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									MILLENNIUM VOICE                                                                                                        M
MAY 2009                                THE VOICE OF THE MILLENNIUM ART ACADEMY COMMUNITY                           ISSUE FIVE, VOLUME 2

By Richie Lopez
  From the minute you walked down the hallway, you could tell that
an important event was going on the night of the science fair. The
narrow hallway was crowded. Students, parents, teachers and school
aids walked around to see the different experiments and projects that
students worked for several weeks on.
  The first Millennium Art Academy science fair on April 30th was a
great success with over 250 people attending. Participants included
9th, 10th, and 11th graders from Ms. Safran’s Earth Science class,
Ms. Spence’s Living Environment class and Ms. Baris’ Chemistry
class. Participants and projects included, Ruth Luciano-birds and
natural selection, Tionne Hammond and Brandii Dickerson-frog
dissection, Nyema Jones and Whitney Espejo-owl pellet dissection,
Rashid Wright-sugar and tooth decay, and many more.
      Along with the poster boards, students also did demonstrations,
showing off their cool experiments. For example, one ninth grader
demonstrated how dry ice can go from a solid directly to a gas.
Other students demonstrated how you could make music by using
wine glasses filled with different amounts of water. Several students
also made model volcanoes and actually had them erupt in front of
over 60 people! MAA students gasped and asked themselves, “How
did they do that?”     

   Mr.Ferron said, “The science fair was a tremendous success, I was
proud of all the work put in by students and teachers, I was
extremely impressed by the quality of work.”

   Ms.Spence agreed with Mr. Ferron by saying, “Ms.Safran, Baris,
and I, are very proud of all the participants. They worked extremely
hard on their projects for several weeks. We hope next year those who
participated, participate again, and that students who didn’t
participate this year, will be inspired to participate next year.”      Senior Stephanie Rodriguez lights Ms. Nodel’s hand on fire during a

                                                      demonstration at the Science Fair. (Don’t worry, no principals were
                                                                        hurt in the course of this experiment.)

By Jade Sanders

 On May 1st, 2009, all of Millennium Art Academy banded together
for the third annual Community Service Day. The event is a symbol
of how important it is to give back to the community, and each
other.  "Students participate in many activities on different levels,
which include improving parks and gardens, improving the school
itself, as well as improving the lives of Bronx residents," Ms. Nodel
says. “Once students recognize how important it is to give back to
each other we can strengthen our human spirit.”
        Each grade went to different places, and different groups in
different grades did many things. For example, 9th graders worked at
Ferry Point Park, 10th graders worked at Brook Park and POTS
soup kitchen and 11th graders stayed on campus to clean and
prepare the Stevenson garden for the spring season. Finally 12th
graders worked at a nursing home and created posters on ecological
awareness. By the end of the day, most students were tired,
and  hungry. "It was fun," Datresvant Morales said, "a new and
exciting experience."
Community service day will be taking place annually, so everyone
has a chance to take part in the fun.                                   Ms. Rapp, Ms. Nodel, Rosymar Ionencio and Grisel Garcia pause
                                                                        from mosaic making to celebrate Community Service Day.

    Inside Voice:

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              MILLENNIUM NEWS
    By DeAndra Smith

 Millennium Art Academy has done it               hard work that we have put into this school        production room where students and
 again. This school has proven how greatly        since it has opened.” She said she was also        teachers can create written and visual
 it has developed over the past few years.        proud of the fact that her school was first         documentaries of our service-learning
 Just two weeks ago Lincoln Center Institute      place in New York City.                            experiences as well as all the other
 awarded the school with the 2009                                                                        educational experiences that occur at
 Imagination Award. Ms Nodel said                                                                          MAA. Winning this award is a big
 it was for “Interdisciplinary                                                                             deal to our school because Ms. Nodel
 Instruction that utilizes elements of                                                                     and the staff has made it their
 the Arts and Socratic discussion                                                                          priority to put effort in how they
 resulting in students receiving a                                                                         wanted to shape this school; with a
 profound education.” When asked                  Lincoln Center Institute is also giving the             comfortableand creative environment
 how she felt about the school winning this       school $5,000 plus free professional               that encourages students to become
 award she said, “I’m very proud that the         development for two teachers during the            prepared for life and become divergent
 school got the award and I credit the entire     summer. Ms. Forrest and Ms. Salas are the          thinkers. Millennium Art Academy is
 staff; it is because of the excellent teachers   two people being considered to attend              honored to take this award and will always
 at the school that receiving the award was       Lincoln Center this summer. The money              keep the school excelling to live up to that
 possible and that it is a testament to all the   will be used to create a multi-media               image.

