E XTENSION H IGHLIGHTS
                                                                      January 2007

Richland County Extension                        eight people on a waiting list for next year!
418 2nd Ave N, Wahpeton ND
701-642-7793 www.ag.ndsu.edu/county/richland     The January 25 program was presented by
                                                 Colleen Svingen, Richland County Extension
CROPPING SYSTEMS                                 Agent, entitled Real Colors. This program
Dale L. Siebert, Extension Agent                 determines your personality profile and helps
                                                 you to understand the differences between
AG DAY January 5                                 different personality types and how to
The annual Richland County Ag Day was held       interact and work with them. This is an
on January 5, 2007 in Mantador ND. The Ag        enthusiastic group and I look forward to
Day program included Corn Marketing Update       working with them over the winter.
by Pat Pithey, Grain Merchandiser from
Cargill; Corn Rootworm Update by Jan Knodle,     MARKET CLUBS
NDSU Extension Entomologist; Herbicide           The Lidgerwood and Mooreton Market Clubs
Resistance Issues by Richard Zollinger, NDSU     each met twice during the month of January.
Extension Weed Control Specialist; and an        I assisted them with developing market plans
Update on Bio-diesel by the North Dakota         for 2007 based on the current economic and
Soybean Council. Elections were also held for    market information. The Lidgerwood Club has
county representatives on the ND Soybean         requested information on balance sheets and
Council and the ND Corn Council with Scott       cash flows which will be presented to them in
Gauslow of Colfax elected as the Soybean         February. Attendance at both clubs continues
Council Representative and Deb Podliska,         to be very good.
Lidgerwood, elected as the Corn Council
Representative from Richland County. The         HOME AND GARDEN SHOW PLANNING
annual meetings of the Crop Improvement          I met with the Garden Club volunteers and
Association and Richland County Corn Growers     representatives of the Wahpeton-Breckenridge
were also held that day. There were 55           Chamber of Commerce to plan the program for
interested farmers in attendance at the          our annual Home and Garden Show on March
program.                                         24. We are currently securing speakers and
                                                 programs for the day long event.
Annie’s Project, a six-week farm financial       CONTINUING EDUCATION
program for farm women, got underway             As a certified crop advisor it is necessary to
Thursday evening, January 25. This program is    obtain a certain number of continuing
being offered at 14 different locations in       education credits each year. On January 16 I
North Dakota this winter. In Wahpeton the        attended the Wide World of Weeds Program in
program is being offered at NDSCS through a      Fargo. This program is sponsored by the Weed
partnership with the Adult Farm Management       Science Department at NDSU and presents an
Program. Through this partnership we are         update on the various weed control research
able to use and access the facilities at NDSCS   projects currently conducted at NDSU. Some
at no charge. Due to classroom space,            of the research is done in Richland County
limitations on class size was 20 people and we   which makes it pertinent to the area.
were able fill the program with an additional
 Page 2                                                            Extension Highlights

On January 17 I attended the Soil and Water    Denver the first week in January! The pictures
Workshop held in Fargo, again for continuing   are witnesses to the fact that the team did an
education credits with updates on soil and     outstanding job representing our county and
water research being conducted by the Soils    state. I would like to take this opportunity to
Department at NDSU.                            thank everyone who supported the team with
                                               financial contributions and their best wishes.
Colleen M. Svingen, Extension Agent
Consumer Decision Making Contest

Individual Awards:
Second Place in Individual Reasons:
               Megan Weber
Fifth Place in Individual Placings:
               Lara Lekang

Team Awards:                                   MARKETPLACE FOR ENTREPRENEURS
Fifth Place: Team Reasons                      I attended Marketplace for Entrepreneurs in
Fifth Place: Group Think                       Fargo with a couple members of the whole
                                               white wheat group. Marketplace forces me to
                                               expand my thinking and provides opportunities
                                               for me to network with other professionals
                                               working to develop our state’s economy and
                                               rise or maintain our standard of living.

                                               REAL COLORS
                                               I had the privilege to teach Real Colors at the
                                               kick off session of Annie’s Project. The Real
                                               Colors program is a three-hour temperament
                                               theory training that provides insight into
                                               human behavior. Participants learn to
                                               recognize, accept and value differences in
                                               others. The Color’s theory is a fun and
                                               practical tool that is easy to apply to real-life

 Team - Megan Weber, Lara Lekang, Nicholas     WEBEX UPDATES
 Weber, Joe Lepp, Coach - Karen Weber          Beginning in January, the Family Consumer
We were very happy to have our Richland        Science campus specialists started to provide
County Consumer Choice Team qualify to         monthly subject matter updates via an inter-
attend the Western National Roundup in         active video network (IVN). Beginning in April,
                                               Extension administration and the Agriculture
Extension Highlights                                                                   Page 3

