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Mayor Adams addresses North Portland issues – kind of…
                                                          cruited 2,000+ jobs and kept anoth- tive? Would a strong mayor-city be              suppliers and businesses around the    Q: Why spend money on bike lanes
By Gayla Patton
                                                          er 1,000 from leaving. Solo Power more productive?                                  world. I waited a year before trav-    when so many streets in Portland
St. Johns Review Editor
                                                          is coming to Rivergate and will cre- Mayor: What’s here is here to stay.            eling; I should have done it soon-     need work?
   This month the Review request-                         ate 481 jobs. They just closed on In the last election 75% of the vot-              er.                                    Mayor: It’s not an either/or issue.
ed an interview with Mayor Sam                            their loan and are currently under ers said to keep it the way it is.               Q: How do you think you’ll be re-      There are bad streets and deadly
Adams to inquire about North Port-                        construction.                            Q: Why is Portland/Multnomah               membered?                              streets in Portland. We need to
land issues, and query about his re-                      Q: What do you consider your big- County routinely described as one                 Mayor: Ask me in a year and a half.    spend money on both.
cent announcement not to seek a                           gest failure?                            of the least “business friendly”           Q: What are your plans for the fu-     Q: Why are you going to allow the
second term. This request was gra-                        Mayor: The agreement we’ve failed places in the lower 48?                           ture?                                  Water District to raise sewer rates
ciously granted and without hesi-                         to make with businesses on the Mayor: In going to Mayor meetings                    Mayor: (Laughing) Ask me that in       by 85%?
tation for Tuesday, August 23 from                        North Reach Plan; but I still have a that kind of criticism is said about           a year and a half too.                 Mayor: I wouldn’t raise them at all
2:00 to 2:30 p.m.                                         year and a half to work on that; and every city, not just Portland.                 The following questions came from      but our ancient sewer systems are
  With my list of questions in hand,                      I’m not giving up yet.                   Q: What do you think Portland/City         the Review’s Facebook page:
we met inside his City Hall cham-                                                                                                                                                                 Continued on Page 8
                                                          Q: Do you                                                        C o u n c i l ’s
bers, but due to a preceding meet-                                                                                                                                                                   “Mayor Adams”
                                                          consider                                                         challenges
ing the interview did not begin un-                       yourself a
til 2:15 p.m. and with another meet-                      North Port-
                                                                                                                           will be in
                                                                                                                           the coming
                                                                                                                                              REVIEW Guest Editorial Writer
ing on its heels, it was apparently
necessary for our dialogue to end
                                                          land guy?
                                                          Mayor:       I
                                                                                                                           five years?
                                                                                                                           Mayor: The
                                                                                                                                              Life’s greatest investment is
at the scheduled time. Unfortunate-
ly, this did not afford enough time
                                                          love North
                                                          Portland and
                                                                                                                           e c o n o m y,
                                                                                                                           education,         society’s young adults
for any one of my well-thought out                        Kenton and I                                                     and public         Jocelyn Loyd is a seventeen years old junior at Roosevelt High
questions to be answered in detail.                       plan on stay-                                                    safety.            School. Her future plans are to travel abroad and to write for
    Mayor Adams boasts that he is a                       ing there.                                                       Q:       Who       magazines like the National Geographic or the New York Post.
proud North Portland resident; he                         (He did men-                                                     would you          She is striving to learn at least five languages before she
currently lives in Kenton. Even                           tion later in                                                    like to see        graduates from college and get her Masters in journalism.
while serving as Mayor he has ac-                         the interview                                                    take your
                                                                                                                                              By Jocelyn Loyd                        more likely to act it out then speak
tively participated in many North                         that where                                                       place?
                                                                                                                                              Roosevelt High School Student          up. They could do this by experi-
Portland events and says he finds it                      he lives will                                                    Mayor: I
a special place in which to live –                                                                                                                                                   menting with drugs, alcohol, or
                                                          depend on                                                        don’t know
                                                                                                                                              There is no amount of online quiz-     unprotected sex. Depression isn’t
even after he leaves office. It is with                   what job he                                                      yet…….
                                                                                                                                              zes, colorful pamphlets, or agitat-    always sadness; most males act out
this scenario that I believe he grant-                    accepts after                                                    Q: What
                                                                                Mayor Sam Adams walks with then                               ed songs in the world to say if you    with violence towards other peo-
ed this mid-term interview and why                        his tenure as                                                    would you
                                                                                 St. Johns Booster President Gary                             or someone you know is genuine-        ple. Depression is rage spread thin,
we should continue to seek his help                       M a y o r                                                        have done
                                                                              Boehm shorty after being elected. He                            ly depressed and at risk; you sim-     but much stronger. Those methods
for improvements to the area.                             ends.)                                                           differently?
                                                                              toured the area listening citizens chat                         ply have to be there to experience     aren’t for everyone. Some fabricate
So here are his short and abbrevi-                        Q: Are you                                                       In      hind-
                                                                                  about North Portland concerns.                              it. To some, it’s a darkness of awk-   plots to runaway, or reach for self-
ated answers.                                             pleased with                                                     sight, how         wardness and self-disgust, or it’s     mutilation. This ranges from cut-
The jovial Mayor greeted me with                          the growth                                                       could you          that hole you can’t climb out of no    ting to eating disorders. Bottom
a hug and we began with:                                  in Kenton? Do you think the street have been more effective?
                                                                                                                                              matter how hard you try. When          line is that if an emotional need is
Q: Why no second term?                                    improvement was key to the re- Mayor: I ran on a specific agenda                    you feel like you                                          unmet, than it
Mayor: The Economic Develop-                              newed activity?                          of what I wanted to accomplish and         have nothing left                                          only makes sense
ment Strategy for the City is mak-                        Mayor: The street improvement we will largely have done that by                     to lose, you do                                            to mask it with a
ing good progress but if I run again                      was an expansion and a result of the the end of my term. In hindsight? I            risky things just                                          physical retalia-
I would need to take time away                            revitalized district. People said (res- would have got on the road (trav-           to know you’re                                             tion.
from my job to raise money for my                         idents and businesses) that we want eled) sooner to sell Portland-made              still alive. Sui-                                          Most at risk
candidacy which would take away                           this revitalization and this is the projects and services. I didn’t be-             cide is the lead-                                          teens hide in
from the needed work the city needs                       way we want it to look. It’s been cause politicians take grief when                 ing cause of                                               fear; they don’t
to be implementing.                                       fantastically successful.                they travel too much, but when I did       death amongst                                              want to be hospi-
Q. What do you feel are your great-                       Q: Do you think the mayor/council travel I was able to sell street cars,            those ten to                                               talized, singled
est accomplishments?                                      type leadership in Portland is effec- solar panels, roofing materials to            twenty years                                               out, or blamed
Mayor: Well, I’m not done yet. I                                                                                                              old. In Oregon                                             for something
still have a year and a half to go. I
want to continue to work on creat-
ing jobs and I can do more of that
                                                           The Time Oil Road & Drag                                                           alone, approxi-
                                                                                                                                              mately seventy-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          that they don’t
                                                                                                                                              five youths com-                                            Only 20% of de-
in the next 18 months. We have re-
                                                           City. We’re you there too?                                                         mit suicide each
                                                                                                                                              year. That’s seventy-five more
                                                                                                                                                                                                          pressed teens ac-
                                                                                                                                                                                     tually receive the help they need.
September 2, 2011