 By Jarrel Whitaker

    Mexican Flu, Swine Flu, Swine-Origin influenza, North                        -Avoid Touching your eyes , nose , and mouth ( germs spread
American Influenza, and 2009 h1n1 flu are all names for the                 this way)
epidemic that is believed to have started in March 2009. The
                                                                              - IF YOU GET SICK , STAY AWAY FROM SCHOOL
Virus Spread in various states in Mexico and spread to places like
                                                                            AND WORK
Spain, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Israel. The Outbreak
OF this New Strand of the influenza is making people think the                      Don’t be. According to, the Swine flu is just as
world in on the brink of a pandemic. Serious precautions are                much as a threat as the regular flu. Actually you should be happy
needed to end this virus and a simple wash of the hands can                 that you are the age your are because your immune system is
make a difference.                                                          getting better and more efficient everyday. If you try your best to
                                                                            protect yourself against what some may believe to be the “world’s
   -Wash your Hands Often Especially after coughing or
                                                                            next pandemic”, you probably won’t even run across it.
                                                                                - Sore Throat
      - Get plenty of Sleep
                                                                                - Fever
      - Drink Plenty of Fluids
                                                                                - Fatigue
      - Manage Stress
                                                                                - Body aches
      - Avoid Contacts with those who are sick
                                                                                - Chills
    -Try Not to touch surfaces that may be contaminated
(handles , Poles, Doorknobs )                                                   - Difficulty Breathing

    By Jade Sanders
     Everyone wants to be  able to read                       One of the main things you should                    In our state, there are apparently
minds. Unfortunately, you can't, sorry! If        know, is that psychological disorders are          106 schools you can go to for this
you're really that desperate, however, you        separated into categories.  It's  hard because     field.  Most of them are universities that
can study it. Or maybe you want to figure          here, you can't just cut somebody open, and        have a bunch of other majors to explore. So
out yourself and others. You probably want        look for the problem. You have to ask              you'll probably be required to have an
to prevent people from experiencing what          questions, take notes, and practically do  a       associates degree before you can  jump into
you have.It can be sad to see history repeat      whole investigation. That is the basis on          the bachelors program. These are some big
itself. We all know mistakes have to be made      which you identify the problem. Sometimes,         schools. They're also expensive. After
to learn, but there's no learning if you          mistakes are made, but that is where you           college, and even after settling down, you
continue to make the same mistake.                learn. Just don't try to learn too much,           could be paying off loans well into your
                                                  because people can lose patience, and              lifetime. "I'm glad I got so much financial
       A lot of it has to do with common          patience is what psychology is all about. You      aid," Sanchez says. "I have friends with
sense, but much of it is about rigorous study.    have to take your time.                            debts like they're from credit cards."
Psychology is the study devoted to
diagnosis, treatment, and study of mental             It's not all bad. When you're used to                  Apparently, you want to look into the
disorders. It's also about just helping people    figuring out people with real problems, you         school's financial aid center if you're having
sort out their problems, and getting to the       can read a normal person like a book.              trouble paying for college. A loan is not free
bottom of stress, depression, and trauma.         Maria Sanchez from the Bronxwood                   money(like a credit card). Sanchez warns to
Even small things like nightmares, and loss       community center says that her experience          be careful. "Don't think you'll get this
of sleep can be due to  things that may have      in psychology helped her tranistion to             amazing job that  will pay it all in one shot."
happened during childhood. This is the            education. "The kids did so many obvious
exact reason that psycholgy is also dedicated     things and got mad when I saw right                         In the end, psychology is a study that
to incredible amounts of study.                   through them," she said. "I almost felt bad--      stays with you for a very long time. Literally
                                                  almost. A lot of their reactions took me           and, well, Psychologically.
                                                  back to my old days."
  By Sharee Lewis
                                               Ask Miss Know it All       Dear Miss Know It All,
                                               [Need advice? I’m the
                                               one you call.)             This is like mad random and probably a WASTE of time lmao , but
                                                                          do you have any suggestions on a good song or something?? My ipod
                                               Dear Miss Know It          is a dub right about now, I need to update a.s.a.p !!
                                                                          -Musiqq Hunniee $
                                             I used to have this dog
                                             named Honeycomb,             Dear Musiqq Hunniee $,
                                             and he died like two
                                             weeks ago. I’m               Okay, I know plenty of good songs and that’s exactly what we need in
                                             depressed and I’m            this world and not how to do the Stanky Legg. But on my ipod I have
                                             really sad about it and      Kid Cudi’s whole album, and I dead love it. It’s different and it’s not
                                             my dad is just like “get     like every other corny song out here these days. The whole vibe is
                                             over it” and I’m like        cool. And The Dream’s new album is crazy. So look for it.
                                             “umm, I can’t”. So
                                            now I want to get a           Dear Miss Know It All,
new dog. The problem is I live in an area where dogs aren’t allowed,
what should I do?                                                         I have a problem with my best friend’s sister. Everywhere we go she’s
                                                                          always there. Like I think its cool she spends time with her but its
-Puppy Love ~                                                             getting crazy. She stays grilling me, how do I get rid of her?
                                                                          - Sibling Trouble
Dear Puppy Love,

