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									FORM EXPIRES 6-1-2012                            BLOOMSBURG UNIVERSITY                             FORM EXPIRES 6-1-2012

                           Instructions: See PRP3230 Course and Program Development
CIP:                 (FOR PROVOST’S USE ONLY)
Box 1: TYPE OF ACTION            ADD(NEW)                    DEACTIVATE               MODIFY               N/A            OTHER
Box 2: LEVEL OF ACTION            Non-Credit                  Undergraduate            Swing 4        Graduate 4 4        OTHER
Box 3: ITEM OF ACTION                                          APPROVAL                     DOCUMENTS REQUIRED           INFO COPIES
(check appropriate boxes)                                       SEQUENCE(see box 4)              (see box 5)             (see 2 below)
        1 Experimental Course 1                                A B2 E                       PQR                          1. d
        2 Course Title and/or Catalog Description              A B1 B2 E                    PQ                           2.
        3 Course Credits                                       A B1 B2 E                    PQ                           3.
        4 Deactivate a Course                                  A B1 B2 E                    PQ                           4. a, b
        5 Pre & Co-Requisite                                   A B1 B2 E                    PQ                           5. a, b
        6 Course Content                                       A B1 B2 E                    PQR                          6. a, b
        7 Course Number                                        A B1 B2 E                    PQ                           7.
        8 Diversity Course                                     ADE                          PQR                          8. a, b
        9 Pass/Fail Grading                                    A B1 B2 DE                   PQR                          9. a, b
       10 Major/Minor Requirements/Electives                   A B1 B2 DE                   PQV                          10. a, b
       11 New Course                                           A B1 B2 DE                   PQR                          11. a, b
       12 Dual Listing                                         A B1 B2 DE                   PQR                          12. b
       13 General Education Course Addition                    A B1 B2 C3 DE                PQR                          13. a, b
       14 General Education Course Deletion                    A B1 B2 C3 DE                PQ                           14. a, b
       15 Minor (Major exists)                                 A B1 B2 DE                   PQV                          15. a, b
       16 Minor (No Major exists)                              3A B1 B2 DEFGH               PQTUV                        16. a, b, c
       17 Non-Degree Certificate Program                       A B1 B2 DE FGH               PQTU                         17. a, b
       18 Program Deletion                                     A B2 D-Information EFGH      PQTU                         18. a, b, c
       19 Program Moratorium                                   A B2 D-Information EFH       PQ                           19. a, b, c
       20 Certificate Program(Major or Minor Exists)           A B1 B2 DEFG                 PQ                           20. a, b, c
       21 Certificate Program(No Major or Minor Exists)        3A B1 B2 DEFGH               PQ                           21. a, b, c
       22 Degree Designation                                   A B1 B2 DEFGH                PQTU                         22. b, c
       23 Degree Program                                       3A B1 B2 DEFGH               PQTUVW                       23. a, b, c
       24 Program Policy Change                                A B1 B2 DE                   PQ                           24. a, b, c
       25 Concept Approval                                     A B1 B2 D E                  X                            25. a, b, c
       26 Distance Education                                   A B1 B2 DE                   PQR                          26. a, b, c
       27 Other                                                VARIES                       VARIES                       27. varies
Box 4: APPROVAL SEQUENCE                                       APPROVAL SIGNATURES                                            DATE
A Dept/Program                                Chair: _____________________________________________________               _____       _______

B1 College Curriculum Committee 4          Chair: _____________________________________________________                  _____      _______

B2 College Dean 4                          Dean: _____________________________________________________                   _____      ______

C1 Graduate Council 4                      Chair: _____________________________________________________                  _____      ______

C2 Graduate Dean 4                         Dean: _____________________________________________________                   _____      _______

C3 General Education Council               Chair: ____________________________________________________                   _____      _

D   University Curriculum Committee        Chair: _____________________________________________________                  _____      _______
E   University Provost & VPAA              Provost & VPAA ____________________________________________                   _____      _______

F   University President                   President: __________________________________________________                 _____      _______

G   Council of Trustees                    Chair: _____________________________________________________                  _____      _______

H PASSHE                                                 _____________________________________________________           _____      _______
           P. This Cover Sheet                            T. Fiscal Impact                            W. Program Completion Plan
           Q. Summary (Reverse of P)                      U. Needs Analysis                           X. Concept Approval Form
           R. Syllabus                                    V. Program Course Checklists 5
1    Approval automatically lapses after two offerings unless permanently approved by Action 11.
2    Codes: a) Director, Library Services       b) College Deans     c) Planning Office      d) BUCC
3    Concept approval required prior to detailed program development. Submit Document X.
4    For “undergraduate only” items use B1 and B2. For “swing” and graduate items use B1, B2, C1, C2
5    Include existing and proposed checklists.
                            DOCUMENT Q - SUMMARY PROPOSAL
College:                      Department:                                             Cost Code:
Contact Person:                                               Phone:             Effective Semester:

Q-1: Briefly describe what is requested:

For new courses or changes in existing courses (needed by Registrar):
New Title:                                                                       Course #:             Credits:
Course Abbreviation:
                              (Maximum of 20 letters including blank spaces)
Old Title:                                                                       Course #:             Credits:

Q-2: Set forth the rationale for the proposal:
(Use space as needed.)


   No additional resources required. Explain why.

   Use space as needed to indicate probable source of additional funds:

(Use space as needed.)

Q-4 Impact including Center for Academic Computing and Library resources (Complete a or b)

     a) Impact was reviewed but none detected:       ____________________________________________            ________
                                                             Department Chair Signature                     Date

     b) Impact was reviewed. All impacted units were contacted and understandings worked out. No unit objections to
        the proposal as currently submitted. Supporting documents are attached. The units contacted were:

                                                     ____________________________________________            __________
                                                             Department Chair Signature                    Date

     c)   Impact was reviewed. All objections were worked out except those documented in attachments. Units
           contacted were:                        ____________________________________________                _________
                                                          Department Chair Signature                        Date


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