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					                                       Jones Lane Elementary School PTA
                               General Meeting Minutes – 10/06/06
                           Submitted by Susan Levy, JLES PTA Secretary

Call to Order
    PTA President Princina Drazan called meeting to order at 7:05 P.M.
    Welcomed the Kindergarten Teachers: Stacey Morton, Linda Lefebvre, Kathy Fitzpatrick,
        Kimberly Saffa
    Stacey Morton reported that full day Kindergarten is getting off to a great start. We do have to
        get through the curriculum and if you want to see it go to MC Website for standards page. We
        have 3 fields trips planned this year one to College Park Airport Museum, Zoo, and Brookside
        Nature Gardens. If you have any questions or concerns please send us a note or e-mail us. We
        are starting volunteers this week. Help your child by letting them do as much as they can by
        themselves. Let them write their names by themselves as neat as they can. Let them write their
        words the best they can as they hear them. Promote independence. If you are having tears and
        fights getting homework done just let us know. Parent conferences are Nov.9&10 and we will
        be discussing testing with you. The children are all doing well. Work on the pin numbers for
        lunch with your children.
    Welcomed Mrs. Sample
    Welcomed the Board
    We have a full agenda tonight.
    Princina noted there was a quorum.
Officer Reports
Minutes – Susan Levy, Secretary
    Motion was made to waive the reading of the 6/6/06 and 9/6/06 meeting minutes second, and
    Reminded everybody to sign in.
Treasurer’s Report – Ellison Onsi
    Spread sheet on the back table for the budget we need to vote on.
    See attached sheet for your budgeted amount for your fundraiser. We had to cut some to make
        the budget work.
    We would like to use the proposed budget for the next months meeting.
    There’s a description of each item in the budget.
    A motion has been made to continue to use the proposed budget until November’s meeting,
        second, and passed.
    The audit was very successful and the books are clean.
   First Vice-President’s Report- Martha Segreti
         I am going to thank the Committee Chairs to save time.
         Thanked Pam Del Vecchio for all her work on the directory.
         We do have a position for historian available. Someone who likes to take pictures and is
         Introduced the Ad Hoc Committee for Jagfest and keep in mind when you are voting we are
            doing this for our children.
         FLES- 2 Kindergarten classes for Spanish but, no French.
         They are sending new Teachers.
         Second Vice President’s Report – Michelle Cornblatt
         Thanked everyone that brought snacks for tonight.
         The snack schedule is being sent around.
         Please use the computer in the office to check in and out. I have to calculate hours each
       We need to form a committee for Parent Volunteer Award.
       Thanked all the Babysitters for tonight.
       Michelle reported she needs at home hours each month as well. You can e-mail her with
Standing Committee
Tracy Husted- reported for the AD Hoc committee
    She gave the history first about Jagfest.
    Jagfest is a Spring Carnival with a Silent Auction.
    Before 1997 Jagfest was held at Jones Lane Elementary.
    It then became to big to have it at school so they went to Smokey Glen
    Jagfest is not a fundraiser it’s a complete wash.
   We propose to have Jagfest back to Jones Lane for many reasons.
    We can charge a $5 fee.
    Bring School spirit back.
    Potomac Pizza will give us a 20% kick back.
    Volunteers had to pay $15 to get in to Smokey Glen not a problem now.
    Rain date option for Jones Lane – at Smokey Glen there was no Rain date.
    Can bring your own food if you want.
       It is a lot more effort for the Silent Auction committee to do it at Jones Lane.
       Afraid if we are inside and the activities are outside nobody will bid on stuff.
       Silent Auction Committee will have more expenses to get tables.
   Maureen Conrad-Reflections
          Kick off is Friday.
          “My favorite Place” is this year’s topic.
          Nov. 3 is the deadline.
         Kerri Moyer and Becky Wolfe- Book Fair
              Book fair is Nov. 3-10
              No School on Nov. 5
              Family Event is Nov. 8 and we are going to have a dinner.
              Rainforest contest is Oct. 19-Oct. 25 to make a poster for book fair advertisement.
              This is the last year for Kerri and Becky. We have done it for 5 years and want some
                 others to model us this year if you’re interested in doing it next year.
             Wendy Putnam and Sharon Samuels – community Night Out
                  Next Community night out is Tuesday Oct.10 at Baja Fresh.
                 Nan Ropelewski - Electronic Communication
                  If she sets up a yahoo group you need to act on it.
                 Candance Niesen- Promotions
                  Need to re-sign up every year for Safeway and Giant with our number for us to
                     get credit.
                 Amy Mircoff -Skate Night
                  Skate Night is Oct. 19 might be that night or around that time.
                 Kathy Rogers- DI
                  You can still sign up for DI.
                  It’s great experience and is causing children to think out of the box.
                  It builds confidence.
                  It’s a great opportunity for children and parents.
                  We still need more Parent Leaders to lead the groups.
                   Michelle Hodges, Val Fuster, and Toni Rommel
                       Reported that we made $15,200 and you can still order on line and put our
                          code in.
              Beth Gularson and Candace Niesen - Community Service
                       If you have unwrapped McDonalds toys we have a bin for them that we give
                          to Shady Grove Peds.
                       Gently used or new costumes needed let Candace or Beth know about them.
Principal’s Announcements- Carole Sample
     Thanked everyone for a wonderful new year.
     I will be doing a Power Point Presentation next meeting.
     We have improved all of our scores for MCA’s testing. We were named one of the top 100
       schools in Montgomery County for profiency.
     We have been though a lot of tears since school have started.
     Children’s conferences are coming up on Nov.9 and 10.
     Thanked the PTA for a great back to school breakfast it was delicious. We had a lot of fun with
       the Trivia.
     Thanked all parents that sent back the Behavior Modification plan to enforce what we are doing
       at school.
     Chris Moore has been out for Gallbladder Surgery and should be back in a week.
     Thanked everyone for a wonderful start to the school year and all of your support.

Old Business
    None.

New Business
   Vote was 54/21 to move Jag fest to JLES.
   Jagfest has been moved to JLES since majority wins.

   Next meeting is at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday, Nov.2, 2006 and it’s a Dad’s night but, Mom’s
     are welcomed.
   The meeting adjourned at 8:50pm. By JLES President Princina Drazan.

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