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									Anacarmida Nevarez
English Dual 4B

                         Science and its Advances in Humans

Science and Technology has dramatically advanced in the last ten years. Many say that
technology has been created to help humanity, while others say that medical technology
is a form of playing God. In Genesis, it is stated how God created earth, universe and
living organisms. He had created Adam and Eve, in order for the human species to
procreate. Humans and animals have similar organs, they procreate the same way.
Plants and animals were created in order to help humans survive by giving the everyday

Technology and science has rapidly evolved to the point were we have the tools and
power to create organs. Many people die because of the need of an organ transplant.
Scientist have been able to create an organ that can be used by humans. Nowadays, a
fetus can be altered scientifically. The parents can know if the fetus will have a
syndrome, virus, etc. It can be altered in time to prevent the child from suffering. Also
features can be changed. For example, the eyes and hair color can be changed to
whatever color the parents want their baby to have. Not only has science altered the
human genes, it has also altered nature and animals. In animals, scientists have
experimented with them in order to improve our medicine. We have learned how to do
surgeries. However, some scientists have experimented with sheep. They were able to
clone a sheep, they named her Dolly.

Mother Nature has been affected drastically. Our selfishness does not let us see
beyond what we want. Food has been artificially altered. We have created fertilizers and
hormones, which have made our vegetables, fruits and certain animals enlarge in size.
These fertilizers and hormones affect our bodies. They have made our bodies more
exposed to diseases, such as cancer. Our life expectancy has decreased due to the
amount of conservatives, fertilizers and hormones that we ingest in our bodies. They
have made children develop faster than past generations. The bodies start changing at
an early age, which makes them interested in the opposite sex. This is why there has
been an increase in teen pregnancy and STD’s.

In my opinion, I think technology and science have revolutionized up to a point were we
want to create life. Why would people want to change how their babies would look?
Even if they create the “perfect looking” baby, will it be for good? After all, the
personality and mentality of a person is what makes each of us unique. There are many
kids in need of parents. We shouldn’t create babies, instead I think that if couples
adopted children it would be better. They would be filling the needs of a lonely child.
They would give the child the love and care that they need. I picture our future full of
clones. What’s the point of clones? If we want our lives to be perfect or to look good, we
have the power to make that happen without altering our genes. We are perfect the way
we are. There is no need to inject hormones in chicken. An organic chicken tastes the
same, yes of course it’s a bit smaller in size, but it’s the same type of animal that we will
consume. Why would we want future generations to make the mistake of becoming
parents at an early age? Childhood is the most beautiful stage of our lives. We only get
to be children once, let’s enjoy it. Plants don’t need fertilizers with harmful chemicals.
Nature can grow fruits and vegetables with the water from the canals. All they need are
minerals and nutrients. My point of view on scientist creating organs is half and half. It
would be helpful to know that if we ever need a transplant we will have a secure organ
to keep on living. Who wants to suffer the death of a loved one? We also need to think
about our actions. Some things are better if we just leave them alone and not mess with
it. We don’t know the effects that a scientifically created organ may have. Not all the
human bodies react the same way. I think that the only one that should create life
should be God. We should invest our money and time in ways that would benefit all of
the living beings.


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