                                                                                                                                              than there should be. This isn’t hu-   The idea of being forced to sit and
                                                            Drag racing is a uniquely Ameri-        nation’s romantic                         man; without change the future         speak to someone who is only be-
                                                           can phenomenon; there is no oth-         attraction       to                       will grow bleaker. We need aware-      ing paid to care can be daunting.
                                                           er nation on the globe that has          speed, danger, and                        ness, education, encouragement,        Before we can begin our quest to
                                                           nurtured and developed the sport.        heroism. The in-                          and support if we want the even-       end this war, we need to raise
                                                           The nearly carnal roar of throaty        ternal combustion                         tual prevention of teen depression     awareness of this issue so that we
                                                           V-8 engines ignites the sensual          engine, coupled                           and its dangerous consequences.        can then educate the world. Igno-
                                                           pleasures of both men and wom-           with mechanical By Jim Speirs
The Review-PO Box 83068-Portland Or 97283

                                                                                                                                               Depression can be caused by           rance is a killer. Without education
                                                           en; its appeal crosses age, educa-       innovation gave Review                    guilt, stress at home or school,       of the subject, people cannot en-
                                                           tion, race, gender, and economic         birth to an indus-                        feeling unloved or unheard, and        courage others to get the help they
                                                           class and the lure and attraction        try and fascination                       even the thought of coming out         need to get better. The final step
                                                           of massive horsepower, smoke,            that grows with each year.                with their problem and being re-       would be support. Most teens don’t
                                                           burning rubber, and sweaty grit on         A cursory review of the first Indy      jected could darken their mood.        know how to communicate their
                                                           the quarter mile speedway have           races reveals some interesting and        Teens in a less supportive environ-    feelings. They don’t always real-
                                                           become the legends of generations        funny facts. To this day, historians      ment are more at risk than others.     ize that they aren’t alone and that
                                                           of American racers. Some might           don’t agree on who actually won the       Is it acceptable that teen girls are   they can receive aid. Teenagers,
                                                           deny this but in doing so, they          first few races! The ability to track     twice as likely to be depressed as     like houses, do not stand strong
                                                           contradict reality. Drag racing is       the cars was crude and it was quick-      boys, and that for every male at-      without the standard foundation
                                                           pure Americana!                          ly divulged that few officials had the    tempt at suicide there are three fe-   and support beams they need. Hon-
                                                             This year marks the 100th anni-        technology or ability to properly         male attempts? We need to pause,       estly, out of all the crazy things to
                                                           versary of the Indy 500. Many            organize the racers. As one car pass-     and understand this situation.         invest in, why not the future of our
                                                           would say (with authority) that it                                                 When teens are depressed, there’s      teens? Everyone deserves a chance
                                                           was this race that ushered in the                                                  a pretty good chance that they are     to a long and fulfilling life.
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                                                                                                            ive Erikson Memorial Street Tree Lighting Bene-        1) If no one was trying to kill the ship, cut hair.
  Letters to                                           food, and drink in the McMenamins parking lot
                                                       at the corner of N Charleston and N Ivanhoe. Pro-    fit on October 8th. Come and enjoy the fun.            2) If it was a shooting war, he became part of the
      the Editor                                       ceeds from the benefit are going to help upgrade     Sincerely,
                                                                                                            Curt Schneider, President on behalf of the St Johns
                                                                                                                                                                   human chain that handed ammunition from the
                                                                                                                                                                   lower decks up to one of the ships 16, 5"/38 cal,
                                                       the existing Holiday lighting and to provide for
                                                       additional Holiday lighting for the St Johns area.   Boosters                                               Anti-Aircraft guns mounted in “tubs” along and
                                                           Last year the Boosters purchased and hung        Christopher Robbins and Claudine Hemingway-            over the sides of the ship.
Oktoberfest at McMenamins                                                                                                                                            Wayne is good with 1930’s type hair cutting and
                                                       Holiday lights along Lombard in the St. Johns        Knapp on behalf of McMenamins Pubs and Brew-
Dear Editor,
                                                       business district. They made for a brighter, pret-   eries                                                  at Anti-Aircraft ammunition passing, but he did
   The St. Johns Boosters and McMenamins St.
                                                       tier and safer downtown and added greatly to the                                                            not escape the war without loss. On January 6 the
Johns invite everyone to the first annual Okto-
                                                       holiday feel of St Johns.                                                                                   ship was supporting the landing at Lingayen Gulf
berfest in St Johns on October 8th from 1 to 8 pm.
                                                           Make sure to mark your calendars for the Ol-                                                            in the Philippines. The entire time she was on that
Come join the festivities and enjoy the music,                                                              Columbia Cemetery                                      station there were air attacks. Both the “normal”
                                                                                                            Dear Editor,                                           air raids and the suicide bomb, Kamikaze kind.