Communications Department hope to provide         women attending parenting enrichment
the training by Webex and everyone will be        classes. The self testimonies of the mothers
able to attend right at their computer. This is   indicated that they had made some changes in
an excellent way for field staff to get the       their families’ food intake creating some
latest and best research enabling us to           behavior modifications for their families as a
disseminate the information to our county         result of their attendance at the first class.
clients.                                          They indicted that they implemented new
                                                  food safety tips into their daily food
4-H COUNTY CLUB                                   preparation routine. It was fun to present to a
I am happy to report that our 4-H County Club     group dedicated to enhancing family life.
continues to expand its membership and
activities. This 4-H County Club was              BIRTHDAY
established for anyone in the county that         I was reminded once again of the great
wishes to participate in a 4-H club but hadn’t    Extension support staff we enjoy and often
found a club in their area or would like to       take for granted on my milestone birthday.
start a club in their home area, but wanted to    Deb and Brenda are outstanding in their
learn more about 4-H before starting their        abilities and talents, but they also enjoy a
own club.                                         good laugh. They along with the help of
                                                  coworkers and volunteers reminded me that I
I was at their January meeting giving a           have a great job! Thanks to everyone for an
demonstration on how to and how not to do a       unusually good day!
demonstration or illustrated talk! It was a fun
presentation to deliver and it is always          FNP
entertaining to interact with the members and     Pamela Leino-Mills, Extension
the families of 4-H clubs.                        Agent

SPRING CONFERENCE                                 AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS
I was chosen to be on the planning committee      During January, I conducted 14 classes for the
for the 2007 Extension Spring Conference. I       After School Programs in Lidgerwood,
have to admit I didn’t feel like I had won a      Hankinson, and Fairmount schools. The
small lottery when I received the email from      children in these programs are active and
the Extension Director’s office asking me to      eager to learn about food preparation. They
join the planning committee! (I know that         have some good stories to tell about how they
serving on any committee is an additional         have surprised their families by preparing
time commitment.) It has already proven to        snacks, and even supper for them. I have set
be a fun and energizing experience. Serving on    up classes for the Circle of Nations After
a state wide multi-discipline committee is an     School Program, called After School Kids
excellent opportunity to interact with staff      (ASK), for February and March. These classes
that I wouldn’t normally have the chance to       will be conducted in the three dorms on the
and to have input in the conference agenda.       CNS campus. Beginning in February, I will also
                                                  be teaching two classes a month in the
MOTHERS OF PRE-SCHOOLERS                          Lidgerwood 2nd grade class room.
I presented a second class, What Color is your
Food?, to the Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS)     MENU PLANNING, ETC.
group at Faith Evangelical Free Church. MOPS      Public Health and Social Services continue to
is a non-denominational group of young            refer customers to me for menu planning, food
    Page 4                                                                                          Extension Highlights

  budgeting, and/or food safety. I have had                              Current scores are available on our website
  several sessions with people who wanted to                             www.ag.ndsu.edu/county/richland under 21st
  work on one or all three of the above.                                 CCLC.

  COMMITTEES                                                             ROBO GEEKS
  I continue to be an active member, and                                 Our Fairmount Robo Geeks traveled to Grand
  minute’s taker, of the Aging Coalition                                 Forks for the First Lego League Tournament on
  Committee of Richland/Wilkin County. We are                            January 27. Despite the cold and icy roads,
  in the midst of planning for the spring Senior                         our team made it up there in time for the
  Extravaganza. This year I am also part of the                          tournament start. Mrs. Luick reported the
  Go Red Committee, planning the Go Red event                            team did very well, though experiencing some
  for women’s heart health.                                              trouble with the robot. Our team got 1st in
                                                                         Technical Completion and Landon Luick was
  21st CENTURY COMMUNITY                                                 named Mentor Volunteer of the Year. Check
                                                                         out our website for additional information and
  LEARNING CENTERS                                                       pictures. We would like to thank Yolanda for
  Adrian Biewer, Extension Agent,                                        another great year of Robotics Club.
  Project Director
  The winter months have been
  busy in our afterschool program. Colleen
  Svingen, our Family Consumer Science Agent
  and Deb Evenson, our administrative assistant,
  have completed the fleece pillow sewing
  projects in all the sites. The project took
  three nights to complete. In all, 52 students
  and 4-Her’s enjoyed the project. These ladies
  put in over 85 hours in site time not to
  mention the driving and prep time involved. I
  would like to thank them for that effort on
  behalf of the program.
                                                                         GRANTS, ETC.
                                                                         My time was spent applying for grants and
                                                                         conducting the air-gun tournament. We have
  SHOOTING SPORTS                                                        applied with 4 other partners to become an
  Shooting Sports heated up in January and                               Americorp Program in Richland County.
  February with tournament action in full swing.                         Wahpeton Parks and Recreation Department,
  Fairmount has jumped out to a quick lead with                          Hankinson American Legion, Hankinson School,
  all shooters on the team having excellent                              and Wyndmere School, along with the
  results. Alyssa Adams from Abercrombie has                             afterschool program applied for the grant. If
  the highest score for one position with a                              successful, the grant will leverage funds for
  record score of 90. Many shooters are close                            volunteers to help in areas of education and
  and chasing the individual champion trophy. In                         environment in the county.
  early March, we will crown the Richland
  County Champion team and individual shooter.

NDSU Extension Service, North Dakota State University of Agriculture and Applied Science, and U.S. Department of Agriculture
cooperating. Duane Hauck, Director, Fargo, North Dakota. Distributed in furtherance of the Acts of Congress of May 8 and June 30, 1914.
We offer our programs and facilities to all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, age, Vietnam era
veterans status, or sexual orientation; and are an equal opportunity employer. This publication will be made available in alternative
format upon request to people with disabilities (701) 231-7881.
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