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					                    Status of Two-Year Action Steps by Development Office for Institutional Priorities
                                (July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2008: fiscal years 2007 and 2008)

One: Fostering a Culture of Inquiry and Improvement
    Action Step                 Who or what         Status at end of year one                                     Status or                 Next Steps
                                department          (include plans for year 2)                                    evidence of               (Complete at end
                                                                                                                  outcome at end            of year two)
                                                                                                                  of year two (list
                                                                                                                  reports and
    1. Financial Outcomes:                  Development Office   Met financial goals: $1.5M raised;               Met goal at $1.8 m        Continue to pursue
    a. Assess financial goal setting for                         Continue discussion of estimating financial      raised                    grant funding at this
    Dev Office                                                   goals                                                                      level, including state
    b. Scan and evaluate future grant                            $2,3 Million applied                                                       continuation, large
    opportunities for estimating yearly                          $1.6 Million awarded                                                       new initiatives. With
    financial goals                                              See FY07 Development Office Activity                                       Title III as primary
                                                                 worksheet summary                                                          focus for Fall/Winter
    2 Examine patterns of briefing sheet    Development Office   Responses to briefing sheets received; Dev       Focus on campus           Continue campus
    dissemination to college departments                         Office screening potential grants more           wide grants going well    wide focus, especially
                                                                 thoughtfully for realistic funding; more                                   with Title III and
                                                                 grants being written and submitted                                         renewable energy
                                                                 31 grants submitted                                                        projects
    3. Private Foundations                  Development Office     a. Not completed; continue                     Foundation Search,        Decision to stay with
    a. Research funding opportunities       Foundation             b. ISA staff asst. worked with Dev less        may replace               Foundation Center for
    through private Foundations             ISA                        than 3 hours per week; researched          Foundation Center         coming year
    b. Use ISA Staff Asst about 3 hours                                alumni search agents (Wealth Engine,
    per week to start internet research;                               Blackbaud)
    c. Develop plan after initial scan of                          c. Not completed; continue scanning
    what’s available                                               d. Not completed; continue
    d. Analyze corporate 999’s;
    Work with GCC Foundation for
    alumni data mining
    4. Create funding opportunities         Development Office    a. Started; continue, raise level of activity   Wealth Engine             Complete Wealth
    through Alumni Development              Foundation               for FY08                                     searches have begun,      Engine project
     a. Incorporate alumni into                                   b. Continue, negotiated Blackbaud               to be completed by        Assess renewal in
    Development Office to identify links                             contract for alumni search engine; Dev       12/08                     Oct 2008
    to funding opportunities                                         Dir joined New England Alumni                Lists of alums in         Continue to develop
    b. Identify alumni background and                                Directors professional group                 specific geographic       alumni relationships
    relationships                                                 c. Did not meet routinely with GCC              locations are being       Continue joint
    c. Work with GCC Foundation                                      Foundation Director, many informal           generated to align        meetings with
    Director more actively - arrange at                              meetings occurred; continue building         with President’s travel   Foundation Director
          Action Step                            Who or what              Status at end of year one                    Status or                 Next Steps
                                                 department               (include plans for year 2)                   evidence of               (Complete at end
                                                                                                                       outcome at end            of year two)
                                                                                                                       of year two (list
                                                                                                                       reports and
          least 2 meetings per semester of                                    relationship, exchange information and   Schedule.
          Dev Office and Dir of GCC                                           plans.                                   Bi-annual meetings
          Foundation;                                                       d. Director of Development appointed       with Foundation
          d. Dir of Dev become a GCC                                          member of GCC Foundation Executive       Director are occurring
          Foundation Board member                                             Board (summer 2006)
          5. Focus on Institutional/Systemic     Development Office       a. Focus on institutional wide projects      Dev. Dir is Co-chair of
          Initiatives and Capital Equipment                                 1.Dev Dir is member of PEM, elected co-    PEM
          Needs                                                               chair for FY08                           Dev. Dir is member of
          a. meet with college groups                                       2.Dev Office served on Facilities          NEASC Self Study
          systematically to discuss focus                                     subcommittee of PEM                      Committee
          b. incorporate these priorities when                              3.Monthly meeting with Assoc of Deans of
          setting Development Office work                                     Acad Affairs
          plan                                                            b. Accomplished; continue
          6. Continue to assess CCSSE            Development Office       To be completed; review CCSSE results        Continuing                Continuing
          findings when next year’s results      Institutional Research                                                                          Next CCSSE in 2011
          available and use for development                                                                                                      Use CCSSE results
          searches for students needs                                                                                                            for support in grant
          7. Continue community/partnership      Development Office       Excellent!! Community partnerships           Collaborative grants      Continue to develop
          development for the college                                     expanded and intensity of involvement of     and community             and maintain
                                                                          partnerships grew; continue                  partnerships continue     partnerships.
                                                                                                                       to be initiated and       Create a link on Dev.
                                                                                                                       funded –                  website with list of
                                                                                                                                                 partner organizations

