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					                                  SGA Joint Board Minutes
                                    September 29, 2010

Roll Call

Senator Opong-Wadee was late. ACE Coordinator Popkin was absent.

Approval/Corrections to Minutes (none)

Special Guest: President Raynard Kington

President Kington joined Joint Board straight from the Dining Hall and opened the floor for any
questions. Senator Gager began by asking a very serious question about which nickname
President Kington prefers. As she pointed out, President Osgood was fondly known as RKO.
She asked whether or not President Kington was alright with the name “Ray-K”. Kington said
that he was curious to hear the alternatives. Given the options of “Ray-K,” “RK,” “Ray-Ray” and
“RK,” Kington prefers RK.

After that was settled, Assistant Treasurer Andersen mentioned that several students were
pleased to hear about the President’s public office hours and wondered what the turnout has
been. Kington replied that so far he has seen about one student per hour, and the visits have
been really interesting with reasonable questions about issues. The last was a student interested
in improving the campus’s environmental rating. President Kington was surprised to learn that
Grinnell was not at the top of the latest ranking but mentioned that Grinnell has done a lot since
then. There is a committee already meeting about issues concerning improving our eco-
footprint. Kington was also impressed that the student had come with data. Another student
who came to Kington’s office hours wanted reassurance that he was not going to do “terrible
things”. Luckily President Kington was able to reassure the student and had a discussion about
self-governance philosophies.

Assistant Treasurer Andersen had an additional question about whether or not the President
had considered holding office hours outside of class times. President Kington said that he had
met with several students outside of class times and said that he was pretty flexible about
appointment making.

Senator Malik mentioned a recent sighting of Kington in the Dining Hall and asked whether this
would be a regular occurrence. Kington replied that once a week he and his family would be
eating in the Dining Hall.

Senator Zmudka asked if the President had considered offering any courses or lectures. Kington
said that he would like to start with an initial short course, probably something about science
policy (in other words how to make policy on scientific issues), but that would not occur until
after his first year. He would also like for Grinnell to eventually have a Global Health

Senator Gager wondered if President Kington had any things he wanted to see change on
campus. Kington replied that the single unambiguous thing he would like to see change is
getting students to wear helmets when riding bikes. He mentioned that when visiting Carlton,
he saw everyone wearing helmets.
Films Chair Sheehan asked if Kington had made plans to reach out to the Humanities and Social
Science majors in addition to the Science majors. President Kington said that, while he is more
familiar with the sciences, he wants to be more involved with the Social Science and Humanities.
He explained that there has been a significant investment for the Sciences that has not yet
happened for the other major areas which needs to be remedied. He wants to look at things
such as the MAP options for non-science majors.

Senator White recalled the budget cuts from the previous two years and asked where things
stand now. Kington discussed the fact that Grinnell was in a much better position than many
other colleges, but that there was still a recession and the college was having to balance changes
in the budget. This means that next couple of years will still be constrained, but Grinnell is still
in a relatively good position because smart investments in things like building up-keep were
made a long time ago.

SGA Advisor Doug Cutchins asked Kington what kind of relationship Kington would like to have
with SGA and Joint Board. Kington responded that he would like to see a mutually supportive
and respectful relationship where both sides understand their complimentary but different roles
and have a common commitment to helping the college. He would like to be able to have
difficult conversations respectfully.

Joint Board takes a small break to excitedly notice Kington’s family outside the windows.
Kington goes to save family from being stared at by Joint Board.


Anyone can address Joint Board for one minute about concerns they have about the college,
SGA, or anything else they believe should be brought to the attention of SGA

Senator Krempely voiced a concern about the hot tub being closed off for all but divers on the
swim team. He felt it was weird and mentioned that he liked hot tubs. Senator Gager told the
group that it is a student initiative.

Senator Farrell relayed a conversation with Larry Wilson who is one of the managers of the Grill
and running for County Supervisor about Replublicans fearing to come to campus. Farrell feels
that all should do their part to make all political ideologies feel welcome.

