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					University of Wyoming                                                                                  Office of the Registrar

                                             Authorization for an Incomplete ( I )
                                                    UW Regulation 6-720

A grade of ‘I’ (incomplete) is a temporary grade assigned in those rare instances when, in the judgment of the faculty member,
no other grade will insure justice to the student. To request an incomplete, the student must submit this form to the instructor
prior to the end of the final exam period (please note that some instructors may require that the request be submitted prior to
the final exam). It is the instructor’s decision of whether or not an Incomplete will be assigned. If the instructor approves, the
instructor should distribute copies as indicated below and return the original with the grade sheet to the Office of the

If an incomplete is assigned by the instructor, it must be removed by assignment of a final grade normally within a period of
time not to exceed 120 days from the end of the semester in which the incomplete was received. If a grade is not assigned
and received in the Office of the Registrar within the time established on this form, a grade of ‘F’ will be recorded to replace
the temporary grade of ‘I’. If, in the judgment of the instructor, a student has suffered a problem that has precluded timely
completion of required work, the 120-day limit for completing the course may be extended with the approval of the instructor
(please use the Extension of Incomplete form). All existing grades of ‘I’ must be removed with a grade prior to the desired
date of graduation unless the course involved is not required for graduation.

To be Completed by Student:

Student’s Name                                                        Student’s ‘W’ Number:

I request that a grade of ‘I’ be assigned to me for the following course:

        Course Prefix:                              Course Number:

        Course Title:

        Name of Instructor:

I understand the applicable UW Regulation and agree to fulfill the conditions established by my instructor for assignment of a
grade to remove the ‘I’ and avoid reversion of the ‘I’ to a grade of ‘F’.

Student’s Signature                                                                   Date

To be Completed by Instructor if the Student’s Request if Approved:

    1. A grade of ‘I’ is assigned to the above student for the following reason(s):
    2. To receive assignment of a final grade and remove the ‘I’, the following tasks must be completed for evaluation by me
       of the faculty member designated if I am not available to make an evaluation:
    3. The above tasks must be submitted to the instructor on or before ______________________.
                                                                               (Month, Day, Year)
       (The 120-day period is computed from the last day of the semester or term during which the course was taken. To
       permit time for grading and the filing of an ‘I’ Removal Form within the approved time period, instructors should
       establish an earlier completion time.)
    4. The Removal of Incomplete form must be filed with the Office of the Registrar no later than _________________
       or will be reverted to an ‘F’.                                                                   (Month, Day, Year)
    5. If the instructor is not available upon completion of the assigned task, submit the assigned work to:
    6. If this is a research course certified by your Dean for continuation of work beyond the 120 days, please check here
       (Please note that a specific completion date must be assigned; however, the date may exceed the 120-day time

Instructor’s Signature                                                                  Date

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