I don’t even know what exactly you’re asking me, like what should you     Dear Sibling Trouble,
do about the rules of your block or what should you do about your
dead dog. Sooo .. I don’t know. But seriously though, I live in a place   You should consider confronting your friend’s sister. Maybe she grills
where we can’t have dogs either, and we actually follow the rules         you because she thinks you don’t like her. When people don’t like a
[KINDA!) But maybe your dog died because you don’t follow simple          person, they usually show it even when they think their hiding it. So
rules :P No dogs mean No dogs. Sorry about your dead dog but like         maybe if you talk to her you all can chill and be cool. If that doesn’t
common.. So if you’re that sad about it, get a brand spanking new         work, tell you best friend how you feel. Like only you two should hang
pet. Like maybe a cat, a bird, whatever. Maybe you’ll find a new           out instead of your sister always dragging around. Maybe your friend
Honey Comb                                                                would get the clue and ditch her.

By Ryan Vacciana
                          Pressure can play a toll in any teenager’s           only itinerary that can release them from their reality. Most of
                         life while growing up. You have the                   the time when they wake up from the predicament it’s too late
                         feeling that you are expected to do                   with results of jail or the uncovered fact of death. This is
                         something because of the simple fact that             debatable because it’s understandable depending on the
                         you’re growing up and starting to blend               person’s life and conditions, but some just do it because they
                         in to the real world. Sometimes you just              feel it’s the right thing to do without any goal at hand. The
                         think about how you are going to get out              only thing you can do is just change for the better and that
                         of the situation and show them what                   starts with yourself first.
                         your able to do. But at the same time it’s                 Now perhaps you may be reading this and thinking how or
                         a hardship for you because in the back of             why did I write this? Or what did I know about stuff like this?
                         your mind the level of mutual                         Well I to am going through the same thing, so apparently to
                         independency that they see in you is very             who ever is reading this you aren’t the only one going through
                        low. Therefore the most considerate                    these types of circumstances in life. Thus, for those who are
 thing to do is take that as a motivation for yourself to move on              reading this, I think you should take this in consideration.
 and to see the light. You’ll be surprised what you’ve become at               Only you can stop you! No one else has the power to that but
 the end of the road.                                                          your self. If you follow by that, then like I said once and I will
     I’ve witnessed teenagers break down and drift off from the                say it again, you’ll be surprised what you’ve become in the end
 light at the door. They get caught up in the movement and                     of the road.
 don’t think about the future which can result into a havoc. It
 leads to the common negative intentions that we usually see
 such as drug use, gang affiliation because they believe that’s the

        MAY 1, 2009

                Clockwise (from top left): Matthew Delgado and
                Felisha Hankins, Adrianna Ortiz, T-shirt distribution,
                Gilberto Burgos, Jeremy Cruz and Mr. Weinberg,
                Christopher Fernandez and Mr. Diaz with students
                shoveling wood chips.

  By Christian Pellerano
         Mario Power Tennis was
originally for the Nintendo Game
Cube, now Nintendo made it for                                                 The Nintendo D.S.I is the 3rd D.S. in the era. This system
the Nintendo wii. Since the wii                                                has 2 cameras and you can put an SD card into it to save the
has motion, the swinging action                                                pictures. The DSI is slimmer than the DS Lite and it does
will be good. Mario power tennis                                               not play Game Boy games on it. The DSI is the first DS to
is 1 of 7 games that became a new                                              have cameras and no game boy game slot.
play control game.                                                             
        The Nintendo DSI has better speakers and better
                                                                               screens. The liquid crystals in the screens are bigger than the
In Mario Power tennis each                                                     DS Lite’s crystals. The difference is only ¼ in the crystals.
character has different special                                                You can surf the web with out buying some thing for the
moves to use, like Bowser’s bullet                                             DSI. The internet is free on it.
bill. This game is up to 4 players                                             	        The Nintendo DSI will cost $160.00.
in a match. It was remade for the
wii. It’s a good game to play with
other people because it would be
boring if you have no one to play
with. It’s a tennis game and you
play with the nun-chuck. Mario
power Tennis came out on March
9, 2009. It’s a basic tennis game with crazy levels to play in
and special moves.

