo by W. Dahlstrom, 2009 – Picton, Canada
It’s everybody’s business now!

    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
            November 15-18

Please Contact Us

                                    Kristopher Stevens
                                     Executive Director,


           Join the Green Energy Act Alliance!
A new approach to planning

                Source: OPA presentation - Métis Provincial Youth Forum - 21/08/2009 - Sudbury
Which rung are you on?

                  Sherry Arnstein’s, A Ladder of Citizen Participation, 1969
Community Power
Community-Owned Wind Turbines in Europe
              Farmer                             Community                    Corporate
Netherlands 60%                                  5%                           35%
Germany       10%                                40%                          50%
Denmark       64%                                24%                          12%
Spain         0%                                 0%                           100%
Great Britain 1%                                 1%                           98%
Minnesota                                          31%                        69%
Ontario                                            <1%                        >99%
       Source: NL,D,DK,ES,GB: Dave Toke, University of Birmingham, 2005, updated to
       Toke 2008
       Source: Minnesota: Windustry, 2008
       Source: Ontario: OSEA, 2008

                                        Social Friction







Photo by K. Stevens, 2008 – Lions Head, Canada
        Pukwis wind co-op




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