Senator Zmudka voiced that perhaps Joint Board would want to suspend the tradition of
knocking on tables to show approval while guests were at Joint Board since President Kington
had seemed mildly confused and frightened. Joint Board knocks approvingly.

Upcoming Events

      Concerts
           o Friday 9pm in Herrick Chapel: Pillars and Tongues with Land of Blood &
      Vice President of Academic Affairs
           o Major Fair is still scheduled on Oct 10th JRC 101 3pm.
                   Email [vpaa] and [ghadirim] if you have any suggestions and questions.
      All Campus Events
           o Friday 10/1: CBS BBQ at Black Cultural Center 4:30-7pm
           o Friday 10/1: Latin American Heritage Festival at Harris 7-12pm
          o   Saturday 10/2: Renaissance Festival on Mac Field 2-5pm
          o   Saturday 10/2: Local Foods Potluck in between EcoHouse and Food House 5:30-
          o   Saturday 10/2: ISO Rave Harris 10pm-1am
          o   Monday 10/4-Monday 10/11: Coming Out Week

Committee Reports

      CSL
          o   We talked about issues we plan on discussing this semester and that is basically it.
              Holden brought up maybe looking at alcohol policy. We talked about some of the
              drama happening on campus lately (students arrested for pot, etc.). We talked
              about looking at shared governance with self governance. Next meeting coming
              up in a month.

          VPSA Bale mentioned that this is not the committee that a new alcohol policy would
          go through, but it would soon discuss how Security handles smoking violations.

      STIFund
          o It was a very short meeting. Basically, we discussed various student initiatives
             that were recommended in the past and were popular, but were not followed
             through with (some of these include: chop sticks in the dining hall, increased
             greenhouse tour times, etc.). Some of the committee members chose to take on
             these initiatives. On another note, since student initiatives are due on Thursday.
             We will be meeting Thursday evening to go over them with Election Board to see
             if we have any suggestions/guidelines for them before the elections next week.
      Student Curriculum Committee
          o Second meeting took place Thursday 8pm in JRC 209. The first special guest
             Dean Paula Smith made a presentation about faculty review. Faculty review is
             one of the essential duties of SEPC. And a good SEPC report weighs heavily in the
             review process. Please feel free to ask Dean Smith [smithp] or Associate Dean
             Skerrett [skerrett] directly about faculty review.
                  A good SEPC Report looks for pattern in student responses. Also, it
                      should state Methodology up front, identify number of students selected
                      and interviewed, describe interview process, and address selection bias.
                      Moreover, interviews (individual or small group) are better than online
          o The second special guest Carly Jerome ’11, student coordinator of Not-You-
             Average-Weekend (NYAW), discussed ways that SEPCs can collaborate with
             NYAW. Email [weekend] if you have an idea about events.
      Student Environmental Committee
          o The SEC met on Sunday and we continued to discuss our plans for the year. Our
             plans should be finalized at the next meeting and will definitely include getting
             the Student Sustainability Guide online, posting dorm info sheets in bathrooms,
             writing blurbs/articles for the S&B, and working on environmental initiatives
             (switching more lights to CFL bulbs, recycling issues, and others). The specific
             initiatives we will be working on are still somewhat up in the air.

          Senator White described various goals of the committee such as publishing some sort
          of information online, a new avenue for dorm environmental sheets which will be
          posted in bathrooms not dorms, writing for the S&B (both blurbs and longer articles).
          They will also be working closely with the Environmental Initiative group which is
          spearheaded by Ethan Heppner ’10.5.

