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									                       COURSE SYLLABUS & EXPECTATIONS
Course: 8th Grade Science
Teacher: Michelle Brumley
Year: 2011/2012
Welcome to PWMS Science! The first day of class tends to be a chaotic blast of information for
students, therefore I have written some key information down for you to read and use as a resource.
                      Pueblo West Middle School Mission Statement

                      PWMS is committed to developing and nurturing all
                     inquiring minds, while encouraging lifelong learning.
                       We promote an intercultural environment with an
                            emphasis on mutual caring and respect.

Who is Mrs. Brumley? This is my 2nd year teaching, and my 2nd year at PWMS. I graduated
college from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelor of Science degree and was commissioned as
an officer in the United States Air Force. I spent the next 11 years as an Aerospace Physiologist
teaching about the affects of altitude on the human body. I left the Air Force to become a stay at
home mom for my beautiful daughter who is now 9 years old. My love of science, teaching, and kids
led me to pursue a second career as a secondary science teacher.

Course Description:
This 8th grade science program covers a basic introduction to the Scientific Process, Physical
Science, Earth Science, and Life Science. Specifically this includes: measurement and conversions;
forces; forms of energy; physical and chemical changes; waves; human activity’s influence on
ecosystems; and genetics. This is all developed through a sequence of varied instructional strategies
emphasizing experimentation, observation, generalization, application, and discussion. Students
apply their understanding of developed ideas and skills to everyday experiences in their school,
community, and world.

Class Expectations: I like to have fun and enjoy interactions with students in class; but also
realize we have a lot to do, we need to get along with each other, and we must be safe. To facilitate
this, I have five main classroom expectations:

   1.   Be courteous and respectful to all of your classmates and staff.
   2.   Be prepared and on time to class.
   3.   Follow directions the first time they are given.
   4.   Be responsible and safe with materials and equipment.
   5.   Leave the materials/equipment alone until directed to use them, and take care of our supplies.

   * If a student is having difficulty with these five simple rules, our building has a uniform behavior
 matrix that will be followed by our Dean of Students, Mr. Bergles. A student who participates in a
 severe disruption such as fighting, insubordination, intentional dangerous use of equipment,
                                     etc…will go directly to the office.
Work and Grading: Each semester is a separate grading period and each student earns a grade
depending on their overall percentage of points earned. You can access grades via PowerSchool
which is linked through the school’s website at Please make it a point to obtain
your login early so that you are off to a good start in tracking student progress. I will try to update
grades at least once a week.
 Please note: Students will not be assigned a text book to take home this year, but they may check
out a book at any time. About 90% of what we will be doing will be in the form of worksheets, notes,
                                labs, technology, and other activities.

Make-up/Late Work: I believe teachers, parents, and students should work together as a team to
make sure learning objectives are met. Therefore, if a student misses class they will be given an
opportunity to complete make-up work whenever possible. Due to the nature of inquiry-based
science, students that miss lab and class discussions days may be given alternate assignments.
Late assignments will only be accepted after conferencing (phone, email, or in person) with a

Homework: I rarely assign specific homework, but it is possible that classroom activities may need
to be finished up at home. PWMS will be utilizing planners in all classes to encourage students to
write down their daily classroom tasks and to keep organized. This is a life skill that proves to be very
beneficial in many aspects of their life.

Parents: You are always welcome to stop by my class without an appointment after checking in at the
office, but please realize that I may not have a great deal of time to speak with you during the
teaching day. I am at school from 7:15 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. Feel free to call me at 719-547-3752
before or after school. I prefer to communicate by email at I find it
easy for your records and mine to have electronic copies of messages to refer back to. If your child
has specific accommodations, or you have unique concerns, then an email in the beginning of the
year would greatly be appreciated. I also have a webpage where you can obtain all of my classroom
activities and expectations. You can access my webpage via the Panther website.
Students: If you need extra help, please let me know. It is my mission to assist you in your success,
and I know that the middle school life can be a taxing transition. I understand it is the nature of young
people to struggle with this transition so please allow me to help make your experience at PWMS
positive and productive. I look forward to us having a great year!

   * Parents and Students…please sign and return the attached acknowledgement
 page during the first week of school which informs me that you read this information
               letter as well as our safety policy and expectation form.


Michelle M. Brumley
6th, 7th and 8th Grade Science
Pueblo West Middle School
               Pueblo West Middle School Science Department

                  Lab Safety Policies/Expectations 2011-2012

           Mr. Harrison            Mrs. Lany          Mrs. Brumley            Mr. Moore

   Participating in lab-based science classes can be very fun and exciting. Your teachers spend
 time preparing interesting, hands-on activities to help you learn the principles of science. As a
lab-based science student, you have a responsibility to play an appropriate, active, and safe role
   in what we do in class. Many of the following safety guidelines will apply in your science

         Perform no unauthorized experiments, and mix chemicals only according to instructions.
         Study the procedures! If you have questions, ask!
         Familiarize yourself with the safety equipment in the room that the teacher will point out to
  2.     you: fire extinguishers, fire blankets, showers, eyewash fountains, fire exits, spill control
         materials, etc.
         Use safety equipment provided for you. Safety goggles must be worn when dealing with
         flame, irritating or caustic chemicals, and moving objects that may hit the face or eye.
         Handle all chemicals carefully and in the proper manner (chemical spoon, glassware, paper
  4.     towel, etc.). Equipment and chemicals should be used only in the classroom and only when
         the teacher is present.
  5.     Keep all materials away from an open flame. Tie back hair and loose clothing.
  6.     Always replace caps, covers, and stoppers on chemical containers.
  7.     Keep all chemicals away from your eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
         No eating of any kind in the laboratory, and never use lab glassware as food or drink
         containers. Do not taste any substance.
         Your work area should be left clean at the end of each period. Clean up according to your
         teacher’s instructions.
  10     Immediately report any accidents or spills, no matter how small, to the teacher.
         Deposit waste materials in the proper containers. Sinks and drains are not wastebaskets;
         don't put any solid material in them.
         When heating chemicals in a container, keep the open end pointed away from you and away
  12.    from others near you. Never heat a stoppered test tube or any closed container (FYI, a
         thermometer is a closed container).
-----------Please Return ONLY this page to Mrs. Brumley------------
                            By Monday, August 15

Mrs. Brumley’s Classroom Information Signature form

Student Name (printed): _______________________________________________

We have read, and understand, Mrs. Brumley’s course syllabus &

expectations form and the PWM Science department’s safety information

sheet. By signing this document we recognize our responsibility in this

process and pledge to observe these expectations.

____________________________________                  ________________
Student Signature                                     Date

____________________________________                  ________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                             Date

  In the space provided below please write any specific questions or
    concerns you may have regarding the information provided or
        specific concerns you may have regarding your child.

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