                            SUBSCRIBE!!!                                                                        Enjoyed Elizabeth Phillips article on the Co-
                                                                                                            lumbian Cemetery (Review: August 5, 2011 is-
                                                                                                            sue). Yes, it looks so much better, I travel through
                                                                                                                                                                     During one of these raids, the California seemed
                                                                                                                                                                   to be the main target. A smaller USN destroyer
       Have the REVIEW Newspaper delivered directly to your mailbox                                                                                                assisted the larger California’s air defenses, came
                                                                                                            it every so often as my wife’s parents and brother     as close as it could to the California’s side. So
               $12 FOR 1 YEAR (26 ISSUES)                                                                   are buried there. One year, I took my tape record-
                                                                                                            er down and went up one row after another and
                                                                                                                                                                   close in fact, that one of the destroyer’s 5" shells,
                                                                                                                                                                   shot at an incoming Kamikaze, passed through
                         $23 FOR 2 YEARS (52 ISSUES)                                                        recorded all the facts I could about each head
                                                                                                            stone, then came and put it on my computer. Un-
                                                                                                                                                                   the Anti-Aircraft gun tub directly above Wayne’s
                                                                                                                                                                   head. The +10-man crew in that tub died without
                         $34 FOR 3 YEARS (78 ISSUES)                                                        fortunately, somewhere I got a bug in my com-
                                                                                                            puter and never got the bug out so I could put the
                                                                                                                                                                   knowing what hit them. Nothing stopped. Navy
                                                                                                                                                                   training was in place and working. All ships went
                      S UBSCRIBE T ODAY !                                                                   info on the present computer I’m using.
                                                                                                               Did you know that James John is buried on the
                                                                                                                                                                   on defending themselves. The Battleship and
                                                                                                                                                                   Destroyer continued working as a team against
                                                                                                            East side of the pathway, directly East of John
            North Portland’s                                                                                Mock? There is so much history in that cemetery
                                                                                                                                                                   the determined suicidal attack and survived it.
                                                                                                                                                                      On January 6 the USS California was hit by a
              Community                                                                                     that it’s impossible to tell it all. Many Civil war
                                                                                                            veterans are buried there, and a few Spanish
                                                                                                                                                                   kamikaze plane; 44 of her crew were killed and
                                                                                                                                                                   155 were wounded.
             Newspaper for                                                                                  American vets too. Sadly, many of the headstones          If you go, or take someone, and get a haircut at
                                                                                                            of veterans which were bronze have been stolen.
               108 years                                                                                    Just found a few of the printouts on veterans, and
                                                                                                                                                                   Wayne’s. Look at the ships he has on the wall,
                                                                                                                                                                   ask him some questions, no need to dig or feel his
                                                                                                            I had 96 of them listed. I bought a little over 100    pain. He has lots of other stories about old Port-
   1 YEAR: $12 (26 ISSUES) ___                                                                              flags about 10 years ago, and would put a flag at      land too. Just enjoy the fruits of his good USN
   2 YEARS $23 (52 ISSUES) ___                                                                              each veteran’s headstones just before Memorial         barber training, the 1930’s movie extra hair cut
                                                                                                            Day and then take them down the next week after        you can get (if you ask for the “standard, regula-
   3 YEARS $34 (78 ISSUES) ___
                                                                                                            the holiday. Unfortunately, my age prevents me         tion cut.”) It’s our good luck to have his kind
   4 YEARS $44 (104 ISSUES)___                                                                              from doing so anymore.                                 about.
   5 YEARS $55 (130 ISSUES) ____                                                                                I gave my information, printouts and floppy          Want to see more: Go to: Wayne Smith clip on
                  This is a RENEWAL _____      This is a NEW____ Subscription                               diskettes to a lady who was supposedly record-         YouTube:
                                                                                                            ing the same information. I thought I would hear       Chris Jackson
                              This is an ADDRESS CHANGE _____
                                                                                                            from her, but never have. I guess I could proba-
                                                                                                            bly name you 20 or 30 folks who are buried there
   Name:______________________________________________________________                                      that I have known over the years.
                                                                                                               Please let Elizabeth know how much I appreci-
   Address:____________________________________________________________                                     ated the article, and if I can help her with more      Takes work to improve community
                                                                                                            info, let me know. I’d even be glad to show her        Dear Mr. Speirs:
   City/St/Zip:__________________________________________________________                                   some of the gravesites. One corner is devoted to            I wanted to comment on your article about
                                                                                                            infant births; many headstones just say Baby           bringing St. Johns back from the coma it has been
                 Mail payment with forms to: PO Box 83068, Port. 97283                                      Smith, etc.                                            in for the last 20 years. (#17, August 19, 2011
                                                                                                              For years, I have picked blackberries along the      Review issue.)
                                                                                                            East fence, but this year they have sprayed and            I, like you, am a North Portland native. Went
                                                                                                            killed all the vines. Fortunately I picked enough      to Chief Joseph, James John and Portsmouth
                                                                                                            last year and have enough freezer jam that I won’t     grade schools and graduated from Roosevelt HS
                                                                                                            need to look for a new site till next year.
                                                                                                                                                                   class of ’78. I also remember when RHS was the
                                                                                                            Howard Stephenson
                                                                                                                                                                   preferred North Portland HS after North Catho-
                                                                                                            North Portland resident since 1956
                                                                                                                                                                   lic burned down. (I worked at Herfey’s when they
                                                                                                                                                                   rebuilt on the empty lot my sophomore year.) I
                                                                                                                                                                   remember the days when a kid of less than 15-
                                                                                                            My Veteran Barber                                      years old could walk from the St. Johns Theater
                                                                                                            Dear Editor,                                           to Columbia Park after a Saturday night double
                                                                                                              I get my hair cut by a former USN barber and         feature and never worry a lick about anybody
                                                                                                            gun crew member of the USS California, Wayne           molesting them on the way home. I remember
                                                                                                            Smith.                                                 the heydays of The Barn and Dad’s and Taylor’s
                                                                                                               Whenever I go into the shop Wayne (the own-         Viewpoint. In fact, two generations of my family
                                                                                                            er/operator barber with over 65 years’ experience)     have met their spouses at The Barn. I remember
                                                                                                            greets me with a smile and kind words. He then         parking around the block on Buffalo and Lan-
                                                                                                            asks “what kind of cut do you want”? My reply is       caster because there was no parking close about.
                                                                                                            “just the standard, you know, make me look pret-       I work at Lombard Chiropractic with Dr. Paul
                                                                                                            ty for the women”. “I’ll do my best!”                  Danis and my mom, Donna McCoy. I think you
                                                                                                               He then takes all of 15 minutes to cut my hair,
                                                                                                                                                                   may have spoken to her recently. Yeah, I guess I
                                                                                                            including shaving the lower neck, and leaves me
                                                                                                                                                                   go back a ways in this neighborhood too.
                                                                                                            looking just like a movie extra from one of those
                                                                                                            1930’s big city, Broken Hart classic. It is predict-
                                                                                                                                                                    You mentioned the idea of gentrifying the
                                                                                                            able, dependable and I do look better.                 New Columbia Villa, drawing in new busi-
                                                                                                              Wayne started cutting hair, unofficially, before     ness and revitalizing the area. You also men-
                                                                                                            WWII; He joined the Navy and was station on
                                                                                                            the Battleship USS California. The ship was be-
                                                                                                            ing rebuilt after be-                                               Continued on Page 3 “Letters”
                                                                                                            ing sunk at Pearl          Gun Tub.
                                                     Distribution Mgr.                                      Harbor and needed
                                                      Ginger Harris
                                                                                                            crew and barbers.
                                                                                                            (Three barbers from
                                                                                                            the USS Arizona, its
                                                                                                            broken & sunken
                                                                                                            hulk is a national
                                                                                                            monument in Pearl
                                                                                                            Harbor, were al-
                                                                                                            ready on board.
                                                                                                            Wayne tells me that
                                                                                                            they were a “bit dif-
                                                                                                            ferent.”) So Wayne
                                                                                                            became a barber on
                                                                                                            the USS California
                                                                                                            in about 1943 and
                                                                                                            has not stopped.
                                                                                                            While on the USS
                                                                                                            California Wayne
                                                                                                            had two duties,

