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Patient Centered Model


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									        Patient Centered Care Model

The model which was drawn from NMH’s Henderson Framework for Nursing
Practice proposes to provide a healing environment centered around trust,
compassion and the incorporation of our patient’s personal values. The
frame work is grounded in five guiding principles as well as the hospital’s
core values. They address the role of the nurse, the team, and the
importance of communication with the patient and family regarding the plan
of care.

The model focuses upon the clinical and safety needs of individual patients
with monitoring, individualized interventions and staffing adjustments. It
highlights key areas requiring “in the moment” critical thinking in addition to
creating a culture of seamless team collaboration. Examples of areas that
our staff focus upon include fall prevention, skin break down, plan of care,
pain, mobility, RN & MD communication, team communication and
collaboration and ultimately achieving improved patient and staff
               Shifting the Culture
Adoption of this new model requires:
• Critical thinking and individualized approaches to patient care
• Flexibility to adapt to meet the needs of our patients
• Enhanced communication with the patient, their family, physicians
   and clinical care team members

• Our foundation is built upon the following:

   Everyone’s                For Every              Everyday
  Responsibility              Patient
NMH Framework for Nursing Practice
   The Patient Centered Model of Care is grounded in our
              Framework for Nursing Practice
    NMH Framework for Nursing Practice
NMH’s Nursing Framework is grounded in five guiding principles as well as the hospital’s core values:
•   The Nurse
    The role of the nurse is unique and essential to the care of the patient. The nurse demonstrates that unique and
    essential function through the Seven Attributes of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Nurse:
    – Demonstrating compassion for patients and families
    – Being knowledgeable in relation to complex patient care issues
    – Being dynamic and proactive when planning, implementing and evaluating the plan of care
    – Incorporating the role of patient advocate into the plan of care
    – Working in collaboration with the interdisciplinary team
    – Being accountable for nursing practice and adhering to professional standards
    – Maintaining and advancing the practice of nursing and our professional image
•   Nursing
    Nursing is both a science and an art. Nursing practice is evidence-based and blends research, knowledge and
    technology with individualized, compassionate approaches to care.
•   Patient
    The patient is at the center of care delivery. Each patient is a unique human being with complex, dynamic needs.
    Patients are encouraged to be active and engaged members of the healthcare team.
•   Family/Significant Other
    Patients are part of a social support system. Involvement of the patient's family and significant others is acknowledged
    and valued as an integral part of the plan of care.
•   Team
    The nurse in collaboration with the patient/family and the interdisciplinary team develops an individualized, evidence-
    based plan of care to promote health, ensure patient safety, facilitate recovery, and when appropriate, ensure a
    peaceful death for the patient.
• The nurse in collaboration with the patient, family, and the
  multidisciplinary team develops an individualized plan of care to
  promote health, ensure patient safety and facilitate recovery
• There is a team approach to achieve daily patient focused
  individualized care goals
• Each team member is accountable for their role and responsibility
• Patient satisfaction will increase through anticipation of care needs
  and consistency in the delivery of patient care
• The care approach used reflects our Patient Centered Model of
  Care and NMH’s Patient’s First Mission
• Staff satisfaction will increase through improved communication
  and care coordination
Patient Centered Care: Key Elements
        Teams of RNs and PCTs collaborate to:
                                           Engage your
                                        patient in their care
                                         during bedside

              Communicate the                                    Set daily individualized
               plan of care and                                 patient focused goals and
              goal achievement                                           work plans
                to the next shift


            Collaborate with your
           patient, their family and                                Safety is a priority
                 the team in                                      huddle with your team
          interdisciplinary rounds

                                        Pain, Toileting and
                                        Positioning are key
                                         hourly rounds

                                       For Every Patient                                    Everyday

     Drawn from the NMH Henderson Framework for Nursing Practice

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