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Course Number: MET496
Course Title: Senior Seminar - Lab
Course Instructors:
        Rick Calvert
            Office: BWD 165 Ph: 320-2400 x7216 Email:
        Ed Almasy
            Office: BWD 160 Ph: 320-2400 x7970 Email:
        Randy Moser:
            Office: BWD 158 Ph: 320-2400 x7470 Email:
Date: Spring 2010
Location: BWD 154 Thursdays 3:30-5pm.
Office Hours: office hours are posted by the office doors

Course Descrition:           Students will be responsible for working under a faculty
mentor to develop and deliver the finished project as outlined during the lecture,
planning portion of the senior seminar experience. Successful completion of the
project will require a finished project, including executive summary, an evaluation
process, and a verbal presentation.
3 Cr. (0-9). Prerequisites: MET495.

Course Competencies: Upon successful completion of this course, the student
will demonstrate the following course competencies:
           How to plan, organize, direct, coordinate and complete a project.
           How to communicate both written and oral information as a technical
           How to work as a professional.
           How to use limited resources to accomplish project objectives.

Course Rational: It is important for the student to complete a capstone project to
integrate what they have learned in their previous course work. The experience of
working on and completing a project is a crucial skill in today’s workplace

Information Literacy:

   Students will:
    integrate web-based research for use in papers and presentations.
    familiarize themselves with websites on project planning
    Improve their on-line research skills—especially their ability to evaluate
      source credibility.

Required Texts and Materials:       No text is required.
Course Policies and Procedures:

   Attendance: The weekly meetings will be used to keep everyone informed of all
   projects progress. Additionally this time can be used for the technical

   Presentation Dress Code: It is important to show that you can look and act
    like a professional. If you are not dressed professionally, expect to be graded

   Deadlines: Deadlines are important. Missing a deadline results in a loss of
   credibility. It is very hard to work in an organization where your co-workers and
   managers can not rely on you to accomplish your tasks in a timely fashion.

   Senior Project Expostion: This is an opportunity to demonstrate your project
   and abilities to a wider audience. You never know who might be viewing your
   project. Only projects that are making good progress can participate in this.
   (March 27th, 2010)

   Independent Work: It is your responsibility to submit reports on-time,
   maintain your daily log book, maintain contact with mentors, make progress on
   your project, and create the documentation package for the project. No one will
   be reminding you of the deadlines or your responsibilities. If you think you are
   having problems, contact one of the project mentors, do not wait until mid-term
   to find out you have serious problems.

Grading System:
      30% Project that achieves stated goals
      10% Daily log book
      10% Status reports (every two weeks)
      20% Project Documentation Package (by the end of the semester)
      10% Midterm Project Presentation
      10% Final Project Presentation
      10% Technical Presentation on your Project (sometime during the semester)
 The Senior Project Exposition can be a 10% bonus to your project grade.

Required Assignments:

         1.   Project that achieves stated goals – Most important
         2.   Lab Notebook (daily)
         3.   Status reports (every two weeks)
         4.   Project Documentation Package (by the end of the semester) – 2nd
              most important goal
         5.   Midterm Project Presentation - webpage can be used for this
         6.   Final Project Presentation – webpage can be used for this
         7.   Technical Presentation on your Project (sometime during the
         8.   Maintain continual informal contact with your advisor throughout the
              semester. Your advisor can be your most influential supporter. Keep
              them informed.
Grading Scale:
[100-90] A
(90-80] B
(80-70] C
(70-60] D
(60-0]   F

Final Presentations:
   Thursday, April 29th 3:30-5pm
   Thursday, May 6th 2-5pm

Note: The instructor reserves the right to modify this syllabus at any time during the semester with timely
notification to enrolled students.

                                     Status Reports Due
 Class      Date
   1      1/14/2010
   2      1/21/2010                  1
   3      1/28/2010
   4       2/4/2010                  2
   5      2/11/2010
   6      2/18/2010                  3
   7      2/25/2010                      Mid Semester Presentations
   8       3/4/2010                  4   Mid Semester Presentations
   9      3/11/2010      Break       -   Only if you are ahead of schedule
  10      3/18/2010
  11      3/25/2010                  5
  12       4/1/2010
  13       4/8/2010                  6
  14      4/15/2010
  15      4/22/2010                  7
  16      4/29/2010     3:30-5pm         Final Project Presentations
           5/6/2010       2-5pm          Final Project Presentations


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