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Cathedral Park Place to open its doors to community                                                                                   The past in pictures:
Enjoy Oktoberfest Open House by the River                                                                                                    Linnton Photovoice exhibit
  Let the good times roll!
  On Saturday, October 1, from 1pm          including
                                                                                                                                             planned for September 15
to 9pm, St. Johns’ own Occidental           bratwurst, jäger-
Brewing, in concert with the Cathe-         schnitzel, and                                                                         When: Thursday, September 15th,        moting the revitalization of their
dral Park Place community of busi-          herbed spätzle.                                                                        5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.                 community to bring forth a place
nesses and artists, invite their neigh-        The café, a hidden jewel over-            hill by the boat ramp, Cathedral          Where: Linnton Plywood Mill            that harbors connectivity, a sense
bors in St. Johns and all of Portland       looking the river, will be open as           Park Place, with well over 100 ten-       Site Office, 10504 NW St Helens        of community, and health. The
to an Oktoberfest Open House cel-           well, and new owner-operators Sara           ants, is a hub of affordable spaces       Rd (behind the Linnton Commu-          Photovoice project provided
ebration.                                   and Chris Bollenbacher will be serv-         for creative endeavors. It houses         nity Center)                           Linnton residents of all ages the
  In the Courtyard at 6635 N Balti-         ing up their unique presentations of         sculptors, painters, designers, soft-     Who: FREE, Anyone is welcome           opportunity to take photos and
more, brewers Ben and Dan Engler            down-home favorites and eclectic             ware engineers, music distributors,       to attend.                             write stories to show their values
will debut their first Oktoberfest          worldly cuisine on the outside deck.         screen printers, graphic artists and      What: An advocacy photography          and concerns about the Linnton
beer while serving their regular line-         There will be live music off and          a bicycle builder. In the services in-    show organized by Linnton resi-        neighborhood and to promote
up of traditional German-style              on throughout the day in the kid-            dustry the building is home to me-        dents, the Linnton Neighborhood        community revitalization efforts.
brews, including Hefeweizen,                friendly beer garden in the courtyard        chanical engineers, contractors, our      Association, the Oregon Health           Please join us on September 15th
Dunkel, Altbier and “Cloudy                 itself, and the Engler family is prom-       favorite neighborhood newspaper           Authority, and Gunderson, LLC.         at the former Linnton Plywood
Summer”Kölsch-style ale.                    ising entertainment surprises. A por-        the Review, furniture builders, two       Admission: Free                        Mill site to view the results of the
   In the Oktoberfest spirit, Chef          tion of the sale of the yellow bands         attorneys and a massage therapist.           Photovoice is a participatory       Linnton Photovoice project. The
Fabian of the newly energized Ca-           (worn on the wrist to identify legal-        On site is one of the city’s largest      grassroots tool that incorporates      former Linnton Plywood Mill site
thedral Park Kitchen will be slak-          age drinkers) will go to a local St.         fireplace distributors, several high-     photography and social action.         is a historical marker in the
ing the hungry appetites of festival-       Johns cause to be announced.                 tech backpack manufacturers, and          Residents in the Linnton commu-        Linnton community—it was an
goers with traditional German fare             During the afternoon, from 1pm            a quilter.                                nity have come together to use         operating cooperative plywood
                                            to 5pm, dozens of Cathedral Park                Cast Iron Carousel, a St. Johns        photography and stories as a way       mill for 50 years that closed in
                                            Place’s small businesses and artists         favorite, creates mysterious puppet       to assess, investigate, and act on     2001.
Letters - cont. from p. 2                   will open their doors to the public.         magic here, and will be performing        concerns and potential solutions in       For more information contact:
tioned in your article that it would        At this time, friends and neighbors          several shows during the afternoon        the community.                         Dawn Hanson, Oregon Health
take something along the lines of the       will get the rare chance to see what         in the CPP “Theatre for a day.”              The Portland neighborhood of        Authority,
efforts made by the Alberta & Missis-
                                            goes on behind the doors of this               So bring the kids, walk if you can,     Linnton borders the Portland Har-
sippi corridors to reinvigorate the fail-
                                            unique collection of enterprises.            and come on down the hill to a            bor Superfund* site and is rela-       * Portland Harbor was added to
ing North Portland economic struc-
                                               Hidden away at the bottom of the          unique St. Johns event.                   tively isolated from the rest of       the EPA National Priorities List of
ture. I have some experience with
bringing a neighborhood out of the
                                                                                                                                   Portland. Years of industrial devel-   contaminated sites in December
depression it is currently experienc-                                                                                              opment and the 1960’s highway 30       2000. The initial focus of the
                                            bring neighbors together, we worked          Debby Southworth                          expansion have resulted in multi-      study was the heavily industrial-
                                            with Jim Francesconi and Eric Sten and       Concordia Board of Directors Rep/Sec-     ple environmental concerns, poor       ized area between Swan and Sau-
   I and five of my friends in the Con-
                                            Derek Foxworth and the NE Coalition          retary 1997-2000                          infrastructure, and the loss of lo-    vie Islands. The investigation area
cordia Neighborhood Association got
                                            to help us with crime prevention and         From the Ed. Thank you for your let-      cal businesses, community jobs,        currently extends from the Co-
together and began to make some
                                            we worked to get the drugs and prosti-       ter, Debby. Believe me St. Johns and      key community services, and so-        lumbia Slough to the Fremont
changes. What started us on the path
                                            tution out of our neighborhood. It is the    North Portland have some of the most
was when I had a near death experi-                                                                                                cial cohesion.                         Bridge.”
                                            hardest job you can think of but when        informed, tenacious, and hard-work-
ence in my own bedroom and my next                                                                                                 Linnton residents are active in pro-   r10/cleanup.nsf/sites/ptldharbor
                                            it is over, you will know you did some-      ing people on behalf of their areas
door neighbor and I were evacuated
                                            thing for everyone whether they know         than any neighborhood in Portland.
from our homes when a drugged out
                                            your name or not.                            But it is what it is, and North Port-
neighbor began shooting up his house
                                                  What St. Johns needs is a Gayle        land has a distinct set of geographi-
when his live-in girlfriend decided to
                                            Booher, an Alene Murphy and a Deb-           cal situations and circumstances that
move out. I was making my bed when
                                            by Southworth (that’s me) that are tired     makes it unique to other areas of Port-
a stray bullet shattered my bedroom
                                            of getting shot at in their own homes        land. However, the devoted activists in
window and my television about 15
                                            and a couple of gals like Donna and          the area will never give up trying to
seconds after I finished making my
                                            Edith who are willing to help with the       make improvements to the communi-
                                            leg work. Someone(s) who can leave           ty.
   To make a long story short, you can
                                            race and financial status out of it and
see what the results were. Alberta has
                                            do what is best for the neighborhood.
become the up and coming arts and
                                            Build a neighborhood association and
leisure neighborhood. Our efforts have
                                            apply for a non-profit status, ask for
spilled over into Cully Neighborhood
                                            donations and ORGANIZE before it is
too. But you are right about gentrifi-
                                            too late. In a word, put your money
cation being a double edged sword.
                                            where your mouth is.
My husband and I were renters when
                                                I hope this is helpful to you. We had
I set to work to make Alberta livable
                                            no one to help us; we flew by the seat
again. When we decided to buy a
                                            of our pants and did what we thought
home in Concordia, we had priced our-
                                            was right and asked for help from our
selves out of our own neighborhood.
                                            public servants. A group of St Johns
The property was priced out of our
                                            neighborhood organizers can do the
reach. The point is that to do some-
                                            same thing we did. I would be happy
thing like this you need motivated
                                            to advise if the need arises, but I am all
people who are willing to dun City
                                            worked out when it comes to this kind
Hall to death. Go to the city council
                                            of action. I had a heart attack in 2000
meetings and speak; a lot. Tell Sam
                                            and had to quit; Bob made me but he
Adams a thing or two about the Villa
                                            didn’t have to try very hard. It sort of
part 2. It takes work, smarts, organi-
                                            scared me out of the intensity of neigh-
zation and a big mouth, maybe even
                                            borhood building.
four or five of them and above all,
                                            Very truly yours,
someone willing to run point.
    It is all well and good to want this
for your neighborhood but it takes
work. I have called news stations
                                                            FULL-TIME OFFICE
about their lumping Albina and Van-
couver neighborhoods in with St.
Johns. I took umbrage with them when
I lived in Concordia too. Correct them
at every turn and don’t let up. And
                                                   Financial services firm seeks responsible
please make no mistake, it is a thank-
less full time job and when it is done,                            individual
no one will acknowledge your efforts.                 with excellent communication skills
My friends Gayle Booher, Alene Mur-                          for two-person office
phy, Edith Jones, Donna Carrier and I
remain unsung but in the end it makes
no difference. We know that we got            Must enjoy working with clients and be service-
the first new businesses on Alberta to            oriented, well-organized, and accurate
sign agreements to keep the riff raff
out, we pushed out the pimp who used                          Post resume on-line at
to own the green building on 30th and
Alberta and got the Guardino’s to open
their gallery and attracted the church
to the abandoned theater on the SE             Navigate to : us\branch support\search branch
corner of the same intersection and the           support jobs. reference number 330591
McMennamin Brothers to Kennedy
school, and organized social events to
Page 4 - St Johns Review -September 2, 2011 - PO Box 83068, Portland, Or. 97283 - email: - website: - 503-283-5086

