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                  Important checks in the NREGAsoft

     State Name :                               MISNodal Officer Name
     mobile No.                                     Date

                                                                For                                online      offline
                            Registration                        Discussion   exemption   offline   exemption   exemption
 1   registration date should be >2/2/2006
 2   Family_id can not be blank or 00
 3   Reg_No can not be blank or 0
 4   name of head of household should not be blank
 5   verification date should be there                          Yes
 6                           applicant
 7   Reg_no should be in registration table
 8   Applicant No can not Be blank or 00
 9   name of applicant(worker) should not be blank
10   Age can not be less than 18
11                        demand for work
     if family has completed 100 days in the financial year .it
12   should not appear
13   Account Number is mandatory
14               dated receipt of demand for work
15                             works
16   works of previous year can be entered
17   work is part of labour budget with financial year
18   convergence may be allowed

   64:40 ratio need to be checked and proper message is
19 given for violation at work, exec level and district level.
   revised estimate should be there if exp. exceeds the
20 sanctioned amount

   activities of the work should be entered with quantities
21 and per unit price( pre fixed activities)
   material of the work should be entered with quantities
22 and per unit price ( pre fixed material)
23                       work allocation

24 work allocation can be done on any work of the district
   work allocation can done on any date in the financial
25 year
27                        musterroll
28 e-muster can be can be generated
29 e- musters can not be printed again

30 muster rolls can be filled up to the attendance only
   Measurement book entry may be filled which will decide
   the amount due for payment. And will update the
31 aoumnt due part of musterroll                          yes

   activity and material specified in M.B entry should be
32 out of activity and mateial in the technical sanction.
   if the expenditure on muster roll exceeds the amount
   sanctioned in the T.S. system will not allow entry of
   muster unless revised sanction is taken similarly for
33 material

34   muster roll can not be entered with a delay of 2 months yes
35                   Skilled/Semi Skilled Worker
36   Bank Account is Mendatory
37   separate Wage list should be generated
38                        Material perchased
39   tin number of vendor is necessary
     Material should be from the material specifeed in the
40   sanction of work
     If amount is more than 5 lakh SMS should be generated
41   for the Block And district                              yes
     Total amount should be equal to the Sum of amount
42   specified in details.
43   material list for work
44   account details of vendor                               yes (medatory)

45 Bill can not be entered with a delay of 2 months          Yes
46                 adminitrative expenditure
47 Single transaction can not exceed one lakh                yes

48 expenditure can not be booked with a delay of 2 months
49                         wage list
   wage list can be generated along with check no. or
50 corpus fund as the case may be.

   wage list can be accessed by financial institutions
51 directly through the website or through the webservices
52                  pay slip/withdrawl slip

    pay slip/withdrawl slip can be printed and distributed
53 to workers after wage list is prepared.
54 opening balance of executive agencies
55                  closing of accounts
56              installation of version 6.0

57 Installation of version 6.0 shoould build the primary keys
58 check for system date
   check for correct format of table and make changes
59 where ever necessary
60                         export data

61 export data should check for dates of incremental data
62 delete the records with flag D in nregaupload
   change the flag to D where ever it is X in nregaupload
63 database
64 build the primary key on nrega data base
65 delete the inconsistence records.
67              Cluster Approach for Data entry
   panchayats In a cluster should be identified wjhere ever
68 cluster approach is taken
69                   Master data updation
70               Mobile no. of officals for SMS

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