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					                                 Programming and Outreach Pre-Merger Team
                                          MPL / Library Links!

Goals           To connect first-generation library users with library resources and programs.

Process         Partnerships Coordinator initiates system-wide relationships and programs. Library
                Links! Coordinator supervises staff and manages programs. Liaisons perform several
                key tasks:
                       Work within library buildings during open hours to provide direct service to
                        first-generation library users. 50%
                       Provide direct outreach to first-generation library users at community events,
                        schools, and other service agencies, connecting them to the resources and
                        programs of the public library. 25%
                       Plan, develop, implement and evaluate library services and programs to
                        enhance the well-being of first-generation library users in Minneapolis. 15%
                       Translate library publicity pieces into Somali, Spanish, or Hmong to make them
                        understandable (in language and in culture) to non-English speakers in
                        Minneapolis. 5%
                       Evaluate existing print resources and make recommendations for additional
                        resources that will benefit first-generation library users. 5%

Institutional   MPL has been committed to serving new immigrants for over a century. The Library
history         Links! model was created in 1999 through the Carnegie Gateway Project. The project
                was designed to build on MPL’s existing strengths, enhancing these aspects of library
                services: world language collections, the Homework Helper program, outreach to new
                immigrants, and adult literacy and English Language Learning. Library Links! began
                with three Bilingual Outreach Liaisons, who introduced Southeast Asian, Latino, and
                East African immigrants to the library. Library Links! has now become a key element
                in MPL’s service to the community, and has been integrated into the library’s
                permanent service model. The program continues to expand and evolve each year.

Staffing           1.5 FTE Bilingual Outreach Liaisons (Spanish) – 52 regular hours, plus 3-4
                    additional outreach hours, per week, worked by 4 part-time, temporary employees.
                   1 FTE Bilingual Outreach Liaisons (Somali) – 36.5 regular hours, plus 1-2
                    additional outreach hours, per week, worked by 3 part-time, temporary employees.
                   0.4 FTE Bilingual Outreach Liaison (Hmong) – 13 regular hours, plus 1-2
                    additional outreach hours, per week, worked by 1 part-time, temporary employee.
                   0.3 FTE Early Literacy Outreach Liaisons – 11 regular hours per week, worked by
                    2 part-time, temporary employees
                   1.0 FTE Library Links! Coordinator – 37.5 regular hours per week, worked by 1
                    full-time, permanent employee
                   1.0 FTE Partnerships Coordinator/ Immigrant Resources and Early Literacy – 37.5
                    regular hours per week, worked by 1 full-time, permanent employee

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Funding           Operating Budget
                  Grant funding for specific initiatives and projects

Guiding           Building Bridges: A Three Year Plan for Service
                  MPL Strategic Plan

Example     Sample of programs offered in conjunction 2007:
                  monthly Spanish language book club for adults at East Lake
                  weekly Spanish storytimes at 3 locations
                  bi-weekly Hmong Youth Circle at North Regional
                  10 week Somali storytelling series at Franklin


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