; ACCELERATED BSN MSN ABM ANSWERS TO MOST FREQUENT QUESTIONS Application deadlines and Important Dates for 2004 October 1 2003
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ACCELERATED BSN MSN ABM ANSWERS TO MOST FREQUENT QUESTIONS Application deadlines and Important Dates for 2004 October 1 2003


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									                      ACCELERATED BSN/MSN (ABM)

                   Application deadlines and Important Dates for 2004:
      October 1, 2003     The College of Nursing will begin accepting application
                          material for summer 2004 class
      February 1st 2004 Application Deadline
      May 10th 2004       Classes start
                          Please note this program admits for summer term only

1.   What prerequisite courses are required?

          Required prerequisite courses are specific to the accelerated BSN/MSN program.
          Refer only to information specific to this program. Prerequisite courses may be
          taken at a university or community college. Community colleges offer anatomy and
          physiology as combined courses and part I and part II are required. Universities
          tend to offer separate courses; one in anatomy and one in physiology and both are

2.   How long is the program?

          After meeting prerequisite course requirements, students may complete all nursing
          course work for a master’s degree in approximately 2 ½ years of full-time study.

3.   Can the program be part time?

          The accelerated baccalaureate degree (BSN) curriculum requires full-time
          enrollment. The masters degree program has curriculum plans for either part-time
          or full-time enrollment.

4.   When will I become a registered nurse?

          The baccalaureate curriculum is completed at the end of the 2005 summer term A.
          Graduates are then eligible to take the NCLEX exam. The expectation is that the
          student will complete the NCLEX test during the month of July.

          Students are required to be registered nurses before enrollment in master’s degree
          clinical courses.

5.   When is the national certification exam for the Master’s degree clinical specialty area

          Eligibility for the national certification examinations in an advanced practice clinical
          specialty area occurs upon completion of the master’s degree.
6.   What are the computer requirements?

          The University of Florida requires students to have unrestricted access to a
          computer. Computers are used for assignments, communication with faculty, staff
          and classmates and access to Internet information. Review College of Nursing
          student policy S-1.4 for further software requirements. Students are to become
          familiar with computer policy requirements prior to beginning course work.

7.   How do I apply?

          Obtain post baccalaureate application on-line from the University of Florida
          website: http://www.reg.ufl.edu/pdf/postbaccbro9.pdf then mail the completed
          application to the UF Office of Admissions. Contact Mr. Ken Foote at
          kfoote@nursing.ufl.edu (352) 273-6383 for application questions. If you have
          additional program questions you may contact Professor Gloria McWhirter

8.   What financial support is available?

          Application for academic loans are arranged through Mr. Mike Menefee, Assistant
          Director of Student Financial Affairs (352) 273-6202. He attends orientation to
          assist students with loan applications. Enrolled students are informed via email
          when money from the College of Nursing becomes available. Traineeship money
          is available for students enrolled full-time in the master’s degree courses.

9.   How many hours a week study time (outside of class) is expected?

          In all upper division and graduate course work at least three hours of study for
          each one-hour of class is the standard. As an accelerated curriculum option, three
          hours would be the minimum expectation for each hour of class. Independent
          study and class participation are expected.

          Clinical courses require three hours of clinical experiences for one academic credit.
          Calculate both study and clinical hours into your schedule each semester. Clinical
          courses have the L designation. Note curriculum plans including total credits per
          semester are on the college website with the program description.

10. What is the schedule for clinical times?

          This schedule varies each semester and included evenings and weekend clinical
          assignments as needed to meet course objectives. In the practicum course in the
          last semester students are paired with a preceptor and therefore clinical schedules
          may vary with preceptor’s work schedule. For example your schedule could be 7
          On, 7 Off or 3-12 hour weekend shifts.

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