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									                              MEETING MINUTES

                              20-21 November, 2009

                     3rd partner meeting Cluj Napoca, Romania

Katalin Kuher
Kinga Sándor
Gusztáv Puskás

Andrea Kövesd
Dorottya Pék
Ilona Vojtko


Romanian partners:
Felix Arion
Sonja Sara

    Official Welcome
        o MVA – welcome and presentation of the agenda
        o USAMV – Vice Rector of the University of Cluj Napoca
    Presentation of the advancement of the project
        o Project results since the last meeting in Kosice
        o Presentation of monitoring visit of Tempus, Hungary
        o Consultation of Corrective actions to be taken
    Interim Report
        o Presentation of state of Interim Report
        o Documentation and deadlines of the professional part of the Interim
        o Financial part of the Interim Report
    Presentation of the updated version of Needs Anlaysis
    Presentation of the results of updating the Guidebook material
        o Report from the professional ISO Expert
        o Summarize the results of national versions
    Dissemination
        o Each partner present the dissemination results so far
        o Each partner present the planned dissemination activities
        o Trebag presented the brochure in each language
          o Trebag is presented the design of the Guidebook
      E-leraning
          o Discussion about the professional part of the e-learning version of the
              training material
                   To set up modular system for MOODLE
                   each partner write one up-to-date case study, according to the
                     updated version of KAZUAL case study
                   each partner will provide national documentation (resources,
                     legal regulations and customs)
          o Self-assessment tool
                   According to the word version of training material each
                     partner will contribute with min.5 questions to each
                   Questions will be multiple-choice, yes/no choice, other types
          o Discussion about the technical part of the e-learning version of the
              training material
                   Moodle will be used for e-learning platform
      Partnership declared the deadlines as seen above.

Deadlines of BUS project

23rd November 2009 MVA send passwords and usernames to partners to use FORUM
24th November 2009 updated National Reports to be sent to MVA and uploaded into
                   webpage. The National Report at the 2nd point has to include the
                   summary of the questionnaire\
25 November 2009 dissemination table filled in to be sent to MVA,
                   all dissemination material (articles, pictures, participation lists)
                   scanned and sent by e-mail to MVA,
                   Part E of Interim Report (Dissemination Table) to be sent to MVA
27 November 2009 upload each available material into BUS web forum

30th November 2009 completed Needs Analysis done by MVA

Next Steps

15th December 2009 IDEC send the word format of the CD and the updated case study
                   of Kazual to MVA and Trebag
15th January 2010  Trebag will do the updated version of CD and send it to partners
                   Partners will supplement the CD material with national
                   The updated version of CD will contain the tasks for self-
                   assessment test for each partner
30th January 2010  Case studies in English by each partner to be sent to MVA. The
                   template of the case study will be included in the updated CD
28 February 2010 Each partner translate the CD material in WORD version to
                   national languages
28th February 2010 New trainer s guide will be send to partners by MVA. The guide
                   will be minimum 30 pages and will be put into CD.
28th February 2010 Self assessment questions to be sent by each partner to Trebag and
                   MVA in English. Partners will send their own self-assessment
                   questions and answers
31 March 2010      Translation of trainers guide and self assessment questions into
                   national languages
    nd th
22 -24 April 2010 Extra partnership meeting in Athens, Greece
30th April 2010    Moodle test phase of the training material will be installed in
                   Hungarian, Romanian and Slovakian languages
31st May 2010      Remaining translation of CD (partners, links, national information,
1 May-30 June 2010 Piloting period. Before piloting period each partner should contact
                   IDEC to consult about the exact date of the piloting session as
                   Greek partner will participate on it.
29th Sept-2nd Oct  Last partner meeting with conference in BUDAPEST, Hungary

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