Time Oil...
Continued from Page 1                              By Jim Speirs

es another, as some took pit stops,         ago and the vacant lot off Vancou-                                                                                         Left: The Time Oil Road today. Now
when others had flats, as wrecks            ver Ave. barely whispers of the rau-                                                                                       it has speed bumps and big trucks
happened, when speedy cars passed           cous fun and entertainment that
vehicles with mechanical problems,                                                                                                                                     instead of teenager’s racing cars. If
                                            once graced that land.
the entire race became a mass of              However, racing lives on!                                                                                                the trees could talk...
confusion. It was impossible to vi-           Here in North Portland, Wednes-
sually keep track of what was oc-           day night at the PIR draws thou-                                                                                           Below: The area that has the electric
curring; who actually lapped who,           sands of folks and hundreds of very                                                                                        plants was once flat & clear, and
and today there is still controversy        beautiful and strong cars. The ad                                                                                          allowed “hill climbers” to race their
as to who actually won the first cou-       hoc car show, and drag-racing event                                                                                        “bikes” at the 200-foot vertical
ple of races!                               grows each week, and the lure of
 The Bonneville Salt Flats is known                                                                                                                                    challenge.
                                            powerful engines has a siren call
for contests of speed and world             that couldn’t be resisted by Ulyss-
records and NASCAR has become               es!
one of the biggest industries in             While enjoying the great PIR spec-
America. The Jantzen Beach racing           tacle, only a few people are aware
oval disappeared with the park over         of the actual birth of the track, and
forty years ago. The Portland Speed-        how (in a small way, and mostly by
way was bulldozed about a decade            accident) the kids of North Portland
                                            were instrumental in the creation of       That Kaiser community was aban-        ing and
                                            the Portland International Raceway       doned shortly after the war, but de-     N o r t h
                                            and the drag races that are sanc-        caying remnants of the town re-          Portland
                                            tioned at the park. Activity that took   mained until the late 60’s. As kids      have al-
                                            place in a (then) remote edge of St.     we’d rummage through the crum-           ways been
                                            Johns became the catalyst for the        bling homes and mounds of trash          intrinsical-
                                            establishment of the eighth mile         hoping to find a secret treasure trove   ly linked.
                                            drag strip that tests the talent and     of forgotten loot! Alas, I can’t re-     Whether
                                            bravado of current day racers.           call anybody I knew who found a          it’s PIR or
                                              If a person drives west out of St.     cent, but the idea of discovering        distant
                                            Johns proper, past Schnitzer Steel       accidental wealth had a lure of in-      memories
                                            and does a gradual turn that con-        trigue and mystery. On a related         of the Port-
                                            nects to the entrance to Rivergate,      note, Terminal Four also became a        land Speedway and Time Oil…it’s          cles.
                                            they will have the ability to drop       favorite place to park with your         our peninsula that has always car-          Was it legal? No! Was it safe?
                                            over the slight hill, and get on an      date! When youthful hormones             ried the local banner of speed and       No! Was it smart? No!
                                            innocent looking stretch of highway      couldn’t be resisted, the dark, re-      excitement!                              Was it fun? Yes! Was
                                            called the Time-Oil Road. The road       mote reprieve of Terminal Four be-         It was a time when Radke’s Speed       it youth? Yes! Do any
                                            is straight and narrow; it has “speed-   came an escape valve! That also had      and Custom displayed chrome en-          of you remember? I             Jim Speirs
                                            bumps” in many places, and there         a tug of intrigue and mystery!           gines and massive amounts of speed       hope so.
                                            is not a hint of what occurred at the      Shortly after the conclusion of the    accessories in the windows of their         On a given Sunday,         his third bo
                                            Time-Oil Road years ago.                 war, drag racing began to ingrain        store at Six-Point. On a given week-     the narrow strip of                         “T
                                             But it’s here…at the Time Oil/Ter-      itself as a true piece of real Ameri-    end there were often eight to 10         land was turned into a
                                                                                     cana. By the 1950’s nearly every         guys working the parts counter at
                                            minal Four location that (illegal)                                                                                         mass of pulsating hu-
 House Not Selling?                         racing of all sorts was born, bred,      street in every city became a drag       Radke’s. The line of customers buy-      man flesh, as specta-                  It is av
                                            and lived for over a decade.             strip. (Think of the movie Ameri-        ing speed equipment was stagger-         tors gathered to wit-         St. Johns D
    FOR RENT                                   Large electrical power grids are
                                            planted on the north side of the road,
                                                                                     can Graffiti and you can paint the
                                                                                     picture) Cars got faster, speed
                                                                                                                              ing! Baxter’s machine shop had a
                                                                                                                              two-month long waiting list to pro-
                                                                                                                                                                       ness drag racing and
                                                                                                                                                                       speed machines from           7920 N. Lo
                                            and it’s nearly impossible to imag-      equipment got more radical, kids got     duce muscle car engines that were        all over the area.               as his oth
                                            ine the number of motorcycles that       bolder, and the street got more dan-     tested at places like the Time Oil        The Time Oil Road is
    Farrell & Associates, Inc.                                                                                                Road. At RHS, the bi-monthly
                                            challenged the hill, and there has       gerous.                                                                           narrow and now has
     Property Management                    been nothing left of the old Kaiser        Hot Rod Magazine saw its circu-        school paper carried a highly read       speed bumps, but once
                                            Town that once was nestled in the        lation grow enormously and               section titled “Roosevelt Rods”          the long, slender piece of asphalt
                                            alcove of the road and the crest of      throughout North Portland speed          which featured cool cars that were       was the place for drag races and fast
                                            the Terminal Four location.              became the quest of the day. Rac-        a part of the school identity and rep-   cars. None of this was sanctioned,
                                                                                                                                       utation. Kids at RHS had        and none of it was well thought out.
            Jeff Rhoades                                                                                                               some fast, sexy, and recog-     There was nothing professional
            Property Manager                                                                                                           nizable rides that were the     about any of it; and in hindsight, the
                                                                                                                                       envy of all Portland!           biggest mystery of all is why there
        Mention this ad and receive                                                                                                     Finding a place to race was    was not some horrible accident re-
              $100     Discount
     on initial set-up or placement fees.
                                                                                                                                       a problem. No sanctioned        sulting in serious injury or death.
                                                                                                                                       facility was available in the    Spectators lined the road, cheering
                                                                                                                                       Portland area, so as much by    on their favorite drivers. The crowd
                                                                                                                                       accident as design, the         of hundreds pushed so close to the
                                                                                                                                       stretch of long straight road   passing race cars that a person could
                4772 N. Lombard                                                                                                        off Terminal Four became        often reach out and touch the metal
               Portland, OR 97203
                                                                                                                                       our drag strip! The hill be-    as it sped by…one wrong move, one
                                                                                                                                       hind the road became our        flat tire, and the resulting tragedy
                                                                                                                                       hill challenge for motorcy-     would have been incalculable.

