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                                       School      NEWSLETTER
           April 29, 2011                                     OAK HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL
            Newsletter 9

          School Contacts                          HONOR ROLL NEWS
                                                   Congratulations to all the Honor Roll Students. Oak Hill
Phone: 812-867-6426
Fax:   812-867-4750
                                                   Middle School had 75 students that achieved Distinguished
                                                   Honor Roll. There were 198 students receiving “A” Honor Roll
Ken Wempe, Principal                               and 187 students receiving “B” Honor Roll. Oak Hill had 56%
ken.wempe@evsc.k12.in.us                           of the student body reach Honor Roll status. Congratulations
Julie Hart, Assistant Principal
                                                   to the Honor Roll students for their hard work.
                                                   DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL
Sue Schriber, Counselor
sue.schriber@evsc.k12.in.us                        Grade 6
                                                   Alexis Barnett                  Kenan Lochmueller
Cindy Williams, Principal’s Secretary              Grant Barnett                   Zachary Martin
cindy.williams@evsc.k12.in.us                      Michelle Brakie                 Elena McMahon
Bertie Gerling, Secretary/Treasurer                Delanie Burgess                 Nidhi Menon
                                                   Hannah Burry                    Ann Meyer-Rasmussen
                                                   Paige Byrd                      Logan Miller
Shelly Donovan, Nurse                              Charles Eich                    Jessica Peistrup
michelle.donovan@evsc.k12.in.us                    Emily Gray                      Lindsay Phipps
                                                   Samuel Hahn                     Daniel Sellers
Carol Cage, Attendance
                                                   Lauren Hodoval                  Brittany Skinner
                                                   Danielle Hoover                 Madeline Stevens
Karen House, Cafeteria Manager                     Braedon Huber                   Sydney Stippler
Karen.house@evsc.k12.in.us                         Christopher Laszlo              Holly Witten
                                                   Katelyn Le

                                                   Grade 7
If your child is ill, going out of town, or will
                                                   Beau Ayres                      Jonathan Kline
   be late to school, please call the School       Joshua Brown                    Tyler Maassen
  Office at 867-6426 by 9:30 A.M. A call is        Trenton Burton                  Jacob Riggs
  expected every day that the child is out.        Jiawei Chen                     Danielle Rine
          PRESS 1 for ATTENDANCE                   Lauren Day                      Alexander Sermersheim
                   REMINDER                        Gabrielle Dunning               Nathanael Smith
 Students are expected in be in their seats        Ethan Elleser                   Vincent Somody
                  at 7:55 A.M.                     Lauren Falconer                 Edwin Velez-Calez
         School is dismissed at 2:40.
                                                   Hannah Gore                     Shloak Vyas
   Homework Routers are run when your
                                                   Tequilla Howard                 Jennifer Wade
 child has been absent 3 consecutive days.
  Please request a homework router from
                                                   Blake Kanoy                     Michaela Ward
      the office or the attendance line.           Kazuki Kawamura
   Assignments can be picked after school
 that day. Please bring locker number and
                 combination.                      (8th grade continued on next page.)
Distinguished Honor Roll continued                     EVSC Substitute Food Service Assistants:
Grade 8
                                                       We are accepting applications for the 2011/2012
Emma Burry                Tristan Kitch
                                                       school year. We will be filling positions in all
Samuel Dugan              Hope Luker
                                                       schools. Please submit an online application at
Jessica Fehd              Lydia Miller
                                                       www.evscschools.com along with email
John Grimm                Katelyn Parmenter
                                                       references. Be sure to check the box to apply for
Rachel Hale               Trevor Purkiser
                                                       Substitute Food Service Assistants. We will be
Anna Hevron               Kaley Rose
                                                       reviewing applications starting the beginning of
Jacilynn Holifield        Peyton Smith
                                                       June for interview sessions to be held between the
Cory Hostetler            Samantha Smith
                                                       middle and end of June. If you have any questions,
Brooke Huebner            Taylor Stucke
                                                       please call 435-8259.
Ally Jacobs               Maggie Vincent
Madeline Jaebker          Natalie Wilhelm
Evan Johnson              Abbie Wilson
Olivia Keitel
                                                               CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR
                                                             DEACONESS ART SHOW WINNERS