     DREAMS                                                                    CRUMBS
                                                       By        Tynashia         Santiago           and       Shantay            Perez

  By Jarrel Whitaker                                   Grilled chicken and red rice w/                      1 pack of chicken thighs
                                                       pigeon peas                                          1 packet of sazon
      Everyone has or has had a dream before.                                                               1 tbsp. of onion powder
  But have you ever thought about what it                                                                   1 tbsp. of garlic powder
                                                         The taste of grilled chicken in the summer is
  really represents? Dreams are said to                                                                     1 tbsp. all purpose seasoning
                                                       the best. It brings the smoky delicious taste of
  portray what the person’s inner emotions                                                                  1 tbsp. adobo
                                                       the summer cooked foods. Chicken that tastes
  and inner thoughts are. Things like being                                                                 1 bottle of honey BBQ sauce
                                                       so good it makes you melt on the inside. This
  chased and falling represent emotional                                                                    1 can of Pam grilling spray
                                                       recipe is an old family recipe
  things. For example if you are falling and                                                                         
                                                       and it tastes the best,
  you are scared, it could represent a lack of                                                                       Steps cooking red rice
                                                       throughout the summer many
  control or insecurities Opposed to dreaming                                                                         
                                                       grilled foods are cooked and
  that you are flying may indicate that you                                                                           First you put the oil, sofrito, seasonings,
                                                       this is one of the best recipes
  have a sense of freedom .Dreams allow you                                                                          3 cups of rice then you mix it to make
                                                       to make. Try this recipe out. I
  to see what you are actually trying to hide                                                                        the rice grains gain the color then  you
                                                       know it is a food that everyone
  from yourself by flashing pictures and                                                                              add the water and wait till it come to a
                                                       is willing to eat.
  sounds through your head while your                                                                                boil stir it and place the flame on low
  sleeping. Dreams tell you what you really                                                                          and cover it up until cooked.rice should
                                                       How to make the rice:
  feel deep inside about yourself and people                                                                        take about 30 minutes to cook or cook
  around you. You may think you feel                                                                        until soft.
                                                       I can of Goya pigeon pea beans
  someway about someone until you dream                                                                      
                                                       3 cups of rice
  the opposite, which will be portraying your                                                               Steps to making grilled chicken
                                                       ½ cup of corn oil
  inner feelings.                                                                                            
                                                       2 tsp. of salt
     Interpreting your dreams comes from the                                                                First step you season meat then you put the
                                                       4 cups of water
  dreamer themselves. Start by asking yourself                                                              grill to warm up and get ready to place the
                                                       2 packets of sazon seasoning
  is that how you really feel and what can                                                                  meat on top. You then spray it down with the
                                                       ½ cup of so Frito Goya or home made
  some symbols in your dream possibly                                                                       Pam spray and then place the meat on the grill
                                                       1 tbsp. of onion powder
  represent. Interpreting your dreams can                                                                   and let it cook on each side for about 15 to 20
                                                       1tbsp. of garlic
  help you really get to know yourself and be                                                               minutes and while letting each side cook brush
                                                       1 tbsp. adobo
  in touch with the inner you. Once you get                                                                 BBQ sause on each side until done. The meat
                                                       1 tbsp. all purpose seasoning
  past interpreting your dreams it’ll be easier                                                             all together to cook should take about 30 to 40
  to solve the problem or get the situation                                                                 minutes if wanted to be cooked really well
                                                       How to make the grilled chicken
  better than it already is.                                                                                done.