                                                                                                 LIVE MUSIC
                                                                                           FIVE NIGHTS A WEEK!!
                                                                                            Just Say NO to Karaoke
            PO Box 83068, Portland, Or. 97283 - email: - website: - 503-283-5086 - September 2, 2011 - St. Johns Review - Page 5

         Behind the Time Oil Road was the
       hill that we used to do unofficial
                                                tercede. Not surprisingly, those          it allows for supervised, safe, and          U of P freshmen most academically
                                                folks with more sage wisdom and           clean fun. The roar of powerful en-
       dirt-biking. The giant electrical        objective observation came from           gines reverberates through the                  gifted class in school history
       grids that now occupy the flat area      our own North Portland Police.            night, and for an aging witness to              University of Portland has wel-    years ago in 2009. The number of
       below the hill make it difficult to         The relationship of our OWN            the creation, it seems like the growl      comed their Class of 2015 freshmen      applications received has nearly
       imagine the crazed ideas we had as       North Portland Police is now a very       of the mesmerizing V-8’s can be            and say they are the most academi-      doubled over the past five years,
       early steeple-chase participants.        muted affair. The closing of the          heard all the way to Terminal Four         cally accomplished incoming class       from 6,355 applicants in 2006.
         For most bike riders, the challenge    North Portland Precinct and the re-       and the Time Oil Road. That seems          in University history with an approx-      As applications increase so does
       of reaching the top of the hill was      moval of our officers is a slight in      fair; after all, it was the illegal Time   imate average SAT score of 1209 (up     selectivity: The University’s accep-
       complicated by the crude motorcy-        the face of the community that re-        Oil races that were the genesis of         an astounding 19 total points from      tance rate is estimated to be near 42
       cles that we had to use. This was a      verberated through generations of         the hugely popular PIR events.             last year) and average GPA of 3.68.     percent this year, down from 45 per-
       time long before the lightweight dirt    our locals. The totality of that story      The Time Oil Road has secrets.             At 835, the students comprise the     cent in 2010 and 65 percent in 2006.
       bikes of today, and the near tank like   and the betrayal by the City of Port-     The hillside behind it cries out for       second-largest class in University         The University is also attracting
       vehicles we rode weighed more than       land to our community are for an-         recognition. Wild plants and trees         history. They are also geographical-    more and more of the most elite re-
       most of today’s cars! (I’m exagger-      other time, but it’s enough to say that   reach from the road sidelines; they        ly diverse, with 43 percent of the      gional students. Twenty Portland-
       ating) A Triumph, BSA, or a Match-       our peninsula always felt a special                                                  class hailing from outside Oregon       area valedictorians are among the
                                                                                          almost speak if you stop your car
       less were the typical British bikes                                                                                           and Washington.                         Class of 2015, tops among all pri-
                                                kinship to our police, and our his-       and walk the land. If they could talk,
                                                                                                                                          The University shattered its       vate schools nationally. More Port-
       of the day and they were all street      toric City Hall and Police Station.       here’s what they’d say: Once, de-          record for student applications for     land-area valedictorians are attend-
       machines…none of them were de-           Our police were unique to St.             cades ago, the area had blocks of          the sixth consecutive year with         ing the University of Portland than
       signed to go up hills. Once in a great   Johns…one hand washed the other,          dilapidated Kaiser ruins, dozens of        12,204 – a 30% increase from the        all other private colleges in Portland
       while, some show off would arrive        and there was a bond that defies log-     fast cars, a collection of massive         9,366 submissions received just two     combined.
       with a CZ or some other custom           ic here in our community. We al-          British bikes, and throngs of young,
       machine, but usually it was the Brit-    ways loved and respected our              mostly North Portland kids watch-
       ish behemoths that assaulted the         cops…call it community policing,          ing races…and perhaps standing
       Time Oil Hill.                           long before the phrase became pop-        inches from immediate death.
        We used what we had. Pointing the       ular. We nearly always felt that they
       motorcycle at the hill from a hun-       were family. (It’s a shame the City        About the Author:
       dred yards away, we’d open the           of Portland has stepped in to once            Jim Speirs is a lifelong resident of
       throttle, gun the engine and let her     again screw up a decade’s old,             North Portland, 4th generation. He
                                                                                           is a published author and enjoys writ-
       rip! Chances of reaching the crest       working relationship.)                     ing about North Portland’s history.
       of the hill were a game of talent,         There was only one way in or out         He was a teacher of Political Science
       chance, and luck. Planning had lit-      of the Time Oil Road. The perch at         at Portland Community College and
       tle to do with it. Bruises were com-     the peak of the bluff gives an ob-         Chemeketa Community College and
                                                                                           taught the politics of World War II,
       mon, thrown chains an everyday           server nearly a 100% clear field of        Viet Nam, and Korea at both colleg-
       event, bones were cracked and nos-       vision of what was occurring below.        es.
       es were broken. (My nose included          As the danger grew, cops would               He still lives and works in North
                            when my 500cc                                                  Portland.
                                                easily position themselves at the top          He has four published books:
                            Matchless came      of the hill and begin to issue warn-       “Death In Spades” and “Tales of
                            down on me,         ing citations to cars they saw rac-        North Portland I, II and now III ”
s has published             pushing the         ing. We knew the cops…it wasn’t            (from his St. Johns Review articles)
                                                                                           which are available for purchase at
ook in the series bridge of my                  an adversarial relationship. But as        Copy Pilot, St. Johns Deli & Gro-
                            snout about two     kids, we didn’t comprehend the dan-        cery, Orleans Candle and Kenton
Tales of                    inches off my       ger. But as adults, the cops could         Station. More novels and Tales of
  Portland”                 face!)              quickly envision catastrophic may-         North Portland books are currently
                                                                                           in the works.
                              So, as the drag   hem and mangled bodies.
 vailable at                races took place      The Time Oil races could not con-
                                                                                             His articles may not be republished
                                                                                           without the permission of the author.
Deli & Grocery,             on the Time Oil     tinue. It was only a matter of time        Send info/comments to: PO Box
                            Road, the bike      before the unmentionable would             83068, Portland, Or 97283
ombard, as well
                            challenges were     happen, and the cops or the city
her locations.              being conducted     would never forgive themselves for
                                                                                           Let people
                            behind the rac-     not acting sooner. The police did not
                            ers. It was fun,
                                                want to be spoil-sports but their job
                            and it was          required keeping stupid kids safe,           about
       youth. It was also a North Portland      and they recognized that when the             your
       exclusive; Although racers came          ad hoc, illegal Time Oil races were         business
       from throughout the city. Admitted-      closed, another illegal venue would
       ly, it was an accident waiting to hap-   soon take its place. (For instance the      Advertise
       pen. Anyone with an ounce of com-        night drags which were common on             in the
       mon sense could see the future; any      old North Portland Road. It too was         REVIEW
       visitor had to know that this envi-      a long straight stretch which seemed          Call
       ronment was begging for disaster.        ideal for late night cruisers.)
         Still, the gathering gained in pop-       With this thought in mind, the
       ularity. More cars, faster times, and
                                                North Portland cops approached the
       closer encounters…the clock was          operators of PIR with the proposal            503-
       ticking. Momentum grew, and the          to open a drag strip in addition to         283-5086
       crowds magnified; with each pass-        the expanding circuit track that they         Next
       ing week the certainty of crisis made    were building. In a nutshell, the rest     deadline is
       it necessary for wiser heads to in-      is history; we have a drag strip and          Sept 6