                                                                     Lydia Miller- 1st Place
                                                                     Taylor Bell -2nd Place
                                                              Ford Johnson – Honorable Mention
                                                                Joy Pajdo – Honorable Mention
The students at Oak Hill and Evans Middle
                                                         Mackenzie Tucker – Deaconess Choice Award
School will be working together on a new
project! We are collecting bottle caps from Oak
Hill and Evans students to make/create a bench
at the new North Junior High. Please collect the
bottle caps you have used at home because we
need 250 lbs. of caps! This includes all drink
container caps, food container lids, and
shampoo container caps, etc. Bring them to
school and place them in the buckets located in
the cafeteria and front office. The bench will be
located at the new North Junior High and North
High School. This is also a recycling project.
Please help us join together and benefit the                    SNOW MAKE-UP DAYS
                                                                    May 6, 2011
North District.
                                                                   May 26, 2011

  If you need an activation code, or if you need any
          assistance with the EdEase system,
        please call the school office 867-6426.
                 2011/2012 NORTH JR. HIGH
                    CHEERLEADING SQUAD
7 Graders                      8th Graders
Felisha Bailey (HP)            Kennedy Andrew (OH)         BUS TRANSPORTATION CREATES EMAIL
Cassie Carlile (OH)            Audrey Ferguson (OH)        ADDRESS.
MacKenzie Chapman(TMS)         Kelsey Francis (OH)
 Payton Johnson (OH)           Ivy (Renee) Jackson (EMS)   To create more efficiency and ease of
Lindsay Phipps (OH)            Alena McTier (OH)           communication, EVSC’s Bus Transportation
Carly Valentine (OH)           Grace Parks (OH)            has created an email address that parents
Lauren White (OH)              Savanah Scarlett (OH)       and schools can utilize when looking for
Briley Wingerter (OH)          Samantha Shepherd (OH)      answers regarding bus information. EVSC
Lexi Wells (ECS)               Kierstin Taylor (EMS)       bus officials will respond to any inquiries,
                                                           including bus stop location, time, bus
                                                           number, etc. within 24 hours. Parents also
       NORTH HIGH SCHOOL FRESHMAN CHEER TEAM               can email if they need to relay information
                     2011/2012                             to officials such as their child not riding the
Libby Daugherty            Lexi Parker                     bus that day.
Rachel Hale                Mackenzie Schimmel
Olivia Keitel              Hannah White                    The email address is:
Hope Luker                 Abbie Wilson                    evsc.bus@evsc.k12.in.us
Madison Mooney             Kiersten Wingerter

          DANCE/FLAG TEAM AT NORTH 2011/2012               UPCOMING DATES:
Camry Birdwell              Alexandra Paul                 May 2 to May 6 – TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK
Alyssa Clayton              Chelsey Vance                  May 2 -6:30 PM PTSA meeting
Sarah King                  Caitlyn Wasson                 May 4 -District Track Meet at Central
                                                                               th    th
                                                           May 5 -6:30 PM 6 & 7 grade
Abbey Morrison
                                                                    Held in Oak Hill’s gym
                                                           May 9 -6:00 PM 8 grade Honor’s Banquet
                                                                    Held at North High School’s Dining Room
                                                           May 11 -Nurse’s Day
            May 13, 2011 – 5:00 to 7:00 PM                         -City Track Meet at Central
                                                                   (Rain date May 16)
                                                           May 12 -This is Our Story
Join the celebration for all former/current
                                                           May 13 -5:00 to 7:00 PM NIGHT OF MEMORIES
students, staff, and teachers of OHMS. There will          May 19 -8:00 AM Super Citizenship Program
be a cookout, program put on by former students                      th
                                                           May 20 -8 Grade Holiday World Trip
                                                                     th    th
(yes, you may participate!), and then a concert by                 -6 & 7 grade Picnic Lunch
                                                           May 24 -6:00 PM 8 Grade Graduation
THE DUKE BOYS!                                                                           th
                                                                   -8:00 to 10:00 PM 8 Grade Dance
(For more info, look at Facebook page: Oak Hill            May 26 -Talent Show & End of Year Video
Middle School "A Wildcat Night of Memories").                      -LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
QUESTION: How can we show our appreciation to our child/children's teacher(s), principal, or
school’s staff?
ANSWER: You can express your "thank you" to any outstanding Educator by contributing to the Public
Education Foundation of Evansville, Inc. in his/her honor.