A major star on television ( In Living Color ,The                                      The entire album is loaded with pure rock, nothing less then
Jamie Foxx Show ) , on the big screen ( The                                            what you would expect from Papa Roach. 
Kingdom, Ray,  Dream Girls ) and on radio, Jamie
Foxx has recently released a new album called                                          --Ashley Walker
Intuition . Intuition plays it safe with slick
production, even slick beats, and his joint Just Like
Me was a smash hit. Now his new joint Blame It                                         Album: 21st Century Breakdown
featuring T-pain is poppin out of this world  for                                      Artist: Green Day
this year so far. Even Jamie’s                                                         My Rating: 4 out of 5
smooth voice is well suited for
radio, and  there are enough                                                                    The long waited release of Green
catchy jams here to make this                                       radio         Day’s newest album is finely here. This album
mainstay at the TOP  of the                                         year.         follows a couple names Christian and Gloria.
                                                                                  A young couple in love? Ok. But that’s not important, besides the fact
--Terell Sandoval                                                                 that  it’s the theme of the album. This album is nothing less than what
                                                                                  you would expect from Green Day, and the theme adds to the  total
Album: Metamorphosis                                                              awesomeness of this album! But really, most tracks like “21 Guns,” and
Artist: Papa Roach                                                                “Last Night on Earth” are the perfect concert lighter moments.
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5                                                           Meaning they have guitar riffs to perfectly slow that they are worth
                                                                                  pulling out a match in a crowd of teens and waving it around in the
 So far, the bands best album. The album starts with a pure music                 air. But by far, my favorite song is, “Viva la Gloria” [Little Girl] mainly
track, that’s as strong as a battle march into war, leading the rest of the       because of the guitar, bass, and drums. They’re all equally smooth and
songs in with a powerful drum and guitar line. And with an intro like             delighting in a clean but dirty kind of way, and with the edgy but rich
that the other songs sound even better. The second song "Change or                vocals from Billy Joe, this song has enough to be a guilty pleasure. 
Die" is a pure rock beat that’s filled with head banging goodness ( xD ).          Which adds more to the magic of the album. As if there wasn’t so
The next song "Hollywood Whore" is 5 out of 5 on my list as well.                  much already.

             BOOKS                                                                   PLAYLIST

Now for all those people who don’t know what manga or anime is
ill give you the definition. Manga is Japanese comics and here’s                  Ashley's Top Ten Playlist
the cool part you have to read it like a traditional Japanese book,   
(Right to Left) and anime is Japanese cartoon many originally
from the manga.  
                                                                                 1. Decade - Paramore
  Now let’s get down to business. The first manga to review is . . .              2. I Hate Everything About You - Three
Oran High school Host Club!!!                                                    Days Grace
I highly recommend this manga and it’s anime to anyone who
likes romantic comedies. And hey I personally love Hikaru and                    3. Bleed Like Me - Trapt
Karu (the twins)                                                                 4. Riot - Three Days Grace
                                                                                 5. Indestructible - Disturbed
    As cool as it sounds there is a bad part to this as well. The
anime ends Before the Manga and leaves you on a cliff hanger                     6. Waking The Demon - Bullet For My
but what good Anime doesn’t huh? LoL anyway the anime has an                     Valentine
awesome theme song called “sakura kiss” you can find it on                        7. All These Things I Hate - Bullet For My the Anime on and the
Manga on                                                        Valentine
Over all I give This Manga a 9.5                                                 8. Inside The Fire - Disturbed
And the anime a 10                                                               9. Blind Man - Black Stone Cherry
                                                                                 10. Mind Freak - Criss Angel

                                                                              MOVIE REVIEW
                                                                              In the new movie 12 rounds directed by Renny a
                                                                              detective that tries to stop a woman from doing a crime.
                                                                              But she runs into a car and dies and the girls boyfriend
                                                                              wants revenge so he kidnaps the detectives wife. In order
                                                                              to save his wife he must play 12 things. Detective goes
                                                                              through many difficult tasks which almost kills him.
                                                                              Starring John Cena.

                                                                              --By Javier Hernandez

HOTTOPIC                                             One down side about this store is the
by Kat Hall                                        pricing. If you’re a H.T. shopaholic you’d              LOCATIONS
     What’s not to love about this amazing         end spending hundred of dollars for just a
store full of everything good and music            few amazing items. (all the little things add           Queens Center
oriented? H.T. has a lot of cool fashionable       up)                                                     90-15 Queens Blvd.
brands like Tripp (my fav), Converse chuck           Sadly there are none close by. T_T but                Queens, NY   11373
Taylor (my other fav), and more. They sell         never fear here are some H.T. locations. So             (718) 760-3585
all sorts of great apparel like skinny jeans,      enjoy .
combat boots, Tripp skirts, and have the                                                                   Galleria of White Plains
cutest licensed gear, skele animal, invader                                                                100 Main Street
zim, hello kitty, and more.                                                                                White Plains, NY   10601
   But don’t forget the whole reason H.T.                                                                  (914) 997-8586
exist. THE MUSIC! This store has band
T’s, C.D’s, and everything music lovers love                                                               Garden State Plaza
to get thru the day in style. They have tons                                                               1228 Garden State Plaza
of amazing bands from MCR, to the used,                                                                    Paramus, NJ   07652
to slip knot and paramore.                                                                                 (201) 291-7899
   Personally it’s impossible for me to live
without this store; it brings out unique styles
like =>“emo, punk, rocker, scene, etc.” 