Hall Council Reports (none)

Cabinet Reports

      President’s Report
          o This week my cabinet report is dedicated to Katy Perry's Teenage Dream:
          o President Kington Office Hours:
                 Tuesdays, 3-4 p.m. ( September 28, October 5)
                 Thursdays, 9-10 a.m. (September 30, October 7)
          o SGA Cabinet developed goals that we have shared with different departments
            around campus. The five broad goals are below:
                1. Collaborate with Academic Deans to expand experimental-learning
                    oriented co-curriculum activities such as Liberal Arts in Prison Program
                    (teaching classes in Iowan Correctional Facilities) and Babel Tower
                    (teaching languages in town).
                2. Work to promote wellness by: 1) examining potential academic calendar
                    reform with the Dean’s office, and 2) increasing attendance at substance
                    free programming in coordination with Jen Jacobson
                3. Partner with Dean Skerrett and the faculty to introduce by-law reform at a
                    faculty meeting that will grant a permanent student presence on the
                    Committee for Academic Standing (CAS).
                4. Join forces with the Dean’s Office to increase support for Independent
                    majors by working to institutionalize an Independent Major Student
                    Educational Policy Committee and working to create example independent
                    study proposals as a resource for potential majors.
                5. Team up with the CRSSJ to reassess community service at Grinnell and
                    set benchmarks for future community service participation, funding and
          o Trustee Open Forum this Thursday (9/30) at 9pm in JRC 101! Everyone,
            especially those who are not affiliated with a group presenting, are welcome.
            Trustees want to hear from students at large as well as the presenters. The groups
            presenting are:
                 The B&S
                 Student Endowment Investment Committee (SEIG)
                 Social Entrepreneurs of Grinnell (SEG)
                 Independent Major SEPC
                 Local Food Co-Op
                 SGA Endowment Committee
                 The Spectator
                 Origami Club
                 KDIC
          o There is space for more groups to apply to attend, but they need to email me first!
       o Liz and I had a productive meeting with Dean Kathleen Skerrett about CAS. We
           are currently working on a new resolution for the faculty.
       President Offenberg described the meeting with Dean Skerrett. Part of the new
       resolution for CAS representation involves excluding students from docket which
       involves sensitive discussions about students going on academic leave.

       Offenberg also relayed a conversation with President Kington where Kington was
       concerned that students were not showing much appreciation for staff and
       administration. He further clarified by saying that there is a perception by some that
       staff and administrative staff are not treated well especially those who are not
       normally recognized. He asked for any suggestions Joint Board had addressing this

       Offenberg also addressed Senator Farrell’s soapbox concern about people with all
       political ideologies feeling comfortable on campus. He said that there are currently
       several campus republican groups and mentioned that Larry Wilson, a republican,
       was tabling outside the Dining Hall. He hopes that actions like these will go a long
       way to correcting any problems of comfort level.

   Vice President of Student Affairs’s Report
       o This Cabinet Report is Brought to You By University of Iowa Community Credit
                At the University of Iowa Community Credit Union, members come first.
                   We promise to offer honest and equitable financial products and services
                   to every member, every time. We promise to treat every member with
                   respect and dignity. We promise to strive to be a trusted financial adviser
                   that our members can count on to assist them with achieving their
                   financial dreams.
       o Information Technology Advisory Committee
                Funny Story: the Internet Doesn’t Work
                        The student network is having trouble with a firewall. This is
                           causing connections on the Residential Network (including
                           student wireless) to be very slow. ITS is working on it. In theory,
                           as soon as it is fixed, the internet should be faster than it was last
                        If the internet is not faster than it was last year, I’m going to throw
                           a hissy fit.
                               o Hissy fit will involve me pushing ITS to magically buy more
                               o Not sure where the money will come from – might
                                   prostitute myself.
                                         This is another indentation in a bulleted list.
                Fun fact: this is actually not a funny story – it’s killing my ability to
                   stream I Want To Know What Love Is by Foreigner on YouTube when I’m
                   studying. Courtney Sheehan would prefer to listen to Mr. Blue Sky by the
                   Electric Light Orchestra.
       Bale told Joint Board that the internet was slow. This was because it was
       broken, and the school currently has a “support ticket” with Cisco which
       means hopefully it will be faster soon.

       Senator Fairfield asked how long it took ITS to figure out the internet was
       broken. Bale responded that they have known for a while and have had the
       support ticket for about three weeks. Senator Malik expressed concern for
       the gamers and you-tube frequenters who could use faster internet.

o   Pay for Printing program (Papercut) to be installed on campus computers over
    winter break, but we might not see the kiosks (which require you to swipe your
    PCard) for a while. Spring is supposed to be the trial semester; I am pushing for
    spring and fall of next year.