         "Thank-A-Teacher" contributions to the Public Education Foundation are returned to schools in
the form of classroom enrichment grants. For 25 years, PEF has been a school and community partner
in public education. Since 1985, PEF has granted over $6 million to all curriculum areas. Last year, over
$2,100 was received in Thank-a-Teacher donations. These donations help fund our 2010 Excellence in
Education grants – a total of nearly $10,000 which was awarded in 19 grants to 13 schools for projects
impacting over 2,250 students.
         Won't you consider honoring that significant educator in your child/children's life by
contributing to the "Thank-A-Teacher" program? Upon receipt of your contribution, the Foundation will
send a special card to the honored person congratulating him/her on being recognized by your family.
Please send your tax-deductible contribution check with the form below to:
                                       "Thank-A-Teacher" Program
                                       Public Education Foundation
                                               P O Box 1163
                                           Evansville, IN 47706
P.S. May 2-6 2011 is PTA Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week. What a unique and caring way to honor
your child's special educator(s)! Send your donation now and we will send the honored
teacher(s)/administrator(s) a card and special little gift during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week.

Name of Teacher: _____________________________________________________________________
Student's Name: _____________________________________________________________________
School: ______________________________________________________________________________
Your name: __________________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________
E-mail: ______________________________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________Contribution Amount: _________________________________

I know the end of the year is so busy for all of us. As you read this email, please keep in mind
that the things we are doing are for EVERYONE'S children...we need a lot of help.

The last OHMS PTSA meeting - EVER - is Monday, May 2nd @ 6:30. PLEASE attend this
meeting to get info about the end-of-the-year events that we need to pull together.

 6th & 7th Grade Parents:
** If you can help May 5th at the 6th/7th Grade Honors Reception, please meet in the small gym
at 5:30 to set up. VERY EASY - just cookies and drinks. We will also need people to help clean
up afterwards.

 8TH Grade Parents:
** If you would like to be involved with the 8th Grade Graduation Dance, we will be meeting
planning done! If you can't attend the meeting but want to be involved, let me know!

** 8th Grade Honors Banquet: Some help setting up before the banquet is needed. Please be at
North High School at 5:00 if you can help.

** Teacher Appreciation Week starts May 2nd. The committee has planned some great things
for the teachers. Please be sure to look at emails regarding the need for food. This is a great
opportunity for the people who can't do things during the day to just drop stuff off at school.
ALSO, we will be putting together goodie bags for the teachers at the PTSA meeting Monday.

** "A WILDCAT NIGHT OF MEMORIES" is May 13th. If you have not heard about this, it's a
night of celebration for all former/current students, staff, and teachers of OHMS. There will be a
cookout, program put on by former students (yes, you may participate!), and then a concert by
THE DUKE BOYS! (For more information, look at Facebook page: Oak Hill Middle School "A
Wildcat Night of Memories"). The PTSA has been asked to take care of the food for the event.
WE WILL NEED HELP!!! The cookout is from 5:30-7:00. If you would like to help, please
let me know!

Unfortunately, the offices of PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT, AND SECRETARY have
not been filled for next year. I know it seems like these positions are very time-consuming, when
actually, they are not. I have made sure that that the biggest events/committees have been filled
for next year. This will take a HUGE weight off the shoulders of next year's President. ALSO, a
lot of schools are trending toward the idea of CO-PRESIDENTS. This enables 2 people to work
together and SPLIT the meetings, forms, responsibilities, etc. I really think this would work well
for next year. IN ALL HONESTY - if my daughter were not graduating this year, I would stay
on as President for next year. Now that I have it "figured out", it's not so bad. I will be glad to
help guide whoever decides to take the positions for next year. I have great pride in what we
have done this year, and I know that it will be better next year! Please feel free to contact me if
you have any questions about possibly filling one of these positions. Consider it an opportunity
to have a front row seat to what is going on at the new school...I know we all care about our kids
and what is happening at their school.

So, like I said....tons of info! Thanks in advance for helping out during the CrAzY time of year!
We need to help the students and teachers end the FINAL school year at OHMS with a BANG!

Hope to see you Monday night!
Elaine Shreffler
PTSA President

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