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									1. Mr. Silva commenced a business by investing Rs.1, 000,000 in cash and Rs.300, 000 worth of
2. A trading inventory at the cost of Rs.200,000 has been sold on credit at Rs.250,000
3. Purchase of a delivery van for Rs.300, 000.
4. Receipt of Rs.150,000/= and accepting a three months bill for the balance of the debtors
5. Discounting the bill accepted by the debtors on 4th January, at bank with a discount charge
    of Rs. 2,000
6. Placing Rs.200, 000/= in a fixed deposit at the annual g interest rate of 10% per annum.
7. Purchase of a trading inventory on credit terms at a cost of Rs. 300,000/
8. A bank loan of Rs. 500,000 was obtained at the annual interest rate of 15% per annum
9. A machinery at the cost of Rs. 500,000 was acquired from ‘X’ Ltd on credit basis
10. An advance was obtained from a customer for a sale which is to be completed within the
    next month Rs. 25,000
11. Rs. 200,000 was paid in settlement of creditors outstanding balance and a three months bill
    was accepted for the balance of the creditors
12. Purchase of Rs. 300,000 cost of trading inventories on credit
13. Rs. 100,000 cost of inventories have been sold at Rs. 150,000.00
14. Rs. 50,000 costs of inventories have been returned back to suppliers.
15. Rs. 20,000 worth of goods sold has been returned by the customers. The cost of the goods
    returned is Rs. 15,000.00
16. Rs. 20,000 was paid for electricity
17. Rs.10,000 was paid for telephone
18. Mr. Silva has drawn Rs. 15,000 cost of inventories for his personal use.
19. Mr. Silva has drawn Rs. 10,000 for his personal use.
20. It is confirmed that Rs. 20,000 cost of inventories are badly damaged and can’t be used
21. It was confirmed that Rs. 25,000 debtor balance is irrecoverable and this amount should be
    recognised as a loss (Bad debts).
22. Mr. Silva (the proprietor) has infused Rs. 200,000 in cash to the business. These are the
    proceeds of a Bank Loan taken in his personal name.
23. Rs. 100,000 was paid in settlement of the loan of ‘X’ Ltd.
24. Rs. 50,000 was paid in settlement of the bank loan
25. Rs. 10,000 personal tax of Mr. Silva has been paid by the company.

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