    VPSA Bale explained the Printing Program, Papercut, and announced that it will
    be in a trial run on the “public” printers (most likely those in Noyce or the Ins
    Lab). It will involve students walking to the printer to punch a button if one
    actually wants to print the item sent to the printer. The college is hoping this will
    cut down on unnecessary printing and paper waste. Apparently the amount of
    printing tripled in 2005 (ironically this is also when e-reserves were introduced).
    Bale stressed that the college is very far from determining whether or not this
    would be a pay-to-print system.

    Senator Lowenburg asked if there would be a difference between printing items
    necessary for class and those not. President Offenberg mentioned that there was
    an idea last year to have teachers add to a student’s printing quota. Bale was
    unsure if this would be a possibility from a technical standpoint.

VPSA Bale discussed Hertz Connect Cars which are here! He also talked about the
times that students are supposed to be able to be in the JRC. Sunday through
Thursday the building locks at midnight, but students are supposed to have access
until 4:00 AM (Friday and Saturday only until 2:00 AM). So far students have been
unable to access the building after midnight, but hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Bale announced that Dean of Academic Advising Joyce Stern was looking for student
representation on the College Accessibility Committee which talks about accessibility
issues on campus.

Bale discussed the recent Safety and Security Committee meeting. There is supposed
to be a new blue light every year for five years, but the budget has been bad. There
should be a new one next year. Security is going to start putting green stickers on
bikes that are not placed in the bike racks so people can be reminded to put their
bikes in said racks. Bale thought we should have more bike racks.

Bale also announced that there have been a lot of smoking violations this year. When
Security writes someone a ticket they go to Jud-Co and Travis Greene sends them a
       letter similar to a warning. There is a push to fine students directly which Bale is not
       in favor of, but that means that the amount of smoking violations need to be reduced.

       Bale made final points about the phones in the loggias that direct callers to Security.
       He felt that they are too non-descript and asked for ways to make them more
       noticeable. Senator Fairfield voted to paint them red. Senator McVeigh felt this
       would blend into the brick on South Campus. Senator Opong-Wadee wanted to use a
       paper sign on East Campus. Senator Zmudka thought a blue theme would go nicely
       with the blue emergency lights.

   Vice President of Academic Affairs’s Report
       o Student Representative on College Committees
                The Curriculum Committee student representative for Humanities is Carly
                Jerome ’11; for social science, Colleen Osborne ‘13.
             The deadline for the application is extended to this Friday Oct 1st for the
                science division.
       o Constitutional reform on selection process of student representatives.
       o Publicizing names of student representatives on SGA website and other places.

       VPAA Cong informed Joint Board that she was working with Financial Aid to make
       fee waiver requests for graduate school admissions. Email [finaid] for help.

       Senator Malik voiced a question about increasing financial aid for books for his
       constituents. Cong said she would look into it.

   Administrative Coordinator’s Report
   Treasurer’s Report

    Treasurer Schechter brought up the idea of having Waltz sponsored by the University of
    Iowa Credit Union. Senator Farrell asked how much the Credit Union had offered.
    Schechter said he did not know but was going to talk to them next week. He said that he
    wanted a general opinion about the idea of corporate sponsorship. Senator Fairfield
    asked if this had happened before and what this would mean for the future. Schechter
    responded that it couldn’t hurt the relationship since we currently have no ties to the
    corporation. He said that a lot would depend on the amount the Credit Union was
    willing to offer.

    Senator Gager mused that this could be a good idea. VPSA Bale offered to wear a shirt
    to sponsor them. VPAA Cong warned that we should be careful to make sure it is a
    responsible organization. Senator Zmudka expressed his relief that it was a credit union
    and not a bank.