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                                Guest Writer submission                                                                                                 live music playing and a barbeque
                                                                                                                · At 5:30 p.m. there will be a FREE
                                 Roosevelt’s Homecoming for 2011                                                Barbeque                                bash as well. Everybody I saw was
                                                                                                                · At 6:15 p.m. don’t miss the Pre-      having a great time. The football
                                 By: William Kaplan
                                                                                                                game Program, Community Pep             game score went back and forth, it
                                 Former RHS student
                                                                                                                Rally and the Parade to the football    was exciting. Our dance, which
                                                                                                                stadium with 6:55 p.m. pre-game         started at 8:00 p.m. that night was
                                   Homecoming at Roosevelt High                                                 activities. Don’t miss the:             pretty cool and I remember it had
                                School is always an important event                                             · 7:30 p.m. kick off for the Varsity    great decorations.”
                                each year for students. This year it                                            Football Game, the 8:30 p.m. half-        I highly recommend everyone at-
                                starts Friday September 23, 2011                                                Time Program or the 9:00 p.m.           tend this year’s event which is be-
                                with many activities throughout the                                             post-game show.                         ing planned by dedicated volunteers
                                day with a dance Saturday, Septem-                                                 Homecoming has always been a         from the community and previous
                                ber 24.                                                                         special event at Roosevelt. A former    school alumni.
                                Every year it proves to be a good                                               student said: “Homecoming is al-            The event is still in the planning
                                way for students to meet new             · At Noon a Parade through the St.     ways a very fun event and I will        stages and information is changing
                                friends, teachers, and Roosevelt’s       Johns Business District with Vin-      never forget hanging with friends       week to week, so for any questions
                                Principal. It’s also a great way to      tage cars on display                   out in front of Roosevelt. I was on     please send an email to:
                                have fun with fellow classmates.         · At 3:00 p.m. the Welcome/Hos-        the football team and I remember
                                   Roosevelt’s football team is fac-     pitality Center Opens where there      the coach coming over to get us and
                                ing Seaside at Homecoming Friday         will be Campus Tours with infor-       heading to the locker room to pre-      Other RHS Homecoming events:
                                night September 23 with the game         mation booths                          pare for the game then running out      · Thursday, Sept.22: All Class
                                starting at 7:00. Other events occur-    · At 4:00 p.m. Family/Kid Friend-      to the football field.” Unfortunate-    Alumni Homecoming Dinner and
                                ring that day are:                       ly Activities with games               ly for this former student he wasn’t    Awards Banquet at the Embassy
                                · Fun Run/Walk at 9:30 a.m.              · At 5:00 p.m. Bonfire and music       allowed to play because in the pre-     Suites at the Airport 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                vious game he had messed up his         · Saturday, Sept. 24: the 51st An-
                                                                                                                knee.                                   nual RHS Alumni Golf Tournament
                                                                                                                  Another former student said, “My      at Heron Lake Golf course. (The
                                                                                                                experience with Roosevelt’s home-       RHS Alumni Golf Tournament is
                                                                                                                coming dances and games were            the longest running high school golf
                                                                                                                memorable. I remember being ex-         tournament in the state.) Contact
                                                                                                                cited because there was a special       Jeff Bean at
                                                                                                                event going on for our new hood-
                                                                                                                ies that were coming out. There was

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                                                                           Ad information can be changed         71. Male singing range                  Answers on Page 8
                                      issue is August 24!!
                                                                               throughout the ad’s run
 PO Box 83068, Portland, Or. 97283 - email: - website: - 503-283-5086 - August 19, 2011 - St. Johns Review - Page 7

