Inspired for life
   Our ambition is to be a world class school in Yorkshire and so we need ...

                                             Goals                                           Lead   Supported by

1. Our Pupils and their Personal Development
   a. To equip our pupils for life through opportunities within and beyond the classroom     JMW    CLB, RWS, JD
      we will:                                                                                      MK, JRP
      • Continually review the curriculum to meet our educational aims: pupils who are
         successful learners; creative and original thinkers; confident individuals; and
         responsible adults
      • Cultivate life skills and a wider understanding of the 21st century global
      • Develop adventures in outdoor education

    b. To   be excellent in teaching and learning we will:                                   JMW    RWS, JD,
       •    Promote best practice through sharing teaching resources and expertise                  Academic
       •    Create more effective teaching facilities                                               Management
       •    Extend our gifted and talented provision                                                Group

    c. To   maintain a high standard of pastoral care we will:
       •    Clearly define “pastoral areas”                                                  AMD    RWS, JD,
       •    Guarantee individual “pastoral time”                                                    Pastoral Mgmt
       •    Nurture peer mentoring                                                                  Group

2. Our School and the Wider Community
    a. To provide the best possible supportive 'home from home' environment for our          DBD    Boarding
       boarders we will:                                                                            Management
        • Evolve our provision to meet the changing needs of families                               Group
        • Improve communication with parents of boarders.

    b. To communicate clearly and distinctively our vision, values and ambition within and   HM     IDW, MS, JWh
       beyond the school we will:
        • Develop a highly visible marketing profile
        • Embrace digital technologies

    c.   To involve current and former parents, Old Pocklingtonians and others for the       AMD    HM, RD, GB,
         benefit of our pupils and the wider community we will:                                     MRE
          • Promote and encourage strong networks including careers and professional
          • Offer appropriate sponsorship opportunities

3. The Foundation and Us
    a. To employ the best staff and manage their ongoing training, development and           CLB    HM, IDW, PSB
       wellbeing we will:
        • Ensure everyone knows what they do well and what they can do better
        • Extend peer training and mentoring

    b. To    provide facilities and services that support our pupils' education we will:     PSB    Bursarial
        •     Design an ambitious yet prudent Estates Development Plan                              Management
        •     Provide innovative and cost-effective services                                        Group
        •     Reduce our carbon footprint

    c.   To ensure effective and efficient decision making and planning at all levels        HM     Management
         supported by sound financial management we will:                                           Groups
          • Embed self reflection
          • Take appropriate risk
          • Seek new sources of income and funding
   6 January 2012

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