Development Office LR Planning FY07-FY08                                                                                                                                 2
 2008 update
    Two: Advancing Multicultural Organizational Development
       Action Step                Who or what          Status at end of year one                                               Status or               Next Steps
                                  department           (include plans for year 2)                                              evidence of             (Complete at end
                                                                                                                               outcome at end          of year two)
                                                                                                                               of year two (list
                                                                                                                               reports and
          1. Seek grant funding opportunities     Development Office           Submitted Achieving the Dream – not
          to advance multicultural development                                 funded

          2. Continue increasing role of          Development Office           ABE grant resubmission continuation             Northampton             Grants management
          partnerships in grants development                                   collaboration with Center for New               partnership             for N’hamp grants to
          for multicultural topics                                             Americans                                       established with        continue, as well as
          a. Continue collaboration with                                       b. Renewables project with special              involvement with Ctr    further effort to
          Center for New Americans                                             populations for outreach: ESOL, ABE, older      for New Americans,      identify funding
          b. seek new partnerships                                             workers, at risk youth; subcontracts with       The Literacy Project,   sources
                                                                               Center for New Americans and REB;               Holyoke Community
                                                                               collaboration with UMass Center for             College
                                                                               International Education;
                                                                               Dev Dir member of GCC International
                                                                               Comm.; Dean of ISA to renew membership
                                                                               on GCC Inter comm..
          3. Incorporate ADA equipment needs      Development Office           Accomplished; continue                          Completed               This 3-year project
          into grant applications                 Disability Services Office   Worked with GCC Disabilitites Coord; NSF                                continues into its
                                                                               Research in Disabilities Education                                      second year for 09
                                                                               parnerthips with STCC and QCC
          4. Evaluate possibilities for funding   Development Office           Still waiting for Diversity Task Force Report   Diversity Task Force    Seek funding sources
          opportunities based on the report of    Diversity Task Force                                                         received                to address areas of
          the Diversity Task Force (waiting for                                                                                                        identified need

Development Office LR Planning FY07-FY08                                                                                                                                      3
 2008 update
    Three: Promoting Human Resource Development
        Action Step             Who or what                           Status at end of year one                    Status or                Next Steps
                                department                            (include plans for year 2)                   evidence of              (Complete at end
                                                                                                                   outcome at end           of year two)
                                                                                                                   of year two (list
                                                                                                                   reports and
          1. Attend regional CRD meetings        Development Office   Dev Dir attended annual and quarterly        Dale attended April,     Attend Spring 09
                                                                      meetings                                     08 CRD conf. in          regional CRD
                                                                                                                   Saratoga Springs         conference

          2. Attend regional AACC meetings       Development Office   To be completed; location of conference      Probably not since       N/A
          Assess meeting itinerary and                                was too expensive to fund                    workshops overlap at
          location for spring 2007                                                                                 CRD
          3. Attend annual CRD national          Development Office   Dev Dir attended                             Regina attended Nov      Will not attend until
          meeting at least every other year                                                                        2007                     2009
          Dev Director will attend in Nov 2006
                                                                                                                   Regina attended          Assess for 09
                                                                                                                   CASE Reg. Annual         attendance
                                                                                                                   Mtg in Jan for one-day
                                                                                                                   community college
          4. Evaluate other professional         Development Office   Attend Women’s Fund Development              Attended Women’s         Continue to scan for
          development opportunities for staff                         Conference (Sept 2006, Director of Dev       Fund Conference,         local, affordable
                                                                      and Dean of ISA)                             Sept 2007                professional
                                                                      For Grants Specialist, upgrade technology    Regina attended          development
                                                                      skills in FY08                               Philanthropy             opportunities
                                                                                                                   workshops at BOA in      Get more training for
                                                                                                                   Hartford & Baypath       Excel as data base;
                                                                                                                   College                  Request phone with
                                                                                                                   Upgraded to Microsoft    speaker and caller id
                                                                                                                   2007;                    for Dale

          5. 5-year staffing plan for            Development Office   a. Reviewed, increased ISA staff asst        Workstudy request;       Development Office
          Development Office                                             hours to Development Office               shared position with     assess shared work
          a. Review annually                                          b. Yes, for some projects, VPAC              Foundation;              study position with
          b. Assess need for coordinators for                            coordinator for feasibility study hired   Renewables Project       Foundation for
          larger, special projects                                    c. Continue after scan completed             Developer hired under    specific project
          c. Analyze needs after                                      d. Completed                                 Renewables grant;

Development Office LR Planning FY07-FY08                                                                                                                            4
 2008 update
          Action Step                              Who or what   Status at end of year one    Status or              Next Steps
                                                   department    (include plans for year 2)   evidence of            (Complete at end
                                                                                              outcome at end         of year two)
                                                                                              of year two (list
                                                                                              reports and
          alumni/private foundation scan                                                      CTE Coordinator
          completed                                                                           hired;
          d. Hire coordinator/consultant of Perf                                              Need to hire one for
          Arts Center Feasibility Study                                                       Tech Prep

