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									                                               PROCard Request Form
                                      (1) PROCard will be used for same day purchases. That is, whoever checks it out needs to return the card on
                                      the same day along with receipt(s). Exceptions will be granted in rare occasions. Check with the card holder
                                      well in advance.

                                      (2) One form per vendor -- no exceptions. Also remember that if you're buying food and non-alcoholic
                                      beverages, an Official Occasion Expense form must also be submitted along with the PROCard request.

                                      (3) Person listed as requesting the card is the person picking up the card. No passing the card around from
                                      person to person.

                                      (4) When actually making the purchase, remind vendor that UT is tax exempt. Also, look at receipt to make
                                      sure no tax was charged. It is easier to correct the error right at the store instead of having to go back for the
   Revised January 2012
                                      (5) Plan well in advance to submit your PROCard requests. Sometimes card holders are not at their desks for
                         NAME         last-minute requests. The card will only be handed out by the card holder (or whom they assign in their
                                              First:                                              Last:
                                      absence) to the person who made the request. Allow at least 24 hours before you can pick up the card.
        YOUR PHONE NUMBER                                                                 Today's date:
        DATE CARD IS NEEDED                                                           CARD YOU NEED


If your purchase is over $500, you need to verify that the vendor above is in good tax
standing with the State of Texas. If a vendor has a HOLD status by its name, you cannot                               CHECK VENDOR STATUS

            ACCOUNT NUMBER                                                       PURCHASE AMOUNT
I certify that the vendor used for this purchase is in good tax standing with the State of Texas. I have
checked its name as instructed previously.

Save this request now. Then click the green button for the appropriate office for the PROCard you need. When the email
message opens, attach the saved document to the email and send your request.
Mail this request to                 CSWR                                    DEAN/LRC                         HARTLAND

Don't forget to attach this request to the email message. The cardholder will contact you.
Please do not copy this request to other people. The email addresses listed in the buttons above are correct.

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