SUMMER WEAR                                        the gap. The best colors people should wear         sell swim suits. Also u can wear bags and
by Ashley Guerrero                                 are like blue, pink, yellow, green, white, or       other Jewelry to make it look fashionable. A
                                                   orange. Try to stay away from dark colors           good place to get bags and accessories is
The best things you should wear for the            such as red or black. Those colors attract too      Juicy Couture, Gucci, forever 21, Coach,
summer are light or bright colored clothes.        much sun. When you’re at the beach the              and Disney Couture. Headbands are cute to
People should wear dresses, sandals, shorts,       best thing to wear is a light color bathing         wear too; you can get those at any hair
or light thin t-shirts. You can get those things   suit. You can get swim suits from Victoria          product store. That’s what I think are goods
at forever 21, aeropostal, old navy and even       secret, old navy, and other store that usually      things to wear in the summer.

     Principal’s Honor Roll INSIDE A MILLENNIUM
         Second Marking Period FRESHMAN’S MIND
   SABIHA AKTHER                       INFINITE SUMLIN             By Brandii Dickerson
  SHERINE JAISON                       CEARA ARROYO
  PAULINE LEWIS                        TERRELL BATEY                   I sat down with Deondre Crumell           -What do you like about M.A.A
  CRISTINA ORTIZ                       WINSTON DEJESUS              and asked him a few questions about          and why?
  RICARDO MARTINEZ                     DATRESVANT MORALES           the school.
  CHARLEE SALVATIERRA                  TRACY MARTINEZ                                                            Deondre said “I like the art teacher
  JUSTIN HUERTAS                       NASHIBA TURNER               -Do you like M.A.A better than               Ms. Forest and I like the art class
  MIGUEL ROMAN                         SHAKHINO GUEVARA             your old school?                             because we can get to draw realistic
  OPEOLU SEHINDEMI                     DARIEN CRUZ                                                               things”
  MICHAEL EASTON                       	                            Deondre said “Yes I enjoy high
  MARVIN GAANDER                                                    school a lot and this school is more         -Do you think anything
  MECCA ALIM                                                        bigger than my middle school.”               activities should be added to
              MILLENNIUM VOICE STAFF                                 -Do you like the 9th grade
                                                                    teachers if so which one and                 Deondre said “Yes they should add
                                                                    why?                                         Sex Ed. Class so we can learn more
                 STAFF WRITERS
                                                                                                                 about sex.”
  Brandii Dickerson, Ashley Guerrero, Kat Hall,
                                                                    Deondre said “yes I like the 9th grade
 Javier Hernandez, Christian Pellerano, Shantay
                                                                    teachers. I like Mr. Paterno because         -What do you NOT like about
 Perez, Jade Sanders, Terrell Sandoval, Tynashia
                                                                    he is nice and there is no complaints        M.A.A?
    Santiago, Deandra Smith, Ryan Vacciana,
                                                                    about him.”
         Ashley Walker, Jarrel Whitaker.
                                                                                                                 Deondre said “I don’t like the fact
                                                                    -Do you feel the 9th grade                   that we don’t have lockers and we
                      SPORTS EDITOR                                 teachers teach you what you                  have to carry things.”
                                                                    want to know?
                      MAXINE NODEL                                                                                

                                                                    Deondre said “Yes. I feel Mr.
                                                                    Paterno teaches me every thing I
                  PUBLISHER/ADVISOR                                 need to know in global because I’m
                     Mr. J. Wagner

                                                                    learning about new things.”

                                                                    SCIENCE FAIR

    Ms. Spence explains the science fair to students and parents.

                                                                    Charmayne Greene measures the ingredients for her DNA
                                                                    extraction lab.

                                                                    Nigel Harrell leans in close to create a spectacular methane

Ryan Vacciana shakes the jug of methane prior to lighting it.
                                                                      Senior Brandon Mulcare explains his soda and Mentos
                                                                      experiment to Assistant Principal, Iris Witherspoon.

A Gloomy Fun Day by Matthew Delgado


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