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									                                                                Emmaus Catholic College
                                                Assessment Information/Cover Sheet

                                                                                                               Church Spreads the Good News Life
Student Name                                                                    H/R           Course

                                                                                    Date                           Task
Teacher/s                                                   KLA        RE                     Week 10                       3/4       Weighting
                                                                                    Due                           Number

 The Assessment Task
  Read about St Paul’s Missionary journeys and complete the attached worksheets.

 Instructions for the Task
    Choose one of Paul’s Missionary journeys.
    Read the account of this journey from the sheet provided.
    On the map provided, draw the route that St Paul took on the chosen journey.
    Identify and highlight on the map, the places that St Paul visited on the journey.
    Identify the key message of his teaching.
    Write a paragraph reflecting on how St Paul’s journey could influence their attitudes towards God and life.

 How to do the Tasks
Step1  Listen to your teacher and the class discussion about the content
    2  Read the tasks and look at the marking criteria. Discuss issues that are unclear
     3      Write a plan for contemporary issue. Check with your teacher.
     4      Write your analysis and submit it for marking.
            Think about the feedback, re-check the marking criteria and determine why you have/have not
            achieved the grade.

                    1. Criteria Attached (if appropriate)         2. Checked LOL         3. Checked LS           4. Approved HOL   
Outcomes assessed by the task– a student
              -     Recognises ways to locate and select information, individually or in teams
              -     Recognises ways to organise and communicate information
              -     Recognises subject specific terminology

Plagiarism Statement (Students must read, tick and sign this section)
By submitting the task for grading and/or marking, I acknowledge the following:
               The work submitted is my own work (unless appropriate acknowledgement has been made).
               Where the work of others is used and not acknowledged, a finding of Plagiarism will be made and a zero grade or N/A
              will be awarded.
               I hold a copy of this assessment if the original is lost or stolen
               I am aware that this work may be reproduced and submitted to plagiarism detection software programs for the purposes of
              detecting possible plagiarism.

              Student Signature_________________________________

Self-assessment (Highlight the description that best fits your preparation for the task.)
                  Unsatisfactory             Inconsistent                Satisfactory               Commendable                      Outstanding
                  A student at this level:   A student at this level:    A student at this level:   A student at this level:         A student at this level:
                  Has prepared study         Has an inconsistent         Has done the LP for        Feels confidence in the          Systematically prepares

                  cards but not              preparation for the task:   the task, knows the        completeness and                 maximising the use of the
                  memorised them, has        LP is haphazard and         study cards                memorisation of the content      ‘process of preparation for the
                  not made the most of       rushed, memorisation is     reasonably well and        and skills in the study cards.   task’. Submits
                  the class work required    uneven. Feels stressed      can do the skills          Has used class time well         complementary work for
                  and is not ready for the   before the task.            required for the           and acted upon teacher           teacher feedback. Is confident
                  task.                                                  task.                      feedback.                        of success.
                                        Year 8 Church Spreads the Good News
                                      Elements     With Assistance                  Independently
                                      St Paul’s Mapping one of St Paul’s        Mapping one of St Paul’s
                                      Journey   journeys                        journeys

                                      St Paul’s   Identifying the key           Identifying the key
                                      Teaching    message of St Paul’s          message of St Paul’s
                                                  teaching.                     teaching
                                      God and     Reflecting on the              Reflecting on the
                                      life        influence of St Paul’s        influence of St Paul’s
                                                  teaching on their attitudes   teaching on their attitudes
                                                  towards God and life          towards God and life
                                      SST         Use subject specific          Use subject specific
                                                  terminology appropriately     terminology appropriately


                                                  1-2                           3-4

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