Our Local Government by wuzhengqin


									By: Diane Imken
    PS # 1
   3rd Grade
 The students will learn that the
people of West New York and the
government of West New York can
work together to make lives better
 for the people in the community.
 The students will demonstrate an
ability to use Microsoft PowerPoint
and help create slides for a group
    West New York is our
community and we are proud to
       be a part of it.
 We learned that West New York
provides many government services
             for us.
We were invited to
 the town hall in
 West New York.

           West New York Town Hall
     We are good
citizens. We planted
 flowers in front of
      our school.
Our local government is important
            to us all.
Mayor- Albio Sires
Deputy Mayor- Jose Miqueli

     Departments:                 Commissioners:
Parks and Recreation         Silverio Vega
Revenue and Finance          Jerry Lange
Public Safety                Lawrence Riccardi
Public Works                 Ercides Aquasvivas
Public Affairs               Albio Sires
    Learning about our town
government has benefited us all.

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