Development Office LR Planning FY07-FY08                                                                                                5
 2008 update
Four: Enhancing the Physical Learning Environment
       Action Step                Who or what                          Status at end of year one                  Status or                 Next Steps
                                  department                           (include plans for year 2)                 evidence of               (Complete at end
                                                                                                                  outcome at end            of year two)
                                                                                                                  of year two (list
                                                                                                                  reports and
          1. Evaluate office environment and      Development Office   Participated in Gensler discussions        Continuing; prefer a      Continue preference
          space needs for Development Office                                                                      horse shoe shape with
          location when Core refurbished                                                                          wall taken down
                                                                                                                  between two offices
                                                                                                                  for production room
                                                                                                                  OR suite with
                                                                                                                  reception area being a
                                                                                                                  production room
          2. Participate in campus-wide           Development Office   Development Office member of facilities    Received FY 08            Await FY09 budget
          planning                                                     planning committee                         earmark for               outcome
          a. FY08 White paper submission for                             a. Completed in Nov 2006                 greenhouse
          U.S. House Office for greenhouse                             Fostering the Arts earmark continued to    New earmark request
                                                                       FY08 funding cycle                         submitted for
                                                                       Northern Tier Health Simulation earmark    geothermal
                                                                       submitted Nov 2006: GCC, MWCC, BCC         application
          3. Evaluate current Development         Development Office   a. Scanner purchased and installed         Copier in final resting   Consider purchase of
          Office equipment                        Dean of ISA          b. Sharing Business Office shredder        place. Share new one      shredder for
          a. Evaluate Scanner options                                  c. Low grade office copier; sharing with   with IR/Music Dept        production room;
          b. Evaluate Shredder options                                    other offices                           Continued need for
          c. Evaluate Copier options                                   Note: campus wide copier climate for       separate shredder for
                                                                          sharing improved in FY07                Dev. and marketing
                                                                       Planning-board purchased and installed
          4. Based upon space and facilities      Development Office   Accomplished and continue, such as                                   Continue to seek
          needs for college, seek funding to                           Photovolteic Panels, parking lights;                                 funding for project
          support                                                      geothermal whitepaper draft; classroom                               support
                                                                       equip in renewable project
          5. Assist with funding development      Development Office   Accomplished and continue                  Development Office        None
          for greenhouse                          Science Department                                              role completed
          6. Coordinate funding for feasibility   Development Office   Continue                                   Continuing research       To continue
          funding for Perf Arts Center            Dean of ISA                                                     for funding
                                                  President’s Office

Development Office LR Planning FY07-FY08                                                                                                                           6
 2008 update
Five: Other: Enhancing Communication – Added at end of FY07

          Action Step                             Who or what            Status at end of year one                     Status or                 Next Steps
                                                  department             (include plans for year 2)                    evidence of               (Complete at end
                                                                                                                       outcome at end            of year two)
                                                                                                                       of year two (list
                                                                                                                       reports and
           1.   Develop plan for improved and     Development Director   This is a list of new initiatives added for   Communication             Continue to
                expanded communication            Dean of ISA            FY08; NA for FY07                             greatly improved with     implement marketing
           a.   Within GCC                        Grant Specialist                                                     External Affairs now in   activities using the
           b.   With GCC Foundation and                                                                                ISA, rather than Pres.    IMAC as guide.
                constituencies                                                                                         Office                    Schedule regular
           c.   With the public; press releases                                                                        Marketing Dept now        meetings with internal
                and GCC page                                                                                           has an Integrated         constituents and
           d.   Expand coverage in Hampshire                                                                           Marketing & Planning      marketing staff.
                County                                                                                                 tool for use throughout   Continue focus on
                                                                                                                       the year                  specific marketing for
                                                                                                                       Decision made to          Hampshire Cty, North
                                                                                                                       create a “writing pool”   Quabbin and
                                                                                                                       for external              Southern Vt.
                                                                                                                       publications              Hire writing pool.
           2.    Review Office reports            Development Director                                                 We know to make           Continue
           a.   set timeline, format quarterly    Dean of ISA                                                          these more timely;        improvement efforts.
           b.   Review content                    Grant Specialist                                                     Incorporate changes       Development Office
           c.   Review Institutional Impact                                                                            in department             staff implementing
                from grant funding report                                                                              structure and             new plan for 09
           3.    Review personnel hiring          Development Director                                                 Start searches more       Continue
                timeline and process for grant    Dean of ISA                                                          quickly once grant is
                hirings to expedite process       Grant Specialist                                                     awarded, don’t wait
                                                  Director of Human                                                    for the contract

Development Office LR Planning FY07-FY08                                                                                                                                  7
 2008 update

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