summer fun calendar by wuzhengqin


									                                                               Cedarcreek/Rio Vista, Summer Fun 2011
                                       SESSION A Calendar of Events
   Week             Monday                 Tuesday                Wednesday                 Thursday                 Friday
#1: A Rumble        June 13                June 14                 June 15                   June 16                June 17
 Through the

                                                                                                     All students will be
                                     Waterplay: Every                         Dress up in Animal visiting Helmers for a
                                    Tuesday, remember                          Print today! Get       performance by
                Fun & Fit Trip (be   your bathing suit, L.A. Zoo Trip- Please   ready for: Turtle   "Prismatic Magic".
               here @ 10). We will  towel, sunscreen &   be here @ 8:00 and Activity, Zoo Scenes,    Please be here by
                 also be making    water shoes. Movie pack a completely       Safari Maps, and Tye 8:45. We will return by
               Summer Scrapbooks     Day: Jungle Book disposable sack lunch.    Dye Backpacks               12 pm.

   #2:              June 20                 June 21                  June 22                 June 23                June 24
 & More
                                      Remember your         Natural History            Crazy Hair & Hat Day!
               Swim (Be here @ 8:30 bathing suit, towel, Museum Trip- Please            Make Dino Gliders &
                  with bathing suit, sunscreen & water    be here @ 8:00 and            Edible Magic Wands   Sandwich Potluck
                towel, sunscreen, &        shoes.          pack a completely           Magic Performance by Lunch- Sign up and
                    water shoes)     Movie Day: Ice Age disposable sack lunch.          Dan the Magic Man! bring in something!
    #3:             June 27                 June 28                  June 29                 June 30                  July 1

                                         Remember your                                 Twins Dress Day!
               Swim (Be here @ 8:30     bathing suit, towel,   Cars 2 Trip- Please be Activities include: Art-
                  with bathing suit,    sunscreen & water      here @ 7:45. Lunch is Rageous Cars, Magic          Hot Dog Potluck
                towel, sunscreen, &           shoes.            included. We should     Scratch Race Car         Lunch-Sign up and
                    water shoes)         Movie Day: Cars           return at 3:30.          Ornaments             bring something!
  #4: All             July 4                 July 5                   July 6                   July 7                 July 8
Decked out
 in Red,
 White, &
   Blue                                                         No Field Trip today.                        All will be visiting
                                                                  Movie Day: An                                Helmers for a
                                           Waterplay:              American Tail                          performance by Kyra
                                         Remember your           Activities Include: Patriotic Dress Day! Sundance and her
                 Site CLOSED in         bathing suit, towel,    Firework Pens, Pet Make Uncle Sam Pins dog, Chalcy. Please
                  observance of         sunscreen & water       Rocks, and Stars &       and Summer       be here by 9:45. We
                Independence Day              shoes.               Stripes Caps           Rainsticks.      will return by 12:30.
                                                                               Cedarcreek/Rio Vista, Summer Fun 2011
                                       SESSION B Calendar of Events
    Week              Monday              Tuesday     Wednesday                           Thursday                   Friday
 #5: A Bug's          July 11              July 12      July 13                            July 14                   July 15

                                                               K-2 Trip to Kidspace
                                         Color Me Mine &           (Please pack a
                                         Waterplay: Every      completely disposable
                                       Tuesday, Remember         sack lunch) & 3-6   80's Dress Up Day!
                 Swim (Be here @ 8:30 your bathing suit,        Bowling Trip (lunch Activities include: Dirt
                    with bathing suit,  towel, sunscreen &      provided)- Please be   Cake, Handprint       Taco Potluck Lunch-
                  towel, sunscreen, &      water shoes.         here @ 8:00 for both Butterflies, and Magic Please sign up to bring
                      water shoes)     Movie Day: Bug's Life            trips.                Stars.              something!
     #6:               July 18                July 19                July 20                July 21                  July 22
of the Pacific                         Waterslide Bounce:
                                       Please make sure we      K-2 Aquarium of
                                       have a waiver for your Pacific Trip & 3-6
                                          child in order to     Queen Mary Trip        Movie Day: Finding
                                            participate!     Please be here @ 7:45            Nemo.           Hawaiian Dress Up
                 Swim (Be here @ 8:30     Remember your       for both trips. Please    Activities include:      Day! Activities
                    with bathing suit,  bathing suit, towel,    pack a completely       Sand Sculptures,       include: Dirt Cake,
                  towel, sunscreen, &   sunscreen & water disposable sack lunch        Trained Seals, and     Handprint Butterflies,
                      water shoes)             shoes.              for both trips.         Aquariums.           and Magic Stars.

  #7: Fun              July 25                July 26                July 27                July 28                  July 29
  and the
   Sun                                     Waterplay:
                                        Remember your
                                       bathing suit, towel,   Hurricane Harbor
                                       sunscreen & water     Trip- Please be here
                                         shoes. Animal        @ 8:30. Return by
                   Fun & Fit Trip (be Presentation by The      5pm. Remember
                  here @ 12). We will     Nature Man!         sunscreen & water      We will be making Pizza Potluck Lunch!
                 also be making Foam Movie Day: Chipmunk shoes. Suits with          Rays of Sunshine and Please sign up to bring
                    Beach Magnets          Adventure        rivets are not allowed. Sunprint Catchers.        something!
   #8 Camp            August 1              August 2               August 3                August 4                August 5
                                                                                                                 All will be visiting
                                                                                                                   Helmers for a
                                                                                                                  performance by
                                                                                                                Please be here by
                                          Remember your
                                                                                                              9:45. We will return by
                                         bathing suit, towel,
                                         sunscreen & water Medieval Times Trip-
                                                                                                                Ice Cream Social!
                   Design Your own             shoes.         Please be here @                                  Remember: Rio Vista
                  Crown, Sheild, and    Movie Day: Sleeping    7:45. Lunch is          Pajama Dress Up         returns to their site on
                        Wand!                  Beauty             included.                 Day!                Monday, August 8th.

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