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									                         Optional Professional Development Agreement
The Texas High School Redesign and Restructuring (THSRR) Grant Cycle V presents optional professional development
opportunities at a reduced cost to support the campus in meeting its goals.

Optional Professional Development Considerations
Cycle V campuses that identify the optional professional development as a means to address campus goals need to
consider the following prior to commitment of resources (staff, time, funds):

       Identification of specific campus needs being addressed by optional PD
       Alignment to one or more of the goals of the THSRR Grant, Cycle V
       Availability of leadership team members or identified staff to participate in all designated professional
        development sessions

Optional Professional Development Opportunities
Please check which optional professional development opportunity/opportunities serve as an avenue for the further
development of the campus leadership team member(s) for the purpose of increasing student achievement.

□   Leadership Effectiveness Coaching                    □   2009     □   2010 – January 2011 (check all that apply)

(10 people per campus)

□   Crucial Confrontations                               □    November 2009 (2 days) + 1 day in January 2010

                                                         □   Summer 2010 (3 consecutive days)

□   Teacher Leadership Academy                           □   Fall 2009

□   Tools for Leading Change & Creating Ownership        □    Summer 2010

□   Assessing Academic Rigor to Ensure Grade Level       □   Fall 2009    □    Fall 2010

Proficiency and College Readiness
Optional Professional Development Expectations:
A. Choose the three most applicable THSRR Grant Cycle V Goals the professional development addresses:
□ Correct the specific area of unacceptable performance identified in the campus accountability rating

□ Demonstrate innovative management and instructional practices

□ Develop leadership capacity in principals and other campus leaders

□ Improve the instructional capacity and effectiveness of the school

□ Increase overall student achievement

□ Raise academic standards and expectations for all students

□ Enhance the school community

□ Identify and track campus best practices that yield successful results

B. Please complete the following:

 What is the most compelling need on your campus that you feel this professional development opportunity
 will serve in redesigning the current state? Please only use space provided, 12 size font, Arial font type

C. Include a complete list of designated participants’ names and campus role with this agreement. The expectation is a
commitment from all participants to attend all professional development sessions.

D. Complete Optional Professional Development Agreement and submit to THSRR Grant Case Manager, Francine Taylor
at francine.taylor@esc13.txed.net, subject heading Optional PD Agreement (School Name)

E. The office of Texas High School Redesign and Restructuring to submit Service Contract from ESC, Region XIII to
appropriate campus or district personnel prior to delivery of professional development. If applicable, campus/district
designated cost of professional development will be indicated.

Person completing the Optional Professional Development form:

Submission date:

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