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									                                                           Pms - Portfolio Management Services: Kotak Securities


                                            Portfolio Management Services: Kotak
                                      Portfolio Management Service; by kotak securities which is one of the most popular services
                                      offered by the 2500 crore group. The Portfolio Management Service combines competent fund
                                      management, dedicated research and technology to ensure a rewarding experience for its
                                      clients. Special relationship managers are appointed to manage your investments in the best
                                      possible manner and make sure that you get maximum returns of your investments. A
                                      constant vigil on the performance of your portfolio will give you a fair idea on the various
                                      aspects of your investments. The relationship managers with a minimum experience of 2
                                      years are the best in the industry and are well versed with the different trends in the market.
                                      Let us take a look at the equity PMS-es offered by Kotak Securities Limited. Unfortunately,
                                      they have chosen NOT to publicly disclose details such as the minimum amount to be
                                      invested, management fees or the profit sharing structure. I imagine that, like most things in
                                      life, these are negotiable. ?? Origin o Market cap Rs 4000 crores, Stock selection using criteria
                                      such as GARP, high ROI, etc. ?? Klassic Portfolio - Flexi o Multi cap portfolio, based on the
                                      observation that "present market conditions hints at growth as a central premise to support
                                      valuations" - whatever that means. ?? InvestGuard Plan o 'CPPI Model' - Invests across shares              
                                      and fixed income products, moving from shares into fixed interest investments when the
                                      fund's value drops below a predetermined "floor". When markets start to move up, the product
                                      increases its holdings in shares, tapping into these growth opportunities. ?? CORe Portfolio o
                                      Multi cap portfolio, stocks of companies in the business areas driven by consumerism,
                                      outsourcing, real estate plays as well as core infrastructure plays. By the way, the website
                                      does not share any performance metrics either, except for this "risk-return profile" chart. This
                                      has been true of most of the PMS-es I looked at. Why not? Is it classified, top secret? PS: They
                                      also offer a Mutual Fund PMS (KotakFreedom) with minimum investment of 5 lakhs, that gets
                                      you a relationship manager and their mutual fund research. Again, no data on fees, past
                                      performance, etc.

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                             The Nitty-Gritty of the PMS                                                                                         

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