  Obituary -                      In memory of family & friends                                                                                Caryl is survived by her husband Max, daughters Lynette Saun-
                                                                                                                                             ders (Spencer), Jan Silagi (John), Shawn Axten (Bruce) and son
Richard D. Hall                                                        she attended Minot Business College.                                  Mark Loucks (Teresa), five grandchildren, Kevin Silagi, Jason and
Nov. 24, 1933 – Aug. 16, 2011                                             Caryl married Max Loucks, also from Noonan, in 1948. They          Tim Loucks, Ethan and Danielle Axten, her brother Roland Zim-
   Richard D. “Dick” Hall, a long-                                     settled in Portland OR in 1956.                                       merman and 14 nieces and nephews and their families, all of whom
time resident of St. Johns, passed                                       Caryl was an active woman throughout her lifetime, working in       she dearly loved.
away at his Portland home on Tues-                                     banking for more than 25 years, volunteering in the community
day, Aug. 16.                                                          and caring for her home and family. She learned to ski when she        OBITUARY INSTRUCTIONS
    Dick was born in Sheyenne,                                         was 52 years old and served as a member of the Host Patrol at          Obituaries start at $30 (depending on number of words)
N.D., to Ralph and Dorothea Hall                                       Timberline Lodge for 17 years. Caryl became a Master Gardener          and can contain a picture. They can be personally writ-
in 1933. He moved to Portland with                                     in 2001 through the Oregon State University Extension Program
                                                                                                                                              ten by the family or friend.
his family when he was a child.                                        of Columbia County. She was active in the lives of her children
                                                                       and their friends and was a kind and thoughtful neighbor . In their    Please send to: and mail
They resided in Vanport, where
                                                                       own way, each of her grandchildren shared her interests in hiking,     payment to:
they lived through the destructive
1948 flood. After graduating from                                      skiing, cooking and gardening. She was the heart and soul of her       Review, PO Box 83068, Portland, Oregon 97283.
Roosevelt High School in 1952,                                         family.
Dick joined the U.S. Army and served in Korea until 1955.
  On July 12, 1957, Dick married the love of his life, Patricia Wil-
son. He worked as a manager for Linnton Plywood for 35 years.
  Dick was active in the American Legion, and was named a Golden
                                                                       Business &
Legionnaire and to its prestigious The Forty and Eight organiza-
  A funeral was August 23 in Skyline Memorial Gardens, followed
by a celebration of life at American Legion Post 14 in Vancouver.
   Dick is survived by his wife, Patricia; daughter and son-in-law,
Tracey and Richard Hill of Portland; son and daughter-in-law, Craig
and Mindi Hall of Portland; six grandchildren, Ahna, Ali, Brad,          Cost: 1-6 times: $28 ea; 7-25 times: $25 ea
Nate, Kyle and Jamie; and great-grandson, Grayson. He is also
survived by his brother and his wife, Marvin and Phyllis Hall of        Call 503-283-5086 for more information
Vancouver, WA.
Owen W. Mossbarger                                                                                                                                                                           Red
12/08/13 - 08/4/11                                                                                                                                                                             Service
97 yrs. old                                                                                        8:30 am to 6:00 pm Mon thru Sat
   Owen Mossbarger was born in Clarksburg OH and was one of
three children, to Arthur and Arlene Mossbarger. They moved to
Texahoma at the age of nine onto a farm. Due to the Great Depres-
sion and Dust Bowl, they migrated to Sandpoint ID when he was a
teen. It was in the Baptist Church he met and courted his sweetheart
Anne Satterlee. They were married
in 1941. Owen had been working
under the scenic, calendar, and por-
trait photographer, Ross Hall.
WW11 brought the couple to Port-
land OR, first to Vanport; which
Owen helped to construct. They
had moved into their first home in
St. Johns just before the Vanport
flood. He worked as a Draftsman
and photographer at the shipyards.
  Owen did children portraits, trav-
eling across the N.W. He eventu-
ally opened Mossbarger Photogra-
phy in St. Johns, adding St. Johns
Camera eventually. They operated
the Studio for over 45 years, until                                       Michael D. Mellum,                   Nicholas R. Mellum
being sold to daughter Mary and husband Larry Ericksen in 1986.              D.M.D., P.C.                             D.M.D.
St Johns Camera was taken over by son Arden (Dave), and is still in
business under the name Quick Stop Photo.
    Owen was an important part of the community, photographing                        Family and Cosmetic
many of the companies and products of the Terminal 4 area, docu-
menting family, seniors, and weddings of many decades. He was an
avid hiker and scenic photographer and the beloved Mt. St. Helens                             Serving St. Johns since 1974
area became is stomping grounds. He knew many of the original
Hermits, and Harry Truman of Spirit Lake. It is here the family will
disperse his ashes.
                                                                                         8910 N. Kellogg St. 503-286-4492
   He is preceded in death by a son Steven and two siblings: Ona
Mae Worthington and Kathleen Shields. He is survived by his wife
of 70 years Anne, and seven children & spouses; Jerry & Dianne ,
Arden & Elaine, Mary & Larry Ericksen, John & Marcia, Liz Hahn,
Trish & John Perrin, Nancy & Don Olsson; also 20 grandchildren
and 28 great-grandchildren.
   Remembrances to St. Johns Christian Church, Portland OR. On-
line guest book at

Stephen “Stevie” M. Wack
4/13/1953 - 8/20/2011
 Stevie was born in Portland on April 13, 1953
to Leo and Eleanore Wack. He lost his
batle to cancer on August 11, 2011.
  He was a 1971 graduate of Roosevelt
High School; was a life-long Yankees                                                       Jensen’s                                                 St. Johns Newest Sr. Adult Care Home
fan and St. Johns resident.                                                                                                                                       Two Locations!
  He is survived by his mother Elean-                                     VOICE & PIANO STUDIO
ore; siblings Jerry (Sue), Tom (Col-
                                                                            High School and College                                                    Garden Place
                                                                                                                                                                               For Your Loved Ones
leen), Joanne, Karen (Mark) and
Kimee; stepchidren Dianna Aspaas and                                           Credits Available
Brian Tyrrell.                                                                                                                                                           Bonnie Gill
  We miss you Mulligan, but you will be forever in our hearts.                                                                                                         Owner/Operator
  A celebration of life was held August 27 at the Eagles Lodge.
                                                                           Call for an appointment: (503) 286-1168                              5903 N. Houghton St.                 503-247-7103
Caryl Loucks
May 1927 – August 2011                                                                                                                             We dig the St. Johns Review!
  Caryl Loucks died peace-
fully at home Saturday, Au-
gust 20, 2011 surrounded by
her family and the garden
that she loved. Caryl was
born in Noonan, ND, May                                                                                                                         Southwest Portland’s monthly community newspaper
18, 1927 to Phil and Han-                                                                                                                       since 1992. For news or advertising information please
nah (Nygaard) Zimmerman.                                                                                                                        contact Don Snedecor, publisher, at (503) 244-6933 or
She graduated from Noon-                                                                                                                        visit
an High School in 1946 and
Page 8 - St Johns Review - September 2, 2011 - PO Box 83068, Portland, Or. 97283 - email: - website: - 503-283-5086

“Mayor Adams”
Continued from Page 1
driving it. Portland’s sewer system is almost 100
years old and is almost at the end of its useful life.
Q: Have you given any thought to some positive
incentives for property owners (in St. Johns) to up-
grade their buildings instead of leaving them va-
Mayor: Yes, and that’s why I’m excited and pushed
through the extension of the Interstate Urban Re-
newal District – so we can start offering stores
loans to improve their buildings.
Q: When we have so much revenue passing through
our streets 24/7, why hasn’t St. Johns been able to
                                                                                                       LINNTON PHOTOVOICE
secure more money for badly needed road repair
and traffic/safety improvements?
Mayor: This is an 80-year old problem for St. Johns.                                                                  Photography for social action
We have invented additional resources to provide                                                       Photovoice is a participatory             When: Thursday, September 15th,
trucks alternative routes and to add safety features.                                                 grassroots tool that incorporates         5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
So, we’ve made progress, but we have more to do.                                                      photography and social action.
  As the Mayor’s PR person, Dan Anderson an-                                                          Linnton community residents               Where: Linnton Plywood Mill Site
nounced that his time was up, he said in closing,                                                     have come together to use pho-            Office , 10504 NW St Helens Rd
“Friday I walked Lombard and knocked on doors                                                         tography and stories as a way to
in St. Johns and was reminded of what a special                                                       assess, investigate, and act on           What: An advocacy photography
                                                                                                                                                show organized by Linnton
place it is and how much spirit the people have                                                       concerns and potential solutions
                                                                                                                                                residents, the Linnton Neighborhood
there. They are persistent, gregarious and down to                                                    in the community.                         Association, the Oregon Health
earth.”                                                                                               Please join us on September 15            Authority, and Gunderson, LLC.
  And so the brief interview with its series of bul-                                                  at the former Linnton Plywood
let-fired questions and clipped answers ended af-                                                     Mill site to view the results of the      Admission: Free
ter just 15 minutes. Perhaps next year, as the May-                                                   Photo voice project.
or’s term comes to an end, he will grant the Re-
view another interview to help give North Portland
the direction it needs about how our “gregarious”
community can continue to address our safety con-
cerns, bring in new businesses, and to improve and
enhance the businesses already open.
  Give us your thoughts . . .

Email:                        Puzzle: Page 6

PO Box 83068, 97283
                                                                                                           Contact: Dawn Hanson, Oregon Health Authority,
Drop off:                                                                                                  A special thanks to Gunderson, LLC for providing prints and frames for the
6635 N. Baltimore #261                                                                                                                Photovoice exhibit

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