   All Campus Events Coordinator’s Report
        o We have a Winter Waltz Chair!! Congrats to Kamila Berkalieva!
                If you want to join Winter Waltz Committee please contact her.
        o Michael Sims says the Harris lights are more confusing than he originally
           expected. 10 new lights on 5 different systems means lots of trial and error. Don’t
           worry; they will be set up soon!
   Services Coordinator’s Report
   Films Chair’s Report
         Concerts Chair’s Report

Budgets (beginning at 8 PM)

         Student Programming Committee

Group                                                Requested            SPC

Spanish Movies                                        $    246.00         $     196.00

Freesound                                             $ 3,770.00          $ 1,270.00

Soju Korean Church DSM                                $    300.00         $     300.00

Soju Korean Tutoring                                  $    285.37

Ultimate Frisbee Women's/Men's                        $ 3,490.00          $ 3,490.00

Active Minds                                          $       80.00       $     80.00

GWIS                                                  $    134.00         $     134.00

Letter Writers Alliance                               $    245.00         $     112.00

Fine Bread and Cheese Club                            $    180.00         $     180.00


Treasurer Schechter explained that SPC voted to cut the Freesound budget by $2500 because
the P-Card reader cost too much to allocate money to without having everything ready to go.
Schechter said he would be in touch with people and hoped it would work out.

The budget passed 17-0-2 (Peterson and Farrell abstained).


The budget was a normal budget for Ultimate Frisbee (men’s and women’s) and covered a few
tournaments and hotels.

The budget passed 19-0-0.

         All Campus Events Committee

Event                        Requested ACE                Board
Latin American
Heritage                     $ 2,450.00      $ 1,200.00 $ 1,300.00

CBS BBQ                      $      449.50 $     250.00   x

10/10                        $      480.00   $   480.00   x
 ISO Rave                   $    292.03    $    284.03    x

 Coming Out Week            $    350.00    $    350.00    x

 Local Foods Potluck         $   577.70    $    250.00    $577.70

Local Foods Potluck

Joe Hiller ‘12

Hiller came before Joint Board to get more money for the event after ACE Committee had cut
their budget. Senator Opong-Wadee, who sits on ACE Committee, talked about why the budget
was originally cut. ACE told the group to talk to Monica Chavez-Silva to try to get additional
funding, did not expect the group to get 250 people for the event considering there were other
events which also provided food on the same day, and were unsure that ACE should be funding
events that also include non-students.

Schechter asked what events, aside from Thanksgiving, thrown by the group had a turnout of
around 250 people. Hiller mentioned another event that had had a large turnout. Schechter
mentioned that the budget stood at $2.3 per expected person and that the amount ACE allocated
would still feed around 100 people. He also said that he felt this was more of an issue of student
money potentially paying for people who weren’t students. The budget had allowed for local
community members to come as well as students. Hiller felt that it was important for students
to be able to meet community members and felt it was a good way to use student money. He
also thought that the event would have more attending than ACE predicted.

Senator Opong-Wadee reasserted that ACE had no problem with the premise of the event, but
felt that the money was coming from the wrong place. They preferred the group talk to Monica
Chavez-Silva first and then come back if that path of funding did not work.

Offenberg suggested that perhaps ACE should fund this event and ask the group to go to Monica
Chavez-Silva for their Thanksgiving meal. Schechter said it was about the same amount of
money for both events. Senator Fairfield brought up the fact that ACE budget had been recently
cut and felt that the group should try this other avenue for money and put ACE money towards
solely student events. He felt that Joint Board should be more understanding of ACE budget.
Service Coordinator Newbill pointed out that, due to time constraints, it might be too late to find
a different source of funding. He also felt that this would make things more complicated.
Senator Gager agreed with Offenberg’s suggestion and spoke to amend the budget back to the
original amount.

The budget was amended to the original amount 15-4-0.

The amended budget was passed 16-3-0.

Old Business

      Semester Budget

   There was a small correction to the budget concerning the amount of money HSCs get.

   The budget was amended to reflect this change in a vote of 19-0-0.
   The amended budget passed 